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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

#darts Should Darts be an Olympic Sport?

Jacob Lewis Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony was a brilliant mess of unabashedly bonkers Britishness, but all this national character suddenly feels lacking when watching the sports on offer. You could argue that none of the events in London 2012 have a true British vibe, because every great Olympic sport we invented, we promptly exported and forgot how to play.
Take tennis for example; before Murray’s epic Sunday victory, the last time Britain won gold in tennis was 1908, way back when you could get a medal in the tug of war. Clearly what’s needed is a sport that shows off some of what Britain’s really all about: beer, pork scratchings and drunken bankers. So where the hell are the medals for darts this summer?
Hidden just off London Bridge in the square mile is Porters Lodge, the capital’s waterhole with a reputation as “darting heaven” amongst those in the know. The locals in the Lodge here are pretty pissed — pun fully intended — at their sport of choice missing out on a chance in the Olympic spotlight. The British Darts Organisation lobbied strongly for darts to be included in London 2012, but despite being recognised as a bona-fide sport in 2005 (the year London won the games) and members of the Olympic Committee attending Lakeside World Pro Darts Championships, it wasn’t added to the list.

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