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Monday, December 23, 2013

Season's Greetings to all you #darts folks!

Check out this video!

Cool math tricks.... #darts

Feeling math challenged when you are asked to chalk? This video could help!

Monday, July 01, 2013

#darts #video of the day 7/1/13

How To Play Darts: Tips for Beginners - For all the folks we want to pick up the game of darts!

#darts The 8th ADA Tour -- Singles Cricket A-Flight (Final)

An enjoyable match to watch!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

#darts Are you a member of the SCDA, are you a friend of the SCDA?

No matter who you are just take a few munites to checkout this video:

#darts, If you have not seen this Region 2-2 ADO National Qualifier, take some time to check it out!

#darts June 28, 2013 #DARTSLIVE and the AMERICAN DARTERS ASSOCIATION Partner up, Game On!!

By Karl Remick, American Darters Association VP


The American Darters Association (ADA) and DARTSLIVE US are proud to announce their partnership in the world of darts.

Together they have a passion and vision to increase fun and enhance the sport of soft tip darts in North America!   Meetings, sharing information and future planning, took place with visits this Spring, one to St. Louis and the other to San Francisco, with ADA Home Office Gloria Remick CEO and Karl Remick VP, meeting with DARTSLIVE US Rob Heckman COO.
more at:

#darts #video UK Open 2013 - Taylor vs van Gerwen

I hope to see these guys go at it many times in the future!

#Darts for Dogs hits bullseye

Darts and dogs do go together

#Darts #video of the day 6/30/13, you can't beat a 9 darter!

Talk about pure JOY!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

#Darts video of the day 6/26/13: Las Vegas Dessert Classic 2009 - Second Round - Priestley vs Taylor

What are you doing to get #darts into your local schools?

Many of you know, or have heard of Mr. Irete and you know that darts are his passion.... well this is what he's up to now:

L David Irete wrote on facebook:
The Meeting with My daughters Math teacher went very well. She is really excited about approaching the schools administration with the proposal to use Darts as a tool in the math classes.
This could be ground breaking material, I'll keep you up on the latest.

PS: please share this if you have any interest in seeing a darts community in this country (usa) in the future. ( 'less your talking about your local assisted living facility league )

NY Premier League #darts #live 6/26/13

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