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Thursday, December 06, 2012

#darts Darryl Fitton and Benito van de Pas to kick of 2013 championships

Interesting... for a World Championship competition there is only one player competing that is from anywhere outside of the Euro Zone. Is the WDF no longer a worldwide brand? Should there be automatic invites for WDF affiliated organizations from Australia, Canada and the USA every year?

Line-up for the men's and women's first rounds of the 2013 Lakeside World Professional Darts Championships ...

No.16 Seed: Darryl Fitton (ENG) v Benito van de Pas (NETH)
No.1 Seed: Stephen Bunting (ENG) v James Wilson (ENG)
No.9 Seed: Alan Norris (ENG) v Wayne Warren (WAL)
No.8 Seed: Wesley Harms (NETH) v Rune David (NOR)
No.12 Seed: Scott Mitchell (ENG) v Mark Barilli (SCOT)
No.5 Seed: Robbie Green (ENG) v Christian Kist (NETH)
No.13 Seed: Steve Douglas (ENG) v Gary Stone (SCOT)
No.4 Seed: Tony O'shea (ENG) v John Walton (ENG)
No.15 Seed: Richie George (ENG) v Dave Prins (ENG)
No.2 Seed: Martin Adams (ENG) v Jimmy Hendriks (NETH
No.10 Seed: Gary Robson (ENG) v Garry Thompson (ENG)
No.7 Seed: Jan Dekker (NETH) v Jeffrey De Graaf (NETH)
No.11 Seed: Martin Atkins (ENG) v Jason Cullen (REP of IRE)
No.6 Seed: Ross Montgomery (SCOT) v Paul Jennings (ENG)
No.14 Seed: Geert De Vos (BELG) v Tony Eccles (ENG)
No.3 Seed: Scott Waites (ENG) v Willy Van De Wiel (NETH)
No.4 Seed: Irina Armstrong (GER) v Sharon Prins (NETH)
No.1 Seed: Deta Hedman (ENG) v Lisa Ashton (ENG)
No.3 Seed: Julie Gore (WAL) v Trina Gulliver (ENG)
No.2 Seed: Anastasia Dobromyslova (RUS) v Lorraine Farlam (ENG)

Darryl Fitton and Benito van de Pas to kick of 2013 championships

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