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Thursday, May 22, 2008

SCDA Spring Fling

Due to unforeseen circumstances the SCDA Spring Fling scheduled for May 31st has been cancelled..

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

2 SoCal Memorial Day Blind Draws....

Sam's Saloon 2008 Memorial Day Shoot
Benefits Armed Forces Charities!
Saturday: May 24th
12:00 noon
$10 entry fee
Format is Blind Draw Chicago
Sam's Saloon
OXNARD CA. 93030
805 486-6077

Memorial Day "Oh My"
Monday 5/26/2008
Start time is 2:00PM
Cost is $17.00 per player
Format is Blind Draw Chicago
Tournament is at the Bench Warmer
1855 E. MAIN ST.
805 643-4303

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

East/West All-Stars Regional results

... and now a message form Anne (ADO Region II-2 Director)

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to pass along some results from the regional playoff that was held yesterday at the Dolphin Lounge in San Diego. I'd like to give an extra special thank you to the San Diego players for making the trip. Without the dedication of the GSDDA players regional after regional, we would not have the players needed to put on this event.

We had 8 men total for the event, and our congratulations go to Marvin Wentz, who was yesterdays winner. Marvin had a excellent run during the entire event and only lost one leg out of the 21 played. Way to go, Marvin!

Marvin will now represent Region II-2 in Connecticut in August at the East/West All-Star Challenge, which will also give him the opportunity to qualify for the 501 National Championships. This trip will also give Marvin the opportunity to compete in the USA Dart Classic, which takes place that same weekend. So, good luck to you Marvin and make SoCal proud!

Here are the overall results on the day....

Name Legs Won Legs Lost

Marvin Wentz ....20 ....1
Charles Bradish ....15 ....6
Doug McDonough ....10 ....11
Andrew Bennett ....10 ....11
Curtis Pierpont ....9 ....12
Allen Williams ....9 ....12
Dan Jager ....6 ....15
Mark Pundt ....5 ....16

There were no women to play, so this region will not be sending a ladies representative to Connecticut in August.

As an added note, plans are being made for the next regional, which will be for the US Team and the winner of this regional will earn the opportunity to compete in the US Team National Playoffs and the Halloween Open in Austin Texas in October. The tentative date for this regional will be July 26th. I will send out further details when they become available....but for now, all association reps....please get going on getting your association qualifiers completed. The more the merrier and let's see if we can start sending more than one person to the National Playoffs. Also, the regional raffle will continue for this regional and look for selected location announcements where special raffle tickets will only be sold for one day and the winner that day will get their entry paid into the next regional.

Webmasters, if you could post this information on your league website, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again everyone and happy darting to all !!

ADO Region II-2 Director

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