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Thursday, February 24, 2011

final - Taylor v Jenkins 2011 PDC Premier League #Darts Wk3

leg 7
Taylor throwing first:
Taylor scores well and holds his throw.
Taylor 6-1

leg 8
Jenkins 180, 135, 60, wants 126 and leaves 40
Taylor 95, 100, 100, 140 leaves 66
Jenkins takes his 2nd leg of the match
Taylor 6-2

leg 9
Taylor 100, 140, 100, 137, leave 24
Jenkins 100, 41, 100, 140 leaves 120
Taylor takes the leg.
Taylor 7-2

leg 10
Jenkins is gamely attempting to hold his throw, but Taylor applies pressure Jenkins wants 138 and leaves 9.
Taylor takes the leg and the match.
Taylor 8-2

Taylor was never tested in this one as Jenkins could not find scoring punch or pull off any big finishes.

Taylor v Jenkins 2011 PDC Premier League #Darts Wk3

leg 1
Taylor to throw first
fairly level scoring in this one and Taylor takes it.
Taylor 1-0

leg 2
Taylor scores well in this leg and a 180 helps him steal the scoring advantage and the leg against the throw.
Taylor 2-0

leg 3
Taylor scoring well in this leg and Jenkins is missing his triples.
Taylor 3-0

leg 4
Jenkins gets first look at a double (his first look at a double this match), but misses and Taylor comes back to get it on his first shot at a double.
Taylor 4-0

leg 5
Taylor from 76 botches the setup and does not get a look at a double. Jenkins back to take the leg.
Taylor 4-1

leg 6
Jenkins throwing first.
180 from Taylor gives Taylor the advantage, and he follows it up with another 180 to leave 81.
Jenkins on 205 leaves 124.
Taylor hits the d12 for the leg.
Taylor 5-1

During this section we saw vintage Taylor having strong scoring and giving Jenkins no looks at a double until the 4th leg. It was to be the 5th leg before Taylor's scoring dropped off and Jenkins to a leg, but Taylor responded with big scoring in the 6th leg to keep the pressure on. Jenkins will need spectacular darts or a collapse by Taylor to even garb a draw in this one.

final Lewis v van Barneveld 2011 PDC Premier League #Darts Wk3

leg 7
Lewis throwing first
Lewis 100, 60, 140, 136
Barney 85, 140, 100, 151
Lewis wants 60 leaves 40
Barney wants 40 and gets it!
Barney 5-2

leg 8
Barney is scoring well in this leg and should see a double first, but Lewis is waiting on 170,
Lewis comes to the line to finish the 170 for the break of throw!
Barney 5-3

leg 9
Lewis could not set up the double and Barney steps in to take it breaking straight back.
Barney 6-3

leg 10
Lewis looking to break back in this leg due to erratic scoring from Barney.
Lewis leaves 11
Barney wants 156 leave 96
Lewis leaves 4
Barney is back to finish the 96 in 2 darts!
Barney 7-3

leg 11
Lewis looking to hold his throw in this leg but Barney only just misses d16 to steal the leg, and Lewis is back to take the leg.
Barney 7-4

Leg 12
Barney 100, 57, 55, 99, leaves 170
Lewis 140, 93, 58, wants 170 leaves 78
Barney leaves 112
Lewis leaves 40
Barney leaves 40
Lewis needs 3 to take the leg.
Barney 7-5

leg 13
Lewis scoring well and looking to hold his advantage.
Barney waiting on 222 and Lewis finishes 40
Barney 7-6

leg 14
Barney 140, 100, 170,
Lewis 140, 56, 58, 140, leaves 107
Barney wants 91 and leaves 16,
Barney holds on to take the leg and the match!
Barney 8-6

This match saw Barney put his stamp on the match early, but Lewis shot well to mount a comeback and threaten a draw. In the end Barney held his nerve and his focus to finish strong for the match!

Lewis v van Barneveld 2011 PDC Premier League #Darts Wk3

Lewis throws first:
Lewis 174, 180,
Barney 85, 100
Lewis scores strong to take the leg
Lewis 1-0

Leg 2
Strong scoring from Barney keeps his advantage and gives him the leg.
Level 1-1

leg 3
Barney keeps the pressure on in this leg and takes it against the throw.
Barney 2-1

leg 4
Barney 100, 60, 100, 59, 130, leaves 52
Lewis 100, 60, 57, 92, 81 leaves 111
Barney takes the leg.
Barney 3-1

leg 5
Barney 60, 140, 135, 94,
Lewis 58, 180, 105, wants 58 and takes it!
Barney 3-2

leg 6
Barney 100, 100, 140, wants 161 leaves 62
Lewis 60, 96, 140, 65 leaves 140,
Barney leaves 32
Lewis leaves 20
Barney takes the leg
Barney 4-2

Barney has strong scoring and good pace in this match, and is giving Lewis all he can handle. Lewis will have to show more consistent scoring and bigger finishes to take this one from Barney.

final - Whitlock v Wade 2011 PDC Premier League #Darts Wk3

Whitlock throws first
Whitlock 97, 58, 59, 42, 55, 140 leaves 50
Wade 140, 55, 38, 134, 82 leaves 52
Wade takes the leg for the break and the match is back on throw for the moment.
Whitlock 4-3

leg 8
Whitlock is unable to consistently find his targets in this leg.
Wade wants 128 and hits the bull for the leg and the crowds cheers!
Level 4-4

leg 9
Whitlock opened with a 180
Wade is hitting 140's and gets the first look at the double and hits it!
Wade 5-4

leg 10
Wade 55, 100, 100, 100 leavs 146
Whitlock 180, 139, 180, to leave 2
Whitlock bursts his score.
Wade leaves 46
Whitlock hits d1 with first dart.
level 5-5

leg 11
Whitlock 140, 85, 180, leaves 96
Wade 134, 180, 100 leaves 87
Whitlock leaves 49
Wades needed bull but leaves 25
Whitlock takes the leg
Whitlock 6-5

leg 12
Wade has lost his scoring punch in this leg, but Whitlock has not applied enough pressure.
Both on 198
Wade leaves 134
Whitlock 134 leaves 24
Wade leaves 76
Whitlock takes the leg and his first Premier league point
Whitlock 7-5

leg 13
Wade has no consistent scoring punch in this leg.
Whitlock takes his first win!
Whitlock 8-5

Wade made a strong push to try to regain control of this match, but could not maintain consistent scoring. Whitlock takes his first points in the Premier League

Whitlock v Wade 2011 PDC Premier League #Darts Wk3

Whitlock throws first
Whitlock 140, 131, 81, wants 149 leaves 12
Wade 98, 180, 40, form 183 leaves 96
Whitlock takes the leg
A good start for Whitlock
Whitlock 1-0

leg 2
Wade 129, 45, 60, 137, leaves 130
Whitlock 100, 58, 97, 96 leaves 151
Wade leaves 73
Whitlock leaves 110
Wade leaves 40
Whitlock leaves 16
Wade leaves 20
Whilock leaves 4
Double trouble for both.
Wade finds the d5 for the leg.
Level 1-1

leg 3
Not much scoring punch from Wade in this leg until he hits 180 and leaves 52, but Whitlock back to finish 56.
Whitlock 2-1

leg 4
Wade wants 134 and leaves 94
Whitlock wants 160 leaves 20
Wade leaves 40
Whitlock takes the leg
Whitlock 3-1

leg 5
Level scoring in that leg and Whitlock holds his throw.
Whitlock 4-1

leg 6
Wade is holding his scoring advantage and should see first double.
Wade wants 40 and leaves 10 with Whitlock on 246
Whitlock leaves 146 and Wade finishes the leg.
Whitlock 4-2

This session saw erratic scoring from Wade, a good scoring from Whitlock. Neither play has posted a 100+ finish to this point and both have had some double trouble. The match is still with in reach for both players... will this be the first draw of the Premier League?

final - Anderson v Webster 2011 PDC Premier League #Darts Wk3

Match final
Anderson is powering through this match, and Webster if having difficulty keeping pace in this match. Webster has set up some good finishes but only just misses the double, or bursts his score. Anderson looks very comfortable at this point in the match, and does not seem at all pressured.
Anderson takes the match 8-1

details at:,,10180~2294625,00.html

first break - Anderson v Webster 2011 PDC Premier League #Darts Wk3

leg 1
Anderson to throw first
Anderson 140, 125, 60,
Webster 180 leaves 192
Andreson 176 and leaves 40
Webster leaves 166
Anderson leaves 20
Webster leaves 121
Anderson takes it
Anderson 1-0

leg 2
Webster holding his throw and should have first look at the double.
Anderson's 180 applies pressure, but both experience double trouble and Anderson takes the leg.
Anderson 2-0

leg 3
Anderson is scoring well and has first shout at the double but can't hit it.
Webster takes the leg.
Anderson 2-1

leg 4
Anderson scoring well and is pressuring Webster with a 180.
Anderson gets first shot at the double, but has double trouble.
Webster has a shot at a double, but misses and Anderson is back to take the leg.
Anderson 3-1

leg 5
Anderson throwing well and hits yet another 180 to coast through this leg.
Anderson 4-1

leg 5
Anderson 180, 180 looking at 9 darter but leaves 41 and gets it.
Anderson 5-1

Predict Premier League winners- win a set of Unicorn #darts week #3

Weekly winners will predict Premier League playoff winners to win a set of Unicorn darts from Magic Darts

Join this weeks contest at:
Predict Premier League winners- win a set of Unicorn darts 3

Prediction thread will be locked before the first match, prediction post timestamped after start of first match will be deleted.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

#darts 2nd Annual Mark Hersey Jr. Benefit Fundraiser 5.21.11

The friends and family of Mark Hersey Jr. will be holding the 2nd Annual Mark Hersey Jr. Dart Tournament and Fundraiser on Saturday, May 21st. Mark passes away from brain cancer on March 5th, 2010. He left behind his wife Jaqi and 2 daughters Taylor and Makayla. Last year's fundraiser raised over $8,000, which has been put into t a college trust fund for his daughters. Help raise more money and join the tournament at the Beverly Elks in Beverly, MA. For more information, call Paul Hooley at
781-477-0526 or email him at phooley"at"yahoo"dot"com. Donations can be made out to Paul Hooley c/o Mark Hersey Jr. Fundraiser, 153 Lynnfield St, Lynn MA.

Raffle prize list and event discussion at:

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dartoid's World - The Diary of an Unhealthy #Dart Throwing Slug. Week Three of Nine.

Today is Valentine’s Day and I am traveling. I’m on a US Airways flight as I write – headed to Bethesda and then Ukfield, East Sussex for some business and darts. Yesterday I gave my wife a special Valentine’s Day present so all is okay. I gave her a chocolate covered vacuum.

The infamous Dave “Boy” Green has been giving me crap again at the Stars of Darts forum. Green has made a name for himself with his mouth – by challenging people to money games and losing his arse. He’s such a silly little boy. Over and over he sets himself up to be pulverized. Probably he got is arse kicked at conkers too.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Friday, February 25 · 8:00pm - 11:00pm
5646 North Paramount Boulevard (cross street is South St.)
Long Beach, CA 90805-5132
(562) 633-9425

Rob Blair
More Info: Good time for all, money to be added so be there
8:00 start so get there early, absolutely not accepting calls to be added

Hunt Wins Maiden Youth Title #darts

ADAM HUNT won the inaugural PDC Unicorn Youth Tour event, defeating Josh Jones 4-2 in the final at Derby's Moorways Leisure Centre,,10180~2297416,00.html

Adam Hunt 3-0 Matt Gallett
Ricky Evans 3-0 Jonathan Mulley
Jamie Landon 3-1 Adam Smith-Neale
Josh Jones 3-0 Brandon Monk
Losers £100

Adam Hunt 4-1 Ricky Evans
Josh Jones 4-1 Jamie Landon
Losers £200

Adam Hunt 4-2 Josh Jones
Winner £600
Runner-Up £400


John Part won his first Players Championship title since 2007 with a brilliant 6-0 win over Mark Walsh in Derby on Sunday.

The Canadian, who has drifted out to 32nd in the PDC Order of Merit over the past two years, began his fightback to move back up the rankings with a fine showing in the final at the Moorways Centre.
more at the link:

Mervyn King 6-3 Scott Rand
Mark Walsh 6-1 Brendan Dolan
Wes Newton 6-4 Dave Chisnall
John Part 6-2 Jamie Caven
Losers £1,000

Mark Walsh 6-5 Mervyn King
John Part 6-2 Wes Newton
Losers £2,000

John Part 6-0 Mark Walsh
Winner £6,000
Runner-Up £3,000,,10180~2297714,00.html

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Unicorn Darts - News - Home victory for Caven in all-Unicorn final

#darts - Jamie Caven defeated World Champion Adrian Lewis 6-2 in an all-Unicorn final at Saturday's Players Championship to claim the £6,000 prize on home soil in Derby.
Unicorn Darts - News - Home victory for Caven in all-Unicorn final

Home win for Caven:
The world number 18 picked up his first ranking title in England, and the fifth win of his career, in style by hitting a 170 finish during his win over high-flying Lewis.,,10180~2297188,00.html

Adrian Lewis 6-4 Paul Nicholson
Wes Newton 6-3 Dyson Parody
Ronnie Baxter 6-5 Dennis Priestley
Jamie Caven 6-3 Dave Chisnall
Losers £1,000

Adrian Lewis 6-4 Wes Newton
Jamie Caven 6-2 Ronnie Baxter
Losers £2,000

Jamie Caven 6-2 Adrian Lewis

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Tectonic Tungsten! A new #darts blog ...

a blog you should have a look at.. the latest post covers Premier League articles.. 

Tectonic Tungsten!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Predict Premier League winners-win a set of Unicorn Darts wk# 2 winner

Week #2 winner:
BigMo = 6pts
Simon Whitlock 8-6 Raymond van Barneveld - 0
James Wade 5-8 Adrian Lewis - 0
Phil Taylor 8-5 Mark Webster - 3
Terry Jenkins 4-8 Gary Anderson -3

Official results link thread link

match final Anderson v. Jenkins at break 1 - 2011 PDC Premier League #Darts Wk#2

leg 7
Anderson at 32 to break the throw, but s16, d16 bursts his throw and Jenkins is back to finish 38 on his 2nd dart.
Anderson 4-3

leg 8
Anderson hold his throw to go
Anderson 5-3

leg 9
Anderson opens 180, 100, 100, leaves 121
Jenkins leaves 238
Anderson leaves 62
Jenkins is not on a finish
Anderson takes the leg
Anderson 6-3

Leg 10
Jenkins needed 81 and leaves 12
Anderson is back to hit the finish and hold his throw.
Anderson 7-3

Leg 11
Jenkins throwing first, but both players are keeping pace with one another
Jenkins wants 78 and leaves 30
Anderson wants 52; s12 and misses
Jenkins back to take the leg.

Leg 12
Anderson 140, 100, 140, want 121 and finishes it on the BULL!
Jenkins 100, 140, 100,
Anderson wins it 8-4

Anderson v. Jenkins at break 1 - 2011 PDC Premier League #Darts Wk#2

legs 1-5
Anderson has scored and finished well to take the match to
Anderson 4-1

leg 6
Both players score well and with Jenkins waiting on 120 Anderson hits t20, t20 and just misses the d10 to leave 20.
Jenkins takes the opportunity to hit t20, s20, d20 to take the leg.
Anderson 4-2

Taylor v. Webster - 2011 PDC Premier League #Darts Wk#2 match final

leg 7
Taylor holds his throw with ease.
Taylor 5-2

leg 8
Taylor hits 25 to miss a 161 finish.
Webster wants 160 and hits it to hold his throw! Strong finishing required in this match and both players have show some brilliant finishes.
Taylor 5-3

leg 9
Taylor throwing first
and throws strong darts to hold his throw.
Taylor 6-3

Avg so far...
Taylor 106
Webster 93

Leg 10
Taylor on 246
Webster shooting at 142 leaves 12
Webster back to take the leg.
Taylor 6-4

leg 11
Taylor 140, 180, 99 leaves 82
Taylor leaves 40.
Webster hits 170 to leave 36
Taylor s20, s10, d5
Taylor 7-4

leg 12
Webster want 161 and leaves 24
From 242 Taylor leaves 102
Webster takes the leg.
Taylor 7-5

leg 13 Taylor with the throw for the match...
Taylor 95, 85, 99, 180, leaves 42
Webster 85, 140, 85, 99 leaves 92
Taylor s10, d16,
Taylor wins it 8-5

Taylor v. Webster 1st break - 2011 PDC Premier League #Darts Wk#2 Taylor v. Webster

Taylor v. Webster

Leg 1
Taylor to throw first.
Taylor starts the match with a 140 then continues with steady scoring to get first look at a double. Taylor has at least 6 clear to finish 61 and leaves 32, Webster leaves 152, but Taylor is back to finish 32 on 2nd dart.
Taylor 1-0

leg 2
Web 100, 140, 57, 180 leaves 24
Taylor 180, 140 (5 perfect darts ) 100
Taylor wants 81 leaves 26
Webster leaves 12
Taylor needs all 3, but hits d13.
Taylor 2-0

leg 3
Taylor throwing first.
Fairly level scoring in this leg
Webster leaves 140
Taylor on 166 leaves 68
Webster leaves 65
Taylor back to take the leg
Taylor 3-0

leg 4
Taylor 180 leaves 276, 180 leaves 96, Taylor leave 40
But Webster wants 170 and hits it!
Taylor 3-1

leg 5
Taylor 180, 140, 135, leaves 46
Webster 57, 134, 40,
Taylor want 46 and s14, miss, d16 seals the deal
Taylor 4-1

leg 6
Webster wants 132 leaves 40
Taylor does not have a finish and Webster is back to finish the 40.
Taylor 4-2 at the break

Final - Wade v. Lewis 2011 PDC Premier League #Darts Wk#2

Next Wade v. Lewis

Leg 7
Wade throws well to hold his throw
Wade 4-3

leg 8
Lewis holding his throw well and looks to have this one in the bag, leaving 25 on a try for a 164 finish, but he is stricken with double trouble which allows Wade to steal the leg.
Wade 5-3

leg 9
Lewis was having difficulty getting the fire power to hold his throw, and Wade takes advantage and steals the leg.
Wade 6-3

Leg 10
Wade had one at the bull to take the leg, but misses. Lewis does not finish 91, Wade misses 2 at d10 for the leg and Lewis comes back to take the leg.
Wade 6-4

leg 11
A wants 170 and leaves 130
Wade wants 141 and hits.
Wade 7-4

leg 12
Lewis is able to hold his throw
Wade 7-5

Leg 13
Lewis has 3 at 32 to break the throw of Wade. He blocks the bed with his first 2, but sneaks one in to make it...
Wade 7-6

leg 14
Lewis to throw first and try to clinch a draw
Lewis 161 leaves 96
Wade not on a finish and leaves 136
Lewis 36
Wade takes out the 136; t20, t20, d8 to take the leg and the match!
Wade 8-6

Wade v. Lewis 2011 PDC Premier League #Darts Wk#2 - at the break

Through 4 legs it has been a tightly contested match with both players throwing well, scoring well and putting on quite the show.
tied 2-2

Leg 5
Wade throwing first, both throw 180's but Wade holds his throw.
Wade 3-2

leg 6
Both open with 180's and Lewis has a look at a 121 finish and takes it!
tied 3-3 at the break.

2011 PDC Premier League #Darts Wk#2 Barney v. Whitlock

I'm a bit late to the game on this one, but I get to see the match with Barney leading 6-3 and Whitlock shooting 180 for his 3rd of the match to leave 121 but Barney steps up to finish 156 with perfect rhythm and precision to stretch the lead to 7-3

leg 11
Whitlock throwing first and scoring just enough to hold his advantage, but Barney hits 140 leaving 141, Whitlock hits 180 to leave 70, but Barney steps up to take another cool finish... wants 141 hits t20, t19, d12.

In the two legs that I saw Barney was cool, relaxed and apparently enjoying himself.

Barney hits 4 - ton+ finishes... 116, 160, 156, and 141
Barney wins it 8-3

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dialaphone joins in to help sponsor the Premier League

Dialaphone Back At The Oche With Darts Partnership
Over the years, the mobile phone retail market has proved to be one of the most diverse and difficult audiences to satisfy. With people from all walks of life demanding different features on their phones, it can be very tricky to rely on one brand to provide what any given customer needs.
In becoming the Official Mobile Partner of the 2011 Premier League Darts, UK mobile retailer Dialaphone has settled on just the event it believes signifies the brand’s new direction.
Their Online Marketing Manager Adam Cartlidge said: “We’re very proud to be associated with Premier League Darts and this partnership marks a return to prominent exposure for the brand, and arrives in conjunction with a magnitude of marketing initiatives which aim to reposition Dialaphone back at the head on the online mobile phone retailer table. 
“The phenomenal success of Premier League Darts and the high profile it occupies in the sporting calendar allows Dialaphone, as ‘Official Mobile Partner’, to gain exposure to the sport’s new fan base, a fan base which we feel perfectly represents that of the smartphone market. 
“Past misconceptions about the Darts crowd have now long since diminished, and the new prominence of the affluent information hungry male is now in place. These are guys who want the latest technology and gadgets, but are savvy enough to realise the best mobile phone deals are online.”
In conjunction with the PDC event, Dialaphone offered free tickets to this week’s Premier League Darts opening night. Entrants were asked to suggest names for the Dialaphone Darts Team, who were subsequently inundated with ideas including ‘Home Is Where The Dart Is’ and ‘Dartistic License’. With similar partnership opportunities in the pipeline, Dialaphone fully expects to ride the new wave of smartphone-savvy users seeking a new edge to their entertainment and, dare we say it, a double-top night out.

Join in - LIVE Chat on #Darts Around the World

we are live @ 5pm pst -  join in that chat room we will take your Questions ,, join the FUN

Monday, February 14, 2011

#darts Las Vegas Open 2011 - by Thorn

Queen Mary Classic Warm-Up Steel-Tip #Darts Blind Draw


Friday Feb 18th at The British and Dominion Social Club
7.30pm. sign ups  starts at 8.00pm
$10.00 entry  130% payback
12882 Valley View St, suite 10-13
Garden Grove, ca 92645
Please do not leave getting your passes until the last minute....I would hate to run out!!
Also, make sure you allow plenty of time to get to the ship in the mornings as there will be 6,000+ other people also trying to get in on time for other events. They are not all playing darts, but it will be busy. You will pay parking on the way in this year and it has been reduced to $12.00 each day. We have also been moved back to the bottom of the convention area....good thing is, there are no bands playing down there this year so I will not have to compete for air time over the PA system! WE ARE NOT IN THE WINSTON SALON THIS YEAR.
I have again attached the flier for the Queen Mary Classic IX
This year's Queen Mary Classic is again on the Presidents Day weekend, February 19th and 20th, 2011. It is a little later this year and does not coincide with the Camellia Classic, which is on the weekend before.
I have added 2 events to the schedule, so now there are the following events.....  Blind Draw Doubles 501, Men's and Ladies Singles 501, Draw Mixed Trios 701, Men's and Ladies Doubles 501/cricket/301 and Men's and Ladies Singles cricket. The prize money has increased to a guaranteed $6,570.00.
This event is a part of the Scottish Festival which is held annually on the ship and to get around the entry fee to the festival, we are again able to offer free passes for those that sign up ahead of time, either at The Dart Shop or by mail.
Entries by mail require a stamped addressed envelope for the return of the passes.
We will again have event shirts. Anyone planning to purchase one can make our life a little easier by ordering ahead of time with size, color and type of shirt preferred. We can then estimate how many to order without going overboard (excuse the pun).
There will also be a raffle for a flat screen TV and other prizes....$1.00 per ticket. Tickets are available now at the shop.
For those planning to stay in Long Beach for the weekend, there are dozens of hotels/motels in the vicinity. We have been offered rates of $79.00 a night at the SeaPort Marina Hotel at 6400 E. PCH in Long Beach. Telephone 562-434-8451. It is quite a way from the QM but the rates are reasonable for that weekend. It is a busy weekend in Long Beach so don't leave it to the last minute to book a room. It can always be cancelled closer to the time if your plans change. You can also go to or, do as I often do and go to and check out what they come up with.
The Queen Mary gets booked up early and is quite expensive but it is certainly an experience if you get the chance to stay on board, ghosts included for free. 
We will again have a warm-up steel tip blind draw. It will be at The British and Dominion Social Club in Garden Grove. $10.00 entry, starting at 8.00pm.
Any questions please either e-mail me or call the Dart Shop at 714-995-1993
Please let me know if anyone is wanting fliers sent to them by mail.
Look forward to seeing you all once again,

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Frostbite Festival #Darts tournament draws many players

By Ryan Howard, Fergus Falls Daily Journal, Minn.

Feb. 05--While many families and individuals in Fergus Falls spent Frostbite Festival weekend engaged in a number of different activities, the attendees of the Eagles darts tournament were committed to just one on Saturday.

The tournament, which started at 8 a.m. this year, can go on for up to 10 hours.

"It gets to be a long day," Reed Stein acknowledged.
read more at:

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Win a set of Unicorn #Darts

Premier League predictions contest - Each week predict the outcome and the scoreline of each match...

see the rules and join the contest at the following link:
Premier League prediction contest - rules - link

Spring 2011 Steel-tip #Darts Tournaments

Tournament Flier Links:

from Rob "the Dragon" Heckman - #darts press release

Tonight on, I will be giving the guys the exclusive first press release of some of the biggest news to hit the darting world in a long time. Join us tonight at 7:30pm EST and listen in.

I will post a formal press release soon after, but hear it first on Darts Around The World's Podcast!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Saturday, February 05, 2011

#darts Saturday February 5 Players Championship Second Round Evening Session

Wes Newton 8-7 Mark Webster
Simon Whitlock 5-8 Mervyn King
Terry Jenkins 8-6 Steve Beaton
Phil Taylor 8-3 James Wade
Click here for reports 

Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm)
Jamie Caven 4-8 Andy Smith
Steve Farmer 8-6 Colin Osborne
Gary Anderson 8-5 Kevin Painter
Colin Lloyd 8-3 Dennis Priestley
Click here for reports

#darts 2011 Sat. February 5, First 2nd Round Players Championship

Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm)

Jamie Caven 4-8 Andy Smith
Steve Farmer 8-6 Colin Osborne
Gary Anderson 8-5 Kevin Painter
Colin Lloyd 8-3 Dennis Priestley
Click here for reports

Friday, February 04, 2011

#darts 2011 Friday February 4, First Round Players Championship

Vincent van der Voort 4-6 Terry Jenkins
Mervyn King 6-5 Co Stompe
Wes Newton 6-4 Richie Burnett
Mark Webster 6-3 Alan Tabern
Simon Whitlock 6-1 Tony Eccles
James Wade 6-4 Mark Dudbridge
Phil Taylor 6-2 Steve Brown
Adrian Lewis 4-6 Steve Beaton
Click here for reports

Thursday, February 03, 2011

#darts Players Championship Feb. 3, 2011

Thursday February 3 - 7pm-11pm
First Round

Denis Ovens 5-6 Colin Osborne
Andy Hamilton 5-6 Dennis Priestley
Mark Walsh 1-6 Steve Farmer
Jamie Caven 6-1 Barrie Bates
Ronnie Baxter 2-6 Andy Smith
Wayne Jones 5-6 Kevin Painter
Gary Anderson 6-4 Justin Pipe
Colin Lloyd 6-4 Jelle Klaasen
Click here for reports

$20,245 steel-tip #dart tournament White Mountain Shootout Flier - April 1-3, 2011

White Mountain Shootout Flier - April 1-3, 2011
$20,245 steel-tip dart tournament
Town & Country Resort, Rte. 2 Gorman, New Hampshire
flier link:

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

#darts MLD "Local" Maritime Masters

Maritime Masters is Officially FULL - Do not try and register on the MLD Website... 2/8/11
for wait list info contact: Jeff Smith

MLD "Local" Maritime Masters
April 30, 2011**
Limited Field: maximum of 48 players
Location/Venue: Club Du Village - Cocagne, New Brunswick

$200 Nine Dart Leg Bonus*
Provided by Gerry Melanson Concrete
*Split if Necessary

- 1-day tournament (steel tip), open to men and women.
- 501 open in, double out

For more information and registration goto:

Brian Jackson Photo
Sports ~ People ~ Events ~ Weddings

#darts MLD Local: Bayou City Classic

MLD Local: Bayou City Classic
Saturday April 23, 2011
Molly Maguires, 15945 Kuykendahl Rd, Houston TX, (281) 580-6167

Limited Fields: Maximum of 48 players
$50 entry fee
90% payout

- 1-day tournament (steel tip), long format, open to men and women
- 501 Singles, open in / double out

For more detailed information and registration go to

Brian Jackson Photo
Sports ~ People ~ Events ~ Weddings

Promoting board games in bars #darts

According to Idada, the benefits of developing bar games are enormous.
"Pub culture is fundamentally British; but this has spread to other climes like Wales, Europe, Australia and USA. With foreign breweries investing over 100 million pounds in the funding for the development of in bar games through the provision of equipment, prize funds for competitions, (and) event broadcasting, a tsunami has been created and there is a major increase in the number of visitors and time spent in bars, thereby making it account for 70 per cent of sales of beverages," he said.
Idaba added that, over time, major leagues and pro tournaments have been created in these areas; with over 10 million pounds in total annual prize funds in dart and other games having their own prize funds in the professional circuits.
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Thursday 26th May 2011 Wayne Mardle and Ted Hankey #Darts Exhibition

Wayne Mardle and Ted Hankey Exhibition
With MC Wills
At BAWA. 589 Southmead Road. Filton Bristol.BS347RG
Thursday 26th May 2011
Doors Open 7pm for 8pm Start
The players will play members of the audience followed by a head to head challenge.
For your chance to play buy a £1 raffle ticket on the night.
Regular seated £15
VIP £25 with reserved best seats and admission to players lounge
Tickets available from:
or BAWA box office.

#darts from the email stack... Dartoid's World Feb. 1, 2011

Today’s Dartoid’s World issue is a joke but not of the sort readers have grown accustom to finding in this space. It’s not about any of the screwy things that are found out and about the wacky world of our sport.
In fact, it’s not even about darts.
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