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Monday, August 29, 2005

Darts! Sightings Report... lists: Darts! Sightings Report...: "Darts is getting more publicity every day, as a Prop on TV shows, mentioned in the News, or as a theme for advertising in normally non-darts-related media.

Help document the growing popularity of Darts, and show the skeptics how popular our sport really is!"

Don't get too excited about this as it hasn't been updated in a while....

December 29, 1998 - T.V. Show, "Sanford and Son"
In 'Sanford and Son' On the outside of the house, directly to the left of the door. It looks like its one of those paper boards. Sighted by : ZamBoni

Is the most recent listing

"World Professional Darts Championship" (1978)

IMDb - Internet Movie Database Lists a TV documentary about the darts championships. I really did not know that such a thing existed, but there it is. I wonder who out there has seen it and what they think it.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Youth Darts at USA Classic


Not only did she beat all the boys to win the Youth Singles, but she became the youngest ever winner of the youth event. As a reward for her splendid achievement she will be travelling to the Winmau World Masters in October where she will take on the best youth players in the World.

There is a need for more focus on development of youth players


USA Classic 2005 Results

World Darts Federation page

  1. Darin Young USA
  2. Brad Wethington USA
  3. Jerry Van Loan USA


  1. Stacy Bromberg USA
  2. Terri Marcello USA
  3. Nicole Smith USA


Monday, August 15, 2005

If you like dart pictures try Getty Images

Getty Images Editorial - Image Results

Click the link and you will get several pages of pictures of the Pros.

There are some archival pics here:
Getty Images Editorial - Image Results


ADA News... National Championship Report

ADA site and complete story.: "ADA National Championship Report

The 14th ADA National Championship is now history! And an historic event it was as ESPN’s SportsCenter covered the Championship as a feature for the Nevada episode 50 States in 50 Days…..more on that later."

[b]The story is now posted with the promise of more to come[/b]

Saturday, August 13, 2005

A team captain's wish.....

“I’ll take someone who is happy and average over a guru who is frustrated and discontented.”

Thursday, August 11, 2005

WORLD CUP teams are set!

Official Web Site of World Cup 2005, Perth, Western Australia
Here is a list of a few of the World Cup Teams:
USA World Cup Team
Ladies World Cup Team
Stacy Bromberg
Marilyn Popp
Men’s World Cup Team
John Kuczynski
Ray Carver
Bill Davis
Pat Cook

England's World Cup Team
Ladies World Cup Team
Trina Gulliver, Captain
Clare Bywaters
Men’s World Cup Team
Martin Adams, Captain
Mervyn King
Andy Fordham
Tony O'Shea

Canada's World Cup Team
Ladies World Cup Team
Kim Whaley
Robin Curry
Men’s World Cup Team
Jerry Hull
Greg Lewis
Danny MacInnes
Jim Croke
Team Managers
Mary Dezan
Maggie Leblanc

Northern Ireland' World Cup Team
Ladies World Cup Team
Denise Cassidy
Grace Crane
Men’s World Cup Team
Paul Watton
John Elder
Brendan Dolan
Stephen Rennie

Republic of Ireland's World Cup Team
Ladies World Cup Team
Olive McIntyre
Nicola O'Donovan
Men’s World Cup Team
Martin McCloskey
Aodhagen O'Neill
Luke Nolan
Benny Grace

Scotland's World Cup Team
Ladies World Cup Team
Anne Kirk - Captain
Louise Hepburn
Men’s World Cup Team
Mike Veitch - Captain
Gary Anderson
Paul McGimpsey
Paul Hanvidge
Team Manager
John Cook

Wales World Cup Team
Youth World Cup
Kimberley Lewis
Jamie Lewis
Ladies World Cup Team
Jan Robbins
Gaynor Williams
Men’s World Cup Team
Phil Evans
Martin Phillips
Dale Pinch
Wayne Warren
Team Manager
Malcolm Hawkins

Monday, August 08, 2005

OLYMPIC SPORTS - Will darts gain recognition?


I'm still thinking about the Darts in the Olympic thing and I thought that I would take a look to see what are the currently recognized sports. Here is what I found:


Climbing, bridge, golf, roller skating and surfing are sports that are recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The International Sports Federations (IFs) that administer these sports must ensure that their statutes, practice and activities conform with the Olympic Charter."

I think that a some point darts will get into the Olympics, but I think a great opportunity was missed when it didn't make it for the London 2012 Olympics

Saturday, August 06, 2005

ADA needs to tell it's story....

After the great plug that the ADA got on ESPN I was hoping they would do something to take advantage of more advantage of the nationwide exposure. Granted they have launched a membership drive based on ESPN's 50 in 50 tour:

ADA is randomly selecting 50 new members and awarding them 50 great prizes
50-50 Contest"

But when you look at the results page all you get is endless list of names and placings(putting faces to these names would help). I think they need to put some time into telling the story of the tourney with a daily news release or a blog. I was also thinking that the ADA site could have a forum for members and people that might be interested in the organization. This is an organization that seems to be interested in promoting itself and darts, and it would be good for the ADA build more on the time it was given on ESPN.

I think there is still time to put a feature on William Cross Jr on the website so that people who want to know more, after having seen the ESPN segment, have a place to read a more complete telling of the tale. That would also present the opportunity to tell how things turned out for William and his family at the tourney. I've also heard that some of the women in the dart world would like to know more about his wife's involvement in darts.

One more item I would like to see is the story of the creation of the ADA on it's website.

Friday, August 05, 2005

I just want to hit more twenties.....

A common complaint of dart players that play '01 games: I'm getting upset because I'm hitting 41 or 45 almost every turn. Is it in my head because my throw feels the same every time?

I know i can hit 100's and 140's but they're hard to come by right now.... Help!

My answer to that is:
Without seeing your throw it would be hard to say what the problem could be, but that being said when I'm having that problem I use a simple test.

I stand at the line use my best form and throwing technique and try to duplicate the exact form and technique with every throw (three turns of three darts each). I do not select a specspecificget, and let the darts fall where they may. If all three on all three turns the darts land in a tight group its not throwing form & technique that are the problem. Then I throw a dart at dead center; double 20, double bull, double 3, next turn is double 11, double bull, double 6. While hitting everything I aimed at would be nice I'm mostly looking to see if my darts are close to the target and make a straight vertical line then horizontal line.

If it's not my throwing technique, or aim, that's the problem then it's what I'm thinking. My frequent troublesome thoughts are....
- OK that was a nice trip now don't mess it up...
- I really need a ton or better and that trip really helped....
- That last dart was really close to the wire.....
- That dart hardly stuck in the board... just a little harder this time...
- I can't believe how far behind I am....
- I can't believe how far ahead I am....

So could this all add up to just thinking much or trying too hard?

Thursday, August 04, 2005 - 50 in 50 - Features the ADA

ADA: National Championship XVI
"2005 National Championship XIV
August 03-04-05-06-07, 2005
Las Vegas, NV

The ADA National Championship was the featured event, and specficly # 3 seeded WILLIAM J CROSS JR in the Men's Neutralizer Soft-tip division who is seeking his third national title. There was a brief discription of the ADA and it's divisions, No mention was made that the league is for both Steel & Soft tip darts and that Cross is competing as a soft tip player, but several scenes had both steel and soft tip boards in the background.

I did enjoy the dart family background scenes in the segment; William's Wife: "You've got to play dart's if you want to be in this family", and the father son scene with the son standing on the chair to shoot at what may have been a double 10. Maybe everyone needs a dart board in the bedroom.

It would have been nice to have a bit more background on where he plays, and perhaps a mention of the bar's name and his home town.

So all in all I would say it was not a bad segment, but It could have been so much more.


Wednesday, August 03, 2005 - 50 / 50 - DARTS

Well this is it the ESPN 50/50 tour hits Las Vegas and darts will be the featured event. Will the coverage do justice to the sport of darts? Well I'll be watching to find out. Will it live up to your expectaions? I'll wait to hear that form you. Respond to the poll & leave a comment.


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