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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Phil The Power - PHIL'S News - The Power in Munich

"News The Power in Munich

I will be going over to Munich on the Easter weekend to play in a tournament being organised by Moltke Events.

I am really looking forward to it as it will be the first time I have played Darts in Germany for a long time and I believe the sport is really taking off in a big way over their now." - Premier League

: "Not the Night for Manley - even on home ground

Night Six, Carlisle
Phil Taylor 8-1 Peter Manley
Ronnie Baxter 4-8 Colin Lloyd
Wayne Mardle 7-7 Roland Scholten
Peter Manley 3-8 Raymond van Barneveld"

Planet Darts - Manley: I Must Take Chances


PETER MANLEY will appear in front of his home-town crowd when the Holsten Premier League Darts returns to Carlisle's Sands Centre on Thursday.

Manley will play two matches on the night, taking on Phil Taylor in the first game before returning to face Raymond van Barneveld in the night's final contest."

Dartoids World

Dartoids World:
"Tim Grossman
# 239 03/28/2006

World Series of Darts Player Profile

What will I do if I win the million dollars? I’ll just be happy recalling the day when my father first handed me a set of darts. I was ten years old. He passed away in April 2002 and he’ll never be forgotten, especially for pushing me to pick up those darts. This said, I’m sure my girlfriend Shanan will be able to think of a “million” things we need!

-- Tim Grossman

Nickname: T-Train

Date of Birth: February 21, 1966

Place of Birth: Hudson, New York

Hometown: Hudson, New York

Hobbies: I played football and baseball when I was younger but now it’s just darts!

Movie: Steven Segal movies

Television Show: CSI and “24”

Book: Is Bull’s Eye News Magazine a book?

Favorite Night on the Town: You’ve got to be kidding! I have a TWO year old!

Meal: Anything on the table!

Sports Team: New York Giants and New York Mets

Weapon of Choice: 23-gram fixed point Halex – with two red colored flights and one blue flight. I always throw them in a red-blue-red sequence. I have no idea now where or why that started but I think the habit of organizing them in my hand helps me to pause and stay focused between turns. "

News & Star - Manley v. Taylor

News & Star:
"No Sands storm tonight promises champ Taylor

Published on 30/03/2006

By Martin Morgan

WORLD darts champ Phil Taylor pledged there would be no conflict with old rival and local favourite Peter Manley when the pair face off in Carlisle tonight.

There has been tension between the rivals in some previous clashes, but Taylor, who claimed an astonishing 13th world title when he whitewashed Carlisle-based Manley 7-0 in the Purfleet final in January, dismissed talk of bad blood."

Google Groups : - How much darts coverage does your local newspaper provide?

How much darts coverage does your local newspaper provide?: "I saw a topic about darts coverage in local newspapers on a British
Darts forum, and thought it might be something worth investigating
here. I've been working towards getting my local newspaper The Ventura County Star to be a bit more darts friendly,
and I was wondering what local darts coverage is like in the world
outside of the UK.

How much darts coverage does your local newspaper provide?

National Darts events only.

Local Darts events only.

International Darts events only.

They will cover Darts stuff when they get a Press Release

They cover all types of Darts all the time

They don't even know that there is a sports called 'Darts'

Other (please explain)
So anyway what's your local newspaper, and do they cover darts in any

Mine is:
Can't remember the last time they mentioned the word darts in context
to the sport. "

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Hudson Reporter - THE CURRENT - 03/23/2006 - Women of the HDPA! Setting a new standard

Other than the error in stating the weight of darts in ounces rather than articles it's a good article on that areas darts scene!

: "Women of the HDPA!

Setting a new standard

By: Diana Schwaeble and Christopher Halleron 03/23/2006

“Being a female in the league has its advantages. I think when you play a man they don’t expect you to play well.” – Michelle Samarel
Darts has long been a male dominated sport with few women competitors. Yet in Hoboken, women have been making strides to even the playing field. Here at the Current, we asked some of the players what it's really like to play against the men."

Planet Darts - Holsten Premier League Darts - Manley

Planet Darts | TV Tournaments | Holsten Premier League Darts | Manley: I Must Take Chances: "Manley: I Must Take Chances

PETER MANLEY will appear in front of his home-town crowd when the Holsten Premier League Darts returns to Carlisle's Sands Centre on Thursday."

The Elburton A maintained their eight point lead at the top of Division A in the Ladies' Independent League, but credit must be given to Jubilee A for


12:00 - 28 March 2006
The Elburton A maintained their eight point lead at the top of Division A in the Ladies' Independent League, but credit must be given to Jubilee A for their endeavours."

Lesson Plans - Indoor Recreation - Darts

While doing some random searches on darts I ran across a lesson plan for including Darts as Recreation & Leisure activity for students with Developmental Cognitive Disabilities (DCD). The site also notes that these lesson plans maybe appropriate for wider use in other educational settings. An idea that I must agree with.

When I was in school there were very few recreation options taught outside of the basic football, basketball, track and field, volleyball and the other games they always taught for PE. Once I reached high school the options increased a bit, but never included darts. I don't think that it was much different for students with Developmental Cognitive Disabilities (DCD), and if they did have classes that targeted development of leisure skills I never heard about them.

Any teachers or school personel willing to pitch this?

Lesson Plans - Indoor Recreation - Darts

Recreation & Leisure
Lesson Plan - Developing

Instructional Area:

check box graphic Leisure

check box graphic Community

check box graphic Home Living / Daily Living

Ability Level:

check box graphic Emerging

check box graphic Developing

check box graphic Mastery

Topic / Skill Outcome:

* Darts

Learning Area(s):

* Communication
* Literacy
* Math & Science
* Physical Education / Recreation & Leisure
* Social Studies

Purpose of Lesson / Objective:

* Increase active participation in indoor recreation by throwing darts towards a designated target

Materials / Equipment / Environment:

* Student-safe throwing darts
* Two targets
* Carpet piece
* Mat or tape to mark throwing area
* Wide open space with high ceilings

Group Size: 2-8

Time Required: 15-30 minutes (flexible)

Lesson Procedure:

1. Review dart game procedures
2. Demonstrate dart throwing technique using a forward motion with a foot follow through
3. Allow students to practice (one at a time)
4. Have students retrieve darts
5. After students have mastered the throwing technique, position targets at about 5-10 feet from throwing carpet
6. Demonstrate throwing the dart at a target
7. Allow each student to practice this technique
8. Have students retrieve darts and pass to the next student
9. Next, set up two targets on the same side and have students divide into teams
10. Begin a game
11. Scoring is optional

Carry Over / Related Activities:

* Velcro ball dart set and toss and play games

Supporting Activities / Possible Adaptations:

* Provide a moving or hanging target for mastery level students
* Move the targets closer or further from throwing range
* Blind fold student if using soft throwing objects
* Different tactile throwing objects

Strategies for Participation:

* Tournaments/Contests
* Prizes

Student Reaction / Evaluation:

* Record the number of times dart hit target, technique and scores for different games

Lesson Support:

* Sportsmanship
* Hand-eye coordination
* Lifelong sport
* Physical activity
* Provides for a sensory input
* Team building skills
* A positive social interaction and strategic planning

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mid-York Weekly and Penny Saver Weekly Edition

Mid-York Weekly and Penny Saver Weekly Edition:
"Thu, Mar 16, 2006

Bryon Ackerman
UTICA - There are fewer than 500 professional dart players in the United States. Five of them live in the Utica area.

Tony Tartaglia and Ken Brucker of Utica competed in the Bullshooter Pennsylvania regional 501 tournament on Feb. 18 in Pittsburgh. There were 256 men in the event they competed in. More than 1,000 dart players competed overall in Pittsburgh."

The Rhinelander Daily News - Darts

The Rhinelander Daily News: "Dart League Party

The Northwoods Coin/Silver Fox Dart League party will be held Saturday, April 22, at Pizza Haven, starting at noon. Tournaments (501, best of 3 games) for teams signed up will be as follows: Thursday Night at 12:30 p.m.; Tuesday Night at 1 p.m.; and Sunday Night at 2 p.m. Luck of the Draw tourney will start approximately 4 p.m. Free food and beverages for all players. For more information, contact Toni at 362-3914 or Andi at 525-9262."

Darts Oxon Out To Stretch Lead (from thisisoxfordshire)

Darts Oxon Out To Stretch Lead (from thisisoxfordshire): "DARTS: Oxon out to stretch lead

OXFORDSHIRE will be attempting to stretch their lead at the top of Division 3 of the Kaliber Inter-counties League when they take on Northamptonshire at Kettering this weekend.

Three straight wins have made Oxon favourites to land the divisonal title.

Their only changes see Derek Lucas return to the Men's B, with Phil Addision moving up to the Men's A team.

The match will be played at Burton Latimer Band Club High Street, Burton Latimer, Kettering, with play starting at noon on both days.

9:33am today"

Darts Protests Force Breakdown (from thisisoxfordshire)

I've heard that there were differences in local areas of the UK, but I never saw evidence until now....

Darts Protests Force Breakdown (from thisisoxfordshire):

A MOVE to extend the length of the oche in the local Oxford League's top divisions has been reversed following strong protests and a petition.

At the annual meeting of the Greene King Oxford & District Darts Association (ODDA), a proposal to lengthen the throwing distance from 7ft 6ins to 7ft 9 ins the generally recognised international and national distance was approved for the top sections in the men's and ladies leagues.

Once news of this decision came out, several pubs and clubs protested at the change.

Janet Loveridgecheck, captain of the Quarry Gate ladies' team in Headington, led the protests and set up a petition.

'I've been playing in the league for 20 years and don't see why we need to change now,' she said.

'One of the arguments for change was that there are a number of county players in the top sections.

'But there are also lo"

Dartoids World - WSoD Player Profile - Tim Grossman

Dartoids World:
"Tim Grossman
# 239 03/28/2006

World Series of Darts Player Profile

What will I do if I win the million dollars? I’ll just be happy recalling the day when my father first handed me a set of darts. I was ten years old. He passed away in April 2002 and he’ll never be forgotten, especially for pushing me to pick up those darts. This said, I’m sure my girlfriend Shanan will be able to think of a “million” things we need!

-- Tim Grossman"

News & Star - darts

News & Star: "Manley set to test the Power at Sands Centre

Published on 28/03/2006

PETER Manley will appear in front of his home-town crowd when the Holsten Premier League Darts returns to Carlisle's Sands Centre on Thursday 30 March.

Premier League Darts was a huge hit when it came to the Sands Centre last year, and the world's best seven players will appear in front of another full house this week."

YouTube - Phil Taylor provides for sharing video over the Internet. They have a few darts videos, some of which are downright foolish, but there are the following gems!
YouTube - "Phil Taylor 9-Darter"

A perfect darts game

Raymond van Barneveld 9 dart finish

9-Dart Finish Shawn Greatbatch

Monday, March 27, 2006

The Digby Courier: Watson on point for darts nationals

The Digby Courier: Watson on point for darts nationals:
"Watson on point for darts nationals


Chris Windeyer
The Digby Courier

It’s a long way from Freeport to Saskatoon, but Josh Watson is on target to compete at the National Youth Darts Championship in Saskatoon in May.

He just needs a little help to get there.

The 14-year-old from Freeport is southwestern Nova Scotia’s only representative on the provincial team heading to Saskatchewan. It’s also the first time in five years the province will have representation at the tournament. And Watson can’t wait.

“I am happy,” he stated emphatically. “This is the farthest I’ve been in my whole life.”

But in the meantime he has to raise over $1,000 for airfare and hotel costs. So Watson has been hard at work trying to line up sponsors. There will also be a dart tournament Sunday at noon in the Royal Canadian Legion branch in Freeport. " - Darts


12:00 - 21 March 2006
After the last dart was thrown to complete the current Plymouth City Super League campaign, Brookside retained their title with a 10 point advantage.

In their final match they defeated Grenville 9-4 with over 80 ton-plusses recorded including five maximums."

Taylor In Reebok Hattrick Bid (from Bury Times)

Taylor In Reebok Hattrick Bid (from Bury Times): "Taylor in Reebok hat-trick bid
By Staff Sports Reporter

PHIL TAYLOR will be attempting to grab a hat-trick at the Reebok Stadium in June when he competes in the 2006 Budweiser UK Open.

'We all strive for perfection so it's nice that I have done it twice already in the Budweiser UK Open,' said Taylor.

'I'll definitely be going for it again, but the big thing will be to win the event. Nine-dart legs are just a bonus.'" JOCKY WILSON'S DARTS - COMMODORE 64

Anyone still have a commodore? JOCKY WILSON'S DARTS - COMMODORE 64
"Item Specifics - Video Games
Platform: Commodore
Condition: Used
Genre: Sports
Format: PAL (UK Standard)

Jocky Wilson's darts challenge has everything you might want in a darts game. It features a head-to-head two player option, sophisticated round the clock and the ultimate challenge - a confrontation with one of the game's greats, the ever popular Jocky Wilson.

This game comes with its original inlay with full instructions."

News & Star - Darts - Spanish double for Super Sue

News & Star: "Spanish double for Super Sue

Published on 25/03/2006


By Stan Lander

SUE Burnett had a magnificent Torremolinos Open tournament when she claimed not only the ladies’ individual title but also the ladies’ pairs title.

In the final Sue beat Yorkshire A team’s Louise Simmons by the deciding leg of five to retain the title she won last year. Retaining an Open title is a truly excellent effort."

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Saipan Tribune- Billiards and Darts

Saipan Tribune: "Shooters Sports Bar is one of the newest billiards venue on Saipan and boasts of six billiards tables-two of which are of the nine-foot variety.

For more information about the results of the CNMI Billiard League 2006 Spring Season, contact Kim Prinz at 287-228 or Fred Prinz at 287-5005.

The CNMI Billiard League is organized and operated by the CNMI Billiard and Dart Association with direct help and services provided by AMPAC, Ltd. and Shooters Sports Bar & Grill. "

Khaleej Times Online - darts

Khaleej Times Online: "Blind doubles darts tourney
By A Correspondent

25 March 2006

DUBAI — Neil and Richard won the Blind Doubles Darts Tournament organised by Dubai Darts League, sponsored by Al Kabeer and Avari Knights darts team at the Al Nasr Leisureland.

40 players have participated in the contest and pairs were chosen by a blind draw from the registered players of DDL."

CEN News : Darts - Ryan airs darts skills at club's marathon

CEN News : City Edition : Ryan airs darts skills at club's marathon: "Ryan was one of eight players from Saffron Walden Football Club darts team who took part in the marathon, aiming to raise £300 to buy an electronic darts board and equipment and £1,000 for the club."

Pahrump Valley Times - Darts

"Darts association announces plans

The Alien Amusement Dart Association has announced several programs for players, both veteran and novice.

• A blind draw tournament will be contested April 1 at Sullivan's Pub. Registration is at 6 p.m., with the tournament to begin at 7. There is a $5 entry fee, which goes for prizes, and the event is open to players 21 and older.

• Leagues are now forming. For details, call 727-0933."

Friday, March 24, 2006

Unicorn - News

Unicorn - News: "Taylor will be cursing too many missed doubles. Despite averaging nearly 101, he missed chance after chance to dominate. The Power blew one chance at double top to take the match, before Van Barneveld stepped in with double 10 to clinch a prized 7-all draw."

BBC SPORT-Barneveld hits nine-dart finish

Barneveld hits nine-dart finish: "'It's unbelievable - I've hit a few nine-darters in smaller tournaments but never on television,' said Van Barneveld, who is second behind Taylor in the table."

Barneveld's brilliant 9 Darter !

Barneveld's brilliant 9 Darter !

Here are the links:
Real Media file from

High quality mpeg compressed

High quality mpeg

Have a problem viewing the .mpg file?

Download the K-Lite Codec Pack (file link).

Download the full version as it covers just about every video format known to man.

Hmmm.... don't know what a CODEC is.... check out

Thursday, March 23, 2006

National Darts Hall of Fame

National Darts Hall of Fame:
"The 2006 National Darts Hall of Fame tournament will be held July 14-16 - download the flyer here! Separate Youth Shoot information is available here."

National Darts Hall of Fame: Voting

National Darts Hall of Fame: Voting:

"2006 Nominees

The names below are those have been nominated for inclusion in the National Darts Hall of Fame for 2006. You may read their 'darts resumes' by clicking their names.

Check back often, as this list will be growing, and we will also be implementing an online voting system! Stay tuned...

Would you like to nominate someone for membership in the National Darts Hall of Fame? Download the nomination form after reading the nomination criteria. NOTE: After completing the Nomination Form, you may either mail or e-mail it to the addresses given at the bottom of the form.

* Jim Askham, Illinois
* Mike Broderick, Pennsylvania
* Bull's Eye News, Ohio
* Ray Carver, New Hampshire
* Peter Citera, Illinois
* John Cutler, Virginia
* Carol DePriest, Michigan
* Grand Rapids Dart League, Michigan
* John Kuczynski, Pennsylvania
* Lisa Lima, New Hampshire
* Dan Olson, Canada
* Deb Parker, North Carolina
* Kathy Thibault, Virginia
* Bernard Thompson, Maryland
* Bryn Watkins, Massachusetts (Youth)
* Eric Watkins, Massachusetts (Youth)
* Darin Young, Pennsylvania
* Ervin Moo Young, Illinois"

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Dartoids World - WSoD player profile- Joseph Carter Chaney

Dartoids World: "Joseph Carter Chaney
# 238 03/21/2006

World Series of Darts Player Profile

When I get my ten minutes on television the first thing I will do is apologize

to a special someone for hurting their feelings.

Then I’ll give a big shout out to Soddy-Daisy and my family. Full article link"

Sun.Star Manila - Darts Philippine Cup set in Baguio

Sun.Star Manila - Darts Philippine Cup set in Baguio: "Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Darts Philippine Cup set in Baguio

THE country's best darters will be shooting for the overall title at stake when the Darts Council of the Philippines (DCP), in cooperation with the Baguio Darts Association Inc. (BDAI), stages the Philippine Cup Team championship on March 24 to 26 at the Cozy Nook along Magsaysay Avenue in Baguio City. "

Monday, March 20, 2006

Planet Darts - WSoD: Connecticut Qualifier

World Series of Darts - Grossman Wins Bumper Connecticut Qualifier 18 March 2006
Winner: Timothy Grossman (Hudson, NY)
Runner-Up: David Marienthal (Bloomingdale, NJ)
Semi-Finalists: Jeffrey Russell (Dover, NH), Peter Morrison (Melrose, MA)
Quarter-Finalists: Thomas Curtin (Townsend, MA), Jeffery Steinberg (West Hartford, CT), Peter Howell (N Syracuse, NY), Robert Adamson (Warrenville, IL)
Last 16: Burton VanWie (E Greenbush, NY), Corey Jewett (Hawthorne, NJ), Cornelius McLaughlin (Croton, NY), Joseph Efter (Danielson, CT), Charles 'Tom' Sawyer (Peabody, MA), William Anderson (Middlefield, CT), Thomas Cocker (Spencer, MA), Donald Scism Jr (Olive Bridge NY)

David Marienthal 4-0 Jeffery Steinberg
Jeffery Russell 4-1 Thomas Curtin
Timothy Grossman 4-0 Peter Howell
Peter Morrison 4-1 Robert Adamson

David Marienthal 4-1 Peter Morrison
Timothy Grossman 4-2 Jeffery Russell

Timothy Grossman 4-3 David Marienthal"

Planet Darts - World Series of Darts | Slivan Takes Final Chance

"World Series of Darts - Houston Qualifier, 19 March
Winner: Joe Slivan (Winterpark, FL)
Runner-Up: Chris Yates (Midland, TX)
Semi-Finalists: Davis Snider (Arlington, TX), Monty Broadway (Cibolo, TX)
Quarter-Finalists: Frank Wolfe (Freeport, FL), Maximo Mena (Monte Alto, TX), George Walls (Beechgrove, TN), Chris Helms (San Antonio, TX)
Last 16: Bruce Mills (San Antonio, TX), Nathan J Brock (Vicksburg, MS), Pat D Cook (Pasadena, TX), Donnie Ramcharan (Houston, TX), Darryl Gabriel (South Milwaukee, WI), Ron Howard (Houston, TX), Paul Reese (Vicksburg, MS), William Burt (Midland, TX)"

News & Star - Darts

"Selectors go for player rated 134th in averages!

Published on 18/03/2006

THE England darts team selectors have been at it again, leaving out a player ranked third in the averages while picking someone who is rated 134th!

It is puzzling to say the least - and it happens every year. I know I asked the question often enough when the teams were announced and there was no John Kane or Richard Smith or Crissy Howat (as was) despite the fact that, at various times, they were in the top averages.

When challenged, the selectors reply: “Other factors are taken into consideration as well as averages”. Mmmm"

Dartoids World - WSOD - qualifier - Houston

Dartoids World: "FINALLY, Sly from Paradise books his spot!
# 237 03/19/2006

They say that the “third time’s the charm” and there ain’t no arguin’ that with the man called Sly from Paradise. In his third attempt and after coming so close – falling to Dave DePriest in the finals of the Chicago qualifier just two weeks ago – Winterpark, Florida’s Joe Slyvan closed double fifteen at the ninth World Series of Darts (WSOD) qualifier in Houston today to book his spot on stage as the March to the Mohegan edges closer and closer to its final stop before the Big Event in May. "

Norwich Bulletin - WSoD

"Eastern Connecticut tries for spot in World Series of Darts

Norwich Bulletin

WINDSOR LOCKS -- Dart players like to say any given player can beat any other on any given day.

Three players from Eastern Connecticut tried to prove that Saturday in one of the 12 regional qualifying tournaments for the World Series of Darts.
With the big-money prize on their minds, 259 people from New England, New York and Pennsylvania packed themselves like sardines into a room at the Double Tree Hotel for the qualifier. So many showed up, there was often hour and a half waits between rounds and players had no boards to practice on.

'Bazooka' Joe Efter, 38, of Danielson came closest of Eastern Connecticut's hopefuls, finishing in the top 16. He was handily beating Jeff Steinberg of West Hartford when he started faltering.

'He was throwing so well and for some reason he was pressing and I don't know why,' said Steve Wehrle, president of the Southeastern Connecticut Dart League."

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Maiden Title For Tabern

ALAN TABERN won his maiden PDC title with a 2-0 defeat of Steve Maish in the Budweiser UK Open North-West Regional Final.

The St Helens player, who joined the PDC late last year and reached the second round at the World Championship, took the biggest paycheck of his career with the £4,000 first prize."

Budweiser UK Open North-West Regional Final

Alan Tabern 2-0 Steve Maish (3-2, 3-2)
Best of three sets, five legs per set
Winner £4,000, 20 ranking points
Runner-up: £2,000, 16 ranking points

Raymond van Barneveld 0-2 Alan Tabern (2-3, 1-3)
Owen Caffrey 0-2 Steve Maish (2-3, 1-3)
Best of three sets, five legs per set
Losers £1,000, 12 ranking points

Sun.Star Bacolod - ANDCC Panasonic darts tourney kicks off March 25

Bacolod - ANDCC Panasonic darts tourney kicks off March 25: "Saturday, March 18, 2006
ANDCC Panasonic darts tourney kicks off March 25

DART enthusiasts who previously thought of competing in a tournament organized for the purpose of promoting and developing the sport can now show their wares with the staging of the 2006 Panasonic regular monthly classified doubles darts tournament, which is slated to reel off on March 25, 6 p.m. at the New Tops Millennium Plaza in Bacolod City. "

Sun.Star Davao - Manligas, Bagabuy win darts event

Sun.Star Davao - Manligas, Bagabuy win darts event: "Monday, March 20, 2006
Manligas, Bagabuy win darts event

ALLAN Manligas and Cel Bagabuyo found the right chemistry to rule the doubles' event of the Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte-Araw ng Dabaw Darts Tournament Saturday morning at the Mama Tsina darts center in Davao City.

Manligas and Bagabuyo bested the tandem of Boy Austria and Toto Atadero in the final"

From the "Stuff I never thought I needed to know file...."

From Websters on line Dictionary

Anagrams: Dart Board
Scrabble® Enable2K-Verified Anagrams

Direct Anagrams: dartboard.
Words within the letters "a-a-b-d-d-o-r-r-t"

-3 letters: abator, aboard, abroad, arroba, dotard, rabato, tabard.

-4 letters: abort, aorta, arbor, ardor, board, boart, broad, dobra, rabat, radar, tabor, tardo.

-5 letters: bard, boar, boat, bora, bort, bota, brad, brat, dada, dado, darb, dart, data, dato, doat, dorr, drab, drat, orad, orra, rato, road, roar, rota, taro, toad, tora, torr, trad, trod.
Words containing the letters "a-a-b-d-d-o-r-r-t"

+1 letter: dartboards.

+2 letters: starboarded.

+5 letters: weatherboarded.


Frequency of Internet Keywords: Dart Board
The following statistics estimate the number of searches per day across the major English-language search engines as identified by various trade publications. Hyperlinks lead to commercial use of the expression at

Expression Frequency per Day
dart board -179
electronic dart board -51
dart board cabinet -47
dart board height -27
dart board regulation -27
dart board rule -21
dart board game -19
magnetic dart board -11
dart board measurement -10
dart board set up -7
arachnid dart board -6
bristle dart board -5

OH.... one last item....

Dart Board Language Translations for "dart board";
German: dartscheibe
Pig Latin: artday oardbay
Portuguese: alvo
Turkish dart: tahtası

Dartoids World - WSOD: March 18, 2006; Windsor Locks, CT

Dartoids World: "Things, they be rampin' up, baby!
# 236 03/18/2006

In a finals match worthy of any on the Professional Darts Corporation’s (PDC) circuit, eighteen darts was the most it took either of the remaining combatants today at the PACKED Double Tree Hotel in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. Trading legs of thirteen and fourteen darts, New York’s Tim Grossman and New Jersey’s Dave “New Wave” Marienthal matched power and precision before a wild crowd in what, to date, must stand as the premier finals match of the World Series of Darts (WSOD) qualifying competitions. In the end, in the seventh tie-breaking leg, literally as the clock struck midnight after a long, long day, Grossman closed the double fifteen for the win, leaving Marienthal on thirty-two to regroup and come back another day. "

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Planet Darts - Budweiser UK Open

"Barney Progresses As Wade Hits Nine-Darter

RAYMOND VAN BARNEVELD and James Wade - who hit a nine dart leg - are among the eight players to qualify for the second day of the Budweiser UK Open North-West Regional Final."

Budweiser UK Open North-West Regional Final
Last Eight

Royal Oak
Steve Maish
Robbie Green

Bent Brook
Raymond van Barneveld
Alan Tabern

Romiley Arms
Peter Manley
Andrew Hamilton

Gorse Hill
James Wade
Owen Caffrey

Friday, March 17, 2006

Planet Darts - Holsten Premier League Darts | Holsten Premier League Darts - Night Four


PHIL TAYLOR continued his unbeaten start to the 2006 Holsten Premier League in style to defeat Wayne Mardle 8-2.


2006 Holsten Premier League Darts
Night Four, Wolverhampton Civic
Phil Taylor 8-2 Wayne Mardle
Peter Manley 8-6 Colin Lloyd
Roland Scholten 8-3 Wayne Mardle
Ronnie Baxter 8-3 Peter Manley"

WSoD Southwest Regional Qualifier

World Series of Darts

Mr. B's Billiards and Sports Bar

Katy, Texas

Blind Draw Event

Saturday March 18th

Registration 6:30-7:30, Start 8:00pm

501 SI/DO

World Series of Darts Qualifier

Sunday March 19th

Registration 11:00-12:00, Start 1:00pm

501 SI/DO


Chalkers requested PLEASE!!

Also see Bullseye News for more info.

Thetford News - Pub regulars pay tribute ....

: "Pub regulars pay tribute (to)landlord
Regulars at a Brandon pub have raised more than £700 in memory of a much-loved landlord, who died of cancer last year.
Bob Marsh, who ran the White Horse for around 10 years, had organised a fund-raising barbecue along with current landlord David Gibbs and customers while he was still alive."


Here is the preliminary info on a tournament to help raise money for Errol (Doc) Wagner in his fight against cancer.
$1200.00 guaranteed
Sunday April 2nd at The Reseda Moose Lodge, 17751 Saticoy Street, Reseda.
For further information please call Curtis Pierpont at.....818-400-3757
$5 from each entry fee will be donated to the cause.
Sign-ups are 9.30am
Breakfast will be available from 9.00am - 11.00am
All entry fees are $15.00 per event except the mens singles which is $20.00
10am....Draw Doubles 501
!2pm....Mens Singles
12pm....Ladies Singles
2pm.....Draw Doubles Cricket
4pm.....Draw Doubles Chicago (Double Elimination)
Please support this great cause for a man who has totally supported the game of darts for many years. Pacific Darts Association

The Passionate Darter, by Sherilyn Herkey

"Calling All Darters-Your Help is Needed

To Passionate Darters Worldwide: I am working on a special project and need any dart momentous that you might want to part with and send to me via snail mail. I am creating a 'Dart Coffee Table' where I am going to cover my coffee table (2 X 4.5 feet) with dart momentous. Then I am going to pour a translucent poly-resin material on top of the coffee table thereby creating a table that has a new clear layer (about 2 to 3 inches thick) which appears as though all the dart related items are 'inlaid' within the top level of the coffee table. Sounds like a cool project, doesn't it? What a great way to preserve momentous from a game that I am truly passionate about! "

I saw this item a while back, and now I'm wondering how the project is progressing.....

Who else is working on creative darts projects out there?

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mid-York Weekly and Penny Saver Weekly Edition

Mid-York Weekly and Penny Saver Weekly Edition: "Utica players hit bull's-eye with pro status

Thu, Mar 16, 2006

Bryon Ackerman

UTICA - There are fewer than 500 professional dart players in the United States. Five of them live in the Utica area.

Tony Tartaglia and Ken Brucker of Utica competed in the Bullshooter Pennsylvania regional 501 tournament on Feb. 18 in Pittsburgh. There were 256 men in the event they competed in. More than 1,000 dart players competed overall in Pittsburgh."

Cadillac News - Darts

Cadillac News: "Today marks the beginning of the 20th anniversary for the Dart Wars Tournament and if everything goes right organizer Sue Byers said Cadillac will become its permanent home. The tournament originated in Alpena and after 16 years it moved around to different places including Cadillac, Traverse City and Saginaw.

Learn about darts... a site that covers the basics

A clear straight forward site that covers what you need to know to start playing darts...

"Learn All You Need To Know About The Dart Game..

If you think that the game of darts is just a matter of throwing a few pointed arrows on a dart board, and hoping with all your might that you hit the target so you can win a bet with your friends; well, you are sadly mistaken.

Dart is a serious game that has a set of rules and regulations. It is so serious in fact that there are organized groups that consist of professional dart players. Most of these organizations are members of the World Darts Federation (WFD)."

Sky Sports - Darts


It's a really tough opening for Wayne Mardle. He's pushed Taylor all the way in previous matches. He's been doing a lot of exhibitions in Europe and it takes a lot out of you, but whenever he plays Taylor he gives it that bit extra.

There's been a bit of needle between the two over the years but they're on pretty good terms now. But Mardle has to win tonight, he needs to win both of his matches to stay in touch."

Planet Darts - Mardle Releases 2005 Diary

"Mardle Releases 2005 Diary

'HAWAII 501 - Life As A Darts Pro' records Wayne Mardle's thoughts of life on the Professional Darts Corporation circuit in 2005."

Times of Oman

Times of Oman: "Allan-Greg combo supreme

MUSCAT — Allen Murillo and Greg Cornejo combined well to outwit Willy Mahinay and Helen Grace and emerge champions of the first All-Filipino In-House Classified Double Darts Competition held at the Carpet Warehouse, Ghala.

The event was organised by the United Filipino Darters Oman (UFDO) in affiliation with the Filipino Community Social Club Oman (Filcosoc).

Roscommon Herald: Darts: Youths lose All-Ireland crown

Roscommon Herald: Darts: Youths lose All-Ireland crown:
"Darts: Youths lose All-Ireland crown

The county’s youths team had their dreams of a famous third successive AllIreland title dashed by a powerful Clare side in the final of the Intercounty Youth Championships held in Ennis at the weekend. Twelve teams started out on Saturday morning.

Roscommon A won all their games. They defeated Kildare, Kilkenny A, Cork B, Longford and Louth. Despite winning all the games, Kilkenny A still managed to top group finishing on 20 points with Roscommon on 16. Roscommon’s B side didn’t fare so well. "

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Planet Darts - Las Vegas Desert Classic V

"Las Vegas Desert Classic V
THE 2006 Las Vegas Desert Classic will be held at the Mandalay Bay Hotel from Monday 26 June to Sunday 2 July.

Following four years at the MGM Grand, the Desert Classic will move along the Las Vegas Strip to the stunning Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino.

The qualifiers will take place on Monday and Tuesday in the Bayside Arena, before the main tournament begins with the first round on Wednesday 28 June.

The final will be played on Sunday 2 July."

Finding a darts website....

Once you find a darts website you generally look at the information that you came there to find you go on you merry way to continue your web surfing for other items that you have marked as a favorite, or do a search for something else that you need to find.

Now what if you really just want to look up more stuff about darts? Do you just keep entering search terms into YAHOO or GOOGLE? Well most of the time a search engine is the only choice that you have unless you stumble onto a darts site that has an extensive list of links to other darts sites, or that is linked to other sites by belonging to a group called a "webring."

The concept behind the webring is simple. Someone wrote a small bit of code that web masters can place into their webpage that will link it to other websites that share the same subject matter, darts in this case. When you are done with the page you are on you click next on the link on the webring logo and surf on to the next darts website. Now the thing that bugged me about webring is that several of the sites in the ring were not up to date, or the sites where no longer operating, so for that reason I have not completely bought in to whole the webring concept. Now don't get me wrong I still use webring from time to time.

But there is progress and things improve as always. In the past few months two new players have entered the picture. The first of the two is by Ricky Nickolson (he also is the web master for )

How it works:
A logo (counter) is placed on a page (the code is included by the web master), and that page should be counted when viewed. The hope is that the list is to take some of the popularity of the upper rated sites, and hopefully spread it around to some of the sites that may not be in the mainstream. So far the site sends out a lot more hits to sites than we get coming in. It would seem that once people get to our site, they go out and visit several others on the list.

The newest kid on this block is by Andy Fair of Superstars of Darts (a popular British darts site) and seems to modeled after Ricky's site.

So far web masters are singing on to both of these sites, and hopefully the hit counters theses sites provide will help us avoid the frustrations of dead links in webrings.

Dartoids World

Dartoids World: "Become an American Citizen and win a MILLION DOLLARS!
# 235 03/15/2006

If you are one of the top sixteen darters in the world as ranked by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) and are pissed off that the rules for the upcoming World Series of Darts (WSOD exclude you from the opportunity to win a million dollars…


Dartoid’s World has managed to get a copy of the official Naturalization Test!!!"

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

CourierPostOnline - South Jersey's Web Site

CourierPostOnline - South Jersey's Web Site: "Popularity of darts is pointing upward

LYFORD M. MOORE/For the Courier-Post
Washington Township's Joyce Hamilton (pictured), along with Maple Shade's Jim Cortez, both recently participated in the first round of the World Series of Darts regional competition in Philadelphia. Neither advanced.

Target: The circular target board is mounted 5 feet, 8 inches from the floor.

Distance: The oche, or distance from the front of the board to the toe line, is 7 feet, 9.25 inches.

Scoring: Points normally are subtracted from a starting total to determine the winner.

Origin: The sport dates back to medieval archers who would break off the tips from their arrows and throw them at targets mounted on pub walls. American soldiers stationed in England in World War II brought the sport to the U.S."

Monday, March 13, 2006

ADA News...

ADA News...ADA Expands to NYC
By Glenn Remick, ADA President

"It was a very productive trip beginning Wednesday, February 22nd continuing until Sunday. Most of my time was spent in Manhattan attending meetings during the day and tossing some darts in the evening. ADA NYC League Manager Anthony Eugenia was a great host introducing me to some great locations with darts. To my surprise there are a ton of places with darts in Manhattan with some great players. We look forward to them joining our ranks soon."

Planet Darts - Yarmouth Title For Priestley

"Yarmouth Title For Priestley

DENNIS PRIESTLEY won his second tournament of 2006 with a 6-3 triumph over Belgium's Erik Clarys to win the JR & Vauxhall 128 Plus Classic on Friday."

Dennis Priestley 6-3 Erik Clarys

Erik Clarys 5-2 Peter Manley
Dennis Priestley 5-4 Mick Reed

Planet Darts - WSoD - Kuczynski Qualifies......

Planet Darts | News | Latest | Kuczynski Qualifies For World Series: "World Series of Darts - Las Vegas Qualifier, 12 March 2006
Winner: John Kuczynski (Zion Grove, PA)
Runner-Up: Sean Downs (Colton, CA)
Semi-Finalists: Ruben Blea (Thornton, CO), Michael Winthers (St Petersburg, FL)
Quarter-Finalists: Rick Jenks (Las Vegas, NV), Nick Rivera (Mesa, AZ), Troy Pople (Denton, TX), Danny Moore (Aurora, CO)
Last 16: Stacy Bromberg (Las Vegas, NV), Charlotte Francis (Tucson, AZ), Ron Colvard (Newark, CA), Troy Beatty (Pahrump, NV), David Hoag (San Francisco, CA), Thomas Dooling (Las Vegas, NV), Aaron Christian (San Bernardino, CA), Vic Sanchez (Las Vegas, NV)"

Dartoids World - WSoD - Heeere's Johnny!!!

"Heeere's Johnny!!!
# 234 03/12/2006
Dartoids World:
It was a sparse contingent of just 59 darters that gathered today in Las Vegas to do battle for the seventh spot on stage at the World Series of Darts (WSOD) at Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun Casio in May. But they didn’t disappoint. Around about the same time back east that Darin Young tucked himself in for the night, possibly to dream about missed doubles and a potential million dollar pay day that may slipped at yesterday’s Washington, D.C. qualifier, his friend Johnny Kuczynski was nailing his en route to a 4-1 finals victory over Colton, California’s Sean Downs to stake his claim on the Professional Darts Corporation’s (PDC) Pot of Pounds." (full article...)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

World Series of Darts: Mohegan Sun Reports Strong Ticket Sales - Sell Out Eminent!

World Series of Darts: Mohegan Sun Reports Strong Ticket Sales - Sell Out Eminent!: "Mohegan Sun Reports Strong Ticket Sales - Sell Out Eminent!
Bull’s-Eye News - Special Bulletin
March 08, 2006

World Series of Darts - Tickets Update
Saverio Mancini, Public Relations Manger for the Mohegan Sun Resort, this afternoon reported to our staff that World Series of Darts event tickets have been selling briskly ever since initialing going on sale on Saturday, February 18, 2006.

In fact, Mancini confirmed today that approximately 50% off all available tickets —across all event sessions— have already been sold. “And we fully expect to sell out the entire event soon” he said."

Dartoids World - Sixth WSoD Qualifier

Dartoids World: "The Boy from Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee
# 233 03/11/2006

Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee is IN THE HOUSE, baby!

Yes siree, Bob!

In the sixth World Series of Darts (WSOD) qualifier today, from among a STRONG field of 147, it was a virtual unknown darter from a town few have ever heard of that emerged victorious, booking his name along side Isen Veljic, Roger Carter, Jim Widmayer, James Watkins and Dave DePriest as the newest member of the potential Million Dollar Man Club, as the March the Mohegan continues to wend its way across America."

News & Star

News & Star: "Board room change for Cumbria darts

Published on 11/03/2006

By Stan Launder

CUMBRIA Darts Organisation and Carlisle’s Portland Club have parted company after almost a decade of the Currock Road snooker club hosting the county darts teams and tournaments.

Today’s Super League darts fixture will instead be contested at the new venue, the Pirelli Sports and Social Club on Dalston Road, from 2pm.

The county’s final home game of the season will also take place at Pirelli, with Cumbria entertaining Norfolk on April 1-2."

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Phil THE POWER Taylor Fan Site - World of Darts Podcast!

Well folks it's here! The World's First (that I know of) podcast about DARTS! Check it out and leave feedback!

"World of Darts Podcast Version I - Ready for Download

We got it done folks. Remember that this is a learning experience for all of us. Some of the audio from the interview is choppy and we will make changes for next time. The mixing is jerky at times, but we will improve with each version we do! For now, download it, and sit back and listen to 30 minutes of nothing but Darts! Leave us feedback in the forums regarding what you think. Good or bad, we need to know, so that we can make it better! Thanks for waiting and enjoy!

A Production of XanaDartZ - The Power of Both Worlds and
Special thanks to Chris and The DartDoG, our reporters at large!"

If you don't know what a podcast is you can find out more information on the Wikipedia site. This broadcast can be heard by downloading a zipped file (zip how to info link), unzipping the file and playing the file in your media player software. -DartsTrivia


1. Some dart players in England think throwing darts can get boring, so they take some six inch nails and use them instead. Joe Hitchcock used to love to beat 'the champs' in this fashion. One of his favorite tricks was to 'nail' a button from between someone's outstretched fingers.

2. The late Jim Pike, a darts legend in England before most of you even threw one, was such a marksman that he could shoot a cigarette from someone's mouth with a dart - AND STICK IT IN ANY DOUBLE.

3. The best flights in the world are made from turkey feathers. So who's the 'turkey' now?

4. The average speed of a dart hitting a board is around 64kph (40mph)." - Business - Darts - Business: "Expansion gives Maguire's more room for dining, darts

By Chris Anderson
BLOOMINGTON - Being Bloomington-Normal's dart mecca has prompted owner Mike Hill to expand Maguire's Bar & Grill into an adjoining building.
'Darts are so big here that it takes up a lot of room. We have the biggest blind draw dart tournaments on Fridays. We'll have 60 to 65 people in here,' said Hill, who opened Maguire's nine years ago.

The expansion will allow the addition of a sixth dart board."

Darts - Harrogate Today: News, Sport, Jobs, Property, Cars, Entertainments & More

Darts - Harrogate Today: "Union sitting pretty after Iron Duke win
THE Union now have top spot in the Harrogate League all to themselves after they won 6-3 at Iron Duke.
Colin Ingles eventually beat his brother Dave with a 21 dart deciding leg after seeing his first three darts of the night all bounce out of the board but that was Duke’s only early point. Union’s John Slack checked out in 21 and 24 darts and John Bateson won in 24.

The home team picked up points in the last two singles games with wins from Ray Bury and Ian Gibson who finished in 24 darts.

Bilton Batsmen move into second position after a 7-2 win at jacks. Antony Sharratt celebrated after winning his first point with a 20 arrow game. Colin Anderson finished in 23 darts and Martin Newton’s opening shots of 180, 100, 100 helped him to a 17-dart leg." :: Your Sports - Darts

: "Darts Montana State Championships

MISSOULA -- The Missoula Darts League Association will be hosting the 26th annual Montana State Darts Championships April 7-9 at the Joker's Wild Casino.

This is a 'steel-tip' tournament that features singles, doubles and triples events for men, women and mixed teams. Darters will be throwing games of 501, 601 and Cricket on the traditional 'bristle' dart board. 'Soft-tip' electronic board shooters are also challenged to attend as many have won events in past tournaments.

All events are single-elimination with a consolation round for players dropping their first-round matches. Entry fees are $10 per person, per event and are paid back entirely in cash prizes to the top four or more finishers in each event. Prizes are also paid to consolation round winners. Prize levels and amounts for each event are determined by total entries in that event.

For information, Bessie Evans at 544-5157, or Earl Allen at 360-5718."

Moberly Monitor - women named as professional darter

"Johnson among first women named as professional darter

Published: Thursday, March 9, 2006 1:32 PM CST

Five local women are among the first 34 persons in the United States to be named a professional darter in the American Darter's Association that began nationwide in January. They are Denise Johnson, Shannon Griser, Linda Tomlinson, Joy Houston and Sheila Robinson."

Friday, March 10, 2006

News Gleaner - News - 03/10/2006 - Bull's eye!

News Gleaner - News - 03/10/2006 - Bull's eye!: "Regional dart tourney hits the mark in Northeast

The chance to play for $1 million was on the line at Jokers Bar and Grill, 7312 Castor Ave., during the Regional Qualifier for the 2006 World Series of Darts.
More than 140 dart throwers from the area packed Jokers hoping for the opportunity to advance to the Mohegan Sun Casino, which will host the largest purse in World Series of Darts history.
'This is going to be interesting,' said Ed Konstany, from Wissinoming. 'Somebody's getting rich and I hope it's me.'"

Dartoids World - James Watkins - Player Profile

Dartoids World: "James Watkins
# 232 03/10/2006

World Series of Darts Player Profile

If I win the million dollars I will still be myself. I really don't want to think about it. However, my wife surely is! We would take care of our family, take our 25th wedding anniversary trip to Hawaii and just enjoy life more.
-- James Watkins
My claim to fame prior to taking the World Series of Darts (WSOD) Philadelphia qualifier, was winning back-to-back National 501 Singles titles in 1993 and 1994. I stopped playing in 1996 for five years and returned to the game in 2002. I started playing seriously again last year."Full Article.

Sun.Star Manila - Romy Kintanar memorial dartfest to be held

Sun.Star Manila - Romy Kintanar memorial dartfest to be held:
Friday, March 10, 2006
Romy Kintanar memorial dartfest to be held

"TEAM Pool Spot resumes its series of darts tournaments with the staging of Romy Kintanar Cup Classified Doubles Tournament on March 11 at 8 p.m. at the Pool Spot Cafe at 142 F. Blumentritt St. San Juan.

The dartfest is organized by Aldo Angeles and wife Norma Kintanar, daughter of the late Romy Kintanar, a known TV and radio broadcaster, writer and a competitive darter during his time. "

Thursday, March 09, 2006


This weekend sees two major events in the darts calendar, the BDO ranked Isle of Man Open and the WDF / BDO ranked Finland Open. The majority of the top British players have, naturally enough chosen the Isle of Man Open, but several, including John "Boy" Walton, Shaun Greatbatch, Martin Atkins, Tony Martin, and Paul Hogan have chosen to travel to Tampere. Here they will meet the likes of World Pro Champion Jelle Klaasen, Vincent van der Voort, Co Stompe, Michael van Gerwen, and the latest Scandinavian star Sweden's Göran Klemme. It should not be forgotten that Finland will also well represented by ..... Cross Country

Darts players out there might consider responding to this article that characterizes our sport as a pub game for those of drinking age. This might be a turn off to parents who's children might want to try youth darts! The following links are for Youth Darts programs:

OK, enough from me.... Cross Country: "The Dawn of a New Day for Darts

After winning big with televised poker, ESPN is hoping to hit a bull's-eye with darts. The sports network will televise the inaugural World Series of Darts, to be held in May at the Mohegan Sun casino in Uncasville, Conn."

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Khabar DBKK - Darts Tourney

If you are planning to be in Mylasia any time soon....
Khabar DBKK: "International Sabah Open Dart Tournament 2006

In conjunction with the City's 6th Anniversary celebration, the Kota Kinabalu City Hall is organising the International Sabah Open Dart Tournament 2006. The Tournament will commence on 24-26 March 2006 at the Kota Kinabalu Community Centre in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. "

Darts Quizzes and Trivia -- World's Largest Trivia Site!

Darts Quizzes and Trivia -- World's Largest Trivia Site!

I stumbled onto this site, and found it to be entertaining. While I scored well on some of the quizzes some were difficult. I did not attempt the ones about
British tourneys.

I got:

1 Nicknames of British Darts Players Got 12 of 15 right

2 Playing Darts Got 7 of 10 right

3 U.S. Darts - Players & Tournaments - Got 8 of 10 right

4 P.D.C Darts - Got 4 of 10 right

5 Darts Trivia - Got 5 of 5 right

6 World Class Players - Men - Got 5 of 10 right

7 World Class Players - Women - Got 4 of 10 right

8 Darts IQ - Got 4 of 5 right

Dartoids World

Dartoids World: "Joe Giordano
# 231 03/08/2006

World Series of Darts Player Profile

If I win the million dollars I’ll drink myself silly!
-- Joe Giordano"

Okay. Okay. I haven’t won a qualifier, YET. Most likely, I’ll be heading to either the Washington, D.C. or Connecticut qualifiers. Definitely I will be shooting in the Long Island event.

But even if I don’t qualify for the World Series of Darts (WSOD) you have to do my profile because you soiled my good name when you wrote me into your Queer Eye for the Darter Guy story ( a couple of months ago. You owe me Big Time buddy!

Review: To The Point Totem Pointe Books, Inc.

Review: To The Point Totem Pointe Books, Inc.: "Patrick Chaplin reviews Dan William Peek's
– To The Point – The Story Of Darts In America.

The book is a must for anyone interested in the history of darts and in particular anyone interested in the development of sport in general in the USA.

For a number of years Dan has been piecing together his history of darts in the States. It was a labour of love, with few reliable studies preceding him, so putting this together must have been like working on a 10,000-piece jigsaw puzzle without the aid of a picture.Click this link for the full review!"

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sky Sports - The Best Sport Coverage From Around The World

Sunday 5th March 2006

Painter looking at top fourBarney still unbeaten

Chris Mason landed his second victory in two weeks as he captured the UK Open Southern Regional Final with a 2-1 success over Barrie Bates."

Dartoids World

Dartoids World: "David DePriest
# 230 03/07/2006

World Series of Darts Player Profile

If I win the million dollars I’ll pay a bunch of taxes and cry! Honestly, if I win the money it really won’t change my life. I’ll probably buy a new car and stick the rest in trust for my children’s education.

-- David DePriest
Full article link...."

Monday, March 06, 2006

Dartoids World - Today wasn't ALL about Oscar; it was about Dave TOO!

Dartoids World: "Actually “disappointment” doesn’t quite due justice to Slivan’s day. The top-ranked darter in Florida was on fire earlier in the day, particularly during the semi finals, where he faced the legendary Tony Payne and whitewashed him. En route, Slivan seemed almost “unconscious” at the line, tossing in high tons and maximums and closing strong. But it wasn’t to be…

“It’s always up and down,” commented Slivan after the contest. “This is a great event and I had a great time. I guess maybe Las Vegas is next…”"

American Darter's Association Region IV Challenge - Locals dominate tourney

Locals dominate tourney: "Top seed Sue McCartney had little trouble winning the $600 top prize. She breezed through her first-round match, defeating sixth-seed Marilyn Nolasco, which earned her a bye in the second round.

In the championship match, she cruised to an 11-2 win over fourth-seeded Jamie Knecht."

Planet Darts - "DePriest Wins Fifth World Series Spot

ALMOST 200 players entered the Chicago Qualifier for the World Series of Darts, with Michigan's Dave DePriest winning a place at the Mohegan Sun Casino in May.

The fifth of 12 qualifiers took place on Sunday, with DePriest winning 4-2 in the final against Joe Slivan."

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Planet Darts - Budweiser UK Open -Mason

: "Mason Takes Southern Title

CHRIS MASON won the Budweiser UK Open Southern Regional Final with a 2-1 victory over Barrie Bates at The Hendon."

The Observer - 'As you get older, you get more happy, more placid. The killer instinct just goes'

'As you get older, you get more happy, more placid. The killer instinct just goes': "Pressure. No wonder they drink, these dartsmen. How else do you steady the hand for such precision work? Of course brain surgeons manage it, but they don't tend to perform in front of a fired-up crowd or against a ruthless opponent. 'At the end of the day,' Deller tells me later, 'it's not about drink - it's about bottle.'

Competitive darts always comes down to who can handle the pressure, but before that it's a matter of who does the most practice. Deller used to practise seven hours a day, every day. 'I'd say, 'Right, it's 10 o'clock at night, I've got to hit five 180s before I go to bed'. Do silly things like that, just pushing.'"

Dartoids World

Dartoids World: "Answer this Trivia Question and you'll know who Won!
# 228 03/04/2006

Here’s a trivia question for you. Answer it correctly and you’ll know the name of the newest old dog to win a World Series of Darts (WSOD) qualifier (Philadelphia) and stake his claim on the million dollar Mohegan prize."

Planet Darts - Watkins Wins Philadelphia Qualifier

Watkins Wins Philadelphia Qualifier: "World Series of Darts - Philadelphia Qualifier, 4 March 2006
Winner: Jim Watkins (Schyulkill Haven, PA)
Runner-Up: Tom Stewart (Glennmore, PA)
Semi-Finalists: Mike Naulty (Coatesville, PA), Kevin Regan (N Arlington, NJ)
Quarter-Finalists: Jim Newman (Bensalem, PA), Bill Davis (Philadelphia, PA), David Bingel (Willow Groove, PA), Joseph Furphy (Philadelphia, PA)
Last 16: Phil Sroka (Quakertown, PA), Richard Keen (Bethlehem, PA), Gerald J Dooling Jr (Philadelphia, PA), Brian Mackenzie (Philadelphia, PA), Paul Seladones (Philadelphia, PA), Marc Marchesani (Hakensack, NJ), Russ Jasinski (Philadelphia, PA), Jim Lutz (Marlton, NJ)." - Athens pub offers dart games, league for locals - Athens pub offers dart games, league for locals: "Athens pub offers dart games, league for locals

Published , March 02, 2006, 06:00:01 AM EDT

Travis Trigg, 23, a business major from Peachtree City, competes in the Dart League Night at Eastwod Pub on Feb. 22, 2006. Trigg said he plays darts a few nights a week.

For those looking for a good introduction to the game of darts, Eastwood Pub may be the bull's eye.

David Lee, owner of Eastwood Pub, sponsors two teams in the Athens Darts Association, which is several weeks into its season.

Lee also offers a casual experience for new players or those who want practice.

Eastwood Pub offers a blind draw every Monday night, in which players are assigned randomly to two-person teams and compete."

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Planet Darts - Kevin Painter

Budweiser UK Open South Regional Final - Day One: "World number seven Kevin Painter was one of the qualifiers from The Tavern in Cricklewood - just ten days after needing major surgery to remove his gall bladder.
Qualifiers for the Quarter-Finals:
Terry Jenkins, Mick McGowan, Andy Hamilton, Chris Mason, Kevin Painter, Bob Anderson, Adrian Lewis, Barrie Bates."

Pahrump Valley Times -

Pahrump Valley Times - Darts results: "Dart Association

Tuesday Night Ladies

Generation Gap 117-39, Together Again 83-73, Thrown Together 80-76, Boomerangs 61-95, Daly Girls 49-107.

Weekly high scores - Cricket: Kelli Nelson 1.74. 301: Heidi Ford 16.38.

The Alien Amusement Dart Association holds a monthly blind draw tournament. The tournament is contested on electronic boards, not steel tip."

Dartoids World - Separating TRUE from FALSE

Dartoids World "Separating TRUE from FALSE -- and an Iceberg Warning!
# 227 03/03/2006

With the World Series of Darts (WSOD) March to the Mohegan about to become the RACE to the Mohegan – with this weekend’s qualifiers in Philadelphia and Chicago just hours away and with four more to follow over the next fourteen days – the talk, speculation and activity around and about the world of darts (although not all of it related to the WSOD) has picked up considerably.

So before Dartoid’s World moves into a blitz of reporting on the upcoming qualifiers and profiles of the winners of those qualifiers this will bring you up-to-date on other happenings and separate fact from some of the dastardly fiction that is out there.

The rumor that 64-year-old Conrad Daniels ... see the full article"

Friday, March 03, 2006

PDPA - Premier League

"Raymond van Barneveld kept up the pressure on Holsten Premier League Darts leader Phil Taylor as the pair continued their winning starts to the 2006 campaign in Aberdeen. Story link"

Planet Darts - Top Four Target For Painter

"The world number seven was rushed into hospital following the Irish Masters, needing to have his Gall Bladder removed before being released last Friday.

Despite the operation, he is expecting to be back in competitive action on Saturday when he takes part in the Budweiser UK Open Southern Regional Final in London."

darttournaments : Message: Re: [Dart Tournaments] 2006 Open Cricket Singles

darttournaments : Message: Re: [Dart Tournaments] 2006 Open Cricket Singles:
From: "David H.
Date: Fri Mar 3, 2006 11:08 am
Subject: Re: [Dart Tournaments] 2006 Open Cricket Singles
"As one of the 17 that have signed up, I would really hate to see this tournament cancelled.

Too many players on the West Coast lament the lack of tournament opportunities and then seem to be unable to commit to play when something is presented.

I have no illusions about winning this thing, but I plan to attend for two real reasons.

* I want to play in it.
* I know that if players like me don't participate in events like this, there will be no more events like this.

The East Coast schedule is full of events...the top players can play virtually every weekend if they wanted to. On the West Coast, our opportunities are quite limited. We have Sacramento, Portland, and Long Beach (which is the same weekend as Sacramento). We've lost the Truckee Meadows Open and are adding a stop in San Francisco this year. "

Philadelphia Inquirer - Weekend events

"Right on target

Top darts players (ages 18 and up) should point themselves toward Joker's Bar & Grill in Northeast Philadelphia (7312 Castor Ave.) at noon Saturday to sign up for a regional qualifying event for the World Series of Darts, which ESPN will telecast in eight parts. The flights fly at 2 p.m."

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Medallion Online - Washington Edition Article: Why play steel-tip?

The Medallion Online - Washington Edition Article: Why play steel-tip?

Friendship, competition, intensity for starters. Darts is first of all a challenge between yourself and the board. Truthfully, you are only really trying to outdo your own personal best. It's always a one-on-one game - you and you. link to full article"

Sony Computer Entertainment - Gangs of London(TM) Exclusively for the PSP(TM) (PlayStation

So PSP adds a game that has darts within a game... Have to wonder about the game when it has a title like "Gangs of London(TM)" Someone who has played it let me know what you think?
Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. :: Sony Computer Entertainment America Announces Gangs of London(TM) Exclusively for the PSP(TM) (PlayStation(R)Portable) System: "Free Roaming mode allows players to explore and tackle the streets of London on their own terms as they choose between a variety of characters, vehicles, weapons, time of day, and police levels. Additionally, gamers may activate Tourist Mode, where they will be tasked with exploring and photographing the city's most famous landmarks to unlock game extras. If it's pickup and play gaming that players are looking for, Gangs of London also offers a set of British Pub minigames that include darts, pool and skittles."

Doreen Berry on Tour 2006

Doreen Berry on Tour 2006 "WSOD VA BEACH QUALIFIER, FEB 4TH, 2006

My first round saw me shooting on the finals board. No, really, honestly.... also known as board 32. The board needed to be used due to the number of entries (144, I think less than what was expected). So I played this guy James (Jim) T. (don't know the last name) from Newport News. I won the first game, the 2nd game was mine, full article"

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