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Friday, October 31, 2008 European Championship - Day One

MATCH REPORTS fromfrom the opening night of the European Championship, including upset wins for Carlos Rodriguez, Robert Thornton and Mensur Suljovic in Frankfurt. (full report)

Make-A-Wish Maryland Open - Results

Dart players take aim at title in Laurel event

By David Driver

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Darin Young takes aim at the dart tournament in West Laurel held Oct. 24-26, which drew about 100 competitors, including the top U.S. male. Photo by Don Watkins
Jean Martin began playing darts about 20 years ago when a friend of hers needed a sub for an event in Anne Arundel County.

"I just found that I liked it," Martin said. "The way I describe it is like a bowling league. Women can compete as much as men. It does not take strength. You just develop your skill."

Martin, of Upper Marlboro, is the treasurer of the Central Maryland Dart League. She was one of 26 females who competed Oct. 24-26 at the annual tournament of the Central Maryland Dart League in West Laurel.

The event was held at the Holiday Inn and raised money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Mid-Atlantic, Inc. The tourney is 18 years old but according to organizers this was the first time it was held in Laurel.

The event drew 68 male competitors. Among those on hand was

Pennsylvania resident Darin Young, the top-ranked American male. Young won a men's singles event and, along with Chris Oinkous, captured a men's doubles event. Young has qualified for the world championship slated for January in London.

Among the top players in West Laurel was Steve "Shooter" Melvin, who has lived in Laurel since 1986. He began playing at a bar in Laurel in the early 1990s when a player did not show up and he was pressed into service.

"About six months later I was the best in the bar," said Melvin, who played pool at a young age.

Melvin, who works in the security industry and graduated from High Point High in Beltsville, now plays darts about four or five nights a week. He plays in a weekly league in Glen Burnie and also plays regularly at a bar in Virginia.

The sport of darts remains very popular in Great Britain, according to Bill Villiers, the tournament fundraising director of the Central Maryland Dart League. "It is absolutely huge," said Villiers, who grew up in London but did not start playing darts until he joined a house league in Annapolis eight years ago.

Villiers, who moved to Howard County in 1990 and now lives in Annapolis, said darts is also popular in the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and Spain. He said there are eight leagues in Maryland.

Mick Nardelli, who competed this past weekend, moved to Washington about 10 years ago and he is now the chairman of the Washington Area Darts Association.

"The dart community is pretty tight. We all travel to a lot of the same tournaments," he said. "You see the same faces."

Nardelli said his organization puts on tournaments with a total cash pay that ranges from about $5,000 to $12,500. But he said the slumping economy has taken a toll on darts as well.

He helped stage a national tournament in September near Dulles International Airport in Virginia. While the event attracted six of the top 10 men and four of the top 10 women in the country, Nardelli said rising gas prices kept away regulars who normally make the trip from as far away as North Carolina.

Nardelli began playing darts when he worked at a college in upstate New York.

"It is a lot more fun when you hit what you are aiming at," he said.

For more results on the tournament, which hoped to raise about $2,500 for charity, go to (story source...)

Media Coverage

Thursday, October 30, 2008

another email...

Hi everyone!

Just a reminder that there will be one more open cricket qualifier hosted by the PDA at the Dolphin Lounge in Anaheim this Saturday, November 1st. Start time was slated for 12 noon, however, there were some that expressed that they may not be able to get there until 1pm due to scheduling conflicts. If you cannot make it until after 12noon, please email me and let me know or call me on my cell at 949-500-1062 and I will make sure that you are entered into the event that day.

This is open for men's and ladies and if enough show up for both, they will be separate events.

Thanks everyone! Good luck!

Take care!!! Anne
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a note in the email...

Anne Kramer

show details 8:52 PM (2 hours ago)

Hi everyone!

I know many of you have been waiting for this information and you have my sincerest apologies for the delay!! The date has been set for some time, but the venue and start time has not up until today.

The men's cricket regional will be held on Sunday, November 9th at the Fleet Reserve in Poway. Sign-ups at 11am and start time will be 12noon. The winner/winners depending on turnout will get the chance to compete and the Cricket National Finals in Las Vegas in January 2009.

Here is the address for the Fleet Reserve. It is actually on the bottom level of a duplex style office type building, but not too hard to find. If you need additional details, please email me directly.

Extra special thanks to GSDDA's ADO association rep, Deb Pundt for all the help. I would not be sending this email without her help. Thanks Deb! And I look forward to GSDDA hosting an awesome event for us!

And for those of you that have never been to the Fleet Reserve, I encourage you to just stop by and say hello at some time. The management and staff there are so supportive of darting events and it would be great if everyone showed their appreciation for all that they do.

Hope to see you all there!

Fleet Reserve
14231 Garden Rd
Poway, CA

And just a reminder that the is also the San Diego Memorial Open for Saturday, November 8th at The Barn in San Marcos.

The Barn
Walnut Grove Park
1950 Sycamore Dr.
San Marcos, CA

Here is the link to the flyer on the GSDDA website

Please stay tuned for another announcement within the next week regarding the Ladies Cricket Regional event, which will be on November 22nd...and we are currently shopping for a venue.

If I missed anyone, please pass this information along! Thanks!!

Also, here is a link to the flyer for the Las Vegas Open 2009. I promised I would remind everyone that the deadline for room reservations at the Tuscany is January 2, 2009.

Take care!!! Anne
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Darts players target British pubs as sport wanes

LONDON (Reuters Life!) - Darts enthusiasts are waging a campaign to revive the flagging English pastime in local pubs throughout the country.

Once a traditional feature in pubs across the land, darts are losing out to so-called gastro-pubs serving posh food in a more gentrified pub environment.

The Save Our Darts campaign aims to put 10,000 more darts boards into English pubs by 2017.

It was launched after a survey of 1,000 regular pub-goers showed only 10 percent had played darts in the last year, compared with 41 percent five years ago.

"Although darts is increasing massively as a spectator sport, it has been steadily declining as a participation sport," Richard Bloch, of the online book maker Blue Square which is spearheading the campaign, said in an interview.

"Lots of people have already shown their support on our Web site, and Britain's Prince Charles voiced his backing for the campaign," he added.

Patrick Chaplin, a social historian and an expert in darts history in England, said a shift toward more family orientated pubs was responsible at least in part for the decline in darts.

"Any campaign that encourages more participation in darts in pubs can only be a good thing," he said.

Chaplin, from Maldon in eastern England, said the decline of pub darts must be considered together with the significant rise in the popularity of darts as a spectator sport over the same period.

"I think we'll also see darts moving out of pubs into leisure facilities and sports centers," he added.

In spite of the decline, Chaplin said most brewers still organize some kind of darts leagues in their pubs. But he pointed out that darts sports leagues organized across counties were taking over, with youth divisions appealing to a new wave of younger players.

Chaplin cited an episode in darts history, which took place in Leeds during the Victorian era. All 'games of chance' including darts, were illegal in pubs in those times. Around 1910, Jim Garside, who ran a beer house called The Adelphi in Leeds, was taken to court for allowing darts to be played on his premises.

He brought along the best darts player from the Adelphi, a man called Anakin, to prove that darts was a game of skill and a darts board was set up in the courtroom.

Chaplin tracked down Anakin's grandson, who related how Anakin was able to throw straight into any number on the board selected by the court.

Legend has it that the magistrates were then challenged to follow his example. When they failed, the court accepted that darts was a game of skill, not chance. By Rebecca Schischa - (story source...)

SEWA WORLD, Part 10: SEWA Headquarters

Recognition of Team SEWA Membersthorn writes "THORN: I’ve traveled all over Earth looking for SEWAnauts—that’s what I call them--dart lovers from different lands. But, when I decided to include the United States, I thought one player deserved first dibs on representing America, and here he is. Please introduce yourself!

ERIK: Erik K. McVay, founder of (smiling) Who did you think I am? (laughing)
(full article...)


CPD Holiday Tourney Flyer September 20, 2008
$7,000 Steel-tip Holiday Tournament
December 12th-14th, 2008
Steelton Moose Lodge
225 N Main St. Steelton, PA 17113

For More Info contact Tournament Director, Jeff Griggs #(717) 571-7896 or email to

2009 Montachusett Winter Classic Open Dart Tournament

It may be a little early to bring up but i found out the the Seacoast that the 2009 Montachusett Winter Classic Open Dart Tournament will be March 13, 14 & 15 at the LEOMINSTER EAGLES 456 Litchfield Street (off Rt. 12)Leominster, MA 01453Tel. (978) 534-9815. nothing has been offically posted yet but this is the date and location.
This is up and coming tournament and a lot of fun and alot of really good people and good dart players and as of last year it became a ADO event.
Montachusett Dart League website is
(source =
2009 Montachusett Winter Classic Open Dart Tournament)

Darts Federation of Australia - 2008 VICTORIAN MASTERS

The Victorian Darts Council Inc. in conjunction with
The GDCSL. GMDA & GLDA present

DartsDarts28th,29th & 30th November 2008

St. Georges Road Corio. 3214
PHONE 5275 7706

Friday 28th November 2008

Saturday 29th November 2008

Mixed Doubles
Entries close at 7.30pm for 8.00pm start
Entry Fee - $12.00 per pair

Winners $200
Runners-Up $100
3rd & 4th $50
Preliminary rounds - best of 3 legs,
Round Robin Format
Semi-finals - best of 5 legs,
Grand Final - best of 7 legs

Entries close at 10.00am for 10.30am start
Entry Fee - $12.00 per pair
Winners - Men $300 - Ladies $200
Runners-Up - Men $100 - Ladies $100
3rd & 4th - Men $50 - Ladies $50
Preliminary rounds - best of 3 legs,
Round Robin Format
Semi-finals - best of 5 legs,
Grand Final - best of 7 legs

SUNDAY 30th November 2008

Men's A Grade Singles
DFA Ranked
Entries close at 10.00am for 10.30am start
Entry Fee - $10.00 per player

Winners $400.00
Runners-Up $200.00
3rd & 4th $100.00
5th - 8th $50.00
9th - 16th $20.00

Preliminary rounds - best of 3 legs, round robin format 6 players to each board, winners of three or more games to advance to
the knockout stages
Quarter Finals - best of 5 legs
Semi-finals - best of 7 legs,
Grand Final - best of 9 legs
Set Board allocations will ensure no player is disadvantaged after the board qualifier

Ladies A Grade Singles
DFA Ranked
Entries close at 10.00am for 10.30am start
Entry Fee - $8.00 per player

Winners $250.00
Runners-Up $100.00
3rd & 4th $50.00
5th - 8th $25.00
9th - 16th subject to entries

Preliminary rounds - best of 3 legs, round robin format 6 players to each board, winners of three or more games to advance to
the knockout stages
Quarter Finals - best of 5 legs
Semi-finals - best of 7 legs,
Grand Final - best of 9 legs
Set Board allocations will ensure no player is disadvantaged after the board qualifiers

Men's B & C Grade Singles - Ladies B Grade Singles
Entries close at 10.00am for 10.30am start.
Entry Fee $6.00 per player
Trophies and VDC Ranking points awarded
Round Robin Format Best of Three Legs
Semi-Finals - Best of Five Legs
Grand Final- Best of Seven Legs
DFA & VDC Dress Code apply to all events.

in today's email...

The Championship League Darts is streaming live and FREE on the net right now. This is a round robin format that has been going on for almost 2 months. Today’s group is:

Mark Walsh

Dennis Priestley

Mick McGowan

Wayne Jones

Adrian Lewis

Alex Roy

Andy Smith

Wes Newton

You go to and sign up for an account. You do NOT have to put in a credit card. Just sign up with a name and password. You will have to create a fictitious address as it won’t allow US people. Just pick some random country and throw in some random address. Just fill in the required fields and then log on. There are 2 matches going on at all times and you can switch back and forth between them.

Royals way out in front

Bideford Royals A are 13 points clear at the top of the Devon Super League Darts Premier Division after a stunning 8-1 win away from home against Exmouth based team Holly Tree.

Mike Jones, Barry Couch, John Imrie, Roger Wright, Martyn Johns, Martin Davey, Lee Watts and Kevin DeRosa winning the all important games. The team average per dart was 25.91.

Bideford Royals B also won 8-1 beating Anchor to stay top of division two.

Wins for Nigel Cockwill, Adrian Lee, Ian Keast, Simon Butler, Willy Beer, Glyn Austin, Ian Cockwill and Tom Wickett securing the victory. 29 October 2008 (story source...)

Darts: Rugby powerhouses taking aim with Taylor

A DOZEN Welsh rugby stars were brought down to earth with a bump as they came face to face with 13 times’ world darts champ Phil Taylor.

It was a case of The Powerhouses v The Power as four players from each of Cardiff Blues, Ospreys and Newport Gwent Dragons took on the legendary sharpshooter at a specially arranged shoot-out organised by Worthington’s (
(full article...)

New Jersey Darts Blog - 10/30/08

Happy Halloween to all dart players! The board pictured to the left was found on the Goldieloo Woodworks website.

The first big tournament for New Jersey area darters in 2009 is the $26,500.00+ Rae Chesney English Dart Tournament in Philadelphia. The flyer recently appeared on the PhillyDarts website,

Dartoid's World - Oct 29, 2008


I’ve just returned to Tampa from the heart of the once famous, then infamous and, now, on the road to becoming great again Minute Man Dart League.

I was lured to Boston by what I thought was an offer to throw a charity match against a Hooter’s girl.

Apparently I misunderstood...

Click here for the rest of this column.

Best in years from Greenhall

MILLBECK were beaten 5-2 at the Gardeners Arms (Sandy Lane) in a Middleton Monday Darts League match.

But they had the consolation of seeing one of their players - Dave Greenhall, hitting a superb 10-dart leg.

It was the best in the league for many a year.

Millbeck won on the crib table for the first time this season.

Gardeners (Grimshaw Lane) put themselves within three points of darts leaders Joiners by beating Lancashire Fold 6-1 in the Middleton Men’s Thursday League.

Dave Cullen, Mark Holden and Gerry Corcoran all shone as Grove (Blackley) beat Higher Blackley Con Club 5-2. It was their fifth success in as many matches.

Grove are four points behind leaders Friendship whose 7-0 defeat of lowly Victoria was their fifth win on the trot.

Ian Slattery’s 18-dart game was the best of the match.

Rhys Sykes supplied a 16-arrow sparkler, but his Middleton Junction team lost by the odd leg in seven to Woodside.

Oddfellows provided the shock result in the Middleton Ladies League when they inflicted a first defeat of the season on Ring o Bells, beating them 4-3.

Friendship, 6-1 winners over Jolly Carter, are the only unbeaten team in the first division.

Carters Arms made it four wins in four when they beat Brunswick 4-3 in the second division.

John Gwynne
(source link...)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

DARTS: Legion B lead the Gwalia Winter Darts League

IN Division One Colwyn Bay Legion B, lead the Gwalia Winter Darts League by a single leg on aggregate, from the Semaphore Lodge.
The Legion B were away at the Victoria Club C and took an unbeatable 6-2 lead after the singles, and with the teams sharing the doubles games the Legion won by 8-4. (full article...)

uniBoffin - blog post

Posted by Glen Robert Huff29/10/2008 10:45:00

If I could answer some previous readers questions to my past UniBlogs (with apologies to all for not replying sooner as home computer had been out of commission for a long while) hope the below is helpful: 1) To Jerry who had asked about some old Nicky Virachkul (apologies if I misspelled Nick...... Read full uniBlog

Superstars of darts Interview...


Brian, thanks for talking to us. What has the year been like for you since
reaching the semi-finals at Lakeside?

It's been good this year. I've had a couple of good wins and everybody
knows me now.

There is a big season coming up starting with the Grand Slam of Darts.
You will come up against a large group of players that you are not used to
facing. What are your thoughts on this event and what's your preparation
for it?
(The Superstars of Darts forum is a members only forum so you have to join / be a member to read the rest of this interview... full interview link..)

Can you put your league logo on these things?

(source link...)

The Big Interview With Bob Anderson

The Big Interview With Bob Anderson

Unicorn Darts prize winners:

Phil Wakeman, Artem Panasenko, Simon Smith

All win their choice of Unicorn Darts.

From Phil Wakeman, West Midlands :Hi Bob, with all the successes you have achieved during your long and illustrious career in darts do you have any regrets at not winning any particular competition such as the News of the World title?

BOB ANDERSON: None, really. I'm afraid I couldn't really get excited about the News Of The World. Best of 3 legs from 8 feet.

From Nicolai, Germany : Hi Bob, I got 2 questions, first do you still have something to prove to yourself or to others as far as you're concerned, or is that pretty much resolved? And second Is there anything that you used to do on the oche that you now say, "I can't do that anymore." for example very difficult finishes?

BOB ANDERSON: I am happy with my achievements and no finish worries me. (full interview...)

Darts Bonanza On ITV

DARTS fans can watch further action around the European Championship with two documentaries on ITV over the next week.

The European Championship will be shown from Thursday to Sunday live on ITV4. (full article..)

European Championship Draw & Schedule of Play

THE draw and schedule of play for the inaugural European Championship, to be played at the Südbahnhof in Frankfurt from October 30-November 2.

The tournament will be screened live on ITV4, and will feature 32 players competing for £200,000 in prize money.
(story link...)

Links to pro dart photos

The PDPA are proud to have Chris Sargeant as the Official
Photographer of the association

The PDC dinner at the Dorchester

The Premier League

World Championshipss 08

Uk Open 08

World Matchplay 08

Grand Prix 2008

Has your throw changed for the better or the worse?

These videos seem to say that Taylor's throw has changed for the better...

Phil Taylor playing against Russell Stewart in the World Masters (circa 1988)

Taylor vs. Colin Osborne - World Matchplay 08

What changes do you see...

The darts were flying at the Astra Lounge

Trenton – Bob Jones always wanted to bring a large-scale dart tournament to the Quinte area.

Jones didn't live to see that happen but his daughter, Kim Whaley-Hilts, and her husband, Wally Hilts, have made his dream come true.

The 2009 Bob Jones Memorial Dart Tournament will be world-ranked, allowing players from across the globe to compete in Trenton for world ranking points.

“We started the tournament because Kim’s dad and mom travelled all over playing in tournaments, but there was never anything held here,” Hilts said.

“My dad always wanted to have a big local tournament,” Whaley-Hilts added.

The 13th annual nationally ranked Bob Jones Tournament was held Oct. 24-26 at the Junior Ranks Astra Lounge at CFB Trenton, drawing more than 200 dart players from across North America.

“We have worked for 13 years to get the tournament to where it is,” Hilts said. “Every year we add 10 per cent more and 10 per cent more players.”

Chris Scott of Toronto won the men’s single tournament with Ross Snook of Ottawa as the runner up. Callie West from Syracuse, NY won the women’s singles followed by Jessica Parker of Ottawa.

Throughout the weekend, seven tournaments were held with in excess of $13,000 being paid out to the winners.

“The money is good and so is the competition,” said Jerry Hall, who travelled from Montreal to compete.

Clint Clarkson of Calgary took a roundabout way to make it to the tournament.

Continued After Advertisement Below

“We flew to Regina to play singles Saturday morning. Then we flew to Edmonton and caught an overnight flight to Toronto,” Clarkson said. “We drove to Trenton this morning to make the Sunday morning competition.”

However, the lengthy travel distance was worth the effort.

“This is one of the best tournaments in the country,” Clarkson said.

The Trenton tournament is different , he said, because of the quick play. Most doubles tournaments are best-of-five while the Bob Jones Memorial is the best-of- three. The singles tournament is a straight knockout.

“Some players prefer it, some don’t,” Clarkson said. “It’s great if you get a couple of easy draws in the first round, but if you get tough draws its not as preferable.”

Roxanne VanTessel travelled 12 hours from Timmins to “chase ranking points.

“Right now I’m number two in Canada, so I need the points to get that one spot,” VanTessel said. “The top players in Canada are coming out. It’s great competition.”

Hilts and Whaley-Hilts also competed in the tournament. Whaley-Hilts is currently ranked 18 in the world and has been ranked first nationally. In July she won her first world championship in Trinidad.

Whaley-Hilts believes having the local tournament run by dart players contributes to the event's success.

“We are dart players so we know what dart players want,” Whaley-Hilts said.

“Kim and I basically meet and greet every person that comes into the building and thank them for coming,” Hilts added.

In between competitions, the Bayside couple ensures the tournament is entertaining for the players.

“When you are at the toe line it is serious,” Whaley-Hilts said, “When you are off the toe line you’ve got to have some fun.” (source link...)

4th Annual RB Dart Benefit Tournament

4th Annual RB Dart Benefit Tournament Schedule of events: Friday, Mixed Trips at Whiskey River, Pierre, 7 p.m.; Saturday Team at Moose Lodge, Fort Pierre, 10 a.m.; and Sunday, Singles, Moose Lodge, Fort Pierre, 8 a.m. To insure that our team has a place in the tournament you must pre-register. To register or get more information, please call 605-730-1196 or 605-473-0130 or e-mail
event date is Oct. 31, 2008? (source link)

Dart tournament to help the furry friends

Two local groups are coming together to help out our four-legged friends. The Tallahassee Area Dart Association is sponsoring a Dart Tournament on Sunday, Nov. 16 in which the proceeds will benefit the Big Bend Disaster Animal Response Team (known by its acronym, Big Bend DART). The match-up of a dart club and the DART team was just too good to pass up.

Volunteers with Big Bend DART operate the pet-friendly part of Red Cross shelters during evacuations. They are also trained to assist in retrieving animals left behind during disasters and evacuations. This past year Big Bend DART volunteers raised over $5000 to place sets of pet oxygen masks on every fire engine with the Tallahassee Fire Department, as well as for fire departments in Blountstown, Madison, Perry, Apalachicola and Havana.

The first annual "Darts for DART" tournament will be held at the Elks Lodge at 276 Magnolia Drive on Sunday, Nov. 16 and anyone can participate. Entry fee for the tournament is only $10; sign up begins at 4:30 p.m. with the tournament starting at 5 p.m.

It will be a "blind draw" tournament in which teams are matched up by the luck of the draw. For those whose throwing skills are a little rusty, there's a workshop for beginners from 3 p.m. — 4:30 p.m. if you need some practice before the tournament begins. If the idea of competing in a tournament makes you queasy, you can try your luck at the chance board instead to win prizes donated by local restaurants and businesses, such as dinner coupons, ice cream, massage, jewelry, oil change, wine, a hair cut, pizza, bowling and much more. Join us for free food, fun and prizes, all for a good cause.

For more information, call Sheila Gmeiner with the Tallahassee Area Dart Association at 514-3063 or Barbara Barnett with Big Bend Disaster Animal Response Team at 524-3046, or visit the Web site at

By Haven B. Cook • SPECIAL TO THE CHRONICLE • October 28, 2008 (story source...)

Monday, October 27, 2008

DARTS: Allen gets off to a flier

Tracey Allen finished with a flourish to make Royal British Legion Isleworth early leaders is the Twickenham & District Darts League.

Her finish of 106 in the highest so-far in the league, and helped RBL make it four wins from their first four games.
(full article...)

Star extend lead on a fantastic night of darts

IN the West Penwith League division three leaders Star St Erth beat second placed Ludgvan SC A 7-4 to extend their lead at the top to seven points. This was despite Ludgvan's Sue Rowe beating Star's top player, Nicky Nicholas, in the singles.

Royal Standard Gwinear A moved into second place, with a game in hand, after a fine 8-3 win over Cable Station, whose J Wilby hit an 18 leg. Turnpike moved up a place helped by B Butler hitting a 180 in a 9-2 win at Mousehole B. The Legion's B Paulish hit a 15 leg. There were also 180s by J Robinson of Fire Engine A and W Harvey of Wellington B in the Engine's 7-4 win. Red Lion came from 3-0 down to beat Fountain 6-5, helped by L Andrewartha finishing on 102 (17,T17, D17). (full article...)

Keenan's 11-darter in vain for White Hart

DARTS: BILLY KEENAN struck a superb 11-darter, the best so far in the Middleton Men’s Thursday League. However, his White Hart team ended up losing 4-3 to the Boarshaw club last week.

Mark Holden’s 14-darter lit up the 5-2 victory for the Grove, Blackley, over the Victoria, their fourth success in as many games, while John Tansey enjoyed a 15-arrow leg as the Friendship, another team with four wins from four matches, beat the Charlestown 5-2.

The Friendship (23 points) are top of the table, a half-point ahead of Boarshaw teams, Higher Blackley Cons, White Hart, Woodside WMC and the Gardeners Arms. Champions Grove lurk dangerously on 21 points but with games oin hand on all but the leaders.

John Farbrother’s 16-darter was the best last week in the Middleton men’s Monday League. It helped his Gardeners (Sandy Lane) team win 4-3 at the Albion. They are joint third in the darts table with the Millbeck, four points behind the Gardeners (Grimshaw Lane), 6-1 winners against the Carters, and 15 points adrift of runaway leaders Joiners. They defeated the Lancashire Fold 6-1, their fifth win from as many matches. The Joiners and the Lancashire Fold are joint top of the crib table with 10 points after the Fold beat them 2-1 last week.

Maureen Jordan’s 21-dart leg of 501, the best so far in the Middleton Ladies League, was consolation for the Jolly Carter, beaten 4-3 by the Oddfellows. Friendship A and Ring O’Bells, who meet on Monday, share top spot in the first division having won all four of their games, while the Carters Arms made it five from five in the second division when they beat Hebers 4-3. (story source...)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Waterside Ladies Darts League

Waterside Ladies Darts League

Published Date: 24 October 2008
Results from last Tuesday night's Waterside Ladies Darts League - Campbell's 3, Villas 2; Beez 0, Wanderers 5; Oval 2, Glendermott House 3; Royal Oaks 3, Ladybirds 2; Upstairs 3, Glendermott CC 2.
Highest scores - Campbell’s - K Russell 100; Villas - W Baird 100, 120; Beez - H Moore 101, R Buchanan 100; Glendermott House - A Simpson 100; Royal Oaks - S Olphert 100, M Cooke 100; Glendermott Cricket Club - R Edgar 100, 116. R Boyd 100, H Montgomery 140.

Highest finishes - Wanderers - M Magill 90.

Fixtures for next Tuesday, October 28th - Villa’s v Glendermott CC; Ladybi (story source...)


Published Date: 23 October 2008
A THREE-way tie is developing at the top of the Colin M. Smith Arbroath and District Men's Darts League Premier Division.
Abbey (2), Burns Bar and the Pageant all won their matches to head the leaderboard with four points.

In the other divisions Commercial and Corner are tied at the top of the First, while in the Second Abbey (1) and Cliffburn have taken an early lead.

Premier Division

Results - Burns Bar (2), bye; Corner (2) 4, Abbey (2) 8; Portcullis 5, Pageant 7; Burns Bar (1) 11, Crown 1.

Fixtures - Crown, bye; Pageant v Burns Bar (1); Abbey (2) v Portcullis; Burns Bar (2) V Corner (2).

First Division

Results - Commercial (Letham), bye; Legion (1) 10, Ram's Heid 2; Bowlers (1) 4, Lorne 8; Tuttie's 5 , Corner (1) 7.

Fixtures - Corner (1), bye; Lorne v Tuttie's; Ram's Heid v Bowlers (1); Commercial (Letham) v Legion (1).

Second Division

Results - Beckets, bye; Stag 5, Cliffburn 7; Foundry 5, Legion (2) 7; Abbey (1) 7, Bowlers (2) 5.

Fixtures - Bowlers (2), bye; Legion (2) v Abbey (1); Cliffburn v Foundry; Beckets v Stag
(story source...)

More - Mid-Columbia Open IV REPORT

What a night! What a day!

With the first round qualifiers out of the way more players showed up to qualify on Saturday and the battle was on! John Husman qualified to draw Kevin Luke in the first round (yikes!), Pat Brieghthopt made it through (sorry I mistakenly thought he'd made it through the night before but it was Tyler instead), Jim Nelson Jr worked his way through as well Radny Zimmerman, Joe Brown, and others. (follow the link to
Mid-Columbia Open IV REPORT)

Stewart Claims Oceanic Masters Crown

RUSSELL STEWART has won the 2008 DPA Oceanic Masters, earning himself a place in the World Darts Championship.

The 48-year-old Australian defeated former champion Brian Roach to claim the title with an 8-4 triumph, having defeated former World Championship qualifiers Warren Parry and Barry Jouannet in the event.

Stewart, who played 11 times in the BDO World Championship between 1984 and 2002, will return to the televised stage in the sport's biggest tournament in December, where he will compete for the £125,000 first prize at Alexandra Palace. (full article)

European Championship Draw & Schedule of Play

THE draw and schedule of play for the inaugural European Championship, to be played at the Südbahnhof in Frankfurt from October 30-November 2.

The tournament will be screened live on ITV4, and will feature 32 players competing for £200,000 in prize money.

The opening night of the tournament on Thursday October 30 will (full article)

It’s so wonderful to be back on the oche

DARTS: Results, fixtures and gossip – All the latest news from around the local oches from our man in the know

I am astonished, and feeling very humble I should add, that people should feel strongly enough about the game of darts that they got together a petition to restore my column to the pages of the News & Star every Saturday. Mine has to be the shortest retirement in the history of journalism. (full article)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wizard Wins Germany Darts Trophy

COLIN OSBORNE claimed his first Players Championship title of 2008 with a final-leg win over Carlos Rodriguez in the German Darts Trophy final.

Osborne has twice been a runner-up so far in 2008 in Players Championships, although he did win the Blue Square UK Open North-East Regional Final in January.

He added another £5,000 to his earnings in an impressive day of darts at the Stadthalle in Dinslaken. (full article...)

Mid-Columbia Open IV REPORT

In first round reporting Kevin Luke made it through the first round as well as Pat Briethopt (neither is a surprise but last year Kevin failed to get through in the first round but came through in the second and went on to win). SEWADL's Charlie Swanson is through as well as Cesar Nunez who knocked...
Mid-Columbia Open IV REPORT

Netherseal crash out

NETHERSEAL St Peters went out of the TAG DIVISIONAL CUP in the first round after a hat-trick from the New Inn's Paul Edwards, writes OLVA LLOYD.

The New Inn won 4-2, with Kieran Stephenson also scoring. Chris Byrd and Paul Hollis hit back for Netherseal.

Kings Bromley Swifts went out of the cup to Shobnall Dynamo after a 5-0 defeat. Danny O'Neil, Chris Stride, Richard Lonsdale, Andy Dyche and James Carlile all ended upon the scoresheet.
(full article)

Gremlins' victory

Gremlins' victory
08 October 2008
Gremlins completed a superb victory over Filo Pasties in division one of the Bideford Darts League. There were also wins for Cornish Rejects, Beer Hammers and Filo Pirates.

The match between Kingsley Crew and No 1 in division five, ended in Crew's favour after they were awarded a point in the singles and pairs after No 1 used an illegal player.

J Imrie was the player to beat as he hit two 180s in his matches.

In the least darts legs I Watts was the winner with 13 darts.

Div 1: Gremlins 5, Filo Pasties 1 (3-0); Cornish Rejects 3, Port Oles 3 (3-0); New Batch 2, Beer Hammers 4 (1-2); Filo Pirates 4, Back in ere 2 (3-0); Silence of the Lambs bye.

Div 2: Bad Boys 2, Flying Swans 4 (0-3); Wild Rovers 1, Read em and Weep 5 (0-3); Royals 2, Lion Kings 4 (1-2); Bell Beer Monsters 3, Zulus 3 (2-1).

Div 3: Von Ryans Express 3, Anchor Arrows 3 (0-3); Shrewd Aces 3, Almost Inn 3 (1-2); Old School 5, Highwaymen 1 (3-0); Tons 4 Fun vs Ricochet to be advised; Shavers Chosen Few bye

Div 4: Liberal Leftovers 2, Missed Again 4 (0-3); Double Ones 1, White Hart Arrows 5 (2-1); Mad Hatters 3, Golden Flyers 3 (2-1); DJ's A 2, Liberal Cock Ups 4 (3-0).

Div 5: Little Lower Up 4, Mix n Match 2 (3-0); Filo Jokers 3, Owletts 3 (3-0); Con Club 2, Black Arrows 4 (2-1); Kingsley Crew 5, No 1 1 (3-0).

180's: J Imrie (2), S Butler, M Johns, J Lakeman, J Syvret, P Berry, M Scholfield, M Clowsley, C Westlake

Least dart legs: l Watts 13 darts, J Lakeman 14 and 16, M Kneebone 17 and 18, I knight 17, J Syvret 18.

* * *

The Gunners' Tim Morgan hit a 180 to help his team beat the Nutters in the Braunton Darts League.

Braunton results: Golden Hind 4, Lucky Lads 14 (0-3); Gunners 10, Nutters 8 (2-1); Kelsey Chiefs 11, Whalers 7 (2-1); Lords of the Manor 4, Earls 14 (2-1)

180: Tim Morgan (Gunners)

* * *

Ray Jenkins of the Barn Rejects was the top player in the Barnstaple Darts League with a 132 out shot. He was closely followed by Kevin Ashton of Marksmen with 118.

Players to hit 180 were Paul Jones of Taxi 4 One and Dave Issac of RC Massive. Kenneth Gammon and Steve Folland narrowly missed out by scoring a 177.

Div 1: Barn Owls 5, Plonkers 1 (1-2); Likely Lads 2, Marksmen 4 (1-2); Monkey Nuts 1, Re-United 5 (3-0); Taxi for One 1, Shanghi 5 (0-3).

Div 2: Dilligaf 11, Antlers 7 (3-0); Trust me Boys 13, Alcotrolics 5 (3-0); Wreyzor Blades 9, Terriers 9 (3-0); X Fun Hoods 10, Muggers 8 (3-0).

Div 3: Inn on the Square 7, 26 and Proud 11 (1-2); Kennys Heroes 8, Sunnyside Up 10 (1-2); R C Massive 12, Ploughmen 6 (3-0); Stingwreys 7, Barn Rejects 11 (3-0).

* * *

Ilfracombe Men's Dart League Results: Donkey Punchers 4, Stage Door 3; Marlboro 2, Usual Suspects 5; Thatchers 1, Vic Vagrants 6; Same Old Faces 5, Sandpit Bulls 2. (story source)

uniBoffin - blog post

Well, Happy Birthday to me! I shall be/am/was one year old on 23 October! Don’t let me stop you if you want to send an expensive present!

OK, it may not exactly be my genuine first birthday (I wish!), but it is the uniBoffin’s. It’s just a year since that particular Creature arose from the Big Boss’s Black Lagoon of dubious nom-de-plumes so that yours truly could avoid the personal reprisals that might otherwise have resulted from burdening the darting public with unasked-for dissertations on static margins and moments of inertia. (Full post)

Scotty Burnett - Blog post

Thursday, October 22, 2008

Three weeks, three events. Wiped out! Goint to try to avoid that in the future if possible.

Started the trifecta with the Colorado open. Rob and I won the Cricket doubles beating Bill Davis and Donny Joe, and lost the 01 final to local boys Dan Moore and Ruben Blea. Continued my streak of finals in the doubles, followed by poor showing in the singles.

Next up was the San Francisco Open... (the rest at -

Tahoe Biltmore Open Dart Tournament - Reminder

Hi Darters,
Here is a flier for the Tahoe Biltmore Open Dart Tournament.
November 7-8-9, 2008
This tournament rooming is done by the hotel.
Room Rate of $59.00 for the hotel, and $55.00 for the cabins.
Use: Dart 08
If there are any more questions, you can call or e-mail me.
flier link...
Robert Martell

Friday, October 24, 2008

Squib start Superleague darts season well

THE new Somerset Superleague darts season kicked off in September and Bridgwater Squib started the campaign well.

They beat Wells 18-14 thanks to some winning performances from S. Foster (16.32), D. Baker (20.88), M. Patrick (21.16), A. Ward (20.58) and J. Bowers (18.23).

(full article...)

Bull's-eye! Adam's a dab hand at darts

Teenager Adam Lafferty is aiming to hit the bull's-eye after scoring a double-top with his burgeoning darts career.The 15-year-old from Plains Farm, Sunderland, took up the sport just last year but is already showing strong promise, playing for three leagues.

Proud dad Colin says the Sandhill View pupil's skills have come as a pleasant surprise.

The 52-year-old said: "He just started playing darts in his bedroom last year and now he is in three leagues, including the Tyne and Wear league.

"He's one of the youngest, but the older players think a lot of him and say he is really good."

Wearside businesses have also been quick to recognise the teen's potential and have offered him sponsorship.

The Times Inn, Southwick, has already sponsored Adam, and other businesses have also shown interest.

Colin said: "I don't know where he gets it from because I can't play. It's just something he's picked up himself.

"I think it's great because you don't get that many young lads coming through in darts.

"There are high hopes for him over the next three or four years, and it's excellent that people are supporting him."
Published Date:
23 October 2008

Darts for Windows - software

... praises for the Darts for Windows software...
"this is the best program around for practice bar none, there are others but they don't have anywhere near the functions available. "

4 Corners widens lead in darts tourney

Utopia 4 Corners continued to amass points and emerged as the best among the 41 teams competing in six divisions of the ongoing Saipan Electronic Darts Association.

The 4 Corners widened their lead in the A-Division by piling up 106 wins against 47 losses, according to the latest results.

D'Pirates D'Destroyers lag way behind in second place in the same division with 87 wins and 66 losses after the Oct. 16 matches that were held in different venues.
(full article...)

I got a laugh out of this one...

found at - cheating at darts thread...

Suswam Opens Darts Confab

Benue state governor, Rt. Hon. Gabriel Suswam, Saturday, declared open the Darts Federation of Nigeria Games and Conference holding at the Makurdi Club 1930, and re-emphasized the commitment of his administration to promote sports continuously until Benue attains its glorious position in the country.
Governor Suswam acknowledged the role played by sports in uniting the country and commended the Darts Federation of Nigeria for making the game popular, especially among clubs. (full article...)

Boy, 12, reaches darts singles final

ASSEMBLIES of God High School student Nikhil Chand fell short of creating an upset at the Lami Darts Singles tournament at the United Club in Suva yesterday.

The 12-year-old was beaten in the final by veteran player Tahmood Khan 4-2 for the title.

The FINTEL-sponsored one day event attracted a big number of players including former national singles winners.
(full article...)

Bridgers to play Darts in the cup

IVYBRIDGE Town must beat Dartmouth if they are to progress to the last 16 of the Throgmorton Cup. The game will be played at Longcross on Wednesday, December 10, but before then both teams will be concentrating on continuing their Peninsula League form which has seen them among the pacesetters in the premier division.

Dartmouth are away to Plymouth Parkway tonight while Ivybridge entertain Wadebridge tomorrow.
The other third round games in the cup are: Budleigh Salterton v Stoke Gabriel; Elburton Villa v Bodmin Town; Galmpton Gents v Penzance; Plymouth Parkway v Falmouth Town; St Austell v Clyst Rovers; Tavistock v Penryn Athletic; Wadebridge Town v Saltash United.
The league management committee have suspended Newton Abbot, who pulled out of a recent match away to Wadebridge and have not played since. The club have not been able to ‘furnish names of responsible persons to hold positions of authority’, the league said in a statement. ‘The consortium who have attempted a rescue package have not been able to commit to taking over the club,’ the statement continued.
If matters remain unresolved by November 6, the league say they will have no choice other than to consider a motion to expel the club. (story source...)


Phil Taylor claimed victory in the inaugural Championship League Darts final with a 7-5 win over Mervyn King.

The 13-time World Champion swept through the eight-man field at Crondon Park Golf Club in Essex in the Winners Group, sitting unbeaten after seven league games and winning through the play-offs.

Only Mark Dudbridge took a point from Taylor in the league phase with a draw in the final round of matches, before the Stoke legend defeated Alan Tabern 6-4 in the semi-finals and came from 3-2 down to defeat King 7-5 in the final.

Taylor claimed a total of £20,050 in the tournament, having won £3,350 in taking victory in Group One, £6,700 in prize money in the Winners Group and an additional £10,000 as the champion.

"I'm over the moon," said Taylor. "It's a fantastic competition and will get bigger and bigger.

"The players have loved it, it's good money for everyone and has been exciting to play in - as today showed.

"I let Mervyn in a bit in the final and he's a great player, who has climbed fast up the rankings and earned his place in the final.

"He missed a couple of doubles and I managed to step in and hit some crucial finishes at the right time."

King picked up £5,000 as runner-up, in addition to £5,300 in winning legs during the day to take his tournament earnings to £15,700.

Walsh finished second in the league phase with four wins and two draws from his seven matches, but went down to King 6-5 in a thrilling semi-final.

Walsh took his earnings to £15,350 in the event, which was played over nine days and screened exclusively live on the internet through and

Adrian Lewis failed to reach the Winners Group despite six successful league days which earned him £15,250, whilst the total prize money paid out in the event was more than £175,000.

Andy Hamilton, who finished seventh in the Winners Group, won £11,950 in five days competing in the event, while Tabern (£11,900) and Mark Dudbridge (£10,900) also topped £10,000.

Taylor's win meant that there would be no new qualifier from Championship League Darts for the Grand Slam of Darts, giving ITV Wildcard Qualifier runner-up Colin McGarry a place in the tournament.

Darts legend Taylor powers up in Stock

PHIL "The Power" Taylor overcame seven of the world's top darts players and, ironically, a power cut to win the inaugural PDC Championship League Darts title at Stock's Crondon Park Golf Club.

The 13-times world champion held off Mervyn King 7-5 in a thrilling final to lift the trophy and secure the £5,000 first prize.

The competition, which was exclusively screened on the websites of bookmakers Ladbrokes and Bet365, saw 29 of the world's top 31 players battle for the title.

Competing players won prize money for every leg won, with the winners of eight group stages qualifying for Thursday's finals day.

Taylor, who has won an unprecedented 13 titles this season, was again in imperious form, winning six and drawing one of his final group matches.

Only former World Championship finalist Mark Dudbridge could hold Taylor to a 5-5 draw, while King, Colin Osborne, Mark Walsh, Vincent van der Voort, Andy Hamilton and Alan Tabern were all beaten.

However, Taylor's 6-0 thrashing of Osborne was interrupted midway through the opening leg by a power cut that stopped play for nearly an hour.

But the Stoke-on-Trent star held his nerve to continue his superb run of form, beating Tabern 6-4 in the semi-finals before holding off King in the final.

Afterwards, Taylor was delighted with a display that earned him a total of £20,050 from the tournament.

"I'm over the moon. It's a fantastic tournament and will get bigger and bigger," he said.

"The players have loved it. It's good money for everyone and has been exciting to play in - as today showed."

The PDC circuit continues with the German Players Championship in Dinslaken this weekend.

There, Southend-based Steve Maish is seeded 32 and faces either Czech Miroslav Navrotil or German Holger Kauf in round one.

Should "Mr Magic" prevail, he is likely to face number one seed and world number five Terry Jenkins in the second round.

*FOR an in-depth look at darts' new south Essex event, see next week's Echo.

(story source)

11:16pm Thursday 23rd October 2008

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By Rob Pritchard »

Betfred's League of Legends

Charis writes "The Friday didn´t start great for me, as first thing I had to read was that Mike had died. Though I never had met him personally I felt and still feel very shocked and sad.
Next thing that happened was, that I did found out that due to the Lufthansa strike my flight to London was cancelled. With the help of a nice person on phone, we managed to find another possibility, the only other possibility, to get me in time for the Legends to Reading. It was not too easy, I had to go by train to Frankfurt and from there to London. But I was glad I got a chance at all.

Well, it looked quite comfortable, but when almost in Stuttgart in time for the train to Frankfurt a thunderstorm started and lightening did struck the signal tower there and the trains all did run late! (

Are you an ADO Region 2-II dart player?

OK I was just wondering if there are many ADO Region 2-II dart players reading the ADO forum here on SEWA. Please answer the poll, or make a comment, or both! Smile

I you like you can also post the league you belong to... regardless of being in ADO Region 2-II.

I'm a member of the Ventura County Dart Assn. ADO Region 2-II

See the poll at

2008 Maryland Open - Reminder

For 18th Consecutive Year Maryland To Welcome Regions Top Dart Play

Central Maryland Dart League (CMDL) announced that the 2008 Maryland Open, formally known as the Maryland State Championships and long viewed as one of the regions premier dart tournaments, will celebrate its 18th anniversary October 24-26, 2008 by donating sponsor’s proceeds from this year’s tournament to the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of The Mid-Atlantic (MAWFMA). “I am delighted that our board and members chose to support such a worthy Charitable Foundation,” said Bill Villiers, Director of Tournament Fundraising, “we have been selling dart board banners, program advertising and during the tournament weekend we will hold raffles and a silent auction to raise additional funds.”

This year’s tournament not only has a new name but has been moved to the Holiday Inn Laurel West, Laurel, MD. “We decided to change the name to The Maryland Open as it better reflects the overall spirit of the dart tournament in terms of the players who attend, it’s not just local darters from Maryland & Washington DC, but players from up and down the east coast,” said Robert Ferris, President of CMDL, “we also decided to move it to a hotel environment which will enable players and their guests to "play and stay" in one location, combined with it’s central location, just off interstate I95 between Baltimore & Washington DC, it should ensure a great turn out.”

The tournament is sanctioned by the American Darts Organization (ADO) and is expected to attract over 150 of the regions top dart players, who will square off against each other over 3 days of scheduled events, open to all players. Friday evening kicks off the tournament with a blind draw event (where doubles teams are drawn at random) at 7:00 PM, and concluding on Sunday afternoon with the 18th Annual Maryland State Championships, which are open to all residents of Maryland and Washington DC. The format is singles 501, for both men and women, in single elimination play over the best of 3 legs. Some past participants have gone on to represent the US in international play and indeed are playing professionally.
According to the American Darts Organization, over 17 million people play darts in the United States each year. Maryland alone has 7 organized dart leagues and, if included Washington DC, has well over 2000 member players. With a recent explosion of interest across the globe, darts has a worldwide following that would rival that of most major professional sports. Indeed, the game of darts offers many of the same pleasures as other sports: the camaraderie of friends, challenge and excitement of harnessing personal skill and the necessary mental toughness to make the game winning shot. Perhaps best of all, the game of darts is inexpensive. The only equipment needed to get started in the game is a set of darts, which retail between $5 and $200, and a dartboard, which runs about $45.

About Central Maryland Dart League
Central Maryland Dart League (CMDL) is an all volunteer member organization dedicated to preserving and advancing the game of steel-tip darts in the State of Maryland area and across North America. League divisions run by CMDL include players of all skill levels, from beginner to semi professional. CMDL hosts one major tournament per year – the Maryland Open is held in October and includes the Maryland State Championship event. Sponsorship and advertising opportunities are available year round by contacting below.

About the Make-a-Wish Foundation® of the Mid-Atlantic
The Make-A-Wish Foundation® of the Mid-Atlantic, Inc. (MAWFMA) is a nonprofit organization that fulfills the wishes of children facing life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. The Foundation serves children in Maryland, the District of Columbia, Northern Virginia (Arlington, Fairfax, Fauquier, Loudoun, and Prince William Counties as well as city of Alexandria), and Delaware.

Founded in 1983, the Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Mid-Atlantic, Inc. has fulfilled the wishes of nearly 6,000 children fighting illnesses such as Cancer, Pediatric AIDS, Cystic Fibrosis, Duchene’s Muscular Dystrophy and heart disease.
This year, the Foundation anticipates a 25 percent increase in wishes as we actively reach out to all medically-eligible children in our region.
A wish fulfilled creates a memorable experience for a child fighting a life-threatening medical condition and gives him or her something positive to think about instead of medical treatments and hospital visits.
Recent wishes include visiting Walt Disney World, taking family vacations, receiving home computers, having bedrooms redecorated and meeting celebrities including the President. The average wish costs $7,500.

2008 Make-A-Wish Maryland Open
Including the 18th Annual
Maryland State Championships
October 24, 25 & 26

Holiday Inn Laurel West
15101 Sweitzer Lane
Laurel, MD 20707
Tel 301-776-5300
Directions Flyer

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ovens is hot stuff in Scotland

Stevenage darts ace Denis Ovens was beaten by Alex Roy in the final leg of the Scottish Players Championship.
Roy claimed a dramatic victory at the Magnum Centre in Irvine to win the £5,000 title - and a Players Championship qualifying place in the European Championship at the end of the month - while Ovens had to settle for £2,500.

The eventual winner took the final's first set before Ovens won four of the next five legs to lead 2-1 in the game.

Roy won set four without reply, but an 11-darter saw Ovens lead in the deciding set.

Watford-based Roy levelled with a 101 finish to send the match all the way, and a brilliant 161 checkout earned him victory.

Ovens reached his third final of the year with a 3-1 win over Steve Maish in the semi-final, and narrow five-set wins over Wayne Jones, Dave Smith and Mark Dudbridge.

And Ovens followed up Saturday's appearance in the final with a run to the quarter-final of Sunday's competition 24 hours later, where he lost 3-1 to the eventual beaten finalist Mark Walsh.

Walsh edged the final two sets of the match 2-1 against Saturday's runner-up who hit seven perfect darts in one leg.
08:28 - 23 October 2008
(source link...)

Players Championship Draw - Dinslaken, Germany.

THE draw for Saturday's Players Championship in Dinslaken, Germany.

The £20,000 tournament is the last before the qualifiers for the European Championship are determined, from the top eight non-qualified players in the Players Championship Order of Merit and the top four non-qualified players in the European Order of Merit. (Full Article...)

Gray struggles in darts league

Adrian Gray endured a disappointing debut in Championship League Darts yesterday.
The St Leonards thrower won one and lost six of his seven matches at Crondon Park GC in Essex to finish last of the eight players making up group seven. (full article...)

Darts teams taking flight to help others

A SOUTH Derbyshire landscape gardener has teamed up with his employers for a fund-raising darts tournament in memory of his father - and to help the hospital ward that looked after his young daughter.
Lee Ward, a ground worker for English Landscapes, joined forces with Mick Taylor, a Tesco employee who used to play darts with his father to set up the Charlie Ward Memorial Trophy.

The trophy involves companies from the area sponsoring a board, which will display the company's details during the tournament and, for the upcoming tournament, English Landscapes has donated £100.

Charlie Ward, 53, who was a keen darts player and played in leagues around South Derbyshire, died in 2004. Following his death, Mr Ward, 29, and Mr Taylor, 53, set up the memorial tournaments to raise money for Burton's Queen's Hospital's children's ward.

Mr Ward junior, of Sun Street, Woodville, said: "I think it's brilliant because I've got two children myself, of whom one was a twin and we lost the other twin at six weeks.

"We had to keep going back to the hospital's children's ward every so often to see that our little girl was okay and because of that we'll do anything we can to raise money for the kids' ward.

"It's not just me, it's Mick Taylor as well who helps with the fund-raising and it's good to be able to do it in memory of my dad and know that the money is going to a good cause."

The next tournament will be held at 7.30pm on Friday, October 24, at the Joiners Arms pub in High Street, Woodville, with entrance costing £3.

Further information about taking part or how to sponsor a board is available by telephoning Mr Ward junior on 07729 287734 or Mr Taylor on 07815 929667.

by SAMERA KHATOON (source link)

Bolton Darts League Mixed Section

PAULINE Lomax and Edith Stephens are tied at the top of the Bolton Darts League Mixed Section.

They have the same number of points and an indentical aggregate in the Moonlight Club (Friday) league.

(full article...)

Darts & Dominoes: Delamere join Pioneers at top

DAVE Coyne and Rob Arrowsmith hit 18-darters to fire Delamere to joint top of the darts Premier in the Carlsberg UK Open League.

The in-form pair were instrumental in their side’s whitewash of Rockwood which took them level with Pioneers, who coasted to a 6-2 victory over Commercial.
(full article...)

James targets finals triumph

COLIN James will tonight attempt to claim the first grand final victory of a remarkable darts career forged from the confines of a wheelchair.

James has competed since 1995 using specialised darts and a blower to compete firstly in Geelong and for the past six years in Bendigo.

He believes he is the only blowdarts player competing in open competition in Victoria. (full article...)

Championship League Darts - Walsh Wins Group Eight

MARK WALSH booked a place in the Winners Group of Championship League Darts with victory in Group Eight of the tournament.

Walsh was victorious in the last of the eight league days with a 7-4 victory over Dennis Priestley in the final of the tournament, shown live on the internet through and, after ending the hopes of Adrian Lewis in the semis.

Walsh finished top of the Group Eight table following the round-robin league phase, winning six of his seven games and whitewashing Hertfordshire rival Alex Roy along the way. (full article)

Legends battle for bullseye

THE Sandgate-based Pine Rivers Darts Club has had to call in reinforcements for the Australian Legends Championships which start on Saturday.
(full article...)

Darts: Individual honours go to victorious Dobey

GORDON DOBEY defeated Alan Davie to win the CIU Northumberland Individual Tournament hosted by Bedlington Station WMC.

Top players represented their local CIU clubs in the event, with Dave Gradwell (Scotswood), Mark Towart (Seaton Terrace), Davie (Bedlington Station) and Dobey (Netherton) among those in the spotlight.

Gradwell fought his way to the semi-final stage with wins against Stevie Wanless and Ian Gleeson.

Mark Towart enjoyed good victories over John Young and John Corby, while Gordon Dobey was showing fine form with success against Davy Prins and Jamie Martin.

Alan Davie was to prove too good for Paul Hodge in what was to be one of the most competitive games of the day, with the first two legs of that game being draws on the equal dart rules.

Davie went on to beat Simon Dodds to go through to the semi-finals.

The first semi-final saw Dobey take on Gradwell – and it was Dobey who set the standard in the first leg with 100, 125 and 180 scores to go 1-0 up with a 14-dart game.

He went further ahead with consistent scores in the second leg.

Totals of 123 and 140 from Gradwell still could not stop the onslaught from Dobey, who made it 3-0 in the best-of-seven legs match.

Two 80+ scores a 100 and 125 looked to have the spoils for Dobey, but Gradwell fought all the way to draw the fourth leg to keep his hopes alive.

It was a short-lived recovery, however, as Dobey’s consistency won through in a tense final leg to put him in the final.

The second semi-final between Mart Towart and Alan Davie was to be just as competitive as the first.

Davie secured the first leg with 87, 100 and 140 scores. Towart fought back with 80+, 100 and 127 shots to make the game level at 1-1.

Poor finishing cost Towart the chance to go in front, and Davie took advantage to take a 2-1 lead.

After this, Davie’s powerful scoring was to prove decisive, with 100, 100, 140 and 81 totals making it 3-1 in his favour.

He followed up in the next with four consecutive 100s to take victory and a place in the final.

In that final, Davie got off to a flyer with 100, 140 and an 81 checkout in 18 darts.

Two 100 scores and a 140 pulled Dobey level with a 16-dart leg, but consistent scoring and finishing had Davie ahead again with a 19-dart game.

The pendulum was to swing back again, with Dobey taking out a last-gasp double top to make the score 2-2.

Scores of 100, 96 and 125 helped Dobey take the fifth leg, and he followed up with 100 and 125 in a nervous leg to take the winner’s prize of £250.

The day was rounded off with the presentation of prizes. (story source)

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... it just this morning dawned (ok bad pun) that I had not posted a link to this blog!

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iGoogle Darts Theme (post link)

Just like most things I seem to come across, iGoogle had no themes for darts. So, just like the screen savers I made for my phone, PDA and laptop I decided that needs to be addressed and submitted a darts theme.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Darts players on target for charity push

DARTS: Members of the Astwood Bank Darts League are holding a charity match on Friday to raise money for the Air Ambulance appeal.

A team of nine will take on throwers from the Sports Argus Charity Squad in legs of 501.

Last year the league raised £1,700 for its chosen charity, the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, and players and officials are hoping to match that this time around.

The event is free to spectators and a raffle will be held on the night. It takes place at Bridley Moor and Batchley Social Club, Bridley Moor Road with an 8.30pm start.

10:03am Wednesday 22nd October 2008 (story source)

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Broadway chasing a Games double

THE first of the knockout finals in this year's Wychavon Parish Games took place at Bretforton Sports Club.

The crib event saw Broadway and Sedgeberrow locking horns and it proved a close-fought affair with Broadway eventually edging ahead to take the title. (full article)

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