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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

World Championship 12-30-09

Afternoon Session
Mark Webster 4-1 Kirk Shepherd
Simon Whitlock 4-2 Terry Jenkins
Co Stompe 4-2 Mark Dudbridge

Evening Session
Ronnie Baxter 4-1 Colin Lloyd
James Wade 4-3 Andy Hamilton
9.45pm Raymond van Barneveld 4-1 Kevin Painter

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

from the email stack... Dart Tournaments Christmas Week!! 2009

The Dolphin Lounge
1274 S. Magnolia
Anaheim, ca 92804

Dart Tournaments


Tuesday December 22nd, 29th

Steel-Tip Blind Draw
$10.00 Entry $$$ added
7.30pm Sign-Ups 8.00pm Start


Wednesday December 23rd, 30th
Soft-Tip Blind Draw
$5.00 entry 200% Payback
7.30pm Sign-Ups 8.00pm Start


Thursday December 24th
Soft-Tip Blind Draw
$5.00 Entry 200% Payback
7.30pm Sign-Up 8.00pm Start


Friday December 25th
Christmas Day Soft-Tip Blind Draw
$10.00 Entry 150% Payback
4.30pm Sign-Up 5.00pm Start


Saturday December 26th
(Boxing Day)
Soft-Tip Blind Draw
7.30pm Sign-Up 8.00pm Start
$10.00 Entry $200.00 added with 32 entries


New Years Eve
Formal Dress Soft-Tip Blind Draw
(optional of course)
Prizes given for best dressed
7.30pm Sign-Up 8.00pm Start
$10.00 Entry $200.00 added with 32 entries

********* Pot Luck...Bring Your Favorite Dish!!!!! *********
Party Favors, Balloons, Poppers and all that jazz


New Years Day 2010
(After The Hangover)
Soft-Tip Blind Draw
2.00pm sign-Up 3.00pm start
$10.00 Entry $200.00 added with 32 entries
Pot Luck...Bring Your Favorite Dish!!!!!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

World Championship trivia b- 2009

Next week the PDC World Championship will start. We thought that would be a good ocasion for another trivia contest.
it will run over the three weeks of World Championship. Three weeks - every week three question
Details at this thread link...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

World Championship Darts Fans!

There's a World Darts Championship Trivia contest and Darin Young interview contest details
here's the Darin Young interview link:

Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Marskman" line... a new type of dart?

There really isn't anything really new or revolutionary in the world of darts design. I know that the Joust dart attempts to change the basic structural concept combining barrel and shaft, and SlikStik shafts, Spider Leg Shafts and DynaStar flights/shafts attempt to change the common concept of how shafts and flights fit together. However the other day I stumbled across this design that incorporates an internal weight in the barrel to drive the point into the board.

I'm kind of thinking that the concept is a take off on the Hammerhead type movable point theory that uses the mass of the dart to attempt to prevent bounce outs, and insure the darts will stick in the board. So after looking at his site and his darts, I must say that I'm glad that this guy is attempting to innovate in the field of dart design! I would be curious to see how the darts feel, because my first guess is that they are likely to feel unbalanced, and maybe rattle? But that's just a guess.

So now I'm wondering what everyone might think of these darts?

His site says:

My dart barrels are made from aircraft grade aluminum, therefore they are very light. But, they are hollow. I am able to make them hit like a heavier dart by inserting a weight into the cavity and taking advantage of the conservation of momentum trick.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Andy Relf's diary of a darts player... 12-10-09

Published Date: 10 December 2009
Last Friday in the Cracker league it was the Mixed Triples competition, with representatives from each team spread over two venues, the Kings Head at Horsebridge, and the Railway in Hailsham.

Tony Cox, my wife Kristina and I were at The Railway, and Jim Clowes, Dave Weaver and Angela Ashley were at the Kings Head.

I'm not a great fan of the triples, as it seems you have to wait 10 minutes for your turn to come around again! The draw was done and we were to meet the legendary Leroy 'Same Old Faces' Hobden, and his team mates Rod and Di. A pretty lacklustre match saw us emerge as winners, Kris was having to wear plasters on her throwing fingers, because she had some nasty splits in them, and Coxy by his own admission, couldn't hit a barn door with a shotgun! (full article link...)

Don't forget to get your entry forms for the Eastbourne Open running 29 – 31 January 2010 from 0845 4302122 or

Throw for $1,000,000

Throw for $1,000,000

Pub players and pros alike are about to throw for $1,000,000 (£600,000) - that's 6 times bigger than the BBC's BDO top prize and 3 times greater than SKY's PDC top prize. Darts legend Bobby George is the first confirmed competitor and you can join Bobby by guaranteeing your place for FREE at Bullseye Million by registering now.

Held at the NEC Birmingham on Saturday 17 July 2010, Bullseye Million is a one-day darts event, open to everyone worldwide (male and female aged 18 and over). It will be the first where the crowd are the competitors. As well as throwing for $1,000,000 (£600,000), competitors will also be able to enjoy a full day's entertainment, including a Darts Expo, exhibition matches, stand-up comedy and live music.

Who will hold their nerve and make it through 15 one-dart rounds of 'nearest the bullseye' to win $1,000,000 - Phil the Power or Phil the barman?

Thursday, December 03, 2009

from the email stack... Watch LIVE county darts!

Hey guys,

This is REALLY cool. This is one of the first times that you will be able to watch LIVE darts between County Leagues in England this weekend. For those of you that don’t know, County League is extremely competitive and has some of the best players in the world you have never heard of. Most all top players you know today (Phil Taylor etc..) were all County players at one time. There are lots of phenomenal County players who would never dare to think of playing on the big stage and pride themselves of being a pub player but are PLENTY good enough to beat the likes of someone like Wayne Mardle or Kevin Painter etc..

So check it out at


Below is the message I got from them this morning:

Hi all, we are still struggling with our new sponsors to get our new website underway BUT in the meantime, this Saturday and Sunday, 5th and 6th December we will be broadcasting live a county game from Nottinghamshire where they host Worcestershire.

The filming, production etc is all being done by Nottinghamshire themselves and it is only the second time of doing it so please give them a chance to get things right over the next few matches. They are the first County to attempt this so full credit must be given to them for trying.

To view a taster of whats to come, log into the WDTV website and click on the Notts vs Worcs link in the menu.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

ADO Area II-2 Regional Qualifier, Cricket, 2009

Cricket Regional reminder!!..this weekend!

Regional reminder for this weekend. It's not looking like we will have enough ladies for Sunday. I do think we will have at least 8 for the men, but if everyone could please RSVP and let me know for sure you are coming, then I can let everyone know there will be enough to make the trip down worthwhile.

The location is the Fleet Reserve in Poway.
Fleet Reserved Assn
14231 Garden Rd # 910
Poway, CA 92064
(858) 486-2300

The men will play on Saturday, December 5th. Doors open 10am, start time 11am
The ladies will play on Sunday, December 6th. Doors open 10am, start time 11am

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