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Friday, August 31, 2012

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#darts Dartoid's World - "Jumping the Shark" and Touching the "Third Rail"

Regular readers of Dartiod's World (for those who aren’t "regular" might I suggest a nice bran muffin each morning) may have been shocked when my colleague and editor published his latest effort. In show biz terms he "jumped the shark” by writing about the “third rail” of darts. SEX. Yes, dear readers, sex has raised its ugly head yet again. No pun intended - but of course we’ll take it.
Jump the Shark? The phrase is used to define a particular scene, episode or aspect in which the writers use some gimmick in a desperate attempt to keep viewers' (or readers') interest. As well as Dartoid writes, no such cheap theatrics are needed to hold the reader's interest. That’s not the case with your loyal servant and pal of the Old Dart Coach - for which I’m being held accountable. So beware. Cheap theatrics are coming...
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Monday, August 27, 2012

#darts VCDA Update

Mon Aug 27, 2012 VCDA Fall Season Captain's Meeting

1st Place A Divison
Shenanigans, 1st Place A Division
Captain's Meeting is Monday, August 27 at 7:30pm at Sam's Saloon. All team Captains or Co-Captains must attend or send a team member to represent them. Captain's Packets and schedules will be distributed, and important issues will be discussed. Please be there!
Questions, call Bryan Gosser (805) 312-4375 First Night of League play Thursday, September 6th
Are you a player looking for a team? We will try to find you a team! There are still teams looking for players in the Ventura and Oxnard Area!

Email vcda "at" vcda "dot" org or call (805) 312-4375

If you have any questions about getting registered please contact:
Bryan Gosser (805) 312-4375
Thanks and looking forward to seeing you all this Ventura County Dart Assoc Fall Season.

#darts tourney - Washington Area Open Coming Up!

Link for the flyer:

Pre-registration for the Washington Area Open deadline is tomorrow, Saturday

The $72 room rate is still good!
Book a room at

And please let me know if your organization or any business or players are interested in sponsoring our event.

Hope to see everyone there and please send us your events too so that we can put them in on our site and in our publications!

 Joe VanVoorhees

Executive Director

Washington Area Darts Association

#darts Dartoid's World :|: Column 437 :: Jelle Klassan and Larry the Lobster

Dartoid's World
Jelle Klassan and Larry the Lobster

When in 2011 New York Congressman Anthony Weiner was forced to resign after denying and denying and finally admitting that he sent an actual photograph of his last name to a multiple women, all of America - even those who didn't receive the image - exclaimed in a collective gasp, "what a dick!"

Now, it's a darts community's member, Jelle Klassan's, that's in the limelight. And the press grabbed hold immediately.
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Dartoid's World :|: Column 437 :: Jelle Klassan and Larry the Lobster

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bicycles and #Darts for Sale | Florida

It's very rare that I post about any dart shop or vendor, but this one really caught my eye.... It just never occurred to me that there would be a shop that combines two of my favorite activities. How's that for an "I wish I had thought of that" moment?

Louie's Bicycle and Darts in North Port, Florida has provided the highest in quality sales and service for two generations.
...We offer exceptional one-on-one service at our easy to access location on US 41 in North Port, Florida. When you do business with Louie's Bicycle, you do business with the owner directly. Lonny has personally built, repaired, and sold bicycles to thousands of South West Florida bike riders.
Besides bikes, Lonny's other passion is Darts. That has led him to build one of South West Florida's premiere Dart Shops featuring the best brands and supplies.

Bicycles and Darts for Sale | Florida

#DartsThorn Around The World, Part 25: “No WhiteHorse In Holyhead”

After a blissful night of rest at the Boathouse Hotel in Holyhead, Wales, I had a morning to enjoy before my train left for London. It started with another full breakfast of deep fried goodies–like sausage, eggs, tomatoes and potatoes, and plenty of coffee. Then, I just stepped outside and went for a walk on the cool cloudy Welsh seashore.

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Darts Around The World » Thorn Around The World, Part 25: “No WhiteHorse In Holyhead”

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

#darts Deta Hedman Interview by Charis of Global Darts

Interview with Deta Hedman

Deta Hedman was born 1959 in Jamaica and together with the family moved to England when she was 13 years old. From 1990 to 1997 she played in the BDO than work commitment made it necessary for her to take a break from darts. From 1994 till the break she was the number 1 woman fo the world. 2002 she started to play on the PDC Circuit only to have to take another break due to work commitment in 2006. She returned 2009 to the BDO and immediately started to win tournament after tournament again and to return to the top ranking place in the BDO and the WDF ranking. Before Deta's first break the BDO Women Wold Championship didn't exist but after her return in 2009 she managed to qualify and qualified in 2010 and 2011 again. Till now she couldn't win the title but that seems only to be a matter of time. 
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

#darts "Old Darters never die. They just fade away.", an interesting post on dartplayer forum

WC wrote:
"Ever wonder what happened to the massive number of competitive and recreational darters that packed public venues in the 70's and 80's?

Even if they reached a point where the pressure and regimen of leage/tournament competition was beyond them, why are they not still meeting up with friends for a pint and a friendly game or two or spending time on their board at home?

Virtually everyone here knows at least one person who was very active for years and just is not there any more. I know from personal experience because I was one of them

Why have we “just faded away?”

What can be done so that, at some point, you don’t “just fade away” too?

IMO, there are a myriad of excuses but only few actual reasons.

What are your thoughts.


The post got me thinking...
I find it interesting that darts is not much of a family game here in the USA, so much of the time when you have to focus more on family you find that darts gets set aside...

Wouldn't it be great if there could be a family "darts night" at family friendly establishments around town, or if you could hear your friends say; "I have to take the kids to their darts practice tonight." Or if at family reunions the old folks could sit around and say: "Little Annie just got select to her darts league's All-Star team!"

... if only it could be like that we wouldn't be having this conversation.

- DT

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Friday, August 17, 2012

#darts 2013 World Cup XIX Oct 1-5,

It's Coming!!!xxx
Canada is proud to host the
2013 World Cup XIX
St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador
October 1st-5th
Keep up-to-date here on all the latest news as the World descends on Canada!!!   
*New* Check out this 2012 World Cup Video and Team Canada amongst the World! Opening & closing ceremonies plus Team Canada's rendition of our national anthem!

#darts 2013 ADO Tournament Calendar posted

The 2013 ADO Tournament Calendar has been loaded to the website. More tournaments will be loaded as the office receives the information.
The dates for the 2013 ADO Playoffs have also been loaded. Please click the image to the left to view the PDF document.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

#darts Sid Waddell Passes Away... R.I.P. Sid...

DARTS commentator Sid Waddell has died after a long battle with illness. Waddell passed away peacefully just a day after his 72nd birthday following an 11 month fight with bowel cancer. A statement from his manager Dick Allix was released at midday on Sunday reading: "With great sadness, we announce that following a long illness, broadcaster and author Sid Waddell died peacefully with all his family around him late last night, Saturday August 11 2012."
 More at:,,10180~2878981,00.html

Sid Waddell Classic Quotes

Sid Waddell: The life and times of one of sport's greatest voices Sid Waddell, who has died aged 72, was widely known as the "voice of darts". But as Waddell would repeatedly prove throughout his life, he was so much more than that. Broadcaster, television news producer, screenwriter, author and Bafta-winning director, the Northumberland-born Cambridge graduate was a multi-skilled man of words.
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Friday, August 10, 2012

Make #Darts an Olympic Sport in 2016

"Lets try and make Darts an Olympic Sport in 2016, Share and pass this picture around to help us make it happen !!!!!"

OK. realistically it's too late for it to happen in Rio, but we need to keep campaigns such as this one alive until we get it done! Waiting another 4 years to start again will be too late! -DT

How does a sport become Olympic?
To make it onto the Olympic programme, a sport first has to be recognised: it must be administered by an International Federation which ensures that the sport's activities follow the Olympic Charter. If it is widely practised around the world and meets a number of criteria established by the IOC session, a recognised sport may be added to the Olympic programme on the recommendation of the IOC's Olympic Programme Commission.

Pacific #Darts Association Signup

If you want to play this coming season please send an email to
Put in:
Night of play (Tue, Wed, Thur)
Division: A1 or A2
Team Name
Captain and Captains Phone Number
Members of the team
Sponsor Location

You can also fill out a form and take it to The Dart Shop in Buena Park or call the Dart Line at 562-726-3801 and leave a message.
Doug Tice
Recording and Results Secretary of the Pacific Darts Association.

Note:  We have not been able to field a division for Wednesday in the past year so if that is the night you want to play make sure to have an
Alternate night in case we don’t have enough teams.   We need 4 teams to make up a division. 

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Part Claims NAPT Opener 23 Jul 2012 #darts

JOHN PART won the inaugural PDC North American Tour event on Sunday evening, defeating Darin Young in the final in Chicago.

The Canadian three-time World Champion claimed the $2,200 first prize in the $10,000 event to make a fine start to the year's NAPT series, with a further two events to be played in 2012.

more at:,,10180~2857586,00.html


Jeff Smith 6-4 Ray Carver

Darin Young 6-2 Ryan Barnette

Ross Snook 6-1 Terry Hayhurst

John Part 6-3 Gary Mawson

Losers $400


Darin Young 6-5 Jeff Smith

John Part 6-1 Ross Snook

Losers $800


John Part 6-1 Darin Young

Winner $2,200

Runner-Up $1,400

#darts 2012 ADO All-Stars and 501 National Championships

The 2012 ADO All-Stars and 501 National Championships takes place on August 10, 2012 in Stamford, CT in conjunction with the USA Dart Classic.  The ADO would like to wish all the participants the best of luck.

2012 VCDA Fall Season #Dart League is starting soon!

VCDA Fall League Registration Deadline
Monday, August 13, 2012 8:30pm

If you plan to play darts this fall season with the VCDA now is the time to get your team registered!
You can find registration form at:

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

#darts on ESPN... ESPN Uk, that is... ESPN will broadcast live and exclusive coverage of the European Darts Championship as the top players in Europe compete in Mulheim, Germany this September. Viewers will be able to watch live action from each day of the tournament, ...
more at:

#darts Mon Aug 13, 2012 VCDA Fall Season Signup Deadline!

Ventura County Dart Association

Mon Aug 13, 2012 VCDA Fall Season Signup Deadline!

If you plan to play darts this fall season with the VCDA now is the time to get your team registered!
You can find registration form at:
Registration Sheet PDF file
Captain's Meeting is Monday, August 27 at 7:30pm
First Night of League play Thursday, September 6th
Are you a player looking for a team? We will try to find you a team.

Email vcda"at"vcda"dot"org or call (805) 312-4375

If you have any questions about getting registered please contact: Bryan Gosser (805) 312-4375

#darts 28th Annual Cal-Hawaiian Dart Tournament

The RHADT Presents

The 28th Annual
Cal-Hawaiian Dart Tournament
August 18, 2012
$1501.00 Poway Elks Lodge
13219 Posway Road
Poway. Ca
Flyer Link

#darts is always left out....

Cats have a go at the Olympics...

...and even they forgot about the darts!

#darts Randkings in the US... so many and how useful

"do u think we can possibly ever have one universal point system for all? n i mean all? ada,nda,ado,ndfc,and any other NORTH AMERICAN ORGS????"

Was the question posed on Improving darts! on Facebook  click here (A Members only group)

It's a hard question and many folks are looking for ways to answer the question, but the obvious issue is that a lot of folks don't think that the ADO Rankings are working. Several organizations have their own systems that attempt to address the question of who are the strongest players on the North American Dart Circuit. It appears that each of these organizations ranking systems addresses the wants and needs of the organization running the ranking system, but the key question is; "Which system appeals to the average tournament player?" But then that brings up the question of "Who is the average tournament player?" and that brings us to; "Is there really an average tournament player in North American?" Maybe there are even more questions that need to be answered...

I'm thinking the final answer will be "Only time will tell" and the ranking system proves to be most user friendly and accurate should win the day.... but I could be wrong about that... dartplayers seem to be slow to change...  if pressed I would say that ADO Rankings are more viewed than many of the newer rankings systems, and then MLDrankins is likely the next most utilized ranking system of the newer systems on offer. Only time will tell if this holds true in the future.

What do you want in a ranking system?

Have your say here by posting a comment, or in the group on facebook at: Improving darts! on Facebook  click here (A Members only group)

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

#darts Should Darts be an Olympic Sport?

Jacob Lewis Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony was a brilliant mess of unabashedly bonkers Britishness, but all this national character suddenly feels lacking when watching the sports on offer. You could argue that none of the events in London 2012 have a true British vibe, because every great Olympic sport we invented, we promptly exported and forgot how to play.
Take tennis for example; before Murray’s epic Sunday victory, the last time Britain won gold in tennis was 1908, way back when you could get a medal in the tug of war. Clearly what’s needed is a sport that shows off some of what Britain’s really all about: beer, pork scratchings and drunken bankers. So where the hell are the medals for darts this summer?
Hidden just off London Bridge in the square mile is Porters Lodge, the capital’s waterhole with a reputation as “darting heaven” amongst those in the know. The locals in the Lodge here are pretty pissed — pun fully intended — at their sport of choice missing out on a chance in the Olympic spotlight. The British Darts Organisation lobbied strongly for darts to be included in London 2012, but despite being recognised as a bona-fide sport in 2005 (the year London won the games) and members of the Olympic Committee attending Lakeside World Pro Darts Championships, it wasn’t added to the list.

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#darts podcast... Stamford preview, MLD Results

Stephen G. Panuncialman 11:35am Aug 7
Tonight at 7:30pm central...we preview, set the odds, and Mark makes his picks for the US 501 championship this Friday in Stamford, CT. Also MLD results from Aylmer,Ontario and New York, NY. And most likely a couple of real rants...
Dart Talk
Dart Talk @ USTREAM: A weekly internet broadcast dedicated solely to the sport of darts. Tournament ...

#darts Anne Kramer ISSUE 4 August.

The days where you could attend a tournament, win the singles event, and are given a huge trophy. Not to mention, I huge check (cheque) to go with it. If you were a male, you could win the Men’s Singles event at a $10k tournament and get a fat $1,000.00 check along with that huge trophy. It was like that at tournaments all over the country and a pre-requisite that your open singles event paid first place at least 10% of your total tournament payout for the win. Back then; a player could make a living with these winnings.

#darts 2 yr Aniversary DATW podcast from Stamford

Evan Waterman wrote:6:02am Aug 7
Hello all. We will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary in Stamford this weekend broadcasting all day Saturday with Richard Ashdown and Bobby George. Join us over at to follow everything that's happening. We would like to thank you all who have made this a really fun couple of years. Our goal from the very beginning was to entertain and inspire people to take bolder steps in the sport. If you have a fond memory of the show please feel free to email us at and we will mention it on the show. Thanks!

Monday, August 06, 2012

#darts McHale's Bar presents an evening with the "Stars of U.S. Darts"

By Anthony Eugenia,

Please join us on Thursday evening
August 9th @ 7:30pm
as McHale's brings together THE
premier talent in U.S. darts today!

Darin Young , Larry Butler & Jim Widmayer
will be on hand
to not only show you what has made them the top players in
the game but to give you the inside scoop on what it takes to
be the best and to be the best player YOU can be!

If you don't play darts yourself, come on down and see how
fun and exciting darts is!

The players are looking forward to meeting and greeting eveyone
at McHale's.

To take us down our evening of entertainment we look forward to having on hand MC Colin Cosell.

Come and enjoy the wonderful food, drink and hospitality that
McHale's Bar & Grill has to offer.....
NYC newest darting institution!

This event is produced in association with DPNY
Dart Players New York
Contact information:

Paul Downey @ McHale's-
ph# 347.724.5600

Anthony Eugenia @ DPNY-
ph# 347.527.3236

Sunday, August 05, 2012

#darts RICHARD LAWRENCE update

H Knight Schutsch wrote on facebook:
We visited with him yesterday and he was in and out of consciousness. But he recognized myself and Phil Cotrell and perked up a bit. Being such a strong man we are on a vigil knowing the end is near. The doctors are saying a week maybe two it is a matter of how long his great big heart will last. But due to the generosity of all of you we have given Karen and Richard a greater gift than you could imagine. Because of the donations Karen was able to bring Richard home and spend time together with the assistance of a home health aide. They were able to have talks and say all things we would imagine we would say if we were in their position. Your gifts grew to mean the world to them. I am looking forward to being with everyone so we share stories, memories, pictures and laughs. Let's try our best to celebrate the life of wonderful friend, husband, brother and son. But I wanted to give an update and to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart!❤
event photos:

Saturday, August 04, 2012

#darts DIARY OF A DART PLAYER WITH ANDY RELF – Everything’s going great for me... that is, except for my knee! - Darts - Sussex Express

THINGS are going great on the dart board at the moment.
Confidence is high, I’m scoring great, and my finishing has improved almost to a point where I’m happy with it.
For the second week running in Superleague I took the man of the match award with a 28.49 average per dart, which was also best in the county for the second consecutive week.

more at:
DIARY OF A DART PLAYER WITH ANDY RELF – Everything’s going great for me... that is, except for my knee! - Darts - Sussex Express


Kim Lucasti wrote: Wow, I am truly overwhelmed by the generosity of the dart community! We have some amazing raffle prizes:
Las Vegas Open Entry Package
Queen Mary Dart Tournament Entry Package
Gold Coast V Entries
Black Widow Darts
L Style Darts Supply Packages & Monster Darts
Harrows Darts
Dart Boards
Dart Cases
Angels Tickets and Preferred Parking Pass ( AMAZING SEATS, take a look at my photos to see where you will be sitting)
Gift Certificates to restaurants
Well over $2000.00 in Raffle Prizes thanks to the generosity of the companies and people listed below.
I cannot thank you all enough
The Dart Shop in Buena Park
The Dolphin Lounge in Anaheim
Mother's Car Care
Las Vegas Open / CHRIS HELMS
Gold Coast Shootout V / Ventura County Darts Association
Queen Mary Classic
L Style Darts Monster
Laserdart / Horizon Darts
Bottelsen Darts
Metroline Cases
Great Lakes Darts
Dart World
All American Asphalt
Dang Crabs! in Garden Grove, CA
Tartan Room in Orange, California
Jan Turner & Barbara Smith
Kimberly & John Denich
Harriette & Dieter Schutsch
Katie Harris & Patty (ADO)
Tiffany Gnau
Kim Bird

Thank you all for all the wonderful gift baskets, prizes and the time you have donated. Hope I didn't forget anyone and hope to see lots of people at the shoot tomorrow (Saturday 8/5/12). more at: #darts "DARTS FROM THE HEART" BENEFIT SHOOT FOR RICHARD LAWRENCE A.K.A. PANCHO
...on facebook: 


Rich Lough wrote: CONGRATULATIONS NTADA 2012 ADA NATIONALS WINNERS 2012 MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS (MVP's) - Total of 8 up for grabs; Men’s Steel Tip Open - Christian Haggmark Women’s Soft Tip Open - Martha Garcia Men’s Steel Tip Neutralizer - Keith Williams Women’s Steel Tip Neutralizer - Angie Pina Men’s Pro Singles Steel Tip - 1st - Christian Haggmark, 2nd - Tim Sopp. Women’s Pro Singles Soft Tip - 1st - Martha Garcia, 2nd - Olga Ivory, Top 4 - Lisa Layton, Top 8 - Erin Fetzer & Terri Harris. Steel Tip Open Winners: -Men’s Singles Cricket; 1st - Christian Haggmark; Top 8 - Jeremy Chase. -Women’s Singles Cricket; 2nd - Sharon Findley; Top 8 - AJ Detmer. -Team League; Top 4 - April Stafford, Cliff Stephens, Jesse Benning, Kyle Morrison, Shannon Haase. -Express League; 1st - Shawna Sopp, Tim Sopp, Christian Haggmark; 2nd - Joshua Jamme/P. Schaeffler/D. Dallas. -Men’s Singles; 1st - Christian Haggmark, 2nd - Tim Sopp, Top 4 - Calvin Williams. -Women’s Singles; Top 4 - Shawna Sopp. -Women’s Doubles; 2nd - Shawna Sopp & Sharon Findley. -Men’s Doubles; 1st - Christian Haggmark & Tim Sopp. -Mixed Doubles; 2nd - Christian Haggmark/Sharon Findley, 3rd - AJ Detmer/Calvin Williams. -Mixed Triples; Top 4 - Tim Lindemann/Calvin Williams/AJ Detmer, Top 4 - Christian Haggmark/Tim Sopp/Shawna Sopp. Steel Tip Neutralizer Winners: -Team League; 1st - Angie Pina/Jason Cohea/Keith Williams/Dale LaBine/Dave Steffen, 2nd - Pito Mendoza/Jeremy Chase/Nicki Adams/Willy Findley/Sharon Findley, Top 4 - Chris Miller/Jeff Ford/Bill Godfrey/Brandon Cunningham/Kristen Gallia, Top 4 - Christy Culpepper/Greg Culpepper/Barb Nesuda/Toby Koss. -Men’s Singles; 1st - Joshua Jamme, 2nd - Keith Williams, Top 4 - Larry Green & Jeff Ford. -Women’s Singles; 1st - Shannon Haase, 2nd - Angie Pina, Top 4 - April Stafford & Kristy Murray. -Women’s Doubles; 1st - Nicki Adams/Kristy Murray, 2nd - Angie Pina/T. Schick, 3rd - Paige Zastoupil-Thomas/Kristen Gallia, 4th - Donna Engel/Brenda Sanders. -Men’s Doubles; 1st - Jeremy Chase/Dave Steffen, 2nd - Chris Miller/Brandon Cunningham, 3rd - Jeff Ford/Doug Mitchell. -Mixed Doubles; 1st - Keith Williams/Brenda Sanders, 2nd - Jason Cohea/Angie Pina, 3rd - Nicki Adams/Pito Mendoza, 4th - Christy Culpepper/Jeff Ford. -Mixed Triples; 1st - Brenda Sanders/Keith Williams/R. Moody, 2nd - Nicki Adams/Pito Mendoza/Jeremy Chase, Top 4 - Robbie Sanders/Donna Engel/Tom Engel and Kristy Murray/David Vertz/Jeff Ford. Soft Tip Open Winners: -Team League; 6th - Rich Lough/Dennis Dean/Rusty Nabors/H. Williams. -Express League; Top 8 - Olga Ivory/Martha Garcia/Mike Bergevin and Terri Harris/Joe Gorman/Sarah Terry. -Men’s Singles; Top 32 - Rusty Nabors, Joe Allen, Jack Ellison -Women’s Singles; 2nd - Martha Garcia, Top 4 - Olga Ivory and Lisa Layton. -Women’s Doubles Cricket; 1st - Olga Ivory/Martha Garcia, 2nd - Sarah Terry/H. Williams, 3rd - Janet Buddemeyer/R. Parkinson, 5th - Erin Fetzer/Terri Harris. -Mixed Doubles; 2nd - Lisa Layton/M. Hinds, 3rd - Erin Fetzer/J. Mateja, 5th&6th - Joseph Allen/Olga Ivory and Martha Garcia/K. Jinkensen. -Mixed Triples; 1st - Martha Garcia/J. Mateja/K. Jinkensen, Top 4 - Terri Harris/M.Hinds/V.Sutherland. Soft Tip Neutralizer Winners: -Women’s Doubles Cricket; 7th - Nancy Lough/Ashley Brockman. I want to thank everyone that helped out and attended this year. I had a great time watching all my area's members throw and have fun. Hope to see everyone on the boards this fall and shoot well. Richard Lough North Texas Area Representative 972-670-1180 mobile rlough"at"adadarters"dot"com

#darts Latest MLD North American Rankings

Latest MLD North American Rankings from published tournament results. Lots of movement among the top 100. Cindy Pardy remains the highest ranked lady on the list at #61. The 'Change' column is the place movement from the previous week. Now includes a listing of players who have fallen off the rankings and tournaments included. Rankings | Major League Darts NOTE: The rankings include Open and Mens 501 Singles results from the following organizations: MLD

#Dartplayers Wanted!

If you are in the SCDA/LA area... It's Time to Play Darts!
L David Irete wrote: this much fun during Summer ! imagine this fall .... Now that we have a place to play , there is no reason for us not to grow into the most successful Darts Association ever. Ask a friend to come out for a lesson , or a show . Saturday , we were live on the Internet for eight hours , The Dirty Bull shelled out a $ 1,000.00 LOD , all seen by the world .. Damm , darts is really making a move these days . LA Time Sports Page cover story ,, DARTS .. come on that is big . If you don't want to compete , no biggy , just let people you know , know that darts is more than just a BAR / Garage game . Champions of the sport are making Millions playing darts . Darts is in the final stages to becoming an Olympic Game . ( without the Queens help ) so you know the drill , share this , thanks , L. David Pres, SCDA

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

#darts Music City Open $20,000 July 27 - 29 results

Open Pro Singles 01 Results NAPDA Ranked Players in Brackets
 (1) Darin Young
 (6) Steve Panuncialman

more at:

Photos at:

"The Yorkshire Darts Masters" #darts

Neil Hart posted in DARTS COMPETITIONS - ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, WALES & IRELAND What better way to celebrate Yorkshire Day than to announce a new darts competition that we are organising here at York Darts Promotions. "The Yorkshire Darts Masters". This will consist of 8 qualifying stages (7 within a 50 mile radius of York and 1 in York). Each stage winner will pick up a prize of £100 with all stage 1/4 finalists qualifying for the Grand Finals in York. The overall winner will receive £1,000 and all Grand Finalists will receive place prize money, but they must play in the Grand Finals to receive this. Further details will be released in due course. If you or your business would like the opportunity of being involved in this event please contact me via this page, email neilhartydp"at" or tel 07921128063. Many thanks.

#Darts world champion pushing for sport's inclusion in 2020 Olympics

 LONDON – The sport of darts has launched a remarkable bid to become the next event accepted into the Olympic Games – and it's gained the surprising support of Prince Harry.
International darts chiefs have expanded their professional tour around the world in recent years, and the game's power base is no longer restricted to the United Kingdom and parts of mainland Europe.
Darts' 15-time world champion Phil Taylor is leading the charge for Olympic ratification, backed by Barry Hearn -- the promoter who turned darts from primarily a pub game with a small tournament scene into a sport where leading players can earn nearly $1 million per season. Prince Harry, who is a huge fan and has previously attended the world championships in central London, is also strongly in favor.

Darts world champion pushing for sport's inclusion in 2020 Olympics

search this site or the web...