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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Let's sign the petition!

I don't know about anyone else, but I do enjoy seeing a well played game of darts. The quality of the technique and the suspense of the outcome. If you are interested in seeing darts on TV there is an online petition to encourage ESPN to televise darts.

Click here to sign up!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Darts in the news

BBC covers darts; I never saw darts in USA Today

More BBC dart coverage

in my practice....

Well in my practice over the past week I have discovered the importance of making accurate measurements when you setup the board. The board I practiced on was an inch too low, and the line was a half inch too close. I became aware of the issue when I went to practice at my regular pub, and many of my shots fell short. There are many sites that post setup instructions, but I particularly like the one on
The Bullseye News site.

The setup has been corrected, and I hope to see the results in our next match.

By the way! The question has come up as to what is the most common weight of dart that players use these days? Post your response in comments or in email to me using the link on the column on the right of this page.

Monday, February 14, 2005

A dartplayer's forum

A good dartplayers forum that I found while surfing the net:
Happy Valentines Day to all you darters out there!

Monday, February 07, 2005

commercials revisited......

Here is a link to the Superbowl commercials. You can watch them again if you are interested.

superbowl ads

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Rate the Superbowl XXXIX commercials:

Rate the Superbowl XXXIX commercials:

Here goes; I know that everyone won't agree, but I used a Five Star system and some commercials just didn't get rated for various reasons. When I felt doubt I polled the people I was watching with.

Five Stars:
The Bud Light cockatoo
NFL Network
The frozen Mustang Convertible driver
Ameriquest “Bloody Cat” Don't Judge Commercial

Four Stars: Wardrobe malfunction
Visa Check Card American Justice League & Underdog
Tabasco Bikini Girl Tan (Guys rated this a 4 stars, and Girls 2 stars)
Degree's Mama's Boy (Girls 4 stars, and Guys 3 stars)

Three Stars:
Cadillac acceleration in the Tunnel (3.5 stars)
US Army “Thank You” (3.5 stars)
Bud Monster Truck
Lay's Ball Over the Fence

Two Stars:
All iTunes commercials
Bud Lite's at the game with the picture phone
Heineken's Paparazzi

The other commercials just didn't get rated, because they were not seen or were not worth the effort. If you wold like to rate these commercials please copy and paste your ratings into comments.

Tippy... is one more too much  Posted by Hello

Tippy Posted by Hello

Cats who like darts....

Cats who like darts....

Most cats that I have encountered have little or no interest my dart practice, however of late things have seemed to change. To set the scene I must tell you that there is a 30 inch tall, 36 in wide, 18 inch deep two drawer file cabinet under my practice board which most of the cats ignore, but one really likes to climb onto the cabinet, and inspect the dart board from time to time.

Yesterday morning while I practiced darts three cats gathered to watch, and after a few darts two cats (thoroughly unimpressed) wandered off to do whatever cats do. However Tippy, a good sized male kitten less than a year old, watched my every move and the flight of each and every dart. After 10 minutes of this Tippy jumped up onto the file cabinet, climbed the backboard, and pawed at the darts as I attempted to pull them from the board. I chased him away, and watched him run across the room towards the other cats; I hoped he would play, or find one of his favorite toys.

As I threw my second dart form the corner of my eye I noticed a streak flying towards the top of the cabinet, leaping onto the backboard, locking on with the claws of three paws, and pawing my second dart out of the board with the fourth paw. Once again I chased Tippy away, but this time I got his favorite string toy, a string attached to a stick, and engaged him in several minutes of tug of war and chase the end of the string. When he had gotten the toy from me, and was busy entwining himself in the string, I felt it was safe to resume my practice.

After several darts I hit a wire and the dart bounced; at the same moment Tippy leaped into view from somewhere on my right. A collision appeared unavoidable, and the questions the vet would asked flashed into my mind. The thoughts on Tippy's mind must have been different, because while gliding through the air he reached left towards his elusive prey.

Tippy crashed to the floor in a sprawling roll, and leaping up pounced onto the dart (now sticking into the floor) that had missed him by inches....

Saturday, February 05, 2005


Click here to check out this dart cartoon

Darts on TV!

Fox Sports Net To Continue Airing Darts!

This just in...
Fox Sports Net (FSN) has announced the airing of five new episodes of the World Darts Championship! Listed are the schedule dates and times (all times are local). Please keep in mind these may change and are subject to availability in some areas:

World Series of Darts, Episode #1 03/13/05 @ 4pm.
World Series of Darts, Episode #2 03/20/05 @ 4pm.
World Series of Darts, Episode #3 03/27/05 @ 5pm.
World Series of Darts, Episode #4 04/03/05 @ 4pm.
World Series of Darts, Episode #5 04/10/05 @ 5pm.

For the exact scheduling time in your area go to www.foxsports.comGo >>> and scroll down to "TV Sportlight". Select your region from the "Fox Sports Regions" drop down menu. Next, scroll down to the "TV Schedule" box and at the bottom, to the right of "Full Schedule" select Sunday. Scroll down in this field until you find "World Darts Championship". Most listings are at 4:00 & 5 PM.

Over 80 million homes subscribe to Fox Sports Net and we're proud to have this media giant on board to promote our sport of darts. Pass the word and enjoy!

Story from Bullseye Mag.

Requests..... Contributions....

By the way if you have pictures that you want to post, or would like copies of pictures posted here please send an email to:

Dart Talk

If you have an experience, funny story, or joke about darts you want to share.... just click on the comment link and post it, or email it to me.....

Friday, February 04, 2005

How MVP points work

MVP Points Score Sheet


Cricket Doubles:
Game (Mark (1) per game)
Sweep (3)
3 Bulls (1)
3 Bulls out (2)
4 - 5 Bulls (3)
6 Bulls (5)
5-6 Marks (1)
7-8 Marks (2)
9 Marks (4)
Both partners get points for game(s) or sweep

501 Singles
Game (Mark 1/game)
Sweep (3)
Double Out (1)
Any Out 95 - 170 (1)
9 Dart Game (8)
10 to 12 Dart Game (4)
13 to 15 Dart Game (3)
16 to 18 Dart Game (2)
19 to 21 Dart Game (1)
95 to 130 (1)
131 to 159 (2)
160 to 179 (3)
180 (6)

301 Singles
Game (Mark (1) per game)
Sweep (3)
Out Darts above 95 - 170 (1)
95 - 130 (1)
131 - 159 (2)
160 - 179 (3)
180 (6)
6 Dart Game (8)
7 to 9 Dart (4)
10 to 12 Dart (3)
13 to 15 Dart (2)
16 to 18 (1)


501 Doubles
Game (Mark (1) per game)
Sweep (3)
Double Out (1)
Any Out 95 - 170 (1)
9 Dart Game (8)
10 to 12 Dart Game (4)
13 to 15 Dart Game (3)
16 to 18 Dart Game (2)
19 to 21 Dart Game (1)
95 to 130 (1)
131 to 159 (2)
160 to 179 (3)
180 (6)
Both partners get points for game(s) or sweep

Team Game
Match (1 for win each player)
95 to 130 (1)
131 to 159 (2)
160 to 179 (3)
180 (6)
Double out (1)
Any Out 95 to 170 (1)

League Night

Well last night was a league night, and while there were several bright spots for my team & teammates, I faced a rough night. I could not hit any good numbers during the '01 games, and not being able to close numbers in cricket. Now I know that everyone out there has faced this kind of a night I think mine is about lack of consistency in release of the darts. So the plan is practice and focus on consistency!

The other challenge as captain is helping my teammates keep track of and record their MVP points. After looking over the score sheet I think we missed some MVP points last week.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Darter's "10 Commandments" For Keeping Score

The Darter's "10 Commandments"
For Keeping Score

[ 1]. The Scorekeeper Shall Not talk while keeping score!
[ 2].The Scorekeeper Shall Not move about while keeping score, Stand Still!
[ 3].The Scorekeeper Shall Not look at the shooter, stand facing the board!
[ 4].The Scorekeeper Shall Not call out a score, of one dart or all three--unless the shooter asks you!
[ 5].The Scorekeeper Shall Not tell a shooter what to shoot or what combination to shoot for an out!
[ 6].The Scorekeeper Shall Not change a score unless it is brought to the attention of both shooters (teams).
[ 7].The Scorekeeper Shall Not change a score--regardless--if that player (team) has shot again and a second score written down. An error in a shooter's score MUST be corrected BEFORE he(team) shoots again or the score stands.
[ 8].The Scorekeeper Shall Not lean out to see where a dart is or is going nor shall he follow the darts with body or head movement.
[ 9].The Scorekeeper Shall Not show any sign of disgust or excitement while at the scoreboard!
[10].The Scorekeeper Shall Not change the side of the scoreboard of the player in three leg matches or a team during a league match...if you start a player(team) on the left side of the scoreboard, continue to keep his(their) score on the left-regardless of what the bull shots are.

The "10 Commandments" were originally written by Sarah Parsons in the 1970's.

This was posted on the following site:

While these are not hard and fast rules in our league they are words to live by, and I will be thinking of this as we enter our match tonight.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Random Thought

While updating my blog today it occurred to me that there are few movies that have good, serious, or really funny dart scenes in them. I remembered that “Roxanne” with Steve Martin had a really funny scene, but I know there are more I just can't think of them right now. If any of you folks out there have movies with dart scenes in them post the movie name and maybe a brief description of the scene in the comments section.

A few more pics Posted by Hello

A few of the awards Posted by Hello

"B" League Champs "Dart Raiders" Posted by Hello

"A" League Champs "Dart Ranch" Posted by Hello

The VCDA Board & President Posted by Hello

Flashback- Banquet

The first league event that I attended was the Awards Banquet, and General Meeting to sign up teams for the next seasons play. It was a good event with great food. A friend (who was already a league member) and I took some pictures and I thought I would post them here.

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