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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Darts in Las Vegas

A few of our league members, and one of my teammates are off to play in the Open in Las Vegas this weekend. Here's wishing them “Good Luck.”

It would be nice to have a centralized list of tournaments. It can be a real challenge tracking the various events in the region as well as around the country.

Searching for tips

I was searching the Internet for so tips that might help improve my dart shooting (after Thursday night's match), and came up with; "The Key To Good Darts is consistency," and


Lord, Hear this plea of a darter poor
Whose darts hit wires and then the floor
I need thy help to win my game;
And to make mine a remembered name.

After the coin toss, let me diddle
Double bull, right down the middle.
And if the games are five-oh-ones,
Help me shoot a bunch of tons.

Give me a chalker whose counting flows
Without the use of hands and toes.
Who moves with speed to mark the score
But, while I shoot, moves nevermore.

And as the booze and nerves cause trouble,
Please guide my dart to the proper double.
And as thy will is ever done,
Leave me not with a double one.

Bless me with the skill and ease
Of Bristow, Lowe, Wilson and Rees.
One last request I beg, O Lord,
Please help me find an open board!

- AMEN - (source unknown; let me know if someone knows)

So I was thinking; "if I say the Prayer consistently will my darts improve?"

Friday, January 28, 2005

First Match

Thursday was my first day of participating in league play, our first game last week had to be postponed due to a medical emergency of a teammate, and we started against our arch rivals. It was a challenge as we are short a teammate and the four of us that were left had to play all the games in our thirteen game match formant The games we play are best two of three legs; Doubles Cricket, Doubles 501, four games of Singles 501, four games of singles 301, and a single team game of 1001 or 701. That being said it makes for a long night for a guy who has not played much for the past few years.

The highlights for me we feeling the competitive spirit rekindle, and realizing how far I have to go to polish my skills. Another highlight was having a new player on our team who has not played competitive darts before put on a strong ( had a real shot of taking down the nights top player; won a leg and had a shot at the 3rd leg) showing, and a good friend took out the team game to end the night.

The last thought is that thirteen games is a long night, and I was very wired once I got home replaying much of the night's matches in my head.

The bitter reality is we lost the match.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Captain's Meeting

Well last night was the captains meeting for the start of our Spring Session. Our league currently has nine teams and plays on Thursday night. We were given the Captain's packet and we talked about the schedule. Being new to the league and not having participated in league play for awhile this will be a challenge.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Let's get started talking darts!

This is my first adventure into blogging, and I just got signed up for a dart league for the new season. I want this blog to share the events and goings on of the league and maybe, if there is intrest, members of any other leagues around the world. But I will start by making entries and posting pictures and see where things go. So hello and there will be more to come.

-Dart Talker

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