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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Comments from Part & Lloyd:

Sports | "'I felt like I'd already won this tournament after beating Phil again but the way Colin played tonight has made me feel a little better,' the Canadian was quoted on the Planet Darts website. 'It felt like he missed nothing and he just kept on pounding the treble and even playing Phil doesn't feel like that.

'The averages must have been special tonight and as hard as I tried, I couldn't get near him. He's proved once and for all that he is the world No. 1.'

Part averaged 95 in the final.

'I played well tonight,' said Lloyd, 'but it was only because I knew that I'd have to because the form John has been in recently nothing else would have been good enough.

'It takes two players to make a great final and John is a true champion."

Well this was a good match to listen to, and I hope we will be able to see it on TV sometime soon.


Saturday, July 30, 2005

Colin Lloyd wins at Blackpool!

Professional Darts Corporation Ltd.: "Colin Lloyd won the Stan James World Matchplay in style with a 170 finish after the best display of his career propelled him to a 18-11 victory over John Part in a packed Winter Gardens, Blackpool on Saturday night."

Colin Lloyd put together a consistent and solid performance. I'm sorry the John Part did not win, but it was a great match. Part gave a good performance; Well done!


Blackpool Final -John Part v. Colin Lloyd

Part v. Lloyd: "The World Matchplay final will be Colin Lloyd v. John Part."

[i]Part has been World Champion twice before and this match will go a long way towards showing if he has what it takes to regain that title as he will have to face the current world ranked #1 player and Grand Prix Champion in Colin Lloyd.

I would like to see John take this thing all the way. I know that he can't afford to give Lloyd many chances in this match or it will be lost. I was watching some old replays of the Vegas Classic 3, and was truly impressed by Johns ability to hit outs of 100 points or more. He will need to display this ability to finish against Colin Lloyd.

Good Luck John Part.


Friday, July 29, 2005

Sky Sports - Todays Matches from Blackpool

After defeating Phil Taylor (a player I truly admire) I'm wondering if John Part can hold the course and win this thing. As everyone knows it's easy to let down after a difficult match and big win against an opponent that everyone thinks is unbeatable. Let's hope that John moves on to win and prove himself a worthy champion. I believe that a win by Part will serve notice to all the other players that Taylor can be beat if those who face him raise their game and don't crack when he starts the match in a strong fashion.

Good luck John!


Sky Sports - Blackpool - Matchplay:
"Ronnie Baxter v Colin Lloyd
Peter Manley v John Part"

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Part beats Taylor

World Matchplay Update: DARTS NEWS


In an incredible night at the World Matchplay, two times world champion John Part has sensationally knocked Phil Taylor out of the tournament winning by 16 legs to 11. The match was of the highest standard with Taylor going off to a 4-1 lead with Part throwing disappointingly. Part stormed back in the second session to level the game 5-5. From then on it was neck and neck the whole way with no break of throw as Part led 12-11. Whatever Taylor threw part matched it and vice versa - the 140s & 180s were going in for fun. Part broke Taylor to lead 13-11 and then made it 14-11 with a superb 108 checkout. His nerve held as his whipped off the next two legs and 16-11 to Part. Afterwards Part said, "I don't care about the rest of the tournament. That was the final".
He later changed his mind slightly remembering when he beat Taylor in the Vegas Desert Classic semi-final only to lose to Peter Manley in the final. Part said, "I won't let that happen again. I want Manley."

You can listen to the World Matchplay from Blackpool

You can listen to the world Matchplay at (with RealPlayer/RealOne Player)PDC site:

Click here for the Real Alternative 1.42 information page: Real Alternative will allow you to play RealMedia files without having to install RealPlayer/RealOne Player

Here is the link to download Real Alternative:

Stan James World Matchplay - Standings

Stan James World Matchplay Results: "
Second Round Results
Adrian Lewis 16-14 Denis Ovens
Ronnie Baxter 13-6 Dave Askew
Colin Lloyd 13-4 Mark Walsh
Dennis Smith 13-10 Roland Scholten
John Part 13-8 Andy Jenkins
Wayne Mardle 13-10 Mark Dudbridge
Phil Taylor 15-13 Dennis Priestley
Peter Manley 13-10 Terry Jenkins"

Blackpool - Match play

Full storyThu 28 July "Taylor: I'll Never Give In -
It was very, very tough. We had a little too much respect for each other.

"I think Dennis was coming back to his old form a little bit there, and was hitting the right shots at the right time.

"I just couldn't shake him off. That 156 is one of the best finishes I have seen - absolutely fantastic.

"Everything goes through your mind in a match like that - but what happens with me is that I never give in. That's one of the qualities I have got, and tonight against John Part I will not give in.

"Andy Jenkins dropped his head a little bit against John, but I won't.

"It's a different game against John, so I have got to go out and beat him. He always plays well - he never puts in a bad performance."

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Taylor Survives Dennis Menace

Taylor Survives Dennis Menace: "Taylor Survives Dennis Menace
Wed 27 July

Phil Taylor's Grand Slam dream is still alive - but only just.

Taylor has swept all before him this year, winning the World Championship, Premier League, UK Open and Las Vegas Desert Classic.

But 'The Power' was given a thorough examination by Dennis Priestley at the Stan James World Matchplay in Blackpool before scraping through 15-13."

I would have to say that Dennis did put Phil Taylor to the test, but Phil was able to pull it off.


Let's hope Dennis Priestley gives a good accounting of himself against Phil!Full Story: "PRIESTLEY POISED FOR 'POWER' SHOWDOWN

Darts veteran Dennis Priestley eased into the second round of the Stan James World Matchplay in Blackpool on Tuesday to set up an exciting showdown with defending champion Phil Taylor."

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Blackpool Results

Another rough match for our friend Dennis Priestley.
"Phil Taylor has won the Bobby Bourne Memorial tournament in Blackpool"

Last 16
Colin Monk 3-1 Robbie Widdows
Steve Maish 3-0 Mark Robinson
Wayne Mardle 3-1 Colin Osborne
Roland Scholten 3-0 Dennis Priestley
Phil Taylor 3-0 Tony Smith
Kevin Painter 3-0 Andy Jenkins
Mark Dudbridge 3-2 Peter Manley
Mark Holden 3-2 Mark Walsh

Last Eight
Chris Mason 3-1 Colin Monk
Wayne Mardle 3-0 Roland Scholten
Phil Taylor 3-0 Kevin Painter
Mark Holden 3-2 Mark Dudbridge

Wayne Mardle 3-0 Chris Mason
Phil Taylor 3-0 Mark Holden

Phil Taylor 3-0 Wayne Mardle

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Taylor Eyes Another Title

Taylor Eyes Another Title: "Darts ace Phil Taylor has set his sights on the Grand Slam this year - and he aims to move another step closer by winning the Stan James World Matchplay title in Blackpool next week.

The 44-year-old is now just two tournament victories away from completing the full set......"

Monday, July 18, 2005 - 50 / 50 Tour has started! - 50 / 50 Index: "America, Here We Come
What are you doing this summer? SportsCenter will travel 70,850 miles to 50 sporting events in 50 states in 50 days. Follow along on throughout the journey."

The Aug. 3: Las Vegas, National Darts Championship will be the one that I will be focused on. I will drop a line to ESPN to let them know how much I enjoy having the sport get some national TV time.

Does practise make perfect?

A question about practice came up the other day:
Does practise make perfect?
I play for a local team once a week and it doesnt seem to make much
difference whether I practise at home the week before a match or not. I
turned up for a game a couple of weeks ago after spending that afternoon
being 'entertained' by some clients of mine who were very liberal with the
sparkly stuff.

I actually threw quite a decent game with 2 100's and a 1 dart finish and I
won comfortably - much to my own surprise. To put this in perspective I had been drinking moderately for about 6 hours before the game.

This week I spent an average of 30 - 45 mins a week practising every night, drove to the game and played sober and I swear i couldnt hit a double to start. I eventually managed a double 6 and an 86 in my score before being beaten.

Serious question: Is you ability 'natural', does drink 'loosen you up' and make you throw better or does practise really help a weekly club player that much?
end quote
Q:- Serious question: Is you ability 'natural'---

A:I truly believe that there is such a thing as natural ability, I taught the game of darts to friend several years ago thinking I could pay him back for the beatings he constantly put on me at pool, big mistake, in a few weeks he was making me work very hard to beat him, and moved up to “A” division in our league a year before me. I wrote it off to him have superior eye hand coordination.

Q:- does drink 'loosen you up' ---
A:Sure it does, but if not done in moderation it will “loosen up” your form and technique too much as well.
However the best way to "lossen up" is to teach yourself and practise self calming techniques that you can use while playing.

Q:- does practise really help a weekly club player that much?

A:I think that practice is a good thing, not how much practice, but what quality of practice is the key. Just throwing at numbers on the board can be helpful, but could just as easily turn out to be pointless. I say structure your practice so it addresses your needs:

*getting your release right
*knowing your outs
*accuracy on triples and doubles
*and most of all playing under pressure (play the strongest player you can find, or offer big handicaps to players weaker than you)

The other issue that comes into play is adequate warm up before you start to play in league or tournaments. I find that I need to spend at least 30 min getting warmed up by; practicing my outs, shooting cricket numbers and play at least one simulated game of 501. The warm up routine has been very helpful as I feel more relaxed and focused at the start of the match. I also keep a limit on how much I drink during leagues and tournaments.

Also check out these articles by John Part:

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Arizona Daily Sun-

Arizona Daily Sun-: "Getting right to the point
Sun Sports Staff

They stretch their throwing arms before the competition begins. They give each other pointers on the best way to throw. They come early to get some practice throws in.

These are the dart players who compete in a monthly summer tournament once a week at various locations around town. Starting in September they will form their three-man teams for the winter league. The game is taken very seriously by some and is a good excuse to down a cold one for others."

Now that's good coverage of a dart league!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Vietnam to Host First International Darts Tournament

Vietnam's First International Darts Tournament

" 'Johnnie Walker to Sponsor Vietnam’s First of Kind Event'

Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, July 5th, 2005 – Vietnam is about to be post her flag on the darts world map on September 3rd and 4th of this year as international darters will descend on Ho Chi Minh City for the First Annual Vietnam Open Darts Tournament, which will be sponsored by Johnnie Walker. The tournament will be open to all comers and invitations are being sent out to all official national darts organizations around the world. 'We expect to get some of the top class players available for the event as this is a global invitational,' says Blaine Karst, the tournament’s organizer, 'and if you aren’t playing but just like strong competitions come anyway. It will be an excellent time to watch some really good darts.' "

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

CLASSIC Coverage Update

After reading his article I sent an email thanking Mr Kantowski, it was the only article I was able to find about the Classic, for the colum and offering future suport and research. He was kind enough to reply.


Thanks for the nice note. Maybe we'll chat next year when the tour
returns. I had a lot of fun doing that piece and received a lot of nice
comments about it.

Thanks for reading and writing.

Ron Kantowski

Original Post:

Las Vegas SUN:Coverage!

This is the first coverage of the Classic so far......
Las Vegas SUN: Columnist Ron Kantowski: World of pro darts is making its point: "From a darkened corner of the world's largest pub -- heretofore known as the MGM Grand Garden -- two combatants wearing loose-fitting shirts that did little to disguise waistlines sculpted by Guinness ......

Not the most flattering discription, but somewhat accurate.

In a booth at the back of the hall, the broadcast team from Sky Sports -- think ESPN without the goofy catch-phrases -- pored over notes and straightened ties.

The Professional Darts Corporation was on the air.

That's right, pro darts. On television. And here you thought Arena Football on NBC was a stretch."
I love the football (the NFL brand), but I would watch DARTS any day before watching Arena Football

Dennis Priestley Exhibition - Santa Barbara Dart Association

SBDA's pictures from the exhibition.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A movie quote fit for darts:

"For some players, luck itself is an art."
Narrator - The Color of Money 1986

BBC SPORT- Fordham's throwing for gold

BBC SPORT - Fordham's throwing for gold: "Fordham's throwing for gold

They'd be nuts to leave darts out:

Mention arrows at the Olympics and archery normally springs to mind.
Think again.

"The Viking insisted: "Darts should be recognised by the Olympics. Archery and shooting are, so why not darts?"

BBC SPORT - Darts - Olympic bid

BBC - Darts Olympic bid
"Darts champions back Olympic bid

World champions Phil Taylor and Andy Fordham say it is about time darts was recognised as a sport and included in the Olympic Games."

"You can understand why people have looked down on us as a second-rate sport in the past but that's changed now.

"The youngsters coming through are more professional and if I want to compete against them I've got to look after myself." - Taylor

"It's getting very big (darts) in Holland and elsewhere in the world and it's getting pushed more and more on TV" - Fordham

Olympic Demonstration Sports - Will darts make the 2012 Olympics?

While dart players hope that London hosting the 2012 Olympics will give darts a chance to have a chance at being an Olympic sport it still seems to be a long shoot.

For a sport to be included in the Olympic Games, the sport must first be recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) under the conditions that it has an International Federation (IF), and that this Federation has held a World Championship competition.
Olympic Demonstration Sports: "Sports that have been demonstration sports in the past, include the following:

* American Football: 1932, Los Angeles
* Australian Rules Football: 1956, Melbourne
* Baseball: 1904, 1912, 1936, 1952, 1956, 1964, 1984 and 1988. (Baseball was an Official Medal sport with an eight-nation tournament in Barcelona 1992)
* Badminton: 1972. Official Medal sport in Barcelona, 1992
* Basketball: 1904, St Louis
* Basque pelota: 1924,1968 & 1992
* Bandy:(Soccer on ice) 1952 Winter Games in Oslo, Norway
* Budo: (Japanese archery/wrestling/fencing) 1964, Tokyo
* Curling: 1924, 1932, 1936, 1964 & 1988 Winter Games.
* Dog Sled Racing: 1932, Lake Placid, U.S.A.
* Field Handball: 1952, Helsinki, Finland
* Gliding: 1936, Berlin
* Korfball: 1928, Amsterdam
* Kayaking and Canadian Canoeing: 1924, Paris
* Lacrosse: 1928, Amsterdam, 1932, Los Angeles, 1948, London
* Military Patrol: (Led to Biathlon in 1960) 1924,1928,1936,1948 Winter Games
* Roller Hockey: 1992, Barcelona
* Speed Skating: 1924 France Winter - Short Track 1988, Calgary
* Taekwando: 1992, Barcelona
* Tennis: 1968, Mexico & 1984, Los Angeles
* Water Skiing: 1972, Munich, Germany.
* Winter Pentathlon (X-country & downhill skiing/pistol/fencing/horse riding) 1948, St Moritz, Switzerland
* Women's Judo: 1988. Official Medal sport in Barcelona, 1992"

Sunday, July 10, 2005


DARTS NEWS: "1 07.07.2005, at 12:02:15

'We are delighted by the news', says Olly Croft. 'In addition to our application for sports recognition, we were discussing the London bid with politicians and decision makers last year. We will now continue to lobby for darts to be considered for the 2012 Olympics - possibly as the 'invitation sport' to which London as host nation is entitled.
'We have stressed to the media that this is not a gimmick. We are very serious in our intentions for the sport of darts. We have already won sports recognition for darts, and we have every confidence that our darts players can win Gold Medals for the host country in 2012."


"There is no doubt that darts should be an Olympic sport, and if this means being invited as a 'demonstration sport' so be it. However, I would prefer it to make its debut as a proper Olympic sport in London 2012. That would be magic!"

Youth Darts

7/16-7/16: Win Scholarship Money Playing Youth Darts: "7/16: Win Scholarship Money Playing Youth Darts
Reply to:
Date: 2005-06-24, 11:33AM PDT


Hosted by the Pacific Darts Association
Members of the American Darts Organization

Jak's Bistro - Upstairs
12752 Valley View Street
Garden Grove, CA 92845
Just off 22/405 Freeway.

For Ages 17 & Under - $10 Entry
Sign Ups 10:30 - 11:00 AM

For Ages 18 - 20:
Same Date and Location
Advancement will depend on Money Raised.

For more information Contact: The Dart Shop 714-995-1993"

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

London Olympics 2012

Yahoo! News: "Blair factor lifts London to dramatic victory

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Tireless lobbying, a superb bid and a massive charm offensive from British Prime Minister Tony Blair lifted London to a remarkable Olympic victory over Paris in the race to win the 2012 Games Wednesday.

Having flown into Singapore Sunday, Blair spent hours, day and night, charming
International Olympic Committee members one-on-one before jetting out in the early hours of Wednesday to host this week's G8 summit in Gleneagles, Scotland."

Click here for an additional article
I'll be waiting to see if Darts is introduced as a demonstraion sport! That could increase England's Gold Medal chances!

A dartboard not yet ready for primetime....

It's the "Boar Bristle" board by "American Dart Lines" I ran across this board in a bar in which I frequently play. While the board may function well for home use for the casual player I can't see it working out very well for the serious home player much less standing up to rigorous demands of an establishment that hosts league teams, blind draws, tourneys and other special events.

At first look the screening of the colors on the board does not appear very crisp & sharp as one would like on a quality board, but some might over look that issue in the search for value and economy. However there are several issues that outweigh appearance versus economy point; there is an inconsistent quality of the bristles on the board leading to spots that are hard and cause bounce outs contrasted by spots in the board were bristles come loose and will not hold a dart, there is very rapid wear on bulls leading to darts refusing to stick in them, those issues are compounded by the fact the spider pulls away form the board due to the fact that staples refuse to stay in the board, which might have been caused by hitting wires which would loosen the staples that are not held in place well by the bristles. These boards were in use from the last week of March until the end of June.

From time to time bars or puds will sell used boards when they no longer fill the needs of the establishment, but retain some useful life. If you see one of these boards for sale, keep your money in your pocket, and run the other way; because in my opinion this dartboard is fails to score.


Not yet ready for prime time... American Dart Lines - Boar Bristle Posted by Picasa

The spider is raised from the board much of the way around the board. Posted by Picasa

A pocket notebook slides easily between spider and board. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

World Cup -Darts

DEFENDING champion Phil Taylor will face Jamie Harvey in the first round of the Stan James World Matchplay in Blackpool later this month.
Taylor has won the prestigious tournament seven times and is unbeaten at the Winter Gardens since 2000, the longest unbroken run in any professional darts competition.

Australia's World Cup team:
Men: Simon Whitlock, Tony David, Graham Hunt, Anthony Fleet
Ladies: Dot McLeod, Louise Ball

Dart Charity Auction

A nice way for dart players to give back to the community:
Phil THE POWER Taylor -Forums: "I have several Items for Auction to raise money for Teesside Hospice and our Local Playgroup, 8 of us are playing 1,000,001 on 9th/ 10th July and I have obtained:

Phil Taylor Shirt

Tony Eccles Shirt

Chrissy Howatt (Manley) Shirt

Kevin Painter signed T Shirt

Sky Bet Grand Prix Polo Shirt Donated by Phil Jones

Also Darts From, Tony Eccles, Steve Beaton, Bob Taylor, Peter Manley,

John Part, Darryl Fitton and Richie George (Bobby's Son).

Also a Signed Framed Photo of The Iceman Alan Warriner.

Should anyone wish to bid for these items you are most welcome to do so, pm me in here but bear in mind that your bid will then attract Postage cost unless you live in the North East of England and depending on the size of your bid I may Hand Deliver it for Free!!

This isn't a wind up or a con these Professionals have given these Items Freely to help raise money for our Charity Event and I would like to thank Every single one that has responded. Will have no problems posting overseas should you wish to have any of these items but you will have to pay the cost.

Thanks Tony Mitchell"

Monday, July 04, 2005

More Taylor


Phil Taylor remains on track for Darts Grand Slam after defeating Wayne Mardle 6 sets to 1 in the final of the Las Vegas Desert Classic. Taylor was in inspired form averaging 106-110 in the first half of the match.



"Phil Taylor won his third Las Vegas Desert Classic title with a 6-1 destruction of Wayne Mardle at the MGM Grand."

Sunday, July 03, 2005




Phil Taylor and Wayne Mardle will meet in the Las Vegas Desert Classic final - a repeat of last year's title match."

Update - Part loses semifinal

CANOE -- SLAM! Sports - Other Sports - Part loses semifinal: "LAS VEGAS (CP) - Canadian John (Darth Maple) Part lost his semifinal match against Wayne Mardle 4-2 at the Las Vegas Classic darts tournament Saturday."

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Darts on TV - The Classic

Don't confuse this with the New WSoD that will be played in May and broadcast starting in July

World Series of Darts - Las Vegas Desert Classic

• World Series of Darts - "Las Vegas Desert Classic"
FSW, Fri Jul 08 04:00pm PDT
• World Series of Darts - "Las Vegas Desert Classic"
FSW, Wed Jul 13 04:00pm PDT
• World Series of Darts - "Las Vegas Desert Classic"
FOXW2, Wed Jul 13 06:00pm PDT

Also check for listings in your area!

Vegas Classic - Taylor

Planetdarts : The Official Site of the Professional Darts Corporation Ltd.: "POWER BRUSHES PAST THE ATRIST"

Taylor moves on to the semi-finals taking down Kevin Painter 3-1.


Wayne Mardle produced a stunning comeback to see off the challenge of world No.1 Colin Lloyd in a sudden death leg at the end of the fifth leg."

Semi-Final Draw



Dartoid said:"The EXCITING news for Americans is that the action will be shown by delayed broadcast on a date to be announced, just as soon as Sid Waddell's color commentary can be translated."

Friday, July 01, 2005

Las Vegas SUN:Coverage!

Las Vegas SUN:Coverage!

This is the first coverage of the Classic so far......
Las Vegas SUN: Columnist Ron Kantowski: World of pro darts is making its point: "From a darkened corner of the world's largest pub -- heretofore known as the MGM Grand Garden -- two combatants wearing loose-fitting shirts that did little to disguise waistlines sculpted by Guinness ......

Not the most flattering discription, but somewhat accurate.

In a booth at the back of the hall, the broadcast team from Sky Sports -- think ESPN without the goofy catch-phrases -- pored over notes and straightened ties.

The Professional Darts Corporation was on the air.

That's right, pro darts. On television. And here you thought Arena Football on NBC was a stretch."
I love the football (the NFL brand), but I would watch DARTS any day before watching Arena Football

Desert Classic

Sport news and comment from The Times and The Sunday Times - Times Online: "Jenkins managed to take Taylor to the deciding leg in the third set, but after missing four darts at the closing double, Taylor landed the fifth, a double ten, to complete a clean sweep. “It was a case of just going out there and doing my job,” he said, but it was much more than that. He averaged 110.7 with each visit to the oche and hit seven maximum 180s — glittering stuff."

110.7 points per turn is an average many can only dream of, and seven Ton80's; well I can't even get my mind around that!

Classic - Results

Classic update site link:
Ray Carver is the only USA player to go through to the Quarter-Final, Kevin Painter also makes it through for Cannada. The only other player to go foward who is not from GB is Roland Scholten form the Netherlands. Will Phil Taylor continue to dominate?
Las Vegas Desert Classic
Second Round Results
Roland Scholten 3-1 James Wade
John Part 3-2 Darin Young
Phil Taylor 3-0 Andy Jenkins
Wayne Mardle 3-0 Andy Callaby
Colin Lloyd 3-0 Erik Clarys
Kevin Painter 3-2 Alex Roy
Ray Carver 3-2 Adrian Gray
Wes Newton 3-0 Mark Walsh

Quarter-Final Draw
Colin Lloyd v Wayne Mardle
Roland Scholten v John Part
Phil Taylor v Kevin Painter
Wes Newton v Ray Carver

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