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Sunday, April 30, 2006

News & Star: Tribute to the stars who almost kept Cumbria up

News & Star: "Tribute to the stars who almost kept Cumbria up

Published on 29/04/2006

By Stan Launder

CUMBRIA bowed out of Division One of the Inter Counties Darts Championship last weekend when they were beaten 25-14 by Hertfordshire.

Despite suffering our second relegation in successive seasons there are many positives to carry forward into next season in Division Two.

The Ladies B team always have a tough deal on these away matches – a long journey and then straight on to the board.

Our girls got a pretty big thrashing 6-0 with only Rachel Morrill and Chris Edgar managing to win a leg, But most of the girls got down to doubles which is not too bad – one of the Herts girls had a 22+ average."

Planet Darts - Teenage Talent Wins Open Holland

"Teenage Talent Wins Open Holland

DUTCH teenager Michael van Gerwen has won the 2006 Holland Casino Open Holland, defeating Colin Osborne in Sunday's final.

The 16-year-old has been developing a growing reputation, and warmed up in style for his forthcoming appearance in the International Darts League.

He defeated Kevin Painter, Andy Jenkins and Andy Smith on his way to the latter stages, and overcame World Championship semi-finalist Wayne Jones in the last four."

Darts on TV - Yahoo! TV: May 5 - 12

Darts on TV - Yahoo! TV: May 5 - 12:
"Darts - 'World Championships of Darts'
FSW, Fri May 05 11:00am PDT
• Darts - 'World Championships of Darts'
FSW, Sat May 06 01:00pm PDT
• Darts - 'World Championships of Darts'
FSW, Sun May 07 05:00pm PDT
• Darts - 'World Championships of Darts'
FSW, Tue May 09 04:00pm PDT
• Darts - 'World Championships of Darts'
FSW, Fri May 12 11:00am PDT

Check your local listings as times may vary!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

WSoD: Aiming for greatness - Victory Lane Bar in Otisville

Aiming for greatness: "Aiming for greatness
Pointed pub pastime gets its own World Series

Story by Russ Tinsley

'When the league is going, I practice at least one hour a night,' Jim Hutlock says as he backs toward the dart throwing line. It's his turn to throw, and he doesn't want to make his teammates wait.

Hutlock is a formidable man, standing about 6 feet and round enough to play a good Santa Claus at the mall. He wears a baseball cap and a green cotton polo shirt. His expression is a jolly squint, with his lips slightly pursed, his goatee a dull silver."

Friday, April 28, 2006

Unicorn - News: PREMIER LEAGUE

Unicorn - News:
27 April 2006

It’s a five way race for the last two qualifying places in the 2006 Premier League with Team Unicorn’s Peter Manley and Colin Lloyd still in the hunt, despite contrasting fortunes in Stevenage.

It was the perfect night for Manley, who beat Roland Scholten and then saw both Lloyd and Ronnie Baxter lose.

This is how it shapes up with one night to go in Reading next Thursday……"

World Series of Darts: Breaking News Updates

World Series of Darts: Breaking News Updates:
"World Series of Darts - First Round Draw
(PDC players' seedings in brackets)

Colin Lloyd (1) -vs- Isen Veljic

Adrian Lewis (16) -vs- Jim Widmayer

Andy Jenkins (8) -vs- Tom Curtin

Denis Ovens (9) -vs- FNM Qualifier #2

Peter Manley (5) -vs- Ray Carver

Mark Walsh (12) -vs- FNM Qualifier #1

Roland Scholten (4) -vs- Roger Carter

Dennis Priestley (13) -vs- Joe Efter

Phil Taylor (9) -vs- FNM Qualifier #3

Terry Jenkins (15) -vs- Timothy Grossman

Kevin Painter (7) -vs- Jim Watkins

Mark Dudbridge (10) -vs- Joe Slivan

Wayne Mardle (6) -vs- Dave DePriest

John Part (11) -vs- John Kuczynski

Ronnie Baxter (3) -vs- FNM Qualifier #4

Alan Warriner-Little (14) -vs- Joe Chaney

First Round - Best of 11 Legs
Second Round - Best of 11 Legs
Quarter-Finals - Best of 17 Legs
Semi-Finals - Best of 21 Legs
Final - Best of 25 Legs

Prize Fund
US Winner - $1,000,000
PDC Winner - $100,000
Runner-Up - $48,000
3rd/4th - $20,000
5th-8th - $10,000
9th–16th - $5,000
17th–32nd - $2,000
Total - $300,000"

Darts on TV - Yahoo! TV listings!

Yahoo! TV - Search Results -- us:
"Darts - 'World Championships of Darts'
FSW, Fri Apr 28 11:00am PDT
• Darts - 'World Championships of Darts'
FSW, Fri May 05 11:00am PDT
• Darts - 'World Championships of Darts'
FSW, Sat May 06 01:00pm PDT
• Darts - 'World Championships of Darts'
FSW, Sun May 07 05:00pm PDT
• Darts - 'World Championships of Darts'
FSW, Tue May 09 04:00pm PDT"

As always check your local listings!

Dartoids World - WSoD Player Profile: Tom Curtin

Dartoids World: "Tom Curtin
# 249 04/28/2006

World Series of Darts Player Profile

If I win the million dollars I’ll put the money away for my daughters’ educations and weddings. I’d try to enjoy my moment in front of the television cameras and say something to my girls; they’d love that!

-- Tom Curtin"

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dartoids World - WSoD - Ray Carver: Player Profile

Dartoids World: "Ray Carver
# 248 04/27/2006

World Series of Darts Player Profile

When I was in that bar in 1995, the person showing me what to do said to just hit the triple twenty. I said, “Where’s that?” The guy walked to the board and pointed to it. In my third turn, with my third handful of darts, I threw all of them into the triple twenty.

“Is that good?” I asked."

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

News & Star -Darts: New era for Palace Theatre: Peter Manley

News & Star: "City darts champion flicks switch on new flats

Published on 26/04/2006
By Pam McClounie

CARLISLE darts supremo Peter Manley will launch the new Picture House development in Botchergate this afternoon by illuminating the newly-restored New Palace Talkies neon sign."

News & Star - Darts: On target: Peter Manley during his defeat of Wayne Mardle last week

News & Star: "Manley makes a late dart for the play-offs

Published on 26/04/2006

CARLISLE-BASED Peter Manley admits it’s “win or bust” tomorrow night in his bid to win a place in the Holsten Premier League Darts play-offs.

Manley has two matches remaining over the next fortnight as he bids for a second successive semi-final appearance."

Monday, April 24, 2006

Dartoids World - WSoD Player Profile - Bazooka Joe Efter

Dartoids World: "Bazooka Joe Efter
# 247 04/24/2006

World Series of Darts Player Profile

If I win the World Series of Darts (WSOD) I will proudly stand before the cameras and thank everyone who believed that I had what it took to someday be a great player.

-- Joe Efter"

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Dartoids World - Tom Curtin - WSoD qualifier

Dartoids World: "“Top Cat” Curtin Closes Curtain in Final Qualifier
# 246 04/22/2004

He finished in the top eight in Windsor Locks on March 18 and in the top four in Marlborough on April 1 but today in Somerville he took no prisoners. Yes, as you have probably already heard, Townsend, Massachusetts’ Tom Curtin – one of America’s darting class acts and one of the Minute Man Dart League’s finest – stepped to the line in the seventh leg of the final today against Lowville, New York’s Dave Lambert, stared pressure straight in the eyes, and stroked a double eighteen finish that he is certain to remember forever, and in doing so closed the curtain on the World Series of Darts qualifying tournaments and booked the twelfth position on the Mohegan stage.

Only four spots remain, all to be determined on May 19 at Friday Night Madness. Rumor has it that nearly one hundred darters have already registered for this last shot at a million dollar payday – and that registration may be cut off early. I encourage you to book your spot absolutely as soon as possible.

It seems like only yesterday that the World Series of Darts (WSOD) was announced. And when it was announced there were many who doubted the details. So much has happened in the short time since the March to the Mohegan began to wend its way back and forth across America...

Darts in America has changed.

Lives have been changed. "

Darts Oxon Go For Second Title (from thisisoxfordshire)

Darts Oxon Go For Second Title (from thisisoxfordshire): "DARTS: Oxon go for second title

Oxfordshire are going for promotion in successive seasons when they take on Humberside in Division 3 of the Kaliber Inter-Counties League at Cowley Community Centre on Saturday and Sunday.

Oxon, who took the Division 4 crown last season, are ten points clear at the top going into their final fixture.

They make one change, with Peter Rouse returning to the men's B team."

Opelika-Auburn News | Local finds fame, fortune in parlor game

Opelika-Auburn News | Local finds fame, fortune in parlor game: "Local finds fame, fortune in parlor game

Tom Peavy / Staff Writer
April 9, 2006

Typically any tale of someone beginning a career or hobby starts with a funny, quirky or interesting anecdote on how said career got started.
That holds true for how Roger Carter was introduced to the world of darts - on a bet in a smoky English pub in 1981.
“This ... guy I was in the Air Force with named Boomer - a big ol’ guy - started teaching me about how to play darts,” Carter said. “He said if I beat him I could have his darts and if he beat me I had to buy his drinks - so I got me a new set of darts.”
And so the career of one of America’s most successful dart professionals was born - a career that has seen Carter compete in, and win, some of the world’s most prestigious tournaments.
In May Carter will head to the Mohegan Sun Resort in Uncasville, Conn., to compete in the World Series of Darts for the chance to win $1 million - an event that will be televised by ESPN."

Planet Darts-WSoD: Curtin Rises To Challenge ...

"Curtin Rises To Challenge In Somerville

TOM CURTIN won the final Regional Qualifier to become the 12th American player for the World Series of Darts.

The 37-year-old took victory in his home state of Massachusetts with a 4-3 win in the final of the Somerville Qualifier against Dave Lambert."

Saturday, April 22, 2006

News & Star - darts - PETER Manley

News & Star: "Super Manley keeps top four hopes alive

Published on 22/04/2006

By Martin Morgan

PETER Manley kept alive his play-off hopes in the Holsten Premier League Darts League with an 8-3 win over Wayne Mardle in Doncaster.

The Carlisle-based world finalist grabbed his third win of the campaign at The Dome, completing the double over winless Mardle in style.

Manley led throughout after stepping in to take the first leg against the darts. He moved 2-0 up before Mardle took out double eight to get off the mark, but Manley won the fourth with his trademark double top." - WSoD Qualifier: Dave DePriest's Printer-Friendly Page: "Darts player zeroes in on $1 million
Saturday, April 22, 2006
By Bob Becker

Press Sports Editor

GRAND RAPIDS -- Dave DePriest may one day be a world champion, but he won't call himself an athlete.

'I used to be an athlete,' DePriest, 32, said this week, talking about his black belt in the martial art of shorinryu. 'There was one point where I won 22 tournaments in a row. But what I'm doing now can't be compared to dunking a basketball or running a marathon.'

Early in March, the Grand Rapids man topped a field of 197 dart-throwing competitors in Chicago to win the Midwest Regional. Twelve regional winners nationwide are in the field for the World Series of Darts, set for May 19-21 at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut.

The event is being co-sponsored by ESPN, which will telecast it nationally, and first prize could be as high as $1 million.

'I would call darts a sport, but those who play aren't what we think of as athletes,' DePriest went on. 'There are many sports when you just can't make it because you aren't big enough or strong enough.

'But in darts, you can get to any level you want because there are no physical limitations. You need good hand-eye coordination, accuracy. You have to be able to focus.'"

Friday, April 21, 2006

Planet Darts - PDC To Move Office

"PDC To Move Office

AFTER four-and-a-half years based at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire, the Professional Darts Corporation's Head Office will move to Brentwood, Essex on Monday.

The move will see the PDC based at the Matchroom Sport offices in Mascalls, with Barbie Curwood succeeding Rita Hall in the administration role."

Sky Sports - Darts - Jelle Klaasen

Friday 21st April 2006
Dutch darts sensation Jelle Klaasen has committed his immediate future to the BDO, but refused to rule out a switch to the PDC later in his career.

Klaasen came from the shadows to shock the world of darts when beating fellow countryman Raymond van Barneveld in the world championship earlier in the year."

Dartoids World - Dear Leslie...

Dartoids World:
# 245 04/21/2006

Dear Leslie:

As you know, the essence of what follows has been e-mailed to you privately and you have not responded. You have cast dispersion on my integrity. I must respond. In doing so, I mean no disrespect to the AMOA, NDA or darts in general.

There is a quote attributed to you floating around the Internet at the moment, directed at me and my column Reggie and the Snotmuffins, as follows:

“…that (the) ‘bad press’ was pulled by the source the day it went out due to inaccuracies and just bad facts [emphasis added]. The slight difference in the rule, just as in pool, allows for two things we cannot control: 1) how level the floor is on the entire tournament floor and 2) the fact that all games cannot be up against a wall. Therefore, there can be a very slight variance needed to ensure that the game is secure. For instance, last year someone shoved over a dart board. It took down another board. If we did level the game for stability that would have taken down more boards. Hope this helps. Leslie”

I pulled the story, and have explained publicly my reason for pulling the story as follows:"

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Guardian Unlimited Sport - Arrow minded - Darts

From the You Be the Judge Department......

Calming and contemplative, darts was right on target for a TV ratings bull's-eye until snooker took over in the 1980s. Jacques Peretti finds out where it went wrong for his heroes

Saturday April 8, 2006
The Guardian

When I was a kid, darts was massive. Fifteen million people tuned in to Bullseye, with Bully - a large side of beef in a striped shirt - bellowing: 'Iiiin one! A Teasmade.' Darts players were celebrities: Bobby 'The Dazzler' George encrusted himself in signet rings and gold belchers and appeared on a top entertainment show of the day, Saturday Night With Emu. World champion Alan 'The Welsh Wizard' Evans got to play a game with darts enthusiast Muhammad Ali (who won, declaring himself, inevitably 'The Greatest'). I know this might seem a bit strange to you, but to me, a middle-class child growing up in suburbia, darts was glamorous, the stench of beer, sweat and fags wafting through the telly and hooking me for life.

Article continues
Twenty years on, darts has disappeared. I tell a lie, Bullseye is about to be revived, on Challenge TV. But the game, as a mass entertainment phenomenon, is gone. You can sit in a pub listening to Crazy Frog, drinking chardonnay and puffing on a pencil, but you'd be lucky to find a dartboard. I wanted to find out why darts had vanished, and so I went off to meet my childhood heroes for a BBC documentary.

First stop, George Hall - Bobby George's incredible mansion in Essex, self-built in the shape of a dart. Bobby was darts' first millionaire: he has a stained glass dartboard over the front door, and his own personal Chinese takeaway in the grounds ('Wok This Way') because the wife can't stand the stink in the house. The mansion has 18 bedrooms ('I think I overdid it on the bedrooms,' Bobby concedes). Each room is painted a lurid yellow because a mate (another darts player called Tony Sontag) gave him the paint for free and 'I didn't...."

Well did anybody watch and what did you think?

BBC Darts - Taylor gains revenge over Barney

Taylor has a genuine rival in Van Barneveldy"Taylor gains revenge over Barney
Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor avenged Raymond van Barneveld's comeback earlier in the season to beat his rival 8-6 in their Premier League showdown in Doncaster.

The Dutchman fought back from 7-4 down to draw with Taylor last month."

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Dartoids World - A Review of Hawaii 501 – Life as a Darts Pro

Dartoids World: "A Review of Hawaii 501 – Life as a Darts Pro
# 243 04/18/2006

I’m gobsmacked! That’s a British term meaning handsome.

It turns out that I have something in common with a World Class darts player. His name’s Wayne Mardle and he published a book which I have just finished en route from Tampa, Florida to Bangkok, Thailand. I highly recommend it but suggest that you eat first.

I arrived in Bangkok, knackered (another British term) and hungry. Travel is a bitch, a view Mardle and I share, and that’s why I’m tired. But it’s the book that made me hungry. I’m dying for some Kentucky Fried Chicken. Read it and you’ll understand why.

Here are the things Mardle and I have in common."

Unicorn - News - UK Open

Unicorn - News

10 April 2006

"It’s a Unicorn clean sweep in the final rankings for the UK Open Final at the Reebok Stadium in June.

Team Unicorn stars Colin Lloyd, Adrian Lewis and Kevin Painter will be the top three seeds for the big TV tournament – live on Sky Sports from June 9 to 11.

Defending champion Phil Taylor – who beat Mark Walsh in last year’s final – will be ranked 13 for the event, as he bids to win the tournament for a third time."

Sunday, April 16, 2006 - Can Darts Score a Bull's Eye in the U.S.? - "Can Darts Score a Bull's Eye in the U.S.?
Sunday , April 16, 2006

By Michael Y. Park

Ever since the World Series of Poker took the United States by storm a few years ago, media and sports moguls everywhere have been searching high and low for the next great American spectator sport.

Come next month, ESPN and a motley crew of British and American dart players think they’ll have scored a bull’s eye.

“We’re talk"

Phil THE POWER Taylor Fan Site - Phil wins in Munich

Phil THE POWER Taylor Fan Site: "Phil beat Raymond in the final where both players averaged a 100+!!! Both men also averaged a 100+ for all rounds played!! Congratulations Phil, unlucky Raymond!! "

Darts on TV for April 2006 "It's been a while since I've been able to find a Darts on TV listing, but fear not there will be some broadcast

'World Championships of Darts'
From Purfleet, England.

I know we all know how it turned out, but it's about all we get here in the states!

• Darts - 'World Championships of Darts'
FSW, Sun Apr 16 04:00pm PDT
• Darts - 'World Championships of Darts'
FSW, Tue Apr 18 04:00pm PDT
• Darts - 'World Championships of Darts'
FSW, Fri Apr 21 11:00am PDT
• Darts - 'World Championships of Darts'
FSW, Sat Apr 22 03:00pm PDT
• Darts - 'World Championships of Darts'
FSW, Sun Apr 23 05:00pm PDT
• Darts - 'World Championships of Darts'
FSW, Tue Apr 25 04:00pm PDT
• Darts - 'World Championships of Darts'
FSW, Fri Apr 28 11:00am PDT

Check your local listings to find braodcasts in your area!

I use"

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Planet Darts | News | Latest | Antwerp Double For Jenkins

"Antwerp Double For Jenkins

TERRY JENKINS has won the Antwerp Open for the second successive year, defeating Steve Maish in Saturday's final.

The world number 14 overcame Mikel van Maastricht in the final 12 months ago, and came through almost 700 entrants to take the first prize this time around.

2006 Antwerp Open
Terry Jenkins 3-0 Steve Maish
Winner: 2,500 Euro, 5 ranking points
Runner-Up: 1,250 Euro, 4 ranking points

Steve Maish 2-0 Erik Clarys
Terry Jenkins 2-0 Mick McGowan
Losers: 625 Euro, 3 ranking points

Steve Maish 5-1 Tony West
Erik Clarys 5-2 Wes Newton
Mick McGowan 5-3 Robert Heikamp
Terry Jenkins 5-1 Wesley Bullens
Losers: 315 Euro, 2 ranking points"

The Medallion Online - ADO Masters Regional

"Home Plate Hosts ADO Masters Regional

What could possibly draw players from Washington and Oregon?

A Saturday night; $300 added; blind draw tournament with a $5 entry fee. Sounds pretty much like the normal dime a dozen dart tournament? Then why did thirty-six participants show up from locations as far as Kennewick, Washington, Portland and Beaverton Oregon and all up and down the Western Washington area?

Could it have been the American Dart Organization’s Masters Regional tournament that was to take place there the next day? Maybe, but only a few of the people who showed up Saturday night were sticking around to play the regional tournament on Sunday. So, why would all these players and some of the top players in the sport show up for a $300 added tournament? Did I forget to tell you it was a steel tip tournament?"

Planet Darts - 'The Man' Delighted With Form

"RAYMOND VAN BARNEVELD knows that he will have to

continue his good form if he is to defeat Phil Taylor in the Holsten Premier League Darts next Thursday.

The Dutchman won his first PDC title when he took the Budweiser UK Open Midlands Regional Final in Sheffield on Sunday."

Friday, April 14, 2006

The Mountain Times Online - Darts Benefit

Boone & Blowing Rock, NC "OASIS/HCDA 13th Annual Dart Tournament April 28-30
Charity Event to Benefit Local Women’s Shelter

By Jeff Eason
From Stockholm to Sydney, from Liverpool to Lubbock, throwing darts in the pub is a tradition that spans the globe and has been taking place for generations. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as toeing the line, taking aim, and nailing a bulls-eye.

Well, nothing, that is, except for helping out one’s community while competing in a dart tournament at the same time.

The High Country Dart Association’s (HCDA) 13th Annual OASIS Charity Dart Tournament is set for Friday-Sunday, April 28-30 at Geno’s Sports Lounge at the High Country in on Hwy 105 in Boone. The HCDA is now accepting competing teams and sponsors for the event. "

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Planet Darts - Budweiser UK Open | Budweiser UK Open Final Order Of Merit

THE final Order of Merit for the 2006 Budweiser UK Open featuring the 96 players, plus ties, following the completion of the eight Regional Finals who will qualify for the televised finals."

Devon Decider (from This Is Wiltshire)

Devon Decider (from This Is Wiltshire): "Devon decider
By Dave Eaton

DARTS: WILTSHIRE are still searching for their first win of the 2005/06 campaign in Division Three of the British Darts Organisation (BDO) inter-county championship.

In their eighth and penultimate match of the season they went down in Hull 20-16 to Humberside.

This latest loss leaves Wiltshire one from bottom in the 10-team league on 135 points.

That is two points above basement side Northamptonshire but four adrift of eighth placed Gwynedd.

Wiltshire have one game left on the weekend of April 22/23 at the Gorse Hill Club against Devon."

Sport - Grantham Today: Darts

Grantham Men's Singles League held its presentation night at the Electric Club on Friday, with trophies presented by former long-standing member Tony Pretty.
Dave Lambley added to his long list of achievements by lifting the singles trophy.

Results: Singles – 1 Dave Lambley, 2 Adam Beck, 3 Spud Taylor.
Most 180s – Adam Beck, 13.
Highest finish – Spud Taylor, 170.
Doubles – 1 Spud Taylor and Les Winter, 2 Andy Walker and Howard Day.
Committee Award for Most Improved Player and Sportsman – Mick Payne.
Special Award for 25 Years Service to the League – Pete Mason."

Tuesday, April 11, 2006 - SHOP HAS THE POWER

Be the first reader to comment on this story

09:30 - 27 March 2006
Ashes hero Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff and boxer Ricky 'Hitman' Hatton are some of the big sporting names expected to visit the Potteries in the next few months, thanks to darts ace Phil Taylor. The 13-times world champion from Bradwell will be inviting a string of celebrities to hand over authentic merchandise, which will then go on sale in his new sports memorabilia shop in Sneyd Green."


DENNIS Priestley has set his sights on a place in the 2007 Holsten Premier League, after his return to top form this year.
Mexborough's double world champion won the Stan James Players Championship last month in Gibraltar and has finished runner-up in the last two tournaments.
After losing the Budweiser UK Open South-West Regional to Mark Dudbridge two weekends ago, Priestley made it back-to-back finals when he finished runner-up to World No.1 Colin Lloyd at the Irish Masters."

Monday, April 10, 2006

Planet Darts - Barney Picks Up Midlands Title

"Budweiser UK Open Midlands Regional Final
Ronnie Baxter 5-2 Steve Beaton
Andy Jenkins 5-2 Wayne Mardle
Richie Burnett 5-1 Dennis Priestley
Raymond van Barneveld 5-0 Colin Lloyd

Ronnie Baxter 2-1 Andy Jenkins (2-3, 3-2, 3-2)
Raymond van Barneveld 2-0 Richie Burnett (3-0, 3-0)

Raymond van Barneveld 2-0 Ronnie Baxter (3-0, 1-3, 3-2)"

Planet Darts - Barney Moves Into Top 100

RAYMOND VAN BARNEVELD'S victory in the Budweiser UK Open Midlands Regional Final has moved him into the top 100 of the PDC World Rankings.

The Dutchman picked up 20 ranking points, as well as £4,000, for his victory in Sheffield on Sunday.

That has moved him from 119 to 91 in the world rankings."

Planet Darts - Deller-Jouannet Clash Down Under

KEITH DELLER defeated Barry Jouannet 6-3
when the pair met during an exhibition staged in Australia on Saturday.

The 1983 World Champion travelled to Jamestown, South Australia to host the 'Deller Down Under' night."

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Yahoo! TV - Search Results - Darts on TV!

Darts on TV- 'World Championships of Darts'
FSW, Sun Apr 16 04:00pm PDT
• Darts - 'World Championships of Darts'
FSW, Tue Apr 18 04:00pm PDT
• Darts - 'World Championships of Darts'
FSW, Fri Apr 21 11:00am PDT"
• Darts - 'World Championships of Darts'

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Planet Darts | TV Tournaments | Budweiser UK Open | Budweiser UK Open Midlands Regional Final - Day One

"Budweiser UK Open Midlands Regional Final - Day One

RESULTS from the first day of the Budweiser UK Open Midlands Regional Final.

Steve Beaton enjoyed a welcome return to form to join Wayne Mardle in qualifying from The Wharncliffe in Sheffield.

That duo will be joined in the last eight at the same venue on Sunday by World Number One Colin Lloyd, Ronnie Baxter, Andy Jenkins and Raymond van Barneveld, Richie Burnett and Dennis Priestley, who also qualified."

BBC SPORT - Darts - Double Dutch reverse for Lloyd

"Double Dutch reverse for Lloyd
World number one Colin Lloyd suffered a double Dutch defeat in the Holsten Premier League with losses to Raymond van Barneveld and Roland Scholten."

Friday, April 07, 2006

bega.yourguide - Darts

bega.yourguide: "Darts tournament
Friday, 7 April 2006

THE Bega Bowling Club Easter Dart Tournament that will be held on April 14, 15 and 16 will include social drawn doubles on the Friday night, blind drawn doubles on the Saturday, and singles on the Sunday.

We are holding raffles on the Saturday and Sunday - business houses throughout the district have donated the prizes, with all proceeds from the raffles going to the emergency department of the Bega District Hospital.

The prize money for the weekend is $3,500.

So to all dart players sharpen your darts and hope to see you there, ring Margaret Collins on 6492 3518 before Thursday, April 13."

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Connecticut Events - WSoD qualifier

Can Darts Follow Poker From Rec Room Game To Televised Sport?: "Inside the main game room, an ESPN camera crew sets up. Outside, Bill Ford, one of Connecticut's leading players, is interviewed by a New York Times reporter.

The place is abuzz this recent Saturday afternoon, as 259 players from across the country have come to this regional qualifying event for an unprecedented chance to compete on the international stage - with a shot at $1 million."

Sun.Star Manila - Baguio dart players rule national tourney

Sun.Star Manila - Baguio dart players rule national tourney:
"Thursday, April 06, 2006
Baguio dart players rule national tourney

THE homecourt advantage worked well for Baguio City darters as they nearly swept all titles up for grabs in the Darts Council of the Philippines (DCP)-organized Philippine Cup held recently in Baguio City. "

Dartoids World - Kuczynski WSoD Profile

Dartoids World: "Johynny Kuczynski WSOD Profile -- Part One
# 242 04/05/2006

The little story I am about to tell you is true. It happened exactly as I am about to describe it. Honest. I swear it."

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Darts - Kenilworth Today

"Death-defying darts

Royal Oak 'B' are the Kenilworth Winter League Premier Division champions.
The New Street men were beaten only once in 14 outings and secured the Stormin' and Tulla trophy by five points from runners-up Tavern A. The Tavern's B-string are relegated along with bottom side Engine Old Boys.
It was closer at the top of League One, where unbeaten Stoneleigh Club took the League One trophy by two points from Clarendon Jousters. Kenilworth CC and Tavern C will be relegated.
The Lion were beaten only once in 14 starts on their way to the League Two title. Runners-up Oak A will be promoted with them after finishing only four points adrift. Both Tiltyard Lancers and Baginton Tornadoes will be relegated."

Monday, April 03, 2006

Dartoids World - WSoD New York qualifier

Dartoids World:

"Today they call him Bazooka Joe. Tomorrow it could be Million Dollar Baby.
# 241 04/02/2006

After finishing in the top sixteen in Windsor Locks on March 18 and top eight yesterday in Marlborough, Connecticut’s Joe Efter battled nerves and many of the top darters in American, past and present, to eventually see off Brad Wethington in a four to three finals victory to emerge the victor in the eleventh World Series of Darts (WSOD) qualifier today in Ronkonkoma, New York."

Sunday, April 02, 2006

News & Star - 180! Sids “the voice of darts”

News & Star: "Up close with the man behind that voice

Published on 01/04/2006
180! Sids “the voice of darts”

“The Voice of Darts” Sid Waddell knows how to put some comedy into his commentary.

In his 28 years as the key commentator for darts competitions all over the world, he has tickled the audience with some classic one-liners: “You couldn’t get more excited if Elvis Presley walked in eating a chip sandwich” and “He looks about as happy as a penguin in a microwave” and many more."

News & Star - Holsten Premier League Darts

News & Star: "Two nights ago, Sky Sports broadcast its sixth night of Holsten Premier League Darts at the Sands Centre in Carlisle. The event, which was an instant sell-out, saw 1,000 Cumbrian fans experience world-class darts action.

Millions of fans were watching the live coverage from home, probably making it the biggest live audience that Cumbria has ever seen."

Warsaw Voice - On Target - Darts

Warsaw Voice - On Target: "Polish enthusiasts of the game belong to Polski Związek Darta and Polska Federacja Darta (Polish Darts Union and Polish Darts Federation). Since 2001, they have organized the Polish Darts Cup, Polish Championships combined with the international tournament EDU-Poland and the Polski Ranking Darta (Polish Darts Ranking)-RaDaR.

In Warsaw, you can play a game of darts, either competitive or recreational, at venues including Champions Pub in the Marriott Hotel, 65/79 Jerozolimskie Ave., Hulakula at 56/66 Dobra St., Hokus Pokus at 31 Powsińska St., and 126A Powstańców Śląskich St."

World Series of Darts: PDC Roster - Player Profiles

World Series of Darts: PDC Roster - Player Profiles: "PDC Roster - Player Profiles
PDC / Bull’s-Eye News Official Report
March 31, 2006

The PDC Pro Player roster is now official for the 2006 World Series of Darts event! These 16 fierce competitors are already sharpening their steel in preparation for the main events at the Mohegan Sun, and they will come packing years of big-stage, televised match experience; serious game skills forged by fire! Will the less experienced but truly hungry American qualifiers be ready for the battle of their lives? We think so! (Stay tuned! Complete profiles of all 16 U.S. qualifiers will also be added here online soon!)

Dartoids World - WSoD qualifier

Dartoids World: "America’s Stunned! Dartoid Wins Marlborough Qualifier!
# 240 04/01/2006

Okay, the title’s a lie. April Fools!

It was a stellar field that made the trek to the tenth World Series of Darts (WSOD) qualifier today. Brad Wethington was there. Davis Snider. Tom Curtin. Gerome Verdaro. Chris Helms. Mike Brewer. Carolyn Mars. Tom Sawyer. Huckleberry Finn. Bill Nicoll, Jr. Pete Morrison. Dave Kelly.

Even the one and only Larry Butler, perhaps the only American darter whose name is truly recognizable to the serious British darts connoisseur, dusted off his darts for a chance to add the deposit of a lifetime to his bank account."

Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Slough Observer Website -charity darts tournament

"Dad's memorial to stabbed son
By Observer Newsroom

Ross Cameron would have been celebrating his 21st birthday tomorrow (Saturday) but his parents arrived home in the early hours of New Year’s Day to find him dying.

His father, Tommy, a field engineer with ICI Paints in Slough and friend Paul Jobling, landlord of the Rose and Crown pub in Slough High Street, have arranged a charity darts tournament in memory of Ross tomorrow (Saturday) at 8pm and hope it will become an annual event."

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