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Saturday, April 30, 2011

#darts Results MLD "Local" Big Apple Battle, $1,260

$900 prize pool
15 players

Quarter Finals:
Paul Burns 6-1 over Bernie Forde
Mat Malone 6-3 over Wayne Gem

George Timpone 6-2 over Chuck Conwell
Gary French 6-1 over Craig Akin

Paul Burns 6-1 over Mat Malone
Gary French 6-2 over George Timpone

Gary French 6-2 over Paul Burns

(consolation final--pat gallagher vs paul downey)

Gary's PPR-78.19
Paul's PPR-77

MLD "Local" Big Apple Battle, $1,260

Manny Pacquiao, singer, actor, congressman and boxer, likes being busy inside & outside the ring

Manny Pacquiao made another appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' an ABC late-night talk show, on Thursday night. It has become something of a tradition with the Filipino "Pound-for-Pound" king that the week before he fights he bounces on Kimmel's overstuffed chair.

Manny Pacquiao, singer, actor, congressman and boxer, likes being busy inside & outside the ring

Pacquiao-Porter sparring session wows fans | The Manila Times

THE hard sparring session between pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao and younger pugilist Shawn Porter thrilled the boxing fans gathered at the Wildcard Gym in Hollywood, California. “We weren’t even done yet,” Porter (18-0 with 13 KOs) told boxing site “We went five rounds today. In the fourth round, I got him on the ropes, I started throwing, he started exchanging, and I say I can’t stop till he stops.”

Porter tried to keep up with Pacquiao’s onslaught but the Filipino ring icon was way too strong.

Pacquiao-Porter sparring session wows fans | The Manila Times

Lotto to split with Omega Pharma and form second Belgian team | Latest News | Cycling Weekly

#cycling Long-time cycling sponsor, Lotto will split with Omega Pharma at the end of the season to form a team with a stronger Belgian nationality. It wants to create its team, possibly with sponsor Belgacom, around the country's star, Philippe Gilbert.

Briton Adam Blythe, Gilbert and six others are free to leave at the end of the season. Omega Pharma has the 19 other riders still under contract for 2012, but must search for a new co-sponsor to replace Lotto.

Lotto to split with Omega Pharma and form second Belgian team | Latest News | Cycling Weekly

Everyone should have #darts and darts gear on their wedding gift registry!

The Royal couple must be looking forward to opening their presents - hope they e...njoy the darts they've been sent by the King and Queen of Lakeside. According to Darts World, Martin also sent them a special edition of his 'Wolfie' dart board. Bless. BoDSee More

VenturaDarts DartAssn (1)

Planet #Darts Mighty Mike Takes Youth Win

MICHAEL VAN GERWEN claimed his first PDC Unicorn Youth Tour victory, defeating Ash Khayat 4-0 in the final at Wigan's Robin Park Tennis Centre.

Dutch ace Van Gerwen, who turned 22 last Monday, claimed the £600 first prize in his best showing yet in the sixth Youth Tour events this year, claiming some fine wins along the way.

Co Stompe Jnr 3-2 Jimmy Hendriks
Michael van Gerwen 3-0 Josh Jones
Ash Khayat 3-2 Darren Whittingham
Chris Aubrey 3-0 Paul Barham
Losers £100

Michael van Gerwen 4-2 Co Stompe Jnr
Ash Khayat 4-3 Chris Aubrey
Losers £200

Michael van Gerwen 4-0 Ash Khayat
Winner £600
Runner-Up £400

Planet Darts | Latest News | Newsdesk | Newsdesk | Mighty Mike Takes Youth Win

#darts Adam Thompson beats dad on way to John Smith’s Darts League title (From York Press)

Ainsty starlet Adam Thompson defeated his father Chris on the way to lifting the John Smith’s Darts League individual crown, writes Dan Pfluger.

After overcoming his dad, a leading professional, in the quarter-finals, Thompson, right, (19, 20) beat John Quantock (Mitre) (18) 3-1 in the semis, where Mitre’s Steve Atkin (18, 20) despatched Dave Mason (Ainsty) (18) 3-1.

Adam Thompson beats dad on way to John Smith’s Darts League title (From York Press)

Unicorn #Darts - News - Taylor toppled by Anderson

Gary Anderson won his second UK Open qualifier of 2011 and he did it by beating Phil Taylor for the second time in the final.

The Scot gained a touch of revenge for Thursday’s Premier League defeat at the hands of Taylor in Liverpool, by winning the final at Robin Park in Wigan by 6 legs to 2.

Anderson beat Taylor in the final of a UK Open qualifier Barnsley earlier this month and after racing into a 4-0 lead in Saturday’s final, there was no way back for the Unicorn star.
more at:
Unicorn Darts - News - Taylor toppled by Anderson

Friday, April 29, 2011

Former #darts champ Andy Fordham's weight balloons again -

FORMER darts champion Andy Fordham has ballooned in weight again – just three years after shedding more than 15 stone.

The arrows star, 49, had lost half his 31st bulk but is now back up to 24st after a comfort food binge.

Former darts champ Andy Fordham's weight balloons again -

PDC #darts star Tony takes Open title - Other Sports - West Sussex County Times

BILLINGSHURST darts ace Tony Ayres bagged the Easter Open title at Crawley Labour Club last week.

Tony, a previous winner, picked up a winner’s cheque of £250 by beating fellow PDC star Ken McNeil, from Alberta Canada, by 3-2 in the final.

more at:

PDC darts star Tony takes Open title - Other Sports - West Sussex County Times

Top of Texas Open #Dart Tournament is set for Sept. 30, Oct. 1 and 2 at

 Luxury Inn & Suites, 2915 E. Interstate 40.
The tournament is sanctioned by the American Darts Organization.
For more information call Scott Faulkner at 806-557-4749 or Vanessa Faulkner at 806-654-0499. On the Web:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Premier League #darts Week 12 - Echo Arena, Liverpool Adrian Lewis v Simon Whitlock

leg 1
Lewis to throw first
180 leaves 199
Lewis wants 100 and gets it s20, d20, d20.
Lewis 1-0

leg 2
Whitlock 180 leaves 221
Lewis waiting on 201 Whitlock wants 90 and gets it
level 1-1

leg 3
strong scoring from both
Whitlock wants 96 leaves 40
Lewis wants 108 leaves 60
Whitlock leaves 10
Lewis takes the leg
Lewis 2-1

leg 4
Whitlock 55, 96, 180 wants 170 leaves 73
Lewis 134, 140, 140 wants 87 and gets it.
Lewis 3-1

leg 5
ave so far
Lewis 109
Whitlock 105
erratic scoring in this leg by both.
Whitlock waiting 128 Lewis takes out 91
Lewis 4-1 he's 4 of 4 on the doubles

leg 6
Whitlock 180 leaves 217
Lewis leaves 121
Whitlock leaves 78
Lewis leaves 40
Whitlock takes the leg
Lewis 4-2 at the break

so far on the doubles:
Lewis 100%
Whitlock 40%

leg 7
Lewis 96, 85, 57, 58, 75
140, 180, 43, 58, wants 80 and gets it.
Lewis 4-3

leg 8
Whitlock 140, 125, 82, wants 154 leaves 40
Lewis 74, 140, 47, leaves 100
Whitlock leaves 20
Lewis leaves 40
whitlcok double trouble
Lewis leaves 20
Whitlock takes the leg
level 4-4

leg 9
Lewis 95, 120 (trip on the floor), 60,  97 leaves 129
Whitlock 59, 134,162 leaves 146 leaves 56
Lewis leaves 52
Whitlock leaves 40
Lewis back to take the leg
Lewis 5-4

leg 10
Whitlock 140, 57, 96, 94 wants 114 leaves 40
Lewis 139, 137. 180 wants 45 leaves 20
Lewis takes the leg
Lewis 6-4

leg 11
Lewis 55, 180, 180, wants 86 leaves 60
Whitlock 55, 140, 136, wants 170 leaves 74
Lewis takes the leg
Lewis 7-4

leg 12
Whitlock 140, 100, 97 wants 164 leaves 91
Whitlock want 91 hits t3, bull, d16
Lewis 7-5

leg 13
Lewis with the throw and scoring well,
wants 106 with Whitlock on 170, and Lewis gets the leg and the match!
Lewis 8-5

match doubles avg:
lewis 57%
Whitlock 28%

Raymond van Barneveld v James Wade - Premier League #darts Week 12 - Echo Arena, Liverpool

van Barneveld to throw first
van Barneveld 60, 137, 97, 80, wants 127 leaves 25
Wade 123, 140, 119, wants 120 leaves 20
Wade takes the leg
Wade 1-0

leg 2
Wade 41, 121, 100, 140 leaves 99
van Barneveld 140, 123, 98, wants 140 leaves 86
Wade leaves 40
van Barneveld leaves 25
Wade leaves 20
van Barneveld back to take the leg
level 1-1

leg 3
erratic scoring by both
van Barneveld wants 150 leaves 92
Wade leaves 125
van Barneveld takes the leg
van Barneveld 2-1

leg 4
Wade 137, 140, 100 leaves 124
van Barneveld 97, 140, 122 leaves 142
Wade leaves 20
van Barneveld leaves 84
Wade takes the leg
level 2-2

leg 5
van Barneveld 58, 100, 140, 79 leaves 124,
Wade 100, 100, 81, 100 leaves 120
van Barneveld t20, t14, d11 for the leg
van Barneveld 3-2

leg 6
van Barneveld not scoring well and Wade takes this leg with no pressure.
level 3-3

leg 7
van Barneveld 58, 59, 140, 140 wants 68 and gets it
Wade 121, 140, 60, 140
van Barneveld 4-3

leg 9
Wade 92, 136, 140, wants 133 leaves 40
van Barneveld 100, 140, 140, wants 121 and gets it!
van Barneveld 5-3

leg 10
van Barneveld 100, 140, 57, 94
Wade 96, 180, 100 wants 125 and gets it!
van Barneveld 5-4

leg 11
Wade 180, 180, he has found the rhythm 100
van Barneveld 92, 100, 59
Wade wants 41 and gets it to draw level
level 5-5

leg 12
van Barneveld 100, 97, 160,  wants 164 leaves 32
Wade 60, 140, 60, 100 leaves 141
van Barneveld takes the leg
van Barneveld 6-5

leg 13
Wade 100, 100, 140 leaves 161 leaves 64
van Barneveld 44, 100, 58, 59, 180 leaves 60
Wade leaves 16
Wade back to finish it
level 6-6

leg 14
van Barneveld 140, 99, 135 leaves 127, 85 leaves 42
Wade 99, 121, 55, 45 leaves 181 Wade leaves 81
van Barneveld leaves 16
van Barneveld leaves 8
Wade leaves 26
van Barneveld back to take it.
van Barneveld 7-6

leg 15
Wade 140, 100, 123, wants 138
van Barneveld 100, 100, 45
Wade takes the leg and forces the draw!
level 7-7

van Barneveld had chances to win this match, but could not win legs that would have kept Wade down. In the final leg Wade showed great calm and focus to score well and take the leg in 12 darts. So we have a draw and Wade keeps his playoff hopes alive.

Gary Anderson v Phil Taylor - Premier League #darts Week 12 - Echo Arena, Liverpool

leg 1
Anderson to throw first
Anderson 96, 85, 100, 140, wants 80 leaves 40
Taylor 95, 140, 82, 180, wants 4 and gets it for a break of throw
Taylor 1-0

leg 2
Taylor 100, 99, 100, 54, wants 148 and leaves 14 
Anderson 60, 96, 58, 41, 40 leaves 206
Taylor takes the leg.
Taylor 2-0

leg 3
Anderson 44, 180, 125, wants 152 leaves 102
Taylor 125, 99, 180 leaves 97
Taylor takes it wit a 107.3 avg so far
Taylor 3-0

leg 4
Taylor 40, 50, 137, 180 leaves 94
Anderson 180, 140, 85 leaves 96, leaves 48
Taylor 25, t19, d6 for the leg
Taylor 4-0

leg 5
Anderson 134, 100, 91, 125 leaves 51
Taylor 58, 140, 140, 83 leaves 80
Anderson takes his first leg of the match
Taylor 4-1

leg 6
Taylor 137, 100, 125, wants 139 leaves 79
Anderson 180, 97, 140, wants 84 leaves 25
Taylor takes it out
Taylor 5-1 at the break.

leg 7
avg so far
Taylor 108
Anderson 98
Anderson double trouble
Taylor takes the leg against the throw
Taylor 6-1

leg 9
Anderson puts on the pressure in this leg and should see first double
Anderson leaves 50
Taylor wants 151 and leaves 40
Anderson double trouble
Taylor takes the leg
Taylor 7-1

leg 10
Anderson scoring well in this leg and wants 145 leaves 105
Taylor from 255 leaves 118
Anderson takes the leg
Taylor 7-2

leg 11
Taylor scoring well enough to hold his scoring advantage
Taylor wants 79 leaves 22
Anderson wants 54 and gets the leg
Taylor 7-3

leg 12
avg so far:
Anderson 97
Taylor 102
Anderson 82, 100, 100, 82,
Taylor 100, 60, 100, 95,
Anderson wants 137 leaves 78
Taylor wants 146 leaves 66
Anderson leaves 2
Taylor takes the leg and the match
Taylor 8-3

This match saw Taylor come out swinging for the fences and taking no prisoners... it's not that Jenkins did not score well, but he just could not finish things when he had first shot at a double. Taylor 53% doubles, Anderson 27% doubles.,,10180~2349178,00.html

Premier League #darts Week 12 - Echo Arena, Liverpool Mark Webster v Terry Jenkins

leg 1
Webster 140, 140 to start, 57 wants 164 and leaves 25
Webster leaves 20 and he takes it in 16 darts

leg 2
Jenkins 100, 55, 140, 140 leaves 66
Webster 60, 60, 57, 58
Jenkins takes it in 15 darts
level 1-1

leg 3
Webster 140, 140, 100 and leaves 121
Jenkins 140, 83, 60, 44
Webster leaves 78
Webster takes the leg
Webster 2-1

leg 4
erratic scoring by both and Webster misses a good chance to pressure Jenkins.
Jenkins finishes 100 with Webster waiting on 60
level 2-2

leg 5
Webster 180, 140, 60, wants 121 leaves 31
Webster leaves 24
Jenkins wants 91 leaves 40
Webster takes it.
Webster 3-2

leg 6
Jenkins 180, 140, 129 leaves 52 takes it with 11 darts!
Webster 100, 57, 44
level 3-3 at the break

Webster to throw first
Webster 60, 60, 140, 60
Jenkins 180, 100, 140, wants 81 for the break of throw and gets it!
Jenkins 4-3

leg 8
Webster 180 leaves 280
Jenkins leaves 261
Webster wants 62 for the break ad leaves 20
Jenkins hits 84 to hold throw
Jenkins 5-3

leg 9
Webster scoring well enought to hold scoring advantage, but  Jenkinsis trying to pressure
Webster wants 79 leaves 22
Jenkins wants 76 and gets it! He's 6 of 6 on the doubles so far!
Jenkins 6-3

leg 10
erratic scoring by both in this leg Webster wants 167 leaves 87
Jenkins wants 154 leaves 87
Webster leaves 18
Jenkins leaves 32
Webster double trouble
Jenkins double trouble
Webster breaks the ice with a break of throw.
Jenkins 6-4

leg 11
Webster 140, 59, 96, 100, leaves 76
Jenkins 100, 140, 60, leaves 106 leaves 8
Webster double trouble
Jenkins back to take the leg.
Jenkins 7-4

leg 12
Jenkins takes it in good order.
Jenkins 8-4

Webster looked to be off to a fine start, but lost his way on the doubles and Jenkins made him pay hitting the first 6 doubles without a miss. This win put Jenkins in contention with Whitlock for a spot in the playoff.,,10180~2349178,00.html

Premier League #darts Week 12 - Echo Arena, Liverpool

The matches:
Mark Webster v Terry Jenkins
Gary Anderson v Phil Taylor
Raymond van Barneveld v James Wade
Adrian Lewis v Simon Whitlock,,10180~2349178,00.html

My predictions, I've not been very good at it so far, but I'll have a go:
Terry Jenkins 8-6
Phil Taylor 8-3
Raymond van Barneveld 8-5
Adrian Lewis 8-4

Tonight! LIVE on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Manny Pacquiao

Thursday 28th of April to discuss his new Target dart range and will be presented with Target personalized hand made darts by Jimmy Kimmel

Will Manny announce any new North American Dart Tournaments? - DT

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

#Darts Around the World podcast - call in and be a part of the show...

Did you catch Episode 30-Big Daddy Darin Young? You can still hear the podcast on the DATW site and even better you can be a part of the next podcast call in at 888-885-3349 - to leave a question or comment for the show Wednesday night.

#darts Weekend Steel-tip MLD tournaments April 29 - 31

MLD "Local" Big Apple Battle
April 30, 2011
Limited Field: maximum of 28 players
Entry fee: $50, pre-register online at
- onsite registration fee is $60 pending available slots
Entry Deadline: Sunday April 24th @ 12 midnight
Location/Venue: McGee's Pub (212) 957-3536, 240 West 55th Street, New York, NY
Start Time: 11:00pm (please check in by 10:30am)
facebook link:

Hosting one of these events is not difficult to manage, and it's a great day of darts for those wanting to raise their game to a new level. -DT

MLD "Local" Maritime Masters

MLD "Local" Maritime Masters
April 30, 2011**
Limited Field: maximum of 48 players
Entry fee: $50, pre-register online at
- onsite registration fee is $60 pending available slots
Entry Deadline: Sunday April 24th @ 12 midnight
Location/Venue: Club Du Village - Cocagne, New Brunswick
Start Time: 10:00am (please check in by 9:30am)
$200 Nine Dart Leg Bonus*
Provided by Gerry Melanson Concrete

Luck of the Draw #Dart Tournament -Fight Against Child Abuse

Saturday, April 30 · 11:00am - 7:30pm

Ellis Island

Created By

More Info
1800 E Hubbell
Des Moines Ia 50317

$10 Per person
11am Entry
Lunch-12am Goulash, salad & toast-$5
Start Time 1pm sharp
Raffles, 50/50 drawing

Please come to support the children-will look forward to seeing everyone.
facebook link:

1st Annual Declan Mulvihill #Darts Doubles Tournament

Sunday, May 15 at 9:00pm - May 16 at 12:00am

Mc Hales Stretford End Bar Causeway Co Kerry

Created By

More Info
Names Taken @ 1.30 pm
Start for 2pm
Entry fee €20 per team
half the entry fee will be donated to the leukemia ward cork university hospital
There will be a cup and prize money for winners
all welcome
facebook link:


Saturday, July 2 · 9:00am - 9:00pm

Filton College Wise Campus
New Road, Stoke Gifford, Bristol BS34 8LP

Created By

More Info
South West Darts Open 2011
With Over £4,200.00 GUARANTEED Prize Money !!!!!
Paid To Last 32 Men & Last 8 Ladies


£1,500.00 Winner
£700.00 Runner-Up
£250.00 Semi-Finalist
£100.00 Last 8
£40.00 Last 16
£20.00 Last 32

ENTRY FEE £10.00

This Event Is Only Open To the First 256 Entries !!!!!

Book Early To Avoid Dissapointment...

Registration Between 09:00 - 11:00
Toe The Oche 12:00 Noon PROMPT !!!!!


£200.00 Winner
£100.00 Runner-Up
£50.00 Semi-Finalist
£25.00 Last 8


Registration Between 11:30 - 13:30
Toe The Oche 14:00 PROMPT !!!!
30 Dart Boards Available All Day From 09:00am

Unlimited FREE Parking


Hot & Cold Food Available All Day.



Chris Wassell On 07789 492078 Or Here On Facebook
Greg Van Laun On 07973 155501
facebook link:

Michigan Southeastern Regional #Dart Tournament

Thursday, May 19 at 4:00pm - May 22 at 11:30pm

Airway Lanes
4825 Highland rd
Waterford, MI

Created By

More Info
4:00 p.m. Luck of the Draw starts
Luck of the Draws will start hourly thereafter

...9:00am Ladies Singles 501
9:00am Men’s Singles 501
1:30pm Mixed Doubles Cricket
6:30pm Ladies Doubles 501
6:30pm Men’s Doubles 501

9:00am Ladies Singles Cricket
9:00am Men’s Singles Cricket
1:30pm Mixed Triples 701
6:30pm Mixed Doubles 501

9:00am Men’s Doubles Cricket
9:00am Ladies Doubles Cricket
2:30pm Mixed 4’s Cricket (New Format)

Entries must be submitted and paid for by May 6th 2010

No onsite entries will be permitted with the exception of Luck of the Draw tournaments

$15 per player, per event
$5 one time registration fee
.75 per cricket game
.50 per 501 game.
CASH added by the house for every event

All events are more than 100% Payback

All Players are eligible
Players without verifiable average play Masters

Accommodations provided by:
“Comfort Inn” of Waterford 248-666-8555
7076 Highland Rd. Waterford MI 48327
Thu. 69.99,Fri & Sat 89.99 Sun. 49.99
Free Players shuttle 8:30am – 11:00pm + Daily
Rooms are held until May 6th
Please ask for the Darters Rate

Tournament hall accommodations include:
9 waitresses
6 bartenders
Many smoking areas – including full deck
Full deli menu
Full bar menu
Pizza, Breadsticks, Stromboli, and Salads

Plaques will be provided by Bud’s Pro Shop

1. Eligibility
A. All players must submit there highest final league sheet with their entry. If a player has no verifiable average, that player will play in only masters level for all events.
B. Qualifying averages must have been attained between January 1st 2009 and May 5th 2011. Tournament director has discretion to accept or deny any or all averages. Steel tip averages will be converted on a case by case basis.
C. Averages will only be used from leagues with a minimum of 24 games played of either ’01 or cricket to enter the corresponding tournament. Any and All leagues that record stats are eligible. All players must have AT LEAST 96 games total to be eligible.
D. A player’s ability may be determined by the tournament committee based upon known ability, tournament performance, and overall league averages.
E. In the event of an absent player in team events, substitutions will be permitted provided they have a verifiable average and are approved by the tournament committee. Substitutes must be of equal or lower average.

2. Tournament Hall
A.. *Players must be 21 years of age or more at the time of competition*, at the discretion of Airway Lanes a player under the age of 21 may be permitted to play in an event. From 9:00 p.m. no persons under the age of 18 will be permitted without written consent of tournament directors and parents.
B. Tournament hall will open 1 hour prior to the start of the tournament,
C. No food or beverages are allowed to be brought into, or removed from the building
D. We will not tolerate obnoxious or abusive behavior.
E. A shuttle bus will make continuous runs between Tournament hall and hotel.

3. Rules of Play
A. Players may compete in only one event at a time, and for only one team at a time.
B. The “Board is always right” rule shall be in effect unless you are playing on a board with backup feature. Call a tournament director to back the board up for you.
1. Any board without a backup feature will be restarted where the game left off in the event of board error.
C. All brackets will be a minimum of 100% payback. Payback will increase depending on sponsorships and any monies added by the house.
D. All Cricket matches will be best 2 out of 3.
E. All 01 matches will be best 2 out of 3, with “Freeze Rule” in effect. Breaking the Freeze Rule will automatically lose the game.
F. Mixed 4’s Cricket will be best out of 5, with the fifth game being all 4 players on each team shooting together on a single score. Mixed 4’s will consist of 2 men and 2 ladies.
1. Teams (A vs A) and (B vs B) will play simultaneously on different boards. This will be referred to as the “Sammy Rule”.
G. All matches will be: Flip to diddle the first game. Loser starts the second game. Flip to diddle for 3rd game start. Mixed 4’s will be: Diddle for all games.
H. Ladies will shoot first in all mixed events.
I. If your opponent is not at your board within 5 minutes of your match being called you may ask for a recall.
J. A recalled player will have 5 minutes from the point of recall to be ready to play. If the player is still absent it will result in a forfeit.
K. All players finishing in the money will get a check from Airway Lanes. Players can cash these checks immediately at Airway Lanes. Players will be asked for legal identification before receiving cash.
L. Any rule not covered here will be referred to N.D.A.’s Official rules for soft tip darts.
M. Any player, or team, taking 1st place in any division will be moved up one full division the following year in the event in which they placed.

4. Finances
A. Airway Lanes will be solely liable for all tournament finances
B. All events, and all divisions will be included in all monies from sponsorships.
C. All events, and all divisions will be included in all monies added by Airway Lanes.
D. Airway Lanes will add money to all on an amount per player basis.
E. Any player, at any time may request a financial statement.
F. Financial statement will include all monies taken in and all monies paid out for each and every division of all events.
G. Additional money will be added to BOTH MEN’S and LADIE’S masters divisions.

***All rules are subject to change by determination of the tournament committee.***

All checks and money orders need to be made out to: “Airway Lanes”. You may mail your entries to: Airway Lanes, 4825 Highland rd. Waterford MI. 48328. You may also pay, in person, with cash, or over the phone with a credit card by calling: 248-674-0424 any time between 10:00am and 1:00am.
facebook link:

Monday, April 25, 2011

4th Annual South Port Dart Tournament

Friday, June 3 · 8:00pm - 11:00pm


Created By

More Info
All events $10.00 per person, per event. 100% payback plus money added.

Friday June 3rd, 2011
8pm-Luck of the draw tournament.

Saturday June 4th, 2011
9am Sat. June 4th-Mixed doubles 501 stacked, cricket, players choice.
2pm Sat. June 4th-Mens doubles 501 oi/oo
2pm Sat. June 4th-womens doubles 301 oi/oo
6pm-mixed trips oi/oo

Sunday June 5th, 2011
11am-Womens double combo 501 stacked, cricket, 301 block
11am-mens doubles cricket
2pm-womens singles 501 oi/oo
2pm-mens singles 501 oi/oo

He’s good, isn’t he??? #darts Brownie's Blog post

There are still those who are unable to grasp the concept of a points-per-dart (ppd) average. Simply put, it’s all points scored, divided by all darts thrown. It doesn’t matter whether a player wins or loses a leg or match, and it doesn’t matter who throws first or second; the formula is always the same. [...]

Click here for Brownie's Blog link


Saturday, June 11 · 10:00am - 7:00pm

Ledo's Lounge
2608 N. High St
Columbus, OH

Created By

More Info
$1000 Guaranteed, Veteran Tournament Director, Drink Specials, Trophies, All Profits to help local Search and Rescue Team that has been very busy this year. Thank you

Friday, April 22, 2011

#darts Weekend Steel-tip MLD Local tournaments

MLD "Local" Midwest Matchup, $1,890+

MLD "Local" Midwest Matchup
April 23, 2011
Limited Field: maximum of 42 players
Entry fee: $50, pre-register online at
- onsite registration fee is $60 pending available slots
Entry Deadline: Sunday April 17th @ 12 midnight
Location/Venue: Hank's Pub, 2529 Patterson Road, Dayton, OH, (937) 254-7527
Start Time: 12:00pm (please check in by 11:30am)

MLD Local: Bayou City Classic
Saturday April 23, 2011
Molly Maguires, 15945 Kuykendahl Rd, Houston TX, ( 281) 580-6167
Limited Fields: Maximum of 48 players
$50 entry fee
90% payout

#darts on facebook.... can't see post by some of your friends?

To fix the problem you need to change your settings.... details below:

Created By
Erik Anderson
More Info
Have you noticed that you are only seeing updates and posts in your news feed from the same few people lately? Have you also noticed that when you post things like status messages, photos and links, only the same circle of people are commenting and you are not hearing from any others on your friends list that perhaps you used to?

...The problem is that a large portion of people on your Friends list can no longer see anything you! Here's why:

...The "New Facebook" installed a new news feed setting that by default is automatically set to show posts from *ONLY* those people with whom you've recently interacted, or interacted the most over the couple of weeks just prior to when people started switching to the "new profile" format. Therefore, for both business and personal pages, unless you and your friends/fans commented on one another's posts within those couple of weeks, you are now invisible to them and they are invisible to you!!


On your "News Feed" home page, click the "Most Recent" title on the right of the News Feed, then click on the drop down arrow beside it to show the drop-down menu and select "Edit Options." Click on "Show Posts From" and change the setting to "All Of Your Friends and Pages." Another way to do it is to access the "Edit Options" link at the very bottom of the Facebook homepage on the right.

(Note: Business pages do not have a news feed. Owners of business pages should adjust the settings on their personal accounts.)

The good news is:

You can now view the posts and updates of all of your friends and fans again.

The bad news is:

**YOU** ARE STILL INVISIBLE to a large portion of your friends on your friends list. If you want to re-establish contact, you will need to get the word out to ALL of your friends. You can do that by inviting them to this "event," or by creating an event of your own, so they can read this news and adjust their news feed setting also.

To invite your friends:

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Thanks to Ramone Andres for the above information.

facebook source link:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Premier League #darts Week 11 April 21 - N.I.A., Birmingham Phil Taylor v Adrian Lewis

leg 1
Taylor throwing first
Taylor 58, 97, 180, on 166 and leaves 68
Lewis 134, 134, 120, wants 113 leaves 36
Taylor wants 68 and hits it to hold his throw.
Taylor 1-0

leg 2
Lewis 97, 100, 134, 145, leaves 40
Taylor 97, 125, 140, wants 139 and gets it against the throw.
Taylor 2-0

leg 3
avg so far
Taylor 117
Lewis 116
Taylor 180, 96, 98 wants 126 leaves 24
Lewis 134, 60, 140 leaves 36
Taylor takes it.
Taylor 3-0

leg 4
Taylor 180 leaves 263, 180 leaves 83
Lewis holds on to take the leg
Taylor 3-1

leg 5
avg so far
Taylor 119
Lewis 120
Taylor 180 to leave 181
Lewis leaves 261
Taylor leaves 121
Lewis leaves 164
Taylor wants 121 and leaves 25
Lewis leaves 123
Taylor back to take it
Taylor 4-1

leg 6
Lewis 60, 140, 180, leaves 121
Taylor 140, 140, 60 leaves 161
Lewis leaves 25
Taylor leaves 71
Lewis takes the leg
Taylor 4-2 at the break

Taylor had a firm grasp on this first half of the match dispite Lewis scoring well. Lewis did well to take the 2 legs he did, but against another opponent we may well have seen quite a different score at this point.

leg 7
avg at break
Lewis 114
Taylor 113
Taylor 100, 140, 60, 130,  wants 71 leaves 40
Lewis 85, 180, 83, wants 153 leaves 66
Lewis wants 66 leaves 20
Taylor for tops and hits it!
Taylor 5-2

leg 8
Lewis 140, 100, 90, 80 leaves 100
Taylor 58, 100, 140, 136
Lewis wants 100 leaves 14
Taylor leaves 16
Lewis leaves 2
Taylor hits the d8 to break the throw.
Taylor 6-2

leg 9
Taylor 180, 137, 134 wants 50 and hit the bull first dart for the leg win!
Taylor 7-2

leg 10
Lewis wants 126 leaves 40
Taylor wants 68 leaves 20
Lewis takes the leg
Taylor 7-3

leg 11
Taylor 180, 100, 96, 95,
Lewis 82, 60, 96, 134
Taylor wants 130 and hits it t20, t20, d5!
Taylor 8-3

Taylor did his best to try to beat Lewis 8-2 to return the favor of the 8-2 drubbing he took form Lewis in week one of the premier league, but he came up a double short of the task, but he did come back and seal the deal 8-3.,,10180~2294625,00.html

Premier League #darts Week 11 April 21 - N.I.A., Birmingham - Simon Whitlock v Gary Anderson

leg 1
Whitlock to throw first
Whitlock 100, 97, 140 wants 164 leaves 78 leaves 20
Anderson 180, 90, 180 wants 51 leaves 10 and comes back to take the leg against the throw.
Anderson 1-0

leg 2
Anderson 123, 100, 44, 140 leaves 94, wants 50 leaves 5
Whitlock 139, 58, 60, 54 leaves 190, 174 leaves 16 Whitlock back to take it.
level 1-1

leg 3
Whitlock 60, 100, 57, 100, 128,
Anderson 60, 96, 59, 97, 96
Whitlock want 56 and gets it.
Whitlock 2-1

Leg 4
Whitlock hits 180 and leaves 182
Anderson on 164 leaves 36
Whitlock from 182 leaves 36
Anderson back to take out the 36
level 2-2

leg 5
Anderson hits l80 to leave 194
and Whitlock, 2 turns later, hits 180 leaving 76
Anderson wants 94 leaves 40
Whitlock wants 76 leaves 36
Anderson takes the leg
Anderson 3-2

leg 6
slow scoring to start this leg...
but Anderson hits 180 leaves 174 he comes back to leave 40 and gets it.
Anderson 4-2 at the break.

leg 7
level scoring in this leg
Whitlock wants 70 with Anderson waiting on 115. Whitlock steps up to take it out.
Anderson 4-3

leg 8
Anderson wants 104 with Whitlock wating on 130. Anderson s20, t20, d12
Anderson 5-3

leg 9
Whitlock 180 extends his scoring advantage and he takes the leg.
Anderson 5-4

leg 10
Anderson scores well and takes the leg
Anderson 6-4

leg 11
Anderson 180 leaves 88
Whitlockew wants 130 leaveas 25
Anderson can't finish (double trouble)
Whitlock takes the leg
anderoson 6-5

leg 12
180's by both in this leg.
Anderson leaves 12
Whitlock wants 88 leaves 41
Anderson double trouble can't finish 12
Whitlock double trouble leaves 8
Anderson back to take the leg
Anderson 7-5

leg 13
Whitlock 81, 140, 94
Anderson 180 (equals record) 180 (breaks record!) t20, s19 to miss the 9 darter. then there is double trouble for both, but Whitlock pulls it together and takes the leg.

leg 14
Anderson 180 (new record), 137, 125
Whitlock 140, 180, 65
Anderson wants 59 and gets it for the leg and the match!
Anderson 8-6

this match saw a new 180 record for an individual darter and a new match total record of sixteen 180's,,10180~2294625,00.html

Premier League #darts Week 11 April 21 - N.I.A., Birmingham Terry Jenkins v Raymond van Barneveld

Terry Jenkins v Raymond van Barneveld

leg 1
Jenkins to throw first
Jenkins wants 76 leaves 20
van Barneveld leaves 32
Jenkins back to finish it.
Jenkins 1-0

leg 2
van Barneveld is very much in command in this leg and finishes comfortably with Jenkins nowhere near a finish
level 1-1

leg 3
van Barneveld 180 leaves 204
van Barneveld wants 56 to break the Jenkins throw and hits it.
van Barneveld 2-1

leg 4
good scoring from Jenkins makes a contest of this leg, but van Barneveld steps up to hold his throw.
van Barneveld 3-1

leg 5
Jenkins only needs 14 darts to take the leg
van Barneveld 3-2

leg 6
van Barneveld wants 101 leaves 20
Jenkins on 276 leaves 136
van Barneveld back to take it
van Barneveld 4-2 at the break
Jenkins avg 93 to this point

leg 7
Jenkins to throw first
Jenkins 180 leaves 105
van Barneveld 55 leaves 146
Jenkins finishes the 105 t19, s8, top to take the leg with throw
van Barneveld 4-3

leg 8
Jenkins 180 leaves 198
but van Barneveld holds on to take the leg.
van Barneveld 5-3

leg 9
Jenkins scoring well in this leg and should shoot at a double first
Jenkins with van Barneveld on 106 finishes 60
van Barneveld 5-4

leg 10
Jenkins hits his 3rd 180 of the match leaves 181
van Barneveld leaves 161
Jenkins leaves 88
van Barneveld leaves 96
Jenkins breaks the throw!
level 5-5

leg 11
Jenkins wants 155 leaves 38 only just narrowly missing the double
van Barneveld steps up to finish 106 for the break of throw!
van Barneveld 6-5

leg 12
van Barneveld wants 117 and leaves 40 narrow miss
Jenkins wants 120 and leaves 39
van Barneveld wants 40, miss, s20, the dart lands against the wire to leave 10
Jenkins back to take out 39!
level 6-6

leg 13
Jenkins 180 leaves 22, but van Barneveld is back to finish 16
van Barneveld 7-6

leg 14
van Barneveld to throw first
Jenkins 180 leaves 181
van Barneveld 180 leaves 140
Jenkins leaves 83
van Barneveld leaves 40
Jenkins wants 83; s17, s16, bull for the draw!
it's a Draw folks!

James Wade v Mark Webster Premier League #darts Week 11 April 21 - N.I.A., Birmingham

James Wade v Mark Webster
Wade comes into this match after a strong performance last week, and has hopes of setting himself up for the playoffs. Webster has not been playing well in the Premier League (6 consecutive defeats to this point), but he did beat Wade 8-3 in the Premier League opener.

leg 1
Wade to throw first..
Wade shanghais the 20s to take the leg.
Wade 1-0

leg 2
Wade takes out 110 for a leg against the throw.
Wade 2-0

leg 3
Wade wants 116 for the leg leaves 18, but comes back to take the leg.
Wade 3-0

leg 4
Wade hits the first 180 of the match to put pressure
Webster wants 164 leaves 25
Wade back to take out 58
Wade 4-0

leg 5
Wade wants 164 and leaves 25
Webster hits his first 180 of the match, but Wade is back to take out 25.
Wade 5-0

leg 6
Wade wants 170 for the leg, and its t20, t20 and just sneaks it into the bull for the leg.
Wade is really on it in this match while Webster lacks consistent firepower to make it much of a contest to this point. Webster will have to dig deep to pull this one back from being a total route or worse.
Wade 6-0

leg 7
Webster to throw first...
Webster opens with 180 but erratic scoring from there, but holds on to take the leg and prevent the whitewash
Wade 6-1

leg 8
Wade takes the leg
Wade 7-1

leg 9
Wade was very efficient in this leg, and in the match,  with scoring and finishing.
Wade was 8 of 11 on the doubles for the match.
Wade takes the leg and the match
Wade 8-1,,10180~2294625,00.html

Premier League #darts Week 11 April 21 - N.I.A., Birmingham

The matches:
James Wade v Mark Webster
Terry Jenkins v Raymond van Barneveld
Simon Whitlock v Gary Anderson
Phil Taylor v Adrian Lewis,,10180~2294625,00.html

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Darin Young, episode 30 #Darts Around the World podcast

Be a part of the show! Ask a question! 
Call in number is 888.885.3349 .. the out going message is stuck on our old out going , so ignore it ,

today Ask a Question to Darin Young , one of America's top players (ADO Ranked #5, WDF Ranked #102)

call in, you can say your name , and where you play darts , etc. if you "screw" up don't worry we edit the incoming calls...
so you just say  "take two" or call back , take a listen . tonight will be show # 30

thanks guys ,


Southern California #Dart Assoc Summer league season

2011 June 6th, end Aug 29th SCDA on facebook

Thursday, April 14, 2011

#darts VCDA Updates... April 14, 2011

Ventura County Dart Association

Ventura County Dart Association on
Week 8 standings... Please note that only 2 completed score sheets were submitted, and it would appear that several matches were postponed without notification of the League Statistician. Please remember that the match status (win, lose or postponement) must be reported, and failure to report the match could result in a forfeit for the home team. Updated Mid-season SLR-Handicaps at (effective immediately):
SLR - Handicaps are posted on the Team Roster page: Roster and SLR-Handicap Info
SLR-Handicap Math made easy (PDF file): SLR-Handicap Computation Info
Handicap Explanation (PDF file): SLR-Handicap Explanation
Printable roster and SLR-handicaps (PDF file): Current Rosters and SLR-Handicap
Updated Standings through Week #8:

Bench Warmer on Facebook

Ventura County Dart Association: Next ADO Qualifiers
Updates will be posted at:

the following link:
ADO Qualifiers Page
ADO Winmau Masters Regional qualifier winners were:
Howard Meyers and Joey Burt! We congratulate them and they will go on to the National event in North Carolina to represent ADO Region 2-2. Well done guys!
The next Open ADO qualifier date will be posted soon. Watch this space...
The entry fee will be $10 base on a minimum of 10 players. Contact Bryan Gosser for more information: (805)312-4375

Ventura County Corporate Games

Thanks to all who participated in score keeping for the Corporate Games! Corporate Games Darts photos at the following links:
Corporate Games Darts - C Division - Photos click this link
Corporate Games - B Division - Darts Photos click this link
Corporate Games Darts D Division Photos click this link
Corporate Games Darts A Division Photos click this link
2010 Corporate Games Darts Pics - Click this link
Ventura County Darts Association's Dart Clinics
are open to all Corporate Games participants,
and can be arranged to fit your needs.
2012 Darts Clinics will be offered in March
More at this link - vcda corp games page

John Lowe American #Darts Exhibition Tour

During November and December 2011, I am planning to visit some of the best darts venues in the USA to meet and play against the many darts fans who have followed and supported me throughout my career.

If you would like me to visit your darts club, then please contact me through my website for further details.

I look forward to hearing from you.

for detail:

Monday, April 11, 2011

Manny Pacquiao #darts product range - press release


The UK’S most prestigious darts design and manufacturing company, and boxing’s biggest superstar, promise to create the most exciting products ever to hit the world darts market, after Target Darts and Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao signed an exclusive deal to work together.

Pacquiao (pictured after signing his contract with Target Darts) is the only boxer in the history of the sport to win World Championship belts in eight different weight categories and he will work exclusively with Target Darts to create his own personal range of soft and steel-tip darts, flights, surrounds, and bristle and soft-tip dart boards.
He will also help create a special ‘Family Pack’ which will contain a Pacquiao branded paper board, two sets of Pacquiao branded darts, Manny Pacquiao poster size stickers will also be available with each set. 
The entire product line will be on sale globally from May this year and Target Darts Managing Director Mr Garry Plummer, was thrilled with the deal to be working with Pacquiao, saying:

“We are absolutely delighted to be working with someone of Manny's calibre who is a sports icon known throughout the world. Not only is Manny a fantastically talented competitor in the boxing ring, but he also conducts himself with great dignity and professionalism. It is a wonderful accolade for everyone at the company to be working with such a renowned sporting ambassador.

For further details regarding the Manny Pacquiao darts product range (which will be available in May) or any other Target Darts goods enquiries, please contact Target Darts International Sales Manager, Mr Matt Gilewicz, at:

Target Darts
Unit 3, Crammond Park
Lovet Road, Harlow,
Essex, CM19 5TF
T: +44 (0) 1279 410155
F: +44 (0) 1279 416218

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Soft tip #dart tourney, $500 to $1000 prize pool

 based on player turnout. April 10, 2011, Sign up 12noon Start 1pm
Mabel's Roadhouse,  26328 Bouquet Canyon Road  Santa Clarita, CA 91350.
(661) 259-8822

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Premier League #darts Week Nine - Week Nine - AECC, Aberdeen - Raymond van Barneveld v Simon Whitlock

leg 1
strong scoring by both but,
Whitlock hits 180 sets him up to steal the leg against the throw.
Whitlock 1-0

leg 2
good scoring by both but Whitlock will see the double first and he hits it.
Whitlock 2-0

leg 3
avg so far
van Barneveld  109
Whitlock 100
van Barneveld  wants 161 leaves 25
van Barneveld  is back to get his first leg on the board
Whitlock 2-1

leg 4
Whitlock waiting on 90
van Barneveld  wants 161 leaves 64
Whitlock takes the leg
Whitlock 3-1

leg 5
van Barneveld  to throw first
Whitlock 180 leaves 221, 180 leaves 41
van Barneveld  wating on 102
Whitlock takes the leg
Whitlock 4-1

leg 6
Whitlock 140, 140, 91 want 140 leaves 8
van Barneveld  100, 39, 140, 145 leaves 57
Whitlock leaves 8
Whitlock 4-2 at the break.

Whitlock came out blazing in this match and put van Barneveld  on his heels, but van Barneveld  scored and finished well in leg 3, and  took advantage of missed doubles to take the 6th leg. Both are 40% on the doubles so far.

leg 7
van Barneveld  45, 140, 140,136 wants 40 and gets it.
Whitlock 140, 180, 90, wants 91 leaves 48,
Whitlock 4-3

leg 8
180 by both in this leg, Whitlock want 102 and get's it
Whitlock 5-3

leg 9
van Barneveld  on 67
Whitlock wants 170 leaves 25
van Barneveld  takes out the 67
Whitlock 5-4

leg 10
Whitlock 96, 180, 180, wants 45 leaves 8
van Barneveld  60, 60, 140, 100 leaves 141
Whitlock 6-4

Whitlock's eight 180s for the match ties the Premier League record.

leg 11
van Barneveld  wants 135 leaves 72
Whitlock leaves 76
van Barneveld  leaves 16
Whitlock leaves 16
van Barneveld  takes the leg
Whitlock 6-5

leg 12
Whitlock 140, 123, 140, wants 98 leaves 40
van Barneveld  140, 140, 140, wants 81 leaves 18
Whitlock miss, s20, d10
Whitlock 7-5

leg 13
van Barneveld  60, 100, 95, 180, wants 66 leaves 36
Whitlock 140, 140, 93, wants 128 leaves 25
Whitlock s9, s8, d4 for the leg and the match.
Whitlock 8-5

match avg Whitlock 108 and van Barneveld 105
doubles avg:
van Barneveld 42%
Whitlock 35%

Whitlock scored and finished well in this match, but could not take the crowd out of the match, which really speaks well of his ability to stay focused and take the match.

Premier League #darts Week Nine - Week Nine - AECC, Aberdeen - Mark Webster v Phil Taylor

Premier League Darts
Week Nine - AECC, Aberdeen

leg 1
Webster to throw first
Webster 81, 180, 81,97, wants 62 leaves 20
Taylor 100, 100, 100, 177 wants 24 leaves 12
Webster takes the leg
Webster 1-0

leg 2
Taylor 140, 140, 60, wants 161 leaves 79
Webster 140, 140, 60, wants 161 leaves 118
Taylor wants 79 leaves 40
Webster wants 118 leaves 38
Taylor takes it
level 1-1

leg 3
Webster 140, 41, 59, 57, 100, waiting on 104
Taylor 100, 100, 100, 97, wants 104 and gets it
Taylor 2-1

leg 4
Taylor 140, 100, 45, 140, wants 76  and gets it!
Webster 97, 180, 84, wants 140 leaves 40
Taylor 3-1

leg 5
Webster 90
Taylor 103
Webster 100, 60, 140, 41 wants 160
Taylor 180, 140, 121, wants 60 Taylor takes the leg.
Taylor 4-1

leg 6
Taylor 140, 180, 100, wants 81
Webster 97, 180, 43
Taylor takes the leg
Taylor 5-1 at the break.

after a fast start Webster seems to have lost his edge allowing Taylor to take 5 straight legs. in the first 4 legs Taylor scored well, but in the last two legs he really hit his stride and raised his avg.

For darts at the doubles it's:
Taylor 50%
Webster 20%

leg 7
Webster 100, 140, 131 wants 130 leaves 25
Taylor 177, 100, 140 wants 84 and it's s20, s14, bull
Taylor 6-1

leg 8
Taylor 110
Webster 90
Taylor 140, 100, 83, 100 wants 78 leaves 40
Webster 100, 57, 140, 57 wants 147 leaves 88
Taylor wants 40 and s20, d1
Taylor 7-1

leg 9
Webster 60, 100, 99, 59 leaves 183 leaves 84
Taylor 140, 100, 180 wants 81 leaves 40
Taylor takes the leg and the match
Taylor match avg 107 and 53% on the doubles.

Taylor made this match a display of his dominance and perhaps sent a message to Webster and the rest of the league. That message is... "No matter how well you start, the Power can rise up and strike you down hard!"

more details at:,,10180~2333228,00.html

Premier League #darts Week Nine - AECC, Aberdeen - Adrian Lewis v James Wade

leg 1
Lewis to throw first
steady but unspectacular scoring by both to start this match
Wade wants 52 and leaves 10
Lewis wants 96 and leaves 40
no score by Wade
Lewis back to hold his throw.

leg 2
erratic scoring by both in this leg Lewis leaves 44
Wade leaves 40
Lewis gets the breaks

leg 3
Lewis180, 100, 60, wants 161 leaves 35
Wade 139, 140, 180 Wade finishes 42 for the leg and break of throw.

leg 4
erratic scoring in this leg by both in this leg
from 177 Wade leaves 77
Lewis wants 108 leaves 60
Wade holds his throw
level 2-2

leg 5
steady scoring by both
Lewis wants 140 leaves 40
Wade wants 77 leaves 20
Lewis leaves 20
Wade breaks the throw to takes the leg
Wade 3-2

leg 6
strong scoring by Lewis to put pressure on Wade.
Wade leaves 142
Lewis wants 127 leaves 25
Wade leaves 52
Lewis leaves 8
Wade holds his throw!
at the break Wade 4-2

in the first leg neither player really asserted any dominance, and Lewis squandered chances at the doubles to give Lewis to regain his footing and take the lead at the break.

leg 7
Wade 180 leaves 38
form 141 Lewis leaves 24
Wade hits d19 first dart for the leg against the throw
Wade 5-2

leg 8
Lewis on 90
Wade wants 95 and leaves 10
Lewis leaves 25
Wade holds his throw

leg 9
Lewis180, 125, 28, 140, wants 28 and takes the leg.
Wade 60, 60, 100, 43
Wade 6-3

leg 10
Wade 140, 100, 100, wants 161 leave 62
Lewis100, 100, 140, wants 161 leaves 104
Wade take the leg
Wade 7-3

leg 11
Lewis100, 58, 100, 97 wants 146 leaves 21
Wade 180, 85, 135, wants 101 leaves 60
Wade takes the leg and the match!
Wade 8-3

In this match neither player consistently displayed their high scoring firepower, and of the two Wade hit his doubles better, 36%, with Lewis only hitting 18%.,,10180~2333228,00.html

Premier League #darts Week Eight March 31 - C.I.A., Cardiff

leg 1
Anderson throws first and scores well to hold his throw.
Anderson 1-0

leg 2
Anderson 180 gives him scoring advantage and he take the leg against the throw.
Anderson 2-0

leg 3
Anderson 180 helps increase his scoring advantage. Jenkins trying to apply pressure, but is waiting on 97 and Anderson to the line wanting 20 and he get's it.
Anderson 3-0

leg 4
Jenkins throwing first. Jenkins 180 helps his advantage leaves 41, Anderson 180 leaves 121...
Jenkins back to finish the 41 to take the leg and hold his throw
Anderson 3-1

leg 5
Anderson 180 leave 225..
Anderson well ahead and looks at the double misses Jenkins wants 123 but leaves 40. Anderson comes back to finish the leg
Anderson 4-1

leg 6
no big scores after 6 darts by each, but Anderson breaks the trend with 140.
Jenkins wants 149 leaves 60
Anderson wants 102 leaves 40
Jenkins takes it out s20, d20.
Anderson 4-2

leg 7
Anderson 180 leaves 181, and he does it in 11 darts
Anderson 5-2

leg 8
level scoring by both in this leg.
Jenkins want 137 leaves 111
Anderson wants 141 leaves 51
Jenkins finishes the 111 t20, s11, d20
Anderson 5-3

leg 9
Anderson scoring well wants 121 with Jenkins waiting on 300
Jenkins leaves 160
Anderson finishes 64
Anderson 6-3

leg 10
jenins 140, 140, 100 leaves 25
Anderson opens with 180, 100, 57 leaves 64
Anderson takes the leg against the throw.
Anderson 7-3

leg 11
Anderson scoring well in this leg, Jenkins scoring is erratic so far
Jenkins on 370 Anderson wants 84 leaves 12
Anderson back to take the leg and the match.
additional details at:,,10180~2333228,00.html

#darts PDSL Summer 2011 Season

All details for participating in the PDSL Summer 2011 Season can now be found on the website - CLICK HERE


Application Deadline:
May 21, 2011

Season Begins:
Week of June 5, 2011

Season Duration:
Brackets will play a 7-week regular season with two weeks set aside at the end for makeup matches, followed by a 1-day playoff event (dates and times to be announced)

Bracket Requirements:
Brackets should consist of 8 players who will play seven matches (1 match against each opponent). Brackets may have 6 or 7 players and have 1 or 2 “byes” if 8 players are not available. One player must be designated “Bracket Representative” and be responsible for managing the bracket, submitting forms and fees, and entering match results on the league website. This person should have a functioning email address and Internet access.

Player Fee:
Each player pays a $10 non-refundable entry fee which will be used for league expenses and awards.

All matches must be played at a pub, lodge or other licensed establishment with a minimum of 2 regulation boards. However, please note that no sponsor fee is required for the summer season.
Vice President, DoubleCork, Inc.
Pro Developmental Singles League (PDSL)

Major League Darts Tournament

West Coast Dart Challenge - May 13-14-15, 2011
Clarion Hotel - S F Airport
401 E. Millbrae Ave. Millbrae, CA

$12,000. to $32,000.

MLD West Coast Challenge flier link:

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The $15,000 Cleveland #Dart Extravaganza

will be held on April 29th - May 1st at the Cleveland Airport Marriott, 4277 West 150th Street, Cleveland, OH  44135  (216) 252-5333.
Rooms are available at the darter rate of $79/night +tax until April 15th.  Make your Reservations online.
Visit the Extravaganza webpage for more info or click for Flyer 
Youth events will be held on Saturday and Sunday.  ADO Youth All-Star Regional will be hosted on Sunday.

Night 2 of #darts at 2011 VC Corp Games is in the books...

2011 Ventura County Corporate Games
Darts Competition - D Division 4-5-2011:
Our Champions:
Gold: AE COM (center)
Silver: RBF / LMA (left)
Bronze: AEROTEK (right)
more photos at:

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Ventura County Corporate Games #Darts Competition has begun!

Matches will run this week at the Bench Warmer - Monday through Thursday night.

My first "Bullseye"!

B Division Results:
1st - Patagonia
2nd - J D Powers Assoc
3rd - Casa Pacifica

more photos at:

Monday, April 04, 2011

IDart - #Dart Players help Dart Players

On the day of the tsunami many dart players in Japan were on their way to Sendai where on this day a big tournament was supposed to take place. Many were affected by the disaster, not all were as lucky as Tsuyoshi und Miho Kadokawa and two of their friends.

Globaldarts article link:

Saturday, April 02, 2011

4/2/11 #darts MLD "Local" Ventura Highway Shootout $1,260

The MLD "Local" Ventura Highway Shootout was well received and enjoyed. Some of the comments were:
"... enjoyed the match, it's not often you get the chance play long format darts."

"It was fun got to shoot against strong talent in this format! When's the next event?"

"This format should be tried for 'B' and 'C' division players just less total legs!"

Some observations:
- Most matches were very even with a few standout players really showcasing their talents.
- For several players this was truly a test of stamina as they were unaccustomed to playing 5 legs in round robin singles and best of 11 legs in the knock out bracket.
- All players took the chalking responsibilities seriously, and players reported for their matches in a timely manner.
- Many players are looking forward to the West Coast Tour Stop, and several want to have another MLD Local event in this area.

Consolation Match saw Jose Bolonia win 3-1 over Curtis Pierpont
J. Bolonia $65
C. Pierpont $35

Championship round saw strong matches:
Joe Jordan 6-3 Dan Daugherty
Robert Dixon 3-6 Howard Meyers
losers take home $85.00

Joe Jordan 0-6 Howard Meyers
Winner: $190.00
2nd: 130.00

Highlights Howard threw 3 180's during the finals to make a total of 6 - 180's for the day. Howard had high outs of 90, 88 and 74 during the finals and a 12 dart and two 15 dart legs.

other 180s for the day:
Joe Jordan 180 x 4
Robert Dixion 180 x 2
Dan Daugherty 180 x 2
Jose Belonio 180

We would like to say thanks to all who participated in the event and would like to let everyone know that two more local MLD events for this year are in the planning stages.

Please post any question or comments. If you would like to host an event of your own contact

search this site or the web...