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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Must see #darts video "Sid Waddell Wacky World of Darts"

Check out the work of the irreplaceable Sid Waddell, RIP Sid.

Friday, December 14, 2012

#darts - Global Darts PDC World Championship - Competition CHECK IT OUT!

This year again we offer competitions for the two biggest events in darts - the two World Championships.

As a price for our PDC World Championship competition we offer one year of free membership in the Darts Performance Centre and a set Performance Darts.
Darts Performance Cente

To win you should answer the following questions:
Who will be the four semifinalsists of the PDC World Championship 2013?
Who will be the two finalists?
Who will be the PDC World Champion 2013?

Global Darts

#darts Beyond the Bar, Darts Offers Bright Lights and Big Money -

The former world champion (John Part) made his way to the stage, wielding a light saber and flanked by Princess Leia and a posse of Stormtroopers, while the sellout crowd, merry on Christmas cheer and liters of beer, roared in approval.
full story at:
Beyond the Bar, Darts Offers Bright Lights and Big Money -

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Global #Darts Interview with Andy Hamilton

Andy Hamilton started his PDC career in 2004 when he managed to qualify for the UK Open. In 2005 he for the first time took part in the PDC World Championship and played himself into the quarterfinals where he lost to Bob Anderson. 2006 he celebrated his next big success - he reached the semi-finals of the World Matchplay and got the same result in the PDC World Championship 2007. In 2007 he won his first Pro Tour event and stood in the final of the grand Slam. The next few years were less spectacular though he had some good results. more at:
Global Darts

Sunday, December 09, 2012

#darts SEWA Predictions Contest for PDC 2013 World Darts Championship

Who wants to participate in a SEWA Predictions Contest for 2013 World Darts Championship?

Tell anyone you think might be interest to answer the poll, so we have an idea if there is enough interest.

Got a comment? Please post it!

visit the link to post you interest or comment:
Dartplayer  SEWA-Darts Forums-viewtopic-SEWA Predictions Contest for 2013 World Darts Championship

#darts APP The Art of Darts - By John Lowe For iPad & iPhone.

The Art of Darts - By John Lowe For iPad & iPhone.
Featuring nearly 40 minutes of HD video by darts legend and 3 times World Champion John Lowe.

more at:
FatSpanner - Online | LBO | Mobile | Pub Slots | SWP

at iTunes Store:

#darts "Why Darts?" - because Miss Wai hosts this weekly

Attracting new players to our beloved game of darts is a popular topic. Not claiming that we've discovered "The" magic sure-fired method - but - we have a weekly event that is becoming increasingly popular after only two months. And it is surpassing our original objective - getting new and infrequent, casual players up to the oche and more importantly returning the following week and sometimes with friends. The host bar has noticed the increased numbers of people on the night and is now offering prizes. 

Thursday, December 06, 2012

#darts Darryl Fitton and Benito van de Pas to kick of 2013 championships

Interesting... for a World Championship competition there is only one player competing that is from anywhere outside of the Euro Zone. Is the WDF no longer a worldwide brand? Should there be automatic invites for WDF affiliated organizations from Australia, Canada and the USA every year?

Line-up for the men's and women's first rounds of the 2013 Lakeside World Professional Darts Championships ...

No.16 Seed: Darryl Fitton (ENG) v Benito van de Pas (NETH)
No.1 Seed: Stephen Bunting (ENG) v James Wilson (ENG)
No.9 Seed: Alan Norris (ENG) v Wayne Warren (WAL)
No.8 Seed: Wesley Harms (NETH) v Rune David (NOR)
No.12 Seed: Scott Mitchell (ENG) v Mark Barilli (SCOT)
No.5 Seed: Robbie Green (ENG) v Christian Kist (NETH)
No.13 Seed: Steve Douglas (ENG) v Gary Stone (SCOT)
No.4 Seed: Tony O'shea (ENG) v John Walton (ENG)
No.15 Seed: Richie George (ENG) v Dave Prins (ENG)
No.2 Seed: Martin Adams (ENG) v Jimmy Hendriks (NETH
No.10 Seed: Gary Robson (ENG) v Garry Thompson (ENG)
No.7 Seed: Jan Dekker (NETH) v Jeffrey De Graaf (NETH)
No.11 Seed: Martin Atkins (ENG) v Jason Cullen (REP of IRE)
No.6 Seed: Ross Montgomery (SCOT) v Paul Jennings (ENG)
No.14 Seed: Geert De Vos (BELG) v Tony Eccles (ENG)
No.3 Seed: Scott Waites (ENG) v Willy Van De Wiel (NETH)
No.4 Seed: Irina Armstrong (GER) v Sharon Prins (NETH)
No.1 Seed: Deta Hedman (ENG) v Lisa Ashton (ENG)
No.3 Seed: Julie Gore (WAL) v Trina Gulliver (ENG)
No.2 Seed: Anastasia Dobromyslova (RUS) v Lorraine Farlam (ENG)

Darryl Fitton and Benito van de Pas to kick of 2013 championships

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

#darts PDC World Championship Venue: Alexandra Palace Date: Friday 14 December 2012 - Tuesday 1 January 2013

Matches worth following for North Americans who may not really follow darts. Paul Lim has won his way into the PDC World Championship by wining the DartsLive Championship! John Part who has regularly competes in PDC events while still living in Canada full time. Darin Young is this years USA representative to the Championship. 

Preliminary Round
Andree Welge (Germany) v Leung Chun Nam (China)
Haruki Muramatsu (Japan) v Dave Harrington (New Zealand)
Daryl Gurney (Northern Ireland) v Robert Marijanovic (Croatia)
Max Hopp (Germany) v Charl Pietersen (South Africa)
Lourence Ilagan (Philippines) v Jamie Lewis (Wales)
Carlos Rodriguez (Spain) v John Bowles (England)
Paul Lim (Singapore) v Mohd Latif Sapup (Malaysia)
Jarkko Komula (Finland) v Jani Haavisto (Finland)

First Round Draw Bracket
Phil Taylor  (ENG) 1 v. Michael Mansell
Wayne Jones (ENG)  32 v. Jerry Hendriks
Paul Nicholson (AUS) 16 v. Co Stompe
Robert Thornton (SCO)  17 v. Magnus Caris
Andy Hamilton (ENG)  8 v. James Richardson
Richie Burnett (WAL)  25 v. James Hubbard
Terry Jenkins  (ENG)  9 v. Steve Brown
John Part  (CAN)  24 v. Joe Cullen
Simon Whitlock  (AUS)  5 v. Muramatsu/Harrington
Colin Osborne (ENG) 28 v. Ilagan/Lewis
Dave Chisnall  (ENG)   12 v. Shane Tichowitsch
Andy Smith  (ENG) 21 v. Gurney/Marijanovic
Gary Anderson (SCO)  4 v. Komula/Haavisto
Jamie Caven  (ENG)   29 v. Rodriguez/Bowles
Raymond van Barneveld (NED) 13 v. Michael Smith
Brendan Dolan (NIR) 20 v. Mark Jones
Adrian Lewis (ENG) 2 v. Gino Vos
Denis Ovens  (ENG) 31 v. Hopp/Pietersen
Kevin Painter  (ENG) 15 v. Welge/Chun Nam
Ronnie Baxter (ENG) 18 v. Dennis Priestley
Michael van Gerwen (NED) 7 v. Lim/Latif Sapup
Peter Wright (SCO) 26 v. Arron Monk
Mark Webster  (WAL) 10 v. Ian White
Colin Lloyd (ENG) 23 v. Darin Young
Wes Newton (ENG) 6 v. Johnny Haines
Kim Huybrechts (BEL) 27 v. Scott Rand
Justin Pipe (ENG)  11 v. Andy Jenkins
Mark Walsh (ENG) 22 v. Darren Webster
James Wade (ENG)  3 v. Peter Hudson
Steve Beaton (ENG)  30 v. Kyle Anderson
Mervyn King  (ENG)  14 v. Dean Winstanley
Vincent van der Voort (NED) 19 v. Stuart Kellett

The bracket is posted on Wikipedia:

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