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Tuesday, January 31, 2006



The British Darts Organisation’s valuable two year partnership with the government’s ‘Get On’ campaign to improve numeracy, has resulted in darts being used as the basis for a maths qualification.

Skills Minister Phil Hope, MP, is so keen on this latest government initiative that he became the first Minister to play in a televised match at Lakeside, when he took on Bobby George as part of the BBC’s extensive and varied coverage of the 2006 World Professional. He was immediately nicknamed ‘Phil The Skill’.

He also met England captains Martin Adams and Trina Gulliver and presented the BDO with a brass plaque to mark their support of the Get On campaign, and the success of darts in improving numeracy skills.

Andy Fordham launched the ‘Get On’ campaign on behalf of the BDO in 2004, and it has become one of the most successful government initiatives in recent years. The last two Lakeside World Pro’s have attracted ministerial visits and the distribution of Get On literature to the capacity audiences.

Phil Hope’s visit to Lakeside 2006 produced high-profile media interest, with national newspaper features and TV and radio exposure.

“The BDO’s involvement with this campaign has been extremely valuable in raising the profile of darts”, says Olly Croft. “Everyone involved in our sport has always recognised the mathematical benefits and mental agility needed to play competitively at all levels. We are delighted that the government has recognised this with the Get On campaign, and I am proud that darts is now helping so many people to improve their numeracy”.

Amazingly, 14 million adults in this country have maths skills lower than that of the average 11 year-old.

“This doesn’t just have a detrimental effect on an individual’s job prospects, but is bad for the country as a whole”, says Phil Hope. “If people are inspired to improve their maths through a sport they enjoy like darts, then so much the better”.

Someone who did just that is Helen Rigg, who actually went to the same school as six times Women’s World Champion Trina Gulliver.

Helen left school with no maths qualifications, but darts has changed her life. “I started playing at 19, but at first I was too embarrassed to chalk because of my poor maths skills”, she says. “However, because I wanted to play I made the effort to improve, and the transformation has been wonderful. Darts has changed my life very much for the better”.

Indeed, Helen now plays for Warwickshire and her maths is so improved that she has now enrolled on an accountancy course at her local College.

The BDO is proud to be continuing its valuable liaison with the Get On campaign, and anyone interested in receiving literature or details of the free courses available should call: 0800 100 900."

BBC: Magazine quiz: Darts

Darts quiz:

Darts can improve numeracy skills, says the government, which is honouring the sport's contribution.

Quick mental arithmetic is needed when keeping score.

So without calculators, and as quickly as you can, test your scoring skills in the Magazine's darts quiz.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Planet Darts - Top 12 Bid For Menace

"Top 12 Bid For Menace

DENNIS PRIESTLEY is aiming to regain his place in the world's top 12 this year - and winning the Stan James Players Championship was the ideal start to that challenge.

Priestley emerged victorious in the inaugural PDPA Players Championship event to be staged in Gibraltar last weekend."

Shore Line Times - Local darts

Taking dead aim at a darts championship: "Eighteen years ago, Steve Wehrle walked into Cook's Pub (now June's Outback) following a softball game. There was a dart match going on.

'A couple of my friends were playing and they were short a player,' recalled Killingworth resident Wehrle. 'They asked me to fill in. I told them I had no idea what the game was about but they said they'd help me and I was amazed at how close I came at what I was aiming at.'

Wehrle, still a player, now runs the Southeastern Connecticut Dart League (, the largest of about 15 such groups in Connecticut. It ranges from the Rhode Island border to Guilford and includes teams in the Norwich and Middletown areas. Traditionally, the circuit includes between 40-to-50 teams (in A, B and C divisions) and as many as 300-to-400 players. He's been doing it for 17 years."

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Iran's postal service, darts players enter N-row

Iran News - Iran's postal service, darts players enter N-row: "Iran's postal service, darts players enter N-row

Monday, January 23, 2006

LONDON, January 23 (IranMania) - If you get a letter from Iran in the coming weeks, you may be wondering why the stamps feature a nuclear facility and a darts board, said AFP.

The curious mintage is the result of a combined effort by Iran's darts association and postal service to 'underline the national will' to possess nuclear technology despite mounting Western pressure.

'We have an accord with the post office,' Marjan Jedi, a member of Iran's darts association, told AFP. 'And we wanted to emphasise the rights of Iran in the domain of nuclear technology.'

The stamps feature the statement 'Peaceful Nuclear Technology is the Absolute Right for Iran' in both English and Farsi. The stamps also feature images of the ancient Persian capital Persepolis."

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Steve Alker - A slippery customer

Jan 19 2006

Gareth Morgan, Western Mail

WHEN Steve Alker threw his first darts at the World Championship just before Christmas, the commentary team probably did not have much in the way of notes.

And for a time it looked like they wouldn't need any notes, as the Welshman nearly choked in the very first round.

Not that there was any massive expectation hanging over Alker.

This was a virtually unknown contestant, who hailed from somewhere near Llanelli in South Wales. If they knew any more about Steve, then that was just going to be a bonus, because he wasn't really expected to go that far in the competition.

But by the time the tournament gathered pace, a nation busy digesting its turkey in front of the television learnt that there would be more than a few shocks in store."

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Planet Darts - Priestley Takes Victory On The Rock

the Stan James Players Championship in Gibraltar with a 3-2 victory over Terry Jenkins in the final.

Priestley, whose last tournament win came in Montreal last May, took the £5,000 first prize and 20 ranking points for the triumph."

Friday, January 20, 2006

The ladies' Lakeside competition should be upgraded in status

"Gulliver believes the ladies' Lakeside competition should be upgraded in status, with more sets, more players invited, more money on offer and a showpiece final immediately before the climax of the men's competition.
She added: 'The BDO say the women haven't made enough progress over the last six years, and that there are issues of television time, but I've spoken to the producers, TWI and the BBC who say there is no problem.
'Certainly the final should be more than three sets, and why not give the fans real value for money and play it on the Sunday, not Friday night? "

Benjamin Markovits - commentary

From the “There's no such thing as bad publicity” department:

New Statesman - Benjamin Markovits can't get worked up about darts: "Yet I couldn't help wondering, as I watched, the ordinary wonder of all sports: why is someone winning and someone losing? What are they doing differently? The throwing motion looked familiar enough. I'm a basketball man, myself; and rules one and two of shooting a jumper in basketball are: keep your elbow in; point it at the target. In any case, that's what the dartsmen did (though they did not, it seemed, either bend their knees or release at the top of their jumps, and there wasn't anyone waving an arm in their faces. There was no defence; I'd have liked to see some)."



From: Jan Kidd
Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2006 9:49 PM

I have the Queen Mary passes now at the shop so get your entries in as soon as possible so that I can return them to you in plenty of time.

Do not forget to include a stamped addressed envelope with your entries and make checks and money orders out to: The Queen Mary Scottish Festival

Also.....if you would like to purchase an event shirt please let me know the following...
This helps me with the ordering......thanks.

If anyone would like a flier sent to them, give me the address and it will be done.

Look forward to seeing you in February


Thursday, January 19, 2006

Australia's FOX SPORTS: TV Guide -

While I was searching for darts on TV I ran across these listings below. I was confused at first because I could not find any other TV listings sites to backup what I had found. Then I noticed how easy it was to search the Foxsports TV Guide. Hmmm... then it dawned on me that the Foxsports site I was familiar with was never this easy to search, you are only allowed to search one day at a time, with no apparent advanced search options. Then in a laser like moment of clarity I looked url address and discovered I had stumbled onto the Foxsports site for Australia, I'll drop them an email. Well I hope that the US counterparts soon see the wisdom of a site that is to search. Well if you are in Australia enjoy the World Match Play broadcast.

"Australia's FOX SPORTS 1 - TV Guide

  • 2.30am Darts:
    World Matchplay Darts, Lloyd v Walsh
    Friday, January 20

  • 3.30am Darts:
    World Matchplay Darts, Scholten v Smith
    Friday, January 20

  • 1.00pm Darts:
    World Matchplay Darts, Part v Jenkins
    Wednesday, January 25

  • 2.00pm Darts:
    World Matchplay Darts, Mardle v Dudbridge
    Wednesday, January 25"

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Darts - World bosses reject Bristow claim

World bosses reject Bristow claim: "Bristow also said new champion Jelle Klaasen would be 'killed' in a match with rival world champion Phil Taylor.

BDO spokesman Robert Holmes said: 'Eric should have more class than to say what he did. You can't describe fellow pros or a great final in that way.

'Eric was a great champion, but Jelle Klaasen is the new kid on the block.'"

I've read Bristow's statement as quoted in the newspapers, and I have but one opinion.....

There's no such thing as bad publicity.... If Bristow just says; "Nice match! Enjoyed it!" Who would have noticed or cared?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


"4) Trina Gulliver after winning an unprecedented fifth consecutive women's World Darts Championship at Lakeside: 'I like that stage, although the carpet needs hoovering!'"

Sid Waddell, Sky Sports darts commentator

Should darts be in the 2012 Olympics?

"Sid Waddell, Sky Sports darts commentator

The Guardian

Should darts be in the 2012 Olympics?

Barry Wynn, St Helens

Sid Waddell Certainly. Sport England recognised darts as a sport in March and we should be there in 2012 - at the Circus Tavern, naturally. John Lowe should be non-playing captain and Britain would wipe the floor with all comers. We could send out five 10-man teams that would win the gold medal. How many other sports can claim that?"

Darts athletes part of sport mythology

The case against darts as a sport.... (a commentary...)
"If one world champion loses form when not at his most morbidly obese, and the other cannot move an arm back and forth for half an hour without requiring oxygen, many would accept that, whatever it is they might be world champions of, it cannot be a sport."

Monday, January 16, 2006

BRISTOW BLASTS 'AMATEUR DARTS': Sporting Life | 2012 Olympic Games in London, Superbikes, MotoGP, Rallying, Athletics, Sports News, Live Scores, Betti

"Eric Bristow tonight branded the Lakeside World

Championship as 'amateur darts' after Jelle Klaasen won a classic all-Dutch final 7-5 against Raymond van Barneveld.

Klaasen, 21, became the youngest ever world champion with a sublime performance to dethrone the four-time title-holder, who had invited Bristow to watch his attempt to equal the Crafty Cockney's record of five victories in the tournament.

But even though it was one of the best finals in the 29-year history of the event, Bristow, who is now affiliated to the rival governing body, the Professional Darts Corporation, told PA Sport he was unimpressed with the standard of the British Darts Organisation's showcase occasion.

'I've enjoyed being here and it's been nice to watch some amateur darts,' said 48-year-old Bristow, who was attending the Frimley Green venue for the first time since the sport split down the middle in 1993."

Darts - Barneveld vows not to swap sides

"Raymond van Barneveld has vowed to remain with the British Darts Organisation and go in search of a fifth world title next year.

Van Barneveld, who lost to Jelle Klaasen in Sunday's all-Dutch final, brushed aside fresh rumours he may switch to its rival outfit, the PDC.

'I feel comfortable where I am, all my friends are at the Lakeside,' the Dutchman told BBC Sport."

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Darts - Gulliver

"Gulliver wants more recognition
Trina Gulliver World champion Trina Gulliver believes the ladies' Lakeside competition should be upgraded in status.

The 'Golden Girl' won her sixth world title, beating Francis Hoenselaar 2-0, but received a £6,000 prize compared to £60,000 for the men's winner.

'We want more players involved, more money, everything really,' said the 36-year-old, whose three-dart average in the semi-finals was almost 96."

Darts - Klaasen

"Klaasen springs world title shock

Jelle Klaasen Rising Dutch star Jelle Klaasen caused a huge shock beating defending champion Raymond van Barneveld 7-5 to win the Lakeside World Darts championship.

In a thrilling final, Klaasen made a whirlwind start, winning the first two sets before the four-time champion found his rhythm.

The 21-year-old Dutchman began to exert his authority and led 5-4 with some exciting darts against his compatriot.

He won the crucial 11th set to lead 6-5 and kept his cool for a famous win.

Klaasen, a 100-1 shot at the start of the tournament, had already beaten top seed Mervyn King on his way to the final and becomes the youngest ever world champion."

Saturday, January 14, 2006 - DARTERS DESERVE A GOLDEN MOMENT

14 January 2006

Alan Mckinlay

MORE irrefutable evidence this week as to why darts should become an Olympic sport.

Following hard on the heels of the breakaway PDC world championship (Circus Tavern, Essex, Sky Sports) we are reaching the climax of the BDO world title (Lakeside, Surrey, BBC2).

The two darts organisations are still at war, but the product is the same - untucked nylon shirts, walk-on anthems, ludicrous nicknames, and of course the chance to join in the cry 'one-hundred-and-aytee!'

The overblown, grandiose Olympics, with its history of drugs, self-importance and corruption, should welcome with open arms a humble game full of sportsmanship and goodwill.

Why, for example, is shooting an Olympic sport and not darts?"

Friday, January 13, 2006

BBC SPORT - Gulliver homes in

"Gulliver homes in on sixth title
Trina Gulliver World number one Trina Gulliver closed in on her sixth women's darts world title at the Lakeside by beating Clare Bywaters 2-0 in a one-sided semi-final.

The Englishwoman's one-dart average of 31 bettered that of most men and she had an 11-dart finish as she dismantled a demoralised Bywaters.

Francis Hoenselaar earned herself the tough job of stopping Gulliver in Friday's best-of-three sets final.

The Dutchwoman was a 2-0 winner over Wales' Jan Robbins in the last four."

Thursday, January 12, 2006 World Championship - Special Video Review World Darts Championship - Special Video Review Manley v. Lewis

BBC SPORT - Darts Klaasen into .... semi-finals

"Klaasen into Lakeside semi-finals

Klaasen continued his remarkable run at the Lakeside World Championship on Thursday by beating Paul Hogan 5-4 to reach the semi-finals.

The 21-year-old Dutchman found his form early on, scoring heavily and hitting his doubles to forge 4-1 ahead in sets.

But he lost his concentration allowing a rejuvenated Hogan to force a decider.

Klaasen regained his composure to book a last-four showdown with Englishman Shaun Greatbatch, who edged past Paul Hanvidge 5-3 at Frimley Green.

Klaasen's victory ensured him automatic qualification for next year's event."

PDC News: The Grand Finale - Budweiser UK Open Darts Chamionship

PDC News: The Grand Finale - Budweiser UK Open Darts Chamionship: "The Wild Card Race Has Begun for LVDC V - The Road To Vegas in 2006!

The Wild Card Race for 3 American positions in the top 32 of the Las Vegas Desert Classic V began in August with the USA Dart Classic in Stamford, Connecticut. The same rules apply as did for the 2005 Wild Card Race.
The tournaments to be included in the 2006 Wild Card Race for Vegas are shown below. There are a few new tournaments included and there may be changes or additions made later in the year due to tournament cancellations or changes in prize money structure once the 2006 tournament calendar is set. However, the list below will allow everyone the opportunity to get in the Race at the earliest opportunity.

USA Dart Classic IV Aug 12-14 $20,000 CT
Atlanta Peachtree Open Aug 26-28 $15,000 GA
Oil City Shootout Sep 9-10 $10,000 WY
Sparkling City Open Sep 16-18 $10,000 TX
29th Windy City Open Sep 22-25 $21,000 IL
29th Louisiana Classic Oct 14-16 $15,000 LA
Allstate Darts Open Oct 14-15 $10,000 MI
New Mexico Open XXVII Nov 11-13 $10,000 NM
Long Island Fall Classic Nov 25-27 $10,000 NY
Choo Choo Classic Dec 2-4 $12,500 TN
Pennsylvania Open Jan 6-8 $25,600 PA
NY/NJ Open Jan 13-15 $10,000 NJ
Bluebonnet Open Jan $15,000 TX
Shoot for the Moon Jan 27-29 $15,000 AL
The Las Vegas Open Jan $20,000 NV
Camellia Classic Feb 17-19 $10,320 CA
Easy Money Open Feb $10,000 KY
Syracuse Open Feb $15,000 NY
North Texas Shootout Mar $15,000 TX
St. Pat’s Open Mar $13,000 IN
Early Bird XXII Mar $14,000 LA
Virginia Beach Classic Mar 24-26 $30,012 VA
Charlotte Open Apr $15,000 NC"

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

BBC SPORT - Darts Top seed King...

"Top seed King stunned by Klaasen

Rising Dutch star Jelle Klaasen defeated top seed Mervyn King in the second round of the Lakeside World Championship in Frimley Green.

The 21-year-old Dutchman lost the first set but hit back to win 4-2.

'I didn't expect anything from the match. I just wanted to show my best and I did. Maybe I can go on and win the tournament now,' said Klaasen."

Guardian Unlimited Sport - Simon Hattenstone

Columnists - Darts: Lack of Power at the Beeb left me in the dark: "But there is an elephant in the room - the great unmentionable. Actually, the elephant isn't in the room, which is the problem. Phil 'The Power' Taylor, aka the Don Bradman of darts, is not here, and however much the BBC insists that this is the world's greatest darts do it's nothing without The Power."

Monday, January 09, 2006

BBC - Darts: Van Barneveld stumbles to victory

Raymond van Barneveld Reigning champion struggled with his doubles but was still far too good for Denmark's Brian Sorensen in Frimley Green on Monday.

Van Barneveld booked his place in the Lakeside World Championship second round with a 3-0 win.

'My finishing was unbelievably bad and I can't understand why,' said four-time champion Van Barneveld.

In an all-Scottish battle Gary Anderson beat close friend Gary Robson 3-1 and will now play Van Barneveld."

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Planet Darts - Budweiser UK Open

Painter Takes North-East Glory
"Budweiser UK Open North-East Regional Final
Denis Ovens 5-2 Chris Mason
Kevin Painter 5-3 Adrian Lewis
Colin Lloyd 5-2 Andy Hamilton
Alex Roy 5-1 James Wade
Best of nine legs
Losers £500/10 ranking points

Kevin Painter 2-0 Denis Ovens
Colin Lloyd 2-1 Alex Roy
Best of three sets, five legs per set
Losers £1,000/12 ranking points

Kevin Painter 2-0 Colin Lloyd
Best of three sets, five legs per set
Winner £4,000/20 ranking points
Runner-up £2,000/16 ranking points"

Saturday, January 07, 2006

CUMBRIA’S Mick Connerton ... Pontin’s Darts Champion of the Year

"Pontin’s pride for Mick

WITH Stan Launder

CUMBRIA’S Mick Connerton ended the year as the Pontin’s Darts Champion of the Year with a 3-1 win over West Glamorgan’s Paul Nation from a field of 59 heat winners from Pontin’s Holiday Camps all over the country.

Mick won his heat at Southport earlier in the year and eventually the title and the £500 first prize when the 59 winners congregated at Prestatyn Sands Holiday Camp.

Meanwhile, on the Mediterranean island of Malta, Cumbrians made their presence felt in the Open Tournament.

In the men’s singles, Buckingham’s Joe Palmer just edged out Cumbria’s Dave Hirst in the final.

Dave then teamed up with Pecker Woods and they formed a very potent partnership which won the men’s pairs title.

In the ladies’ event, Laura Tweeddale and Anita Ward both got to the last 16, while Laura, partnered by Lesley Storey, took the silver medal in the ladies’ pairs tournament.

Budweiser UK Open

North-East Regional Final - Day One Round-Up

"Chris Mason, Adrian Lewis, Denis Ovens, Colin Lloyd, Kevin Painter, Alex Roy, Andy Hamilton, James Wade all won through to day two of the Budweiser UK Open in the North-East.

In the first event since the World Darts Championship, Purfleet quarter-finalists Kevin Painter and Adrian Lewis continued their good form."

BBC SPORT- Darts: Hankey crashes out in first round

Hankey crashes out in first round

"Ted Hankey Former champion Ted Hankey crashed out of the Lakeside World Championship in the first round on Saturday.

Hankey, who won the title in 2000, lost 3-1 to Holland's Albertino Essers.

'I can't explain it. I've been playing so well in practice, but I walked on to the stage and it just didn't happen,' said the eighth-seeded Hankey."

Guardian Unlimited Sport - Darts:

Fordham has a weight off his mind: "... Fordham has appeared on the television show Celebrity Fit Club and, once the Lakeside event is over, his training regime will resume. Tomorrow he faces Simon Whitlock, a semi-finalist last year, feeling healthier than ever. 'The fact I can walk about without getting out of breath will, hopefully, reflect on my darts, because I will feel better in myself,' he said. 'I lost three stone on the Fit Club and while some people say I look like I have lost a bit more, I cannot find scales big enough to weigh myself."




SCOTTISH hopeful Ross Montgomery has an Englishman to thank for his place at the Lakeside World Professional Darts Championship this year.

The East Kilbride handyman was ready to quit the sport before England captain Martin 'Wolfy' Adams came to the rescue."

Mobliss Press Releases and News - MOBILE DARTS GAME

Mobliss Drives Industry Standard for the Publication of Third-Party Wireless Application Game Developers

SEATTLE/SAN JOSE - GDC - Wed. March 25, 2004 - Mobliss®, an Index Group Company, announced today the release of the highly anticipated, 'Mobile Darts' game for the Sprint™ mobile network. Players can challenge a friend next to them or practice on their own while playing either 301 or 501 versions of the game. The colorful, realistic board, automatic scoring and accurate aiming make game-play easy, fun and addictive. A copy of the game can be downloaded for unlimited use on your Sprint™ PCS VisionSM phone for $3.99 at the Sprint and Mobliss websites.

'We want to make games that are easy to play, yet challenging enough to be competitive in the marketplace,' said Song An, president, MobileBlast. 'Mobile Darts is just one of many titles we're developing for the mobile gaming community. We are very excited about the future relationship with Mobliss and look forward to providing the best gaming experience for consumers.'"

Hmmm... All I can say is call me when I can get a dart match broadcast over the cell phone. (Wonder if broadcast darts matches would be peak or anytime minutes?)

Friday, January 06, 2006

National Darts Hall of Fame: Voting

I don't often see much news of the National Darts Hall of Fame, but I visit the site from time to time to see whats up. This time I found that nominations for new members of the NDHOF are open, and that it's easy to nominate. There are forums for the site, but I don't see much action there and there are signs that spamers are on the move to trash the forum. I was also unable to find the 2005 entry into the NDHoF.

Who do you think should be added to the NDHoF?

National Darts Hall of Fame: Voting: "2006 Nominees

The names below are those have been nominated for inclusion in the National Darts Hall of Fame for 2006. You may read their 'darts resumes' by clicking their names.

Check back often, as this list will be growing, and we will also be implementing an online voting system! Stay tuned...

Would you like to nominate someone for membership in the National Darts Hall of Fame? Download the nomination form after reading the nomination criteria. NOTE: After completing the Nomination Form, you may either mail or e-mail it to the addresses given at the bottom of the form.

* Bernard Thompson from Frederick, MD
* Lisa Lima from Falls Church, VA" - TAYLOR: I'D LOVE THE JUNGLE

By Martin Rogers

PHIL 'The Power' Taylor last night begged television chiefs to give him the chance to show his wild side by appearing in 'I'm A Celebrity - Get Me Out Of Here'.

The 13-time world champ would love to celebrate his latest crown by strutting his stuff with other celebs in the Australian jungle."

Thursday, January 05, 2006

BBC SPORT - Lakeside

Lakeside first round draw

Jelle Klaasen (Ned) v Dennis Harbour (Eng)
Mervyn King (Eng) v Brian Woods (Eng)
Mareno Michels (Ned) v Paul Hogan (Eng)
Ted Hankey (Eng) v Albertino Essers (Ned)
Shaun Greatbatch (Eng) v Niels de Ruiter (Ned)
Tony Eccles (Eng) v Per Laursen (Den)
Co Stompe (Ned) v Paul Hanvidge (Sco)
Simon Whitlock (Aus) v Andy Fordham (Eng)
Martin Atkins (Eng) v Gerald Porter (Ire)
Martin Adams (Eng) v Darryl Fitton (Eng)
Ulf Ceder (Fin) v Mike Veitch (Sco)
John Walton (Eng) v Stephen Roberts (Eng)
Ross Montgomery (Sco) v Vincent van der Voort (Ned)
Tony O'Shea (Eng) v Tony West (Eng)
Gary Robson (Eng) v Gary Anderson (Eng)
Raymond van Barneveld (Ned) v Brian Sorensen (Den)


Clare Bywaters (Eng) v Sabine Beutler (Swi)
Trina Gulliver (Eng) v Karen Littler (Eng)
Francisca Hoenselaar (Ned) v Karen Lawman (Eng)
Karin Krappen (Ned) v Jan Robbins (Wal)"

BBC SPORT- Darts - Barney targets Bristow's BDO mark

Barney targets Bristow's BDO mark

Raymond van Barneveld celebrates his 2005 title
Lakeside BBC coverage schedule
Raymond van Barneveld is out to equal Eric Bristow's record of five world titles at the 2006 Lakeside World Professional Darts Championship.

The Dutch reigning champion, seeded three, is a hot favourite to add to his collection of Lakeside-BDO crowns."

Phil The Power - My Dream Comes True!

My Dream Comes True!: "Now at 3-0 up against Wayne I had no idea at what was about to happen and it left me in a bit of a daze to be honest!

Wayne suddenly started hitting everything and I could see his confidence was flooding back to him at a very alarming speed!

He went from 3-0 down to 4-3 up in the space of about an hour and there wasn't much I could do about it to be honest."

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Planet Darts - News Lewis Hits Jackpot ....

"Adrian Lewis' run to the quarter-finals has seen him jump from 20th to 16th in the rankings, meaning that he takes the 16th and final PDC place in the World Series of Darts."

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Williams Joins Hall Of Fame

"Williams Joins Hall Of Fame

FRED WILLIAMS is the third personality to be inducted into the Professional Darts Corporation's Hall of Fame.

The long-serving referee, 69, has now retired from top-level officiating, after spending 35 years at the forefront of the game."

Independent Online Edition - Darts: Taylor top of world

"Darts: Taylor top of world with lucky thirteen title
By Paul Newman
Published: 03 January 2006

The darts world is running out of superlatives when it comes to assessing the prowess of Phil Taylor. 'The Power' won his 13th world championship last night and the £100,000 first prize when he took the PDC crown at the Circus Tavern in Purfleet with a stunning display, beating Peter Manley 7-0 in the final.

Having started the final with a tournament three-dart average of 100.64, Taylor's figure for the match was an extraordinary 106.74. It was not that Manley threw poorly: the world No 5 had started with a tournament average of 89.63 and averaged 92.49 in the final. Manley even managed to hit 67 per cent of his doubles, but the blunt truth was that he won only six legs in the entire match."

Monday, January 02, 2006

Unicorn - Sid's Diary

01 January 2006

You would have thought from three sets up against Wayne Mardle, Phil Taylor would have gone into overdrive and whacked in a 110 average, just to cripple the opponent.

The problem was, that nobody had told Wayne that…..For four sets he was the ‘Real Deal’…..the darts going into double 18 like magnets.

Phil’s victory dance, I described as “a two-year-old bouncing over the jumps in the 3.30 at Uttoxeter!”. If there had been any skyscrapers in Stoke, he would have jumped on top of one and screamed his defiance at the gods of darts." World Championship 13th Title ....

"13th Title For Unstoppable Taylor

(3-0, 3-2, 3-2, 3-1, 3-1, 3-0, 3-0)

PHIL TAYLOR claimed victory in the World Darts Championship to take a 13th title with a 7-0 whitewash of Peter Manley." World Championship - Semi-Finals

: " World Darts Championshiop - Semi-Finals: " World Darts Championshiop - Semi-Finals
Wayne Jones 0-6 Peter Manley
Phil Taylor 6-5 Wayne Mardle
Best of 11 sets"

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