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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Sid's Diary

Unicorn - Links "GOBBING ON THE OCHE!:
31 December 2005

We start on a very, very serious note. What are the moral considerations of darts players “giving it lip” to each other during a vital match?

There is no doubt that Peter Manley said something to Adrian Lewis on the moment of release. This led to Lewis remonstrating with the ref Russ Bray and then leaving the stage."

Friday, December 30, 2005 World Championship - Quarter-Finals

Afternoon Session (1pm)
Gary Welding 0-5 Wayne Jones
Peter Manley 5-3 Adrian Lewis
Evening Session (7pm)
Wayne Mardle 5-0 Alan Warriner-Little
Phil Taylor 5-1 Kevin Painter" World Championship Lewis' Dream Ended By Manley

"Lewis' Dream Ended By Manley

(3-0, 3-0, 1-3, 3-2, 1-3, 3-2, 1-3, 3-0)

PETER MANLEY edged a dramatic tension-filled battle with Adrian Lewis to move into the last four of the World Darts Championship." World Championship - Taylor Makes A Statement!

"Taylor Makes A Statement!:

(3-0, 2-3, 3-0, 3-1, 3-0, 3-0)

PHIL TAYLOR'S charge towards a 13th World Championship title continued with a brilliant 5-1 defeat of Kevin Painter at the Circus Tavern."

Thursday, December 29, 2005

WORLD DARTS - A review of Darts on TV

Hmmm.... can't really say why it took me so long to post the link to this article, but OH well.....

OFF THE TELLY: Reviews/2005/World Darts: "Televised darts has taken a strange twist in the last decade, with the sport's infamous split into two pools taking what became the more glamorous half of the game onto satellite. Their coverage - while containing all the vileness which can go with an overblown, overhyped sporting event on Sky Sports - is technically impressive and extremely well planned. The PDC players are given documentary airtime, the venues are chosen for the benefit of the telly rather than despite it, and for some time now the looped introduction of the splendid Chase the Sun by Planet Funk has become a much hummed, wailed and sung theme tune for every player intro, commercial break and presentation ceremony.

Coverage by the BBC has remained refreshingly staid by comparison, contributing next to nothing to the natural glitterati of the event at the Lakeside Country Club, leaving that to the whims and policies of the tournament's organisers and the Masters of Ceremony - the chief of which, the klaxon-like Martin Fitzmaurice, whips up an already sizzled crowd into a proper frenzy with the simple, effective opening gambit: 'Let's! Play! Darts!'"

A funny video clip.....

This video has been floating around the Internet a gread deal lately, but just in case you have not seen it......

This clip is hosted by World Championship - Day Eight Round-Up

" World Darts Championship Thursday 29 December:
Afternoon Session
Peter Manley 4-3 Dennis Smith
Roland Scholten 3-4 Adrian Lewis
Andy Smith 2-4 Alan Warriner-Little
Evening Session
Wayne Mardle 4-2 John Part
Phil Taylor 4-0 Andrew Hamilton
Kevin Painter 4-1 Mark Dudbridge"

View the matchup if bracket format

Part reaches third round

CJAD 800 : News - "Part reaches third round,: but Convery eliminated from world darts championship
Updated at 18:36 on December 28, 2005, EST.

LONDON (CP) - Former world champion John Part of Oshawa, Ont., advanced to the third round of the 500,000-pound ($1.01 million Cdn) World Darts Championship on Wednesday.


Part had to rally to dispatch Ireland's Chris Mason 4-3 (3-2, 0-3, 1-3, 3-2, 1-3, 3-1) to set up a third-round meeting with England's Wayne Mardle."

Youngster Lewis defeats Priestley

BBC Story: Lewis, the protégé of 12-times world champion Phil Taylor: "Youngster Lewis defeats Priestley

Despite being just 20 Lewis is being tipped as a potential finalist
Adrian Lewis gave further notice of his promise as he beat the veteran Dennis Priestley 4-2 in the second round of the PDC World Darts Championship.

Lewis, the protégé of 12-times world champion Phil Taylor, is making his debut in the tournament as 20th seed."

Wednesday, December 28, 2005 World Championship - Day Seven Round-Up

Day Seven Round-Up "Second Round:
Afternoon Session
Terry Jenkins 1-4 Andrew Hamilton
Ray Carver 3-4 Andy Smith
Alan Warriner-Little 4-0 Gerry Convery
Evening Session
Wayne Mardle 4-1 Erik Clarys
John Part 4-3 Chris Mason
Third Round
Gary Welding 4-2 John Kuczynski
Wayne Jones 4-1 Steve Alker"

Going to Las Vegas in March?

Subject: A LITTLE info. Re: Las Vegas Venues/Hotels for WSD/ADO Regional on March 10-12

To Whom It may Concern...............
March 10th, 11th, and 12th will be a weekend full of darts in Vegas. For anyone interested,
On FRI. NIGHT there will be a blind draw at:
Rum Runner D.I 3050 E. Dersert Inn Road

Starts- 8:30 PM Entry-$5.00/person--Dbl. Elim.
info- Grumpy (702) 732-7464 -OR-
Rum Runner (702) 732-7373
100% payout..............

On SAT. AFTERNOON the Southern Nev. Darts Asso. will be hosting the ADO Regional Qualifier for the World Masters'. The next step would be to compete in Houston in June at the Nationals and then to the World Masters' in Oct. 2006 in
Bridlington, England. Start time will be NOON-SHARP...CHECK IN AT 11:00 AM.

Format-all 501-Round Robin-3 games per round-
INFO- Stacy A1DARTR180"at"
ENTRY FEE- Must qualify thru ADO Asso. Qualifiers or $110.00/person.
3025 E. Desert Inn Rd. (see location info. below)

On SAT. NIGHT there will be another blind draw at:
3025 E. Desert Inn Rd.
Starts 8:00 PM


$1.00/mystery out
Dbl. Elim. Chicago Format
info-Rose Carrigan-(702) 454-2845
E mail Carrigandarts"at"
CDs Lounge Ph- (702) 737-1600

And, finally, on SUNDAY AFTERNOON there will be a World Series of Darts Qualifier at the
4500 W. Tropicana Blvd.
Lv, NV. 89103

THUS MANY HOTELS ARE ALREADY SOLD OUT OR WILL ONLY SELL "NASCAR PACKAGES". are two hotels I can is near the blind draws and ADO Regional and the other is near the Orleans Hotel and Casino. Otherwise, go on line and see if you can do it is...
Near the Blind draws and ADO Regional there is Motel 6
4125 Boulder Hwy.
Las Vegas, NV 89121
Ph (702) 457-8051

Rates have been quoted to me at $69.00/night- double occupancy. (There is a discount for AARP members.) This motel is located next to Boulder Station, about 4 miles straight down the road from both Rum Runner and CDs Lounge dart bars.

Another option about 3 miles down the road from the ORLEANS is:
Emerald Suites
3890 Graphic Center Drive
LV, NV. (702) 507-9999

Rates at this location have been quoted to me as starting at $99.00/night for a Suite-which can be shared by 4 people at a reasonable rate. This is the best I could do.......
You can always cancel them later, as I said, this is NASCAR weekend in Vegas.
Hope to see lots of people that weekend here in Vegas....Good Luck to all........

Stacy Bromberg

Tuesday, December 27, 2005 World Championship - Day Six Round-Up & Reports

"Second Round - Day Six
Afternoon Session
Denis Ovens 1-4 Steve Alker
Mark Walsh 0-4 Dennis Smith
Roland Scholten 4-2 Tomas Seyler
Evening Session
Dennis Priestley 2-4 Adrian Lewis
Kevin Painter 4-3 Wes Newton
Phil Taylor 4-1 Matt Clark
Mark Dudbridge 4-0 Alan Tabern World Championship - Boxing Day Round-Up

" World Darts Championship
Second Round -
: Boxing Day (6pm start)
John Kuczynski 4-3 Jan van der Rassel
Andy Jenkins 3-4 Wayne Jones
Gary Welding 4-1 Erwin Extercatte
Peter Manley 4-3 Jason Clark"

Sunday, December 25, 2005 World Championship - Second Round Matches

"Second Round Matches:
Monday 26 December
John Kuczynski v Jan van der Rassel
Andy Jenkins v Wayne Jones
Gary Welding v Erwin Extercatte
Peter Manley v Jason Clark
Tuesday 27 December
Denis Ovens v Steve Alker
Mark Walsh v Dennis Smith
Roland Scholten v Tomas Seyler
Dennis Priestley v Adrian Lewis
Kevin Painter v Wes Newton
Phil Taylor v Matt Clark
Mark Dudbridge v Alan Tabern
Wednesday 28 December
Terry Jenkins v Andrew Hamilton
Ray Carver v Andy Smith
Alan Warriner-Little v Gerry Convery
Wayne Mardle v Erik Clarys
John Part v Chris Mason"

Thursday, December 22, 2005 World Championship - Day Four

" World Chamionship Day Four First Round Day Four Results
Jamie Harvey 0-3 Tomas Seyler
Erik Clarys 3-0 Winston Cadogan
Colin Monk 0-3 Andy Smith
Dave Askew 0-3 Gerry Convery
Alex Roy 2-3 Alan Tabern
Kevin Painter 3-1 Dale Newton
Chris Mason 3-1 Steve Hine
Alan Warriner-Little 3-0 Andree Welge" also has posted World Series of Darts - Official Qualifier Event Schedule

World Series of Darts - Official Qualifier Event Schedule
"World Series of Darts Official Qualifier Event Schedule

PDC - Professional Darts CorporationFor Immediate release December, 19, 2005
From Bull’s-Eye Marketing, Inc.

The World Series of Darts qualifier event schedule is now complete! All locations, times and venues have been confirmed and are included in the official calendar below, along with the contact information for each event’s local area coordinator. Additional information about the qualifier events, such as formats, can be found in the “Official Rules & Regulations”"

Take a look: Darts - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If you have never taken a look at for stuff about darts here's your chance!Darts - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Darts is a game, or rather a variety of related games, in which darts are thrown at a circular target (dart board) hung on a wall. Though various different boards and games have been used in the past, the term 'darts' usually now refers to a standardized game involving a specific board design and set of rules.

As well as being a professional competitive sport, darts is a traditional pub game, commonly played in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the Scandinavian countries, the United States and elsewhere."

Cricket (darts): "Cricket is a dart game that uses the standard 20 number dartboard with the treble and double rings."

Nine dart finish - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

"A nine dart finish is the ultimate checkout in the game of darts, constituting a perfect game. It is notoriously difficult to achieve, even by the game's top professionals.

With each player starting from a score of 501, nine darts is the fewest number of throws necessary to finish the game. Although other methods are possible, the traditional way is to score maximum 180 tallies with each of the first two sets of three darts (a treble 20 per dart) thereby leaving a score of 141."

Bullseye (British game show): "From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Bullseye was a British game show made by ATV and Central Television between 1981 and 1995, and hosted by Jim Bowen. In its prime, it was watched by around 15 million viewers on Sunday evenings."

Wednesday, December 21, 2005 World Championship - Day Three

" World Darts Championship First Round
Day Three -
- Afternoon Session
Denis Ovens 3-1 Geoff Wylie
Dennis Priestley 3-1 John Magowan
Terry Jenkins 3-2 Jimmy Mann
Matt Clark 3-0 Ken Woods
Evening Session
Bob Anderson 2-3 Andrew Hamilton
Wayne Mardle 3-1 Brian Roach
Mark Dudbridge 3-0 Darin Young
Ronnie Baxter 2-3 Ray Carver" World Championship - Day Two

Darts Championship First Round
Second Day Results
"Second Day Results
Erwin Extercatte 3-2 Darren Webster
Mark Walsh 3-0 Warren Parry
Dennis Smith 3-2 Mark Salmon
John Kuczynski 3-0 Lionel Sams
Andy Jenkins 3-1 Patrick Bulen
Roland Scholten 3-1 Dave Whitcombe
Gary Welding 3-2 Colin Lloyd
Peter Manley 3-0 Kevin Spiolek"

Blackpool Today: Wes Newton stays on target for ....

Oh brother! Wes stays on target for nightmare match: "
FLEETWOOD darts player Wes Newton arrowed in on a world championship showdown with brother Dale –and admitted he was viewing the prospect with dread.
Wes edged into the second round of the championship at the Circus Tavern, Purfleet with a crushing 3-0 win over Yasuhiko Matsunaga, of Japan – now he plays the winner of the match between his younger brother Dale and number one seed Kevin Painter in round two.
'It will be a nightmare if we do play each other!' Wes admitted.
'Mum and dad didn't want us to draw each other and I don't want to play him either to be honest.
'We've got quite a bit of rivalry anyway because we both play in the local leagues in Fleetwood and often face each other.
'It will be interesting if it happens!'"

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

BBC SPORT- Taylor cruises into second round

Taylor cruises into second round: "Darts legend Phil Taylor cruised through to the second round of the PDC World Championship, but 1996 Embassy champion Steve Beaton crashed out.

Taylor was not at his best at the Circus Tavern in Purfleet, but still enjoyed a 3-0 win over David Platt.

Beaton lost by the"

World Series of Darts Update: American Dart Organization

American Dart Organization: "12/19/2005
The World Series of Darts qualifier event schedule is now complete! All locations, times and venues have been confirmed and are included in the official calendar below, along with the contact information for each event’s local area coordinator.

Schedule - pdf file link...

Rules & Regs pdf file link...."

Monday, December 19, 2005

Planet Darts - World Championship World Darts Championship - Day One:
"First Round Results
Steve Alker 3-1 Alan Caves
Jason Clark 3-2 Steve Maish
Adrian Lewis 3-0 Dave Honey
Wes Newton 3-0 Yasuhiko Matsunaga
John Part 3-0 Liu Cheng'An
Jan van der Rassel 3-0 Steve Beaton
Phil Taylor 3-0 David Platt
Wayne Jones 3-2 James Wade"

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Darts players get right to the point

A reporter to some time to do an article about the Metro East Dart Association, and spoke with members of the teams "Bull What and Damage Inc.." They covered league play, Michigan State '01 tourney, and the World Series of Darts:

"Members of Bull What and Damage Inc. expressed mixed feelings toward the World Series of Darts, which is slated to have 16 top-ranked players from around the world and 32 Americans, who will be chosen from various regional qualifying tournaments.

The regional tournament sites have not been determined.

'I think it would be like bowling,' said Warren resident James Turkowski, who plays on Bull What. 'I only think certain people would watch it. It wouldn't be a high interest.'Link to the full article....:"

Monday, December 12, 2005

PDC News: The Grand Finale - Budweiser UK Open Darts Chamionship

"The Wild Card Race Has Begun for LVDC V - The Road To Vegas in 2006!

The Wild Card Race for 3 American positions in the top 32 of the Las Vegas Desert Classic V began in August with the USA Dart Classic in Stamford, Connecticut. The same rules apply as did for the 2005 Wild Card Race.
The tournaments to be included in the 2006 Wild Card Race for Vegas are on theBull's Eye News Website.

December - Darts on TV - Yahoo! TV Listings

Yahoo Listings Darts on TV:

• Darts - "World Championships of Darts: Las Vegas Desert Classic IV"
FOXW2, Tue Dec 13 04:00pm PST
• Darts - "World Championships of Darts: Las Vegas Desert Classic IV"
FSW, Wed Dec 14 03:00pm PST
• Darts - "World Championships of Darts: Las Vegas Desert Classic IV"
FSW, Fri Dec 16 11:00am PST
• Darts - "World Championships of Darts: Las Vegas Desert Classic IV"
FOXW2, Fri Dec 16 05:00pm PST
• Darts - "World Championships of Darts: Las Vegas Desert Classic IV"
FSW, Sun Dec 18 03:00pm PST
• Darts - "World Championships of Darts: Las Vegas Desert Classic IV"
FOXW2, Tue Dec 20 04:00pm PST
• Darts - "World Championships of Darts: Las Vegas Desert Classic IV"
FOXW2, Wed Dec 21 04:00pm PST
• Darts - "World Championships of Darts: Las Vegas Desert Classic IV"
FSW, Fri Dec 23 11:00am PST

Sunday, December 11, 2005

More - World Series Of Darts-- Reposted the Mohegan Sun Casino from 19-21 May: "World Series Of Darts

THE biggest prize in darts history will be on offer at the World Series of Darts, a major new PDC tournament to be staged in Connecticut, USA, in May 2006.

The World Series of Darts will give an American player the opportunity to take home a $1 million first prize should they be victorious in the 32-man knockout event.

If the winner of the tournament - staged at the Mohegan Sun Casino from 19-21 May - is a non-US citizen, they will win $100,000.

A series of qualifying tournaments will be held across the USA to provide 12 of the players, with the final four coming from a special event on Friday 19 May."

Another World Series of Darts Story (a pdf file)

Queer Eye for the Darts Guy?

I've never been a fan of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy", but it seems they may be planning an episode that might be of interest to dart players.....

"The sport of Darts has been attracting a great deal of media attention lately, and now there is an opportunity for an ADO member to be a part of the media spotlight. The TV Show 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' is looking for a Dart Player to be the subject of one of their makeovers. This opportunity is for a player in the New York Metro area."
Full story on the American Dart Organization website

Dartoid also has a comment at Dartoid's World.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Practice routine "Make every Dart Count"

I found this practice routine on John Lowe's site, and I must say that it helps! Here's a bit of the routine, but you will have to go to his site to get the full article. Check it out and let us know if it helps you as well!

To begin the routine you throw at the treble twenty segment of the board, the aim is to score 100 or more, If you cannot score 100 after the second dart as been thrown you throw at double 1 with your last dart, continue this routine until you have scored 100 or more, if you hit the double 1 with your spare no scoring dart then go to double 2, once the 100 or more has been achieved you then go on to finishing beginning on 41, if 41 is finished in two darts the spare dart is used to carry on the sequence of doubles (1-2-3 etc.) proceed throwing at the twenty segment until three or more 100's have been hit, remember after each separate 100 or more has been hit you move to the finishing sequence of: 41.42.43, should you score 140 when throwing at the twenty segment you miss two scores on the finishing routine, i.e. 41 needed, 140 scored, 43 now needed, likewise should you score 180 on the twenty segment you miss five finishes, 41 needed, 180 scored, 46 now needed, at the same time any spare dart when the 100 is not achievable is used to carry on the doubles round the board sequence, you should now have the picture and be aware that you have three routines in one activated. Full article...

The Life: Phil The Power Taylor on tour - Inside Edge UK

With the World Championships upon us everyone must be thinking..... Will Phil take his 13th title? Phil is the man when it comes to darts and no one can imagine themselves becoming a world class player without giving some thought to what it would be like to face this man. To that end this artilce talks about a bit of his life on tour.....

"Power source
Phil Taylor is Britain's greatest living sportsman. Never in the history of sports betting has one athlete so utterly dominated his chosen field -12 world titles in 15 years speak for themselves.Full article....

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

From the American Dart Organization website!

American Dart Organization: "12/05/2005
The sport of Darts has been attracting a great deal of media attention lately, and now there is an opportunity for an ADO member to be a part of the media spotlight. The TV Show 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' is looking for a Dart Player to be the subject of one of their makeovers. This opportunity is for a player in the New York Metro area.
All of the details are here...." World Championship - Qualifiers

"World Championship Qualifiers

HISTORY will be made at the World Championship, after Dale Newton joined brother Wes in the tournament when he came through the PDPA Qualifiers in Hull. full story....:"

Signups are in progress for the Winter 2006 Pacific Darts League

If you are interested in playing darts this season with the PDA please
signup online

..... the General Meeting is at Jak's Bistro on Thursday, Jan. 5. at
7:30 PM.

TAYLOR TEST FOR PLATT: World Championship


Staffordshire qualifier David Platt was tonight given the unenviable task of being Phil 'The Power' Taylor's first-round opponent in the World Championship, which starts on December 19. Full story....:"

texasdarters : Formation of new area; ADO region 3-5 (West Texas)

"Date: Mon Dec 5, 2005 9:22 pm
Subject: Formation of new area; ADO region 3-5 (West Texas)
Effective for the 2006 calender year region 3-2 will be split to
form a new region, 3-5 'West Texas'

The ADO-Texas is attempting to increase player participation by
making it easier for players to hold regionals closewr to home and
avoid the long drives associated with getting around in Texas.

The clubs that this directly effects have been queried about this
extensively over the last year and ALL of them were very happy to
see this step. Full post...."

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Big Guns Take Flight - Yahoo! Sport UK

"A field of 166 will battle it out in Hull including four former world champions, with Bristow and Lowe joined by Richie Burnett and Keith Deller. Other stars of yesteryear aiming to clinch an appearance at Purfleet's Circus Tavern are Rod Harrington, Dave Whitcombe and Cliff Lazarenko. Full story.."


"Oche legend John Lowe takes a step into the unknown today when for the first time he will try to qualify for the World Championship.

The 60-year-old from Chesterfield, the only man to have won a world title in three separate decades, has eased into semi-retirement over the last 12 months and has consequently tumbled down the rankings more..."

Friday, December 02, 2005

World Darts Championship PDPA Qualifiers

"World Championship PDPA Qualifiers

BOARD ASSIGNMENTS for the World Darts Championship PDPA Qualifiers, which take place at the New Walton Club in Hull on Saturday are shown at

Three former World Champions - John Lowe, Eric Bristow and Richie Burnett - will be among the 166 players hoping to win one of 16 spots at the Circus Tavern."

2006 Las Vegas Open

Event flyer
Press Release

Thursday, December 01, 2005

More: Las Vegas Open -

Google Groups :

A PDF file of the release is available at:

It's also listed in the Bulls Eye News:

search this site or the web...