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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

#darts Randkings in the US... so many and how useful

"do u think we can possibly ever have one universal point system for all? n i mean all? ada,nda,ado,ndfc,and any other NORTH AMERICAN ORGS????"

Was the question posed on Improving darts! on Facebook  click here (A Members only group)

It's a hard question and many folks are looking for ways to answer the question, but the obvious issue is that a lot of folks don't think that the ADO Rankings are working. Several organizations have their own systems that attempt to address the question of who are the strongest players on the North American Dart Circuit. It appears that each of these organizations ranking systems addresses the wants and needs of the organization running the ranking system, but the key question is; "Which system appeals to the average tournament player?" But then that brings up the question of "Who is the average tournament player?" and that brings us to; "Is there really an average tournament player in North American?" Maybe there are even more questions that need to be answered...

I'm thinking the final answer will be "Only time will tell" and the ranking system proves to be most user friendly and accurate should win the day.... but I could be wrong about that... dartplayers seem to be slow to change...  if pressed I would say that ADO Rankings are more viewed than many of the newer rankings systems, and then MLDrankins is likely the next most utilized ranking system of the newer systems on offer. Only time will tell if this holds true in the future.

What do you want in a ranking system?

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