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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Trina Gulliver's Official Web Site

Trina's site has a picture gallery, calendar of her events and contact information if you would like to book her for exhibitions....

"Welcome To Trina Gulliver's Official Web Site

Ladies Darts World Champion

Nominated for Sportswoman of the Year 2006
The page is still being built, but you can visit it by clicking this link:" &

Team SEWA NewsBlackHorse writes 'A Marvelous Milestone for SEWA celebrated!

Recently, SEWA recorded its 1,000th registered member!!

To commemorate the event, MzzThang of BlackBull Darts, one of SEWA's most ardent sponsors, put up a fantastic prize of a set of Unicorn 24gm Bob Anderson World Champion darts!!!

The member who became number ONE THOUSAND was TammyD, and MzzThang has sent off the Dart Set to her!!

"SEWA's 1,000th Member - A Marvelous Milestone! Click here for the full story..."

Sport - Falkirk Today: Darts

"FALKIRK AND DISTRICT VICTORY DARTS LEAGUE. Pennies Lounge won the Aitken Cup beating The Roman Bar in the final. Results: Final – Pennies Lounge 2, Roman Bar 0; semi-final – Mill Lounge 1, Pennies Lounge 2; Roman Bar 2, Pennies Bar 1; earlier rounds – Mill Lounge 2, Canal Inn 0; Copper Top 0, Roman Bar 2; Brightons Inn 0, Pennies Lounge 2. League Cup week one, section one – Brightons 7, Pennies Bar 2; section 2 – Coppertop 2, Roman Bar 5; Canal Inn 4, Mill Lounge 4.
Fixtures: Section one: Pennies Bar v Pennies Lounge; section two – Roman Bar v Canal Inn, Mill Lounge v Coppertop. The league is looking for an additional team. Any publican who can field a team of nine players every Monday should get in touch with the secretary on (01324) 873575.

CARRONBRAES. Congratulations to Colonial who won the Carronshore Cup beating the Carronshore Bar 4-3 in a close final. Thanks to Garry and his staff for their hospitality on the night. Singles and doubles names must be in for finals night in The Star on October 23. There will be a Superleague meeting in the Carronshore Bar on Sunday, October 8, at 1 p.m. Anyone interested who cannot attend, contact Charlie Sands on 07906 983691. All players welcome. Everyone should support Charlie in this, as this is Carronbraes' first season in the Superleague.
Fixtures for Monday: Cavalier v Carronshore, Bowhouse v Colonial, Hurlet v Mariner, Railway Tavern v Star Inn.

CENTRAL SCOTLAND DARTS. The gents play-offs for the World Championship qualifiers will be held on Sunday, October 1, at BMW, register 12.30 p.m., entry £5, pay on the day. The gents superleague gets under way on Sunday, October 15. All games will be held in Bannockburn Club, who are again the sponsors. Register 12.30 p.m. at the club. The world number one, Gary Anderson, and world trophy winner Gary Robson will be in exhibition at the Lion and Unicorn on Friday, October 6. Contact venue for details. : DARTS"

Friday, September 29, 2006


Thursday 28th September 2006



Prize money for this year’s BBC televised WINMAU WORLD MASTERS has been increased to £30,000 following the recent agreement between the Winmau Dartboard Company and the British Darts Organisation which guarantees the World Masters until 2010 – with a commitment to further increases year on year for the duration of the agreement.

The World Masters is the concluding leg of the British Darts Organisation’s Grand Slam Title of televised majors and has once again attracted the world’s top darts champions from over 140 national and international events. Full article

View the Draw here

American Dart Organization: Site update Sept. '06

"ADO Wire
National and Regional ADO Points Standings have been updated. The Summer 2006 Double Eagle uploaded to ADO Website. The draw for the 2006 Winmau World Masters is now available on the WDF Website. A list of ADO U.S. Team National Finalists have been uploaded into a PDF format.
American Dart Organization"

World Series of Darts - Episode #06008

Remember this is the last episode, and it is not clear if there will be any rebroadcast of the WSOD!

"World Series of Darts
ESPN2 Sep 29 12:00pm -PDT
Limited Series/Sports, 60 Mins.

Episode #06008.
From Uncasville, Conn.

Original Airdate: September 6, 2006.
World Series of Darts - Yahoo! TV"

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Iran aims for improbable bullseye in darts

Stuart Williams

September 28, 2006

TEHRAN -- The players are clean-living and models of athleticism. A world away from the game's heartland in a smoky corner of a British pub, darts has taken off with a bang in Iran.

In a country where alcohol is strictly forbidden, do not expect pints of beer flowing nearby or players to sport the paunches that are the proud mark of many kings of the tungsten arrows in northern Europe.

And do not dare suggest that darts is anything other than a serious sport. In Iran, dart /italic} is a healthy pursuit for both men and women that is also good for families and can even do its bit to help foster world peace.

Flushed with success at a recent Asian championships in Malaysia, the head of Iranian darts proudly relates how his association has grown to boast an extraordinary 600,000 members after just two years in existence.

"When we went to the world darts federation meeting in Australia and said we had this many people taking part everyone laughed at us. They could not believe it," smiled Massoud Zohouri. "We look at darts as a sport. It's played in prisons, the civil service and factories. The parliament speaker, even the clerics are playing," he said, showing off pictures of a cleric tentatively trying his arm. Dart boards have even been installed in mosques.

He said that thousands attended introductory training sessions 3,000 meters (10,000 feet) high at a cable car station in the Alborz Mountains above the capital this summer. Maybe the first high altitude training camp in the game's history.

Young, sporty, and fiercely focused on their chosen sport, the Islamic republic's six-strong national team of two women and four men certainly explode preconceptions about darts.

Dressed in the compulsory Islamic headscarf and a knee-length mantoh coat modestly adorned with the stripes of the national colors of Iran, Sahar Zohouri, 20, is Iran's top female player.

She shows off her class - which took her to a silver medal earlier this month at the Asia Pacific Cup women's singles in Kuala Lumpur - by elegantly planting three darts around triple 19 with ruthless ease.

"When I started playing darts I wanted to be the best in Iran. Then I wanted to become one of the best in Asia. Now I'm thinking about the world and I want a top three in the world championships," she said. "It's a thought game. Your head has to be clear of every idea. When your head is clear you concentrate well. I hit the maximum often in training. In competition, with all the pressure, it becomes much harder."

Massoud Zohouri laughs off the suggestion that Iranian players could be ill-equipped to cope with the lion's den of raucous noise and pressure that is generated in the big championships in Britain, the Netherlands, and elsewhere.

"Look, we have an Iranian league and without the alcohol the noise exists, too! Don't think that there is no noise because there is no alcohol."

"At the championships in Malaysia there were tables full of alcohol. But we are spreading the game without alcohol and as such we can become a role model," for the rest of the darts world, he said.

Iran's number one men's player, Nima Ghisasvand, a 17-year-old who knocked out a world-ranked New Zealand thrower in the first round in Kuala Lumpur, vows that "I will increase my training until I become world champion."

He marks out as his hero the English multiple world champion Phil "The Power" Taylor, who rose in a matter of years from being a bathroom fitting maker to the richest and most successful sportsman in the history of darts.

And the ambitions of the Iranian darts association, from its modest headquarters in an apartment in central Tehran, do not just stop at sporting success.

It has spread darts in schools and universities, encouraged the disabled to take up the sport, and organized a darts Olympiad for children that aroused plaudits from the United Nations.

Stepping into more political territory, the darts association and postal service earlier this year joined forces to issue stamps showing a darts board and a nuclear reactor bearing the slogan "peaceful nuclear technology is the absolute right for Iran."

Zohouri said that he believed that all such initiatives are within the spirit of darts, saying that the sport can bring people around the world together irrespective of their background.

"Families of different cultures can get together and play it without distinction according to religion, language, or race. And that is the Olympic spirit."

Iran aims for improbable bullseye in darts - Source Link...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

B.D.O Players Forum : Bobby George

"Bobby George is performing two exhibitions back to back in Angus, Scotland

The first night is Friday November 24th at the Viewfield Hotel Arbroath and the Second night is Saturday November 25th at the Nova Suite Brechin.

Tickets for the events can be bought online at or from the venues.

The winner, furthest woman and furthest under 25 from the Arbroath open (October 15th) will win the chance to play Bobby at the Viewfield

There will also be an open event in Brechin on Saturday 11th November and again the winner, furthest woman and furthest under 25 will play Bobby

Any queries please contact me 07905 998 740

B.D.O Players Forum :: View topic - Bobby George"

Planet Darts: Holsten Premier League Darts | 13 Stars Chasing Premier League Spots

"13 Stars Chasing Premier League Spots

THE race for places in the 2007 Holsten Premier League Darts is set to go down to the wire at the SkyBet World Grand Prix next month.

Dennis Priestley's brilliant run of form on the circuit over the past two years has put him in pole position to earn a place.

He currently sits third in the standings for the Premier League places, six ranking points ahead of Peter Manley, ten ahead of Wayne Mardle and 11 clear of Ronnie Baxter.

Planet Darts: 13 Stars Chasing Premier League Spots"

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A new website: American Style Darts

"Welcome to the game of darts, American style. The darts have feather flights and wooden barrels. The board is different than the English Pub Board, and the games are not the same.

The game of American Darts was born out of Philadelphia, and is most popular in the nearby regions. You can find American style dart boards hanging on the walls of taverns in the coal regions of Pennsylvania, areas in New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and sections of New York. click the link to visit the site: American Style Darts: "

News - Yorkshire Post Today: New school takes aim for darts champions...

Alexandra Wood

"YOUNGSTERS with a flair for darts are to be nurtured in the country's first dedicated school of excellence.
Children aged from seven will be learning how to stand and throw accurately – as well as counting back from 501 – when the school in Hull opens later this year.
It is the brainchild of well-known local player and MC for the Humberside County Team John 'JJ' Gibbs and is supported by the British Darts Organisation (BDO), governing body for darts in Britain.
Mr Gibbs, who was taught by his mother to play darts when he was nine, said: 'There are schools of excellence in football, rugby and cricket, so why not darts now that it is recognised as a sport?'
He added: 'In Holland the Government funds these courses and the country's produced stars like Jelle Klassen, the youngest ever world darts champion and Michael van Gerwen, the BDO's number three, who is just 17.
News - Yorkshire Post Today: Click here for the full story..: "

Monday, September 25, 2006

What are dart players talking about....

Well much of the time darters have lots of issues that they are chatting about on line, unfortunately there are so many forums that it's hard to keep up with it all. So a thought struck me... "Why not link to some of the topics that catch my eye?" Now I don't think by any means that I see everything, but I do browse several forums in the course of a week so I will link to the items that I enjoy. I'm not sure if this will appeal to anyone other than me, but I think it's worth a shot for awhile. I'll post the topic subject (a short explanation if it appears to be required), the name of the forum and it's link . Some forums require that you be a member to view the topic so sign ups may be required. Forum Index
Darts and air travel
WSOD - a better way?
A topic about changes that could help the World Series of Darts broadcast get better ratings, if there is another WSOD.
Does your local Newspaper cover Darts
Has darts in your area gotten into the newspapers
Start a Singles League Now!
An article about start up individual format darts league.
We have all had to deal with it, but how do you rise above it?

paul williams forums
rankins for prem league
Which PDC players will make the league
7. uk open newport
Sweepstakes standings
Open Zwarterland SIGN UP
Sweepstakes Sing up
Q.O.T.M Vote September
which member submitted quesition will be selected to be answered by several pro darters...
Grand Prix Predictions Rnd1
can you predict the winners?

Superstars of Darts:
Premier League Darts, Venues?
What are the Premier League Venues for 2007?
Planet Darts TV
Is buying Planet Darts darts on TV worth it?

Phil "The Power" Taylor fan site:
BDO British Open
Chat about the Eurosport broadcast.

Global Darts Forum - Australia
Ask Barry "China" Jouannet
Unicorn Products
Unicorn Designs a set of Darts for Barry

Planet Darts: Springbok Champ Bounds Into Purfleet

"Springbok Champ Bounds Into Purfleet

SOUTH AFRICA will have a representative at the World Darts Championship for the first time this year, with the winner of the Emperors Palace South African Masters earning a place at Purfleet.

The South African Masters is a new tournament to be staged at the Emperors Palace Hotel & Casino Resort in Johannesburg on Saturday 30 September.
Planet Darts: Springbok Champ Bounds Into Purfleet"

Planet Darts | News | Latest | Fleet Wins Purfleet Berth

"Fleet Wins Purfleet Berth

ANTHONY FLEET is the first Australian to book his place in the 2007 World Darts Championship after sealing victory in the Australian Grand Prix on Sunday.

Fleet has been superb throughout the series of tournaments around Australia, but needed to do better than Barry 'China' Jouannet to confirm his place at Purfleet.

Planet Darts: Full story"

BBC SPORT SPORT - Darts: Webster win seals Lakeside debut

"Webster win seals Lakeside debut darts
Mark Webster secured a place in the 2007 Lakeside World Professional Darts Championships with victory in the WDF Europe Cup Men's Singles.
BBC SPORT - Darts: Webster win seals Lakeside debut:"

News & Star: Bellard is top arrow

"Robin Hood winner: Garry Bellard

THE conclusion of the very good tournament at Cleator Moor's Robin Hood was a most satisfactory one for Garry Bellard who came out of the final tie of the competition as 4-2 winner over the ever dangerous Garry Spedding.

For other commitment reasons there were a couple of no shows for the finals night and so both Martin King and Ian Finn had the often doubtful 'luxury' of having a bye to the second round. Most players would prefer to get on to the board at the earliest opportunity.

However that was the way it was and those two had to sit and watch the other two quarter finals.

Garry Spedding won the first of those with a 3-1 victory over Ian Sharples whilst Garry Bellard put out Mike Sowerby in three straight legs.
News & Star: "

News - Bridlington Today: NATIONAL championship dominoes in Bridlington are on their way out.

When reading this story form the UK I think to myself that it would be nice to read that a town was actively trying to bring darts to the area.

"And when the council finally pulls the plug after next year's events it will also signal the end of national championship dominoes in Britain as organisers say the traditional game is dying and the events are no longer financially viable.

The council wants more popular sports like darts and snooker which bring TV coverage for the town.

Alan Menzies, its assistant chief executive (economic development), said: 'This is not about us taking money out of events to use on something else, but to help us attract and promote larger events. We have to look at getting the best value we can with a limited budget and it was difficult to justify continuing with the dominoes and cribbage.'

Cribbage sponsorship ended earlier this month and the council has agreed to sponsor remaining dominoes events later this year and during 2007.
NATIONAL championship dominoes in Bridlington are on their way out."

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Planet Darts: "DRA Statement: Robbie Green

The Professional Darts Corporation have received the following statement from the Darts Regulation Authority regarding Robbie Green.

The statement reads:
Following his failure to pass a drugs test at the UK Open in June, Robbie Green has been provisionally suspended by the Darts Regulation Authority persuant to Article 13.1.2 of the DRA's drug regulations.

The suspension will be applied with immediate effect, pending further investigations and possible further action by the DRA.

As is his right, Green will be given every opportunity to defend himself against the positive tests, which were revealed in both A and B samples, and the sanction taken against him.

The tests, which were randomly taken, were conducted by a testing team from UK Sport and conformed to the protocols of the World Anti-Doping Agency.
Planet Darts: "DRA Statement: Robbie Green

Robbie "Kong" Green gives a reply on a few darts forums click this link to his reply on the


If you want more information about the DRA and the band list check out the following links -
DRA info:

and the banned list:
-actual list
-info about the list:

PDC rules:,,10180,00.html

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tournaments in the U.S. Southwest

Sept 29 through Oct 1, 2006:

The San Francisco Open
ADO Sanctioned
over $5000 in payouts
at Lake Merced
Link to the Flyer (pdf file)
More informaition on The San Francisco Open
click this link to email.

Oct 14, 2006:

The Moonspinners
4th Annual Steel Tip "Mixer" Dart Tournament
4130 S. Paramonunt
Lakewood, CA
(562) 425-5220
Link to the Flyer (pdf file)

Oct 20, 21, 22, 2006:

Tahoe Biltmore Open Dart Tournament
Biltmore Hotel/Casino
5 Highway 28
P.O. Box 115
Crystal Bay, Nevada 89402
(800)BILTMORE (800)245-8667, or (755)831-0660
Sponsored by: Northern California Darts Association
Tournament Director: Bob Martell (925)685-2405
Link to the Flyer (pdf file)

October 20-21, 2006:
Pat Murphy Open IX Tournament
at Chula Vista Elks Lodge
(Telegraph Canyon Rd.)
901 Elks Lane
Chula Vista, CA
(619) 421-2001
South Bay Dart Assoc.
Link to the Flyer (pdf file)

November: (actual date and time to be announced)

Thanksgiving Benefit Tournament

November 3-5, 2006:

London Bridge Dart Association
25th Annual Dart Tournament
ADO Sanctioned
$10,000 prize pool
The Eagles
1561 Marlboro Dr.
Lake Havasu City, Az 86403
Link to the Flyer (pdf file)
More informaition call
Jeanne Tank
(928)855-5346 or (928)230-9380 cell
Marcia Hostetter

November 17 -19, 2006:

New Mexico Open 28
Dart Tournament
ADO Sanctioned
$10,000 prize pool
Park Plaza Hotel
2500 Carlisle Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM
Link to the Flyer (pdf file)
More informaition on New Mexico Open 28 call

December 17, 2006:
Toys for Tots Benefit Tournament
1 pm at the Bench Warmer

Planet Darts: Taylor Powers To PDPA Title

"Taylor Powers To PDPA Title PHIL TAYLOR picked up back-to-back PDPA Players Championship titles with a 3-1 win over James Wade at the Newport Centre.
Dennis Priestley 3-0 Andy Smith
Phil Taylor 3-0 Roland Scholten
Andy Hamilton 3-1 Wayne Mardle
James Wade 3-0 Bob Anderson
Losers £600, 10 ranking points

Phil Taylor 3-1 Dennis Priestley
James Wade 3-0 Andy Hamilton
Losers £1,250, 12 ranking points

Phil Taylor 3-1 James Wade
Winner £5,000, 20 ranking points
Runner-up £2,500, 16 ranking points
Planet Darts: Taylor Powers To PDPA Title"

paul williams - Open Zwarterland SIGN UP

MistaDouble Sweepstakes

A great free, fun competition that runs continuously throughout the darting season in a league style! We are in our 3rd season of this very successful sweepstake competition with winners from all around the world!

Fantastic prizes have been donated from various sponsors throughout the seasons which have included dartboards, darts and accessories

Sweepstake competition CLICK HERE

Below are the rules of this competition….why not sign up and give it ago…you’ve nothing to lose!

1. You must sign up for each competition separately
there will be no block booking

2. Failure to sign up for 5 events (in a row) will mean removal from the league

3. A SIGN UP thread will be posted prior to each competition

4. Your player and u will be posted in a LIST thread

5. Televised/major comps you will be given a player

all other comps you will be assigned a board and you will then get the player who progresses from that board
(unless we get lots of new sweepstakers and we can stay with a player per member)

6. If you know that you will be on holiday or working away for a short period you can pm admin and we will allow an automatic signup during that time period...(do not pm us and say you are away for 6 months that will not be allowed)
2 weeks maximum

single player allocations

winner = 12 pts
r/up = 10 pts
semis = 8 pts
qrts = 6
last 16 = 4
last 32 = 2

board allocations

winner = 10 pts
r/up = 8 pts
semis = 6 pts
qrts = 4
last 16 = 2

all sweepstakes are randomly generated

Good luck

Come on over and sign up!
paul williams - Open Zwarterland SIGN UP: "Open Zwarterland SIGN UP"

Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas - Central Texas Dart Association banquet

Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas - Central Texas Dart Association banquet:
"Oct. 1 -
American Legion Post 22, 632 N. Beaton St., invites members and their guests for the annual Central Texas Dart Association banquet. Lunch will be served at noon; bring a covered dish. Awards will start at 1 p.m. Sign up before 1:30 p.m. for the tournament which will begin at 2 p.m. For more information, call (903) 874-3938."

Friday, September 22, 2006

Planet Darts "SkyBet World Grand Prix Qualifiers

Planet Darts: "SkyBet World Grand Prix Qualifiers

RAYMOND VAN BARNEVELD, Steve Beaton, Alan Green and Andy Callaby won places in the 2006 SkyBet World Grand Prix at the PDPA Qualifiers in Newport on Friday.

The quartet came through a 127-man field at the Newport Centre to earn a place at the Citywest Hotel next month.

Van Barneveld (pictured) bounced back from missing out on the Stan James World Matchplay in July by defeating the man who knocked him out of the qualifiers for that event - Andy Hamilton - in his final game.

Dartoids World: "The 2007 World Series of Darts is…

Dartoids World: "The 2007 World Series of Darts is…
# 273 09/21/2006

Now ain’t that the million dollar question. (Or, if you were unlucky and not born in red, white and blue knickers, the $100,000 question.)

If you follow the various darts website forums you’ll already know that the prevailing opinion (almost 60% according to one poll) is that there will be no repeat of the event.

The reasons run the gamut…"

Superstars of Darts forum - "We are now back online." & "We are now back online.

Dear all,

Our forum host "Forumforfree" has recently been hacked into and subsequently gone out of business. We have been saved from the scrapheap by a new host company who are much bigger and longer established.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Sunday Times: Darts star scored a bull with wife Marie

Darts star scored a bull with wife Marie

Bobby George rates his first marriage as his worst investment and spouse number two as his best, he tells Jessica Bown

Darts player Bobby George is perhaps as well known for his gold jewellery and tournament entrances, accompanied by the strains of Queen’s We are the Champions, as he is for his many victories.

Twice winner of the News of the World Darts Championship, George, 60, has represented England and is also a former American Open champion.

However, he rarely competes these days, preferring to present darts coverage for the BBC and take part in exhibitions and promotional events when not spending time at his palatial Essex home, George Hall. His next project is Showbiz Darts, a daily programme to be shown on the Challenge channel from October 2.

Born and raised in London’s East End, George only threw his first dart at the age of 29.

A keen angler, he left the city because he wanted more space and now has his own fishing lakes in the 12-acre grounds of George Hall, where he lives with wife, Marie, 48, and sons Robert, 18, and Richard, 16.

Nicola, 36, and Shane, 33 - the children from his first marriage - also live in Essex.

Darts star scored a bull with wife Marie - Fame & Fortune - Times Online

Darts star scored a bull with wife Marie - Fame & Fortune - Times Online: "Darts star scored a bull with wife Marie
Bobby George rates his first marriage as his worst investment and spouse number two as his best, he tells Jessica Bown
Darts player Bobby George is perhaps as well known for his gold jewellery and tournament entrances, accompanied by the strains of Queen’s We are the Champions, as he is for his many victories.

Twice winner of the News of the World Darts Championship, George, 60, has represented England and is also a former American Open champion.

However, he rarely competes these days, preferring to present darts coverage for the BBC and take part in exhibitions and promotional events when not spending time at his palatial Essex home, George Hall."

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sports Notebook - Fiji Times Online: DARTS

Sports Notebook - Fiji Times Online: "DARTS

Fiji National Ladies Darts Singles

THE JAD International sponsored singles tournament will be held this Saturday at the China Club and the ladies singles on September 30. Reporting time-10.30am and games begin at 11am. Registration closes tomorrow September 21 with entry fee of $5 per player. For more details contact Mahen Singh on 3304 516.

Committee meeting

THE Fiji Darts Association committee meeting will be held at the China Club tomorrow, September 21 at 6pm."

Superstars of Darts forum was down today......

The following email explains the situation.....

Dear Superstars of Darts subscriber,

Apologies for the intrusion but many of you on the mailing list are part
of the 1200 members of the Superstars of Darts forum.

The forum host ForumforFree has gone out of business and has been taken
over by a new host. We should be back online anytime within the next 24
hours or so.

Sorry for the inconvenience and once again the intrusion.

Best Regards
Andy Fairclough
Superstars of Darts

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Phil “The Power" Taylor....will be travelling to Johannesburg

"South Africa darts players chance to shine:

GAUTENG – The greatest darts player will be heading to South Africa later this month on a landmark day for the sport.
Phil “The Power” Taylor, the 13-times world champion from Stoke, England, will be travelling to Johannesburg on September 30 to face some of the country’s leading darts players.
Taylor will take on eight players in a special exhibition to take place at the Emperors Palace Casino."

Darts Legend Bobby George

Darts Legend Bobby George has a website that's worth visiting. He also makes regular posts that are fun to read. Here's the lead form this month's enty:


Oh dear, Oh dear! I thought I'd seen and read just about everything until last month's' 'pantomime' ramblings from Pro-Life. It gave real meaning to the phrase: 'He's behind you' because it was a shocker to have it in front of you!!

To be honest, it was more like 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' than Darts World. What must he have been on when he sat down to write this? I think the DRA needs to carry out its first drugs test!

Whatever the case, I have heard that someone high up (could be the PDC's own 'Big Cheese') has been telling everyone that Pro-Life is not one, but TWO people.

Full entry at:

World Series of Darts - Episode #06008.

I had thought that ESPN was done with the WSOD broadcast, but I found this today:
World Series of Darts
ESPN2 Sep 29 12:00pm PDT

Episode #06008.
From Uncasville, Conn.

Original Airdate: September 6, 2006.

Carver Takes Windy City Title

Carver Takes Windy City Title

RAY CARVER beat off the challenge from a number of top PDC stars and leading American players to win the Windy City Open in Chicago.

2006 Windy City Open

Winner: Ray Carver ($1,200, 5 ranking points)
Runner-Up: Darin Young ($600, 4 ranking points)
Semi-Finalists: Denis Ovens, Terry Jenkins ($300, 3 ranking points)
Quarter-Finalists: Scott Kirchner, Gary Mawson, Rick Espinosa, John Part ($150, 2 ranking points)
Last 16: Jim Widmayer, Kurt Hartmann, Dieter Schutsch, Andy Jenkins, Isen Veljic, Dave DePriest, Steve Brown, Mike Winthers ($75, 1 ranking point)
Last 32: Roland Scholten, Jeff Rickson, Jon Douglas, Shawn Dycus, Manuel Lairson, Michael Calimutan, Dan Olson, Fred Krueger, Dan Lauby, Manuel Baltier, Bob Gargan, Phil Fried, Steve Schennemann, Jim Ross, Willie Simpson, Bill Nicoll Jr

Monday, September 18, 2006

Dave won't have to worry about the Purple Hotel any more....

Dave won't have to worry about the Purple Hotel any more....
Lincolnwood files complaint against Purple Hotel

(Crain’s) — Lincolnwood wants the Purple Hotel, a well-known north suburban property that has fallen on hard times, to correct what it calls “dangerous and hazardous conditions.”

The village cites such things as a leaky roof, a moldy heating duct and rodent droppings and an insect infestation in the kitchen in a court complaint.

The filing comes after workers from Lincolnwood’s building department found what it believes to be a host of violations of building, property maintenance and fire codes during three inspections late last month. The complaint says “dangerous and hazardous conditions exist” at the hotel “which, if the hotel is not shut down immediately, create an imminent danger to property and life, jeopardizing the public health, safety and welfare of the persons and property within and adjacent to (the hotel), unless and until such time as the numerous code violations are remediated to the satisfaction of the village’s inspectors,” according to the complaint, filed Sept. 29 in Cook County Circuit Court.

Over the years, the 239-room hotel at 4500 W. Touhy Ave. has been affiliated with franchises such as Hyatt, Radisson and Ramada before deciding to go it alone in 2004.
full story link....

Sept 2006 - Windy City Open
Before we get into the tournament recap here is a little riddle for you. What event involves darts, drinking, 4 policemen, 5 firefighters, an elevator shaft, and the Korean spiderman? Are you stumped? Well, read on the answer is coming shortly...
Dave DePriest write up link

Friday, September 15, 2006

John Part's first uniblog entry!

Hey check out the newest uniblogger!

Unicorn - John Part's first uniblog entry!: "There's nothing like missing a double to ruin a good game of darts. I've missed them all, many, many times. I ought to really hate this game. Certainly, at the very least, I should hate every one of those despicable little segments. "

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

How many days a week do you play darts?

Right now I play league one night a week in league, but next month our singles league will start again so I'll be up to 2 nights a week. I practice about an hour about 4-5 days week. I help run a youth darts class 2 times a week, but I don't get to play much. I enter the local LOD doubles about once a month.

So how often are you playing darts?

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Press Release: "Michael van Gerwen to play for WDF/BDO

Press Release: "Michael van Gerwen to play for WDF/BDO

Dutch superstar Michael van Gerwen has made it clear in a press conference at the Bavaria World Darts Trophy that he wants to stay with the WDF/BDO. This is in direct contradiction of rumours and suggestions that Mighty Mike would step over to the PDC.

17 year-old Michael and his manager Frank van Creij have been surprised by these claims and want to let the darts world know that there is no truth in a possible move to the PDC.

For more information contact Frank van Creij, tel +31 (0)73-5225766."

Monday, September 11, 2006

William Cross Pro - Am: Results

William Cross Pro - Am

Sep 11, 2006
The Prince of Wales Richie Burnett takes the William Cross Pro Am Championship From Wayne Weening Australia
How fitting it was to have a Welshmen win the first William Cross Pro Am.. Bill Cross, who the event is in honour of was also a Welshman, and the joy showed in the face of brother and sponsor of the William Cross Pro Am, Ron Cross, Director of Park Trent Properties

The stage was set, Smoke machines, Lasers and intro music was pumping....The players came out to their respective Intro music, FINALLY Professional Darts was in Australia... The crowd on their feet singing "There is only one Richie Burnett"....

When Richie's Opponent came to the stage area the roof lifted off the venue, it was non other than Australia's Wayne Weening walking through the crowd to "Thunder by ACDC"

We had a battle of Nations, Wales vs Australia, and when on Home ground you can be sure the Chants of Aussie Aussie Aussie were there to lift the man from Geelong Victoria.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

BBC SPORT: Darts - Rampant Taylor takes World Trophy

BBC SPORT: Darts - Rampant Taylor takes World Trophy: "Rampant Taylor takes World Trophy
Phil Taylor
Taylor's display confirmed his status as the world's best.
Phil Taylor stormed to victory in the final of the World Darts Trophy with a 7-2 thrashing of Martin Adams.

'The Power' lived up to his nickname with a dominant performance against fellow Englishman Adams in Utrecht."

Saturday, September 09, 2006

RP darters seek Aspac title -

RP darters seek Aspac title - "
RP darters seek Aspac title

Last updated 09:57pm (Mla time) 09/07/2006

THE Philippine darts team will shoot for the overall title when the six-day World Darts Federation Asia-Pacific Cup XIII 2006 unfolds on September 19 at the Grand Season Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Lawyer Andrew L. Arrieta, president of the Darts Council of the Philippines (DCP), said the RP team is a strong favorite to win the overall title in the region’s biggest dart tournament.

“Our team will go all out to win the gold as Aspac overall champions,” Arrieta said."

Friday, September 08, 2006

icCheshireOnline - Albion on cloud nine

icCheshireOnline - Albion on cloud nine: "Albion on cloud nine

Sep 7 2006

Runcorn Weekly News

TOP-FLIGHT outfit Albion reached the Runcorn Apec Taxis Darts League's Town Championship final with an emphatic 9-0 'whitewash' of Section Two opponents, Halfway Gents.

But it was a different story in the other semi-final which saw the Section One champions Halfway A facing a much stiffer task against Roundhouse before triumphing 5-4 against the Section Four team."

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ponce-Aguinaldo tandem rules E-Mall darts tourney -

Ponce-Aguinaldo tandem rules E-Mall darts tourney - "Ponce-Aguinaldo tandem rules E-Mall darts tourney

Makinano tops chess event

Cebu Daily News
Last updated 08:18am (Mla time) 09/04/2006

Jerome Ponce and Kim Aguinaldo bested 18 other pairs to win the darts tournament of the Elizabeth Sports Challenge at the mall's activity center.

Ponce and Aguinaldo put up a sterling final game performance to outlast early leaders Steve Montenegro and Ritchie Gerago." A couple of frustrations - Local/British darts culture

I read several darts forums and I always enjoy reading a great post. I love it even more when that post leads to many great and thoughtful responses. The following post is one that I really enjoyed and it's very informative as well! & couple of frustrations - Local/British darts culture...:
Post by Barry French
"I just wanted expand my thoughts on British culture, speaking as a Brit. I didn't want to do it in the linked thread as it wasn't right for that topic. So here it is.

I started playing 6 months ago, and from the outset I was determined that I would improve and go about my business the best way I could. I threw for a couple of months without getting much advice, but then as I saw quick improvement I wanted help from certain people. From here on, i found frustrations with the british darting culture which I wanted to share with you. Bear in mind, this is just my personal experience.

Finding a practise partner:

I had extreme difficulty with this. I was unhappy playing pub darts after a couple of months, as I'd reached the same level as most of the players there and felt my growth (in darts) could be stopped if I try to be the big fish in the little pond.

To combat this fear, I found the Warwickshire county website/forum and signed up there. They were my local county and thought if I could show passion/ambition for the game there that when i do improve, then the step to Superleague/County is made easier. " Read this full post and responses by clicking this link!

2006 - 2007 Augustana College Intramural Sports: Darts

301 Darts Tournament

All Participants MUST attend the manager's in order to participate. Participants will be given an opponent to play each week, but will be responsible for contacting that opponent and arranging a match on their own.

Any Questions Please Call the Augustana Intramural Office at (309) 794-7816 or email

It's good to see Darts as an Intramural Sport! I hope they take the next step and form a club and challange other nearby colleges!
2006 - 2007 Augustana College Intramural Sports: Darts

News & Star: CUMBRIA’S Peter Manley was dumped out of the Bavarian Open

News & Star: CUMBRIA’S Peter Manley was dumped out of the Bavarian Open 3-1 by fast-finishing world No. 1 Colin Lloyd.

Lloyd checked out 50 per cent of his doubles to book his second round place in Utrecht.

Carlisle-based Manley lost the opening two sets, falling victim to an 11-dart finish in the second game of set one, which Lloyd took with a 154-finish."

Dartoids World - Umby’s UnFranchise

Dartoids World - "Umby’s UnFranchise
# 272 09/04/2006

For the past few months I’ve been talking with Jerry “Umby” Umberger about an idea he has to help aspiring darters achieve success. While I can’t claim to completely understand the idea and probably never will, let there be no doubt about Umberger’s motivations or that his idea can work.

As Umberger – one of the best joke tellers and most feared darts players ever to step to the line in America – puts it, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” That’s what he’s doing and he’s searching for a handful of darters interested in joining him. If the following paragraphs spark even your slightest interest then pick up the phone and give him a call at 1-800-982-6460 or send him an e-mail at He’ll be delighted to tell you more.

But first a bit about the man they call Umby."

Monday, September 04, 2006

OLN TV Listings

OLN TV Listings

5:00PM - 6:00PM
Night Six - Carlisle
Night six of the 2006 Holsten Premier League Darts. Watch a thrilling draw between Wayne Mardle and Roland Scholten.
2:00AM - 3:00AM
Night Six - Carlisle
Night six of the 2006 Holsten Premier League Darts. Watch a thrilling draw between Wayne Mardle and Roland Scholten.
5:00PM - 6:00PM
Night Seven - Newport
Night seven of the 2006 Holsten Premier League Darts from the Newport Centre.
1:00AM - 2:00AM
Night Eight - Doncaster
Night eight of the 2006 Holsten Premier League Darts from Doncaster Dome.
5:00PM - 6:00PM
Night Eight - Doncaster
Night eight of the 2006 Holsten Premier League Darts from Doncaster Dome.
4:00PM - 5:00PM
Night Eight - Doncaster
Night eight of the 2006 Holsten Premier League Darts from Doncaster Dome.

Lakeside world champion Jelle Klaasen suffered a shock first-round defeat

WORLD CHAMPION SUFFERS SHOCK LOSS: Sporting Life: Darts - Lakeside world champion Jelle Klaasen suffered a shock first-round defeat:

By Gavin Worley, PA Sport

Lakeside world champion Jelle Klaasen suffered a shock first-round defeat against Tony Eccles at the Bavaria World Darts Trophy in Utrecht on Sunday.

Klaasen, who caused a massive upset back in January by beating fellow Dutchman Raymond van Barneveld in the world final, looked in control of the opening set after winning two of the first three legs."

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Passionate Darter, by Sherilyn Herkey - This comprehensive site includes information on how to play darts, etiquette, strategy, links, clubs and p

The Passionate Darter, by Sherilyn Herkey - This comprehensive site includes information on how to play darts, etiquette, strategy, links, clubs and pubs and guidelines for the Passionate Darter. Games include 301, 501, cricket. Glossary of terms included also.:

"King of Darts in Chicago August, 2006

Attention All Darters:

King of Darts (dart store in Streamwood, Illinois just outside Chicago) is For Sale to the right fanatical, committed and Passionate Darter! How many of you have wanted to make a living at something to do with darts but have not made the cut on the 'Pro' circuit? This could be your chance to play with darts all day long most every day and make a living as well. Besides, I personally hate to see my local dart store close..." - True Dutch Snugness....with a sharp edge

I ran across this bit of software today, and I wonder if any one has given it a try? - True Dutch Snugness....with a sharp edge:
"Darts Competition Professional
Version 1.5a

I've been working on a darts-scorekeeper program. Please do understand that I'm not a day-to-day programmer in my profession, and that this is just a hobby-project of mine.......

Darts Competition Professional keeps track of your scores and averages while you play the wonderful game of Darts. You can specify the game length in # sets, # legs or total points."

Saturday, September 02, 2006

paul williams- Fourm: Question of The Month

Did you ever have a have a question that you wanted ansewered by a darts pro? Well here's your chance over on the Paul Williams Darts Forum...

paul williams - Q.O.T.M: "Question Of The Month........

please post a question (be as indepth as you can)
this thread stays open for 20 days.

after the 20 days is up i will open another thread for us to vote on the question of the month.

the winning question will be emailed to as many darts pros as we can. i will post their replies to the question as they reply.

new one every month"

The August answers are starting to come in...

paul williams - Q.O.T.M answers - august 2006: "the first response to our august question has been recieved from


and is as follows - David DePriest Interview - David DePriest Interview:
"David DePriest appeared in the World Series of Darts on ESPN recently. Here is an introduction to David DePriest from his David DePriest site:
David DePriest, now 32 years of age, has been involved in darts for almost 23 years. Starting at only 9 years old he was one of the pioneers of youth darts in America. He has won dozens on National Singles titles, and has been a United States All-Star on two separate occasions. This three time Michigan State Darts Champion is now setting his sights on International events. He will appear on ESPN competing in the World Series of Darts starting July 18th 2006.
We appreciate David taking the time to answer our questions as he starts a new darts circuit and prepares for the National Championships the weekend of August 12th to 13th 2006.

21ace - TheEMan
1. Have you made the perfect game yet, 501 and out in 9 darts? " - Link to full interview

DAILY STAR: Darts - Silay, Bacolod entries

DAILY STAR: Darts - "Silay, Bacolod entries
rule darts tournament

Rommel Bagotayao and Gino Amantillo came-from-behind to thrash the pair of Meloy Pechera and Chad Dalpatan, 4-1, to claim the title of the Panasonic regular monthly darts tournament at the New Top's Millennium Plaza in Bacolod City recently.

After losing the first leg of the finals, the Silaynon Bagotayao and Amantillo of the Bacolod City Water District, racked up four straight wins to haul the title. The event was organized by the Association of Negros Darters and Darts Club."

Friday, September 01, 2006

Sun.Star Manila - Harrows Dart Tour set Saturday

Sun.Star Manila - Harrows Dart Tour set Saturday:
"DARTERS troop to the Daungan Restaurant in Mother Ignacia in Quezon City on Saturday night of the Harrows Darts Tour 2006 which guarantees a total pot of P14,600.

The event's mode of play is classified doubles (draw) 501 best-of-three winners bracket and 701 one-leg losers' bracket.

Topping the last leg were Lorens Ilagan and Robert Ramos who defeated the tandem of Ed Almasco and Marlon Panin in the finals. (Press release) "

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