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Monday, November 29, 2010

Looking for #dart tournament brackets (fixtures)?

Tournament Brackets

As promised, here are the brackets you can use for you local dart tournaments. The number indicates the number of players or teams for that tournament. The brackets lised below are double-elimination.

Tournament bracket templates


Splendid City Team Sports Scheduler, and Sports Scheduling Software System is useful for people who organize team sports or game events. Use it to manage and publish sports schedules of any size and complexity. Automatically create high quality double or single elimination tournament brackets, round-robin league schedules, swiss round tournaments, cross divisional or practice schedules for any sport that requires pairings.

for excel bracket templates check:

printable brackets:

or printable tournament brackets check the downloads section:


#darts Final International Winners Known

JYHAN ARTUT and Scott MacKenzie are the latest International Qualifiers for the World Darts Championship.,,10180~2232679,00.html

#darts Derby Revenge For Walsh

MARK WALSH gained revenge for Saturday's defeat to Phil Taylor with a 6-4 victory in Sunday's Players Championship final in Derby - while Wayne Mardle narrowly missed out on snatching an automatic place in the World Darts Championship by reaching the semi-finals.

Walsh had been defeated 6-3 in Saturday's final by Taylor, but took home the £6,000 winner's cheque a day later with a fine display at the Moorways Leisure Centre.,,10180~2232344,00.html

Simon Whitlock 6-1 Vincent van der Voort
Phil Taylor 6-4 Wes Newton
Mark Walsh 6-0 Kevin McDine
Wayne Mardle 6-4 Robert Thornton
Losers £1,000

Phil Taylor 6-0 Simon Whitlock
Mark Walsh 6-5 Wayne Mardle
Losers £1,500

Mark Walsh 6-4 Phil Taylor
Winner £6,000
Runner-Up £3,000

fun #darts video

 trick shot videos, Taylor, Hamilton, Jenkins, Caven click this link

Social Media: Promoting yourself on Facebook

The San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau launched its Facebook page over a year and a half ago. Our task was simple: To promote the San Diego region as a travel destination to visitors worldwide.

The first year was a trial-and-error period and testing of the social media waters. Six months ago, ConVis had approximately 30,000 Facebook “likes”, placing us in the top 5 Facebook pages among our competitors. 
SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 2010 AT 7:37 P.M.
Social Media Monday is a weekly feature that helps businesses and consumers understand how to use social media tools to their best advantage. This week, Katie Silva and Suzzanne Ravitz — who oversee the social media efforts at the San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau — share the secrets of their success in using Facebook to promote their group. You can find them at, @visitsandiego and on foursquare (Visit San Diego).

Sunday, November 28, 2010

#Darts Preformance Centre article on toughness...

Mental Toughness

What really is mental toughness? How do top sports define it? And what can dart players learn from that?
How to Bottle Mental Toughness

Global #Darts Interview of

Tony O'Shea is one of the Top Players of the BDO and just took part in the Grand Slam.
Global Darts interviewed him during the tournament.
To the interview...

Review of Tony O'Shea's darts:

Saturday, November 27, 2010

#darts Saturday Derby Players Championship

Super Taylor Back On Top PHIL TAYLOR won his first tournament since the summer with defeat of Mark Walsh in a Players Championship in Derby on Saturday.,,10180~2231726,00.html
27 Nov 2010

Mark Walsh 6-2 Simon Whitlock
Justin Pipe 6-0 Denis Ovens
Dennis Priestley 6-5 Steve Farmer
Phil Taylor 6-1 Steve Beaton
Losers £1,000

Mark Walsh 6-4 Justin Pipe
Phil Taylor 6-1 Dennis Priestley
Losers £1,500

Phil Taylor 6-3 Mark Walsh
Winner £6,000
Runner-Up £3,000

#darts - Online Out Chart

Designed for hand-held devices... ported for web access

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

#Darts player blackmailer jailed for one year

A 26-year-old man who is alleged to have tried to blackmail darts champion Raymond van Barneveld over a sex tape has been jailed for 18 months, six suspended, by a court in The Hague.

The court said Cristopher P was guilty of making threatening phone calls to Van Barneveld's home but said there is not enough evidence that the former world champion had been blackmailed, the Telegraaf reports.
(source link) Wednesday 10 November 2010

Spinks wins seventh Australian Legends #darts title

Cessnock grandmother Connie Spinks collected her seventh Australian Legends darts title in Geelong last month.

Connie paired up with Colleen Nichols of Maitland to win the doubles title. She also received a medal for a top eight average in singles, and was named in the Australian rep team for her overall performance at the competition.
more at:

24 Nov, 2010 03:16 PM

Monday, November 22, 2010

#darts ROLAND SCHOLTEN and Veijo Viinikka have qualified

for the World Darts Championship.

Scholten, who has dropped out of the world's top 32 in the past couple of years after battling a shoulder injury, came through the West European Qualifier held in Spain on Saturday.
More at:,,10180~2226798,00.html

World Cup of #Darts, December 3-5

THE format for the... World Cup of Darts has now been confirmed ahead of the inaugural event next month.

The tournament will feature 24 nations competing for a £150,000 prize fund from December 3-5 at the Rainton Meadows Arena in Houghton-Le-Spring, Tyne and Wear.

Played across six sessions from Friday to Sunday, the opening day will be played in a knockout format before the remaining eight teams are split into two four-team groups for the group stage on Saturday December 4.
More at:,,10180~2225205,00.html

Grand Slam of #Darts Waites Wins and wrap up commentary

Watch live video from fotoman9's channel on

Glory For Comeback Kid Waites

SCOTT WAITES defeated James Wade 16-12 to win an incredible Daily Mirror Grand Slam of Darts final, coming from 8-0 down in claiming the £100,000 title at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall.,,10180~2226946,00.html

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Grand Slam of #Darts Wade v. Waites final

leg 26
Wade to throw first
Waites wants 122, but botches the setup.
Wade finishes 70
Waites 14-12

leg 25
Waites only just leading, and a 180 leave him on d8
123 leave 127 for Wade.
Waites takes the leg
Waites 15-12

leg 26
Wade to throw first.
Wade needs 170 and leaves 112
Waites needs 81 leaves 25
Wade leaves 12
Waites takes it!
Waites 16-12

This is one of the greatest collapses ever as Wade allows Waties to come back from 8-0 to win the match. Wade several chances to press his advantage, but could not get it done. One has to wonder, based on his strong start, if Wade just ran out of gas after his hard match earlier and short rest. One may never know for sure, but well done to Waites. He would make a great addition to the PDC ranks.

Major League Darts

A new type of dart tournament series for Canada and the United States..

# Less Events
# More Games Guaranteed
# Higher Payouts

Darts Podcast:

Grand Slam of #Darts Wade v. Waites after 15 legs
2010, 2010 Steel-tip Dart Tournament, Grand Slam of Darts, Scott Waites, James Wade,

Grand Slam of #Darts Wade v. Waites after 25 legs

leg 21
Waites has first look at a double and hits it.
Wade 11-10

leg 22
Wade to throw first
Strong scoring puts Waites ahead, but a 180 from Wade keeps him in touch
Waites finishes 121 to steal the leg.
All level 11-11

leg 23
Waites to throw first
Strong scoring by Waites and slack darts by Wade, but Wade hits the 180 Waites strikes back with a 180
Waites wants 85 and leaves 9.
Wade on 165 leave 40
Wiates hits s18 to bust with his first dart.
Wade leaves 20
Waites comes back to take it!
Waites 12-11

leg 24
Level scoring in this leg so far, and Waites should get first look at a double.
Waites leaves 18
Wade leaves 40
Waites hits the d9 first dart!!!
Waites 13-11

leg 25
Strong scoring by Waites, and Wade does not seem to have an answer.
Wade leaves 229
Waites wants 46 and gets it!!!
Waites 14-11

I guess Wade got lost during that second break, because he has not really show up since that point.

Grand Slam of #Darts Wade v. Waites after 20 legs

leg 16
Wade to throw first.
Both players scoring well, but a Waites 180 gives him first shot at a double.
Waites hits it and take the leg against the darts
Wade 9-7

leg 17
Waites has truly hit his stride and takes another leg.
Wade 9-8

leg 18
Wade to throw first.
Wade scores well enough to hold his throw.
Wade 10-8

leg 19
a 180 by Wade helps him take the advantage in the leg.
Wade hit a 2 dart 97 finish to take a leg he desperately need to break Waites throw.
Wade 11-8

leg 20
Wade to throw first
Wade has 3 darts at d12
Waites come back to finish d18
Wade 11-9

Darts Podcast:

Grand Slam of #Darts Wade v. Waites after 15 legs

leg 11
Waites to throw first
Waites should have first look at a double in this one.
Waites wants 62 and gets it.
Wade 8-3

leg 12
Wade opens with 180
But Waites scoring gets him first look at a finish, but does not get to shoot at a double.
Wade leaves 12
Waites leaves 20
Wade busts his score and still on 12.
Waites hits s10, d5 to take the leg
Wade 8-4

leg 13
Waites is holding his throw and finishes 36 to take the leg
Wade 8-5

leg 14
Wade scoring well enough to hold his throw and take the leg despite pressure from Waites.
Wade 9-5

leg 15
Waites 180 for openers, then 122, 85 leaving 113
Waites leaves 60
Wade Tries 134 and leaves 40
Waites is back to finish it.
Wade 9-6

Darts Podcast:

Grand Slam of #Darts Wade v. Waites after 15 legs
2010, 2010 Steel-tip Dart Tournament, Grand Slam of Darts, Scott Waites, James Wade,

Grand Slam of #Darts Wade v. Waites after 10 legs

leg 6
Wade scoring well to easily hold his throw and take the leg.
Wade 6-0

leg 7
Waites wants 164 leaves 25
Wade leaves 53
Waites leaves 4
Wade takes the leg
Wade 7-0

leg 8
Wade wants 140 and leaves 20
Waites can't finish and Wade is back to take it out.
Wade 8-0

leg 9
Wade on 225
and Waites hits d12 to take his first leg of the match.
Wade 8-1

leg 10
Wade to throw first
Waites opens with a 180
Wade scores strongly enough to have first shot at an out, 120 with Waites on 36,
Wade wants 120 and shoots t20, s20 and a miss.
Waites comes back to hit d18 first dart for the leg.
Wade 8-2

Grand Slam of #Darts Wade v. Waites

This one could be a classic matchup as we see Wade representing the PDC and Waites of the BDO code. Some folks in other chat rooms are pulling for a Waites upset. Some even suggest that Waites jump to the PDC win or lose as he would almost assuredly get a Premier League slot.

leg 1
Waites to throw first.
Waites opens with a 180 and Wade responds with 140.
The players then settle into mostly 80+ scoring.
Waites has first shot at a double but misses
Wade comes in to take the leg against the throw.
Wade 1-0

leg 2
Waites opens with 180
Wade is shootng well enough to have a shot a a finish first with 180
Wade takes the leg to hold his throw.
Wade 2-0

leg 3
Waites should have first look at a double in this one.
Wade waiting on 107
Waites misses the double on the 66 checkout
Wade is back to finish the 107
Wade 3-0

leg 4
Wade is avg 108+ at this point and continues to score well in the leg
Waites avg is 102 +
Wade keeps the advantage and sees the double first and hits it.
Wade 4-0

leg 5
Waites has it all to do. He has the throw and is scoring well. This should give him a chance to take a leg.
Waites wants 80 and leaves 20
Wade comes back to finish 110; s20, t20 d15
Wade 5-0
Wade is holding a master class at finishing, and not allowing Waites a peek at a double.

Grand Slam of #Darts Wade v Jones final

ltg 21
Wade shooting well and takes the leg with no problems
Wade 15-6

Leg 22
Wade just looking to end it take out 100; s20, d20, d20
for the showmans finish.
Wade takes the leg and the match
Wade 16-6

Grand Slam of #Darts Wade v Jones after 5 legs

leg 16
Wade to throw first but misses first look at a double
Jones form 102 hits s20, bull, d16 to break the throw and take the leg
Wade 11-5

leg 17

Jones kept the pressure on in this leg, but could not set up the double to complete the 138 chechout.
Wade takes the leg
Wade 12-5

leg 18
Avg so far
Wade 100
Jones 96
Jones scoring well and putting pressure on Wade's throw
Wade at 160, and leaves 40
Wade comes back to miss 3 at d20
Jones finishes 32 to take the leg
Wade 12-6

leg 19
Jones scoring well enouh to hold his advantage
Jones wanted 96 leave 46
Wade for 110 leaves 12

Jones can't finish 46
Wade takes it
Wade 13-6

leg 20
Wade takes the leg
Wade 14-6

This just does not seem to be Jone's day. He can't seem to find that fire that will help him blaze past Wade.

Grand Slam of #Darts Wade v Jones after 15 legs

leg 11
Jones having double trouble
Wade having double trouble
Jones finds the double
Wade 9-2

leg 12
Wade scoring well and will see the double first.
Wade sees it, and hits it.
Wade 10-2

leg 13
Jones scoring well enough to see the double first
Jones gets it done.
Wade 10-3

leg 14
Jones had first look at a finish, but did not score well enough to shoot at a double

Wade finishes the double

Wade 11-3

leg 15
Jones gets first look at a double and misses d8
from 150 Wade leaves 32
Jones comes back to take the leg
Wade 11-4

Jones holding his throw in this session, but he will need so breaks of throw to have any hope at all.

Grand Slam of #Darts Wade v Jones after 10 legs

leg 6
Jones hits a 180 to help him break the throw.
Wade 5-1

Leg 7
Jones gets first look at the double, but it's double trouble time for both players
Wade finally finds the double and takes the leg
Wade 6-1

leg 8
Wade holds his throw and takes the leg.
Wade 7-1

leg 9
Wade breaks the throw and takes the leg
Wade 8-1

leg 10
The leg goes to Wade
Wade 9-1

Jones will have to find something more to get back on pace in this one. Wondering if his best darts have already been used this weekend...

Grand Slam of #Darts Wade v Jones after 5 legs

Wade reels off the first 2 legs with sharp finishing.
Wade 2-0

3rd leg
Jones hits a 180 that insures him first look at a double, but
Wade finishes 129 to steal the leg against the throw.
Wade 3-0

leg 4
Wade avg so far aprox 111
180 from Jones gets his to 21, but Wade the d10
Wade 4-0

leg 5

Wade scores well and takes the leg.
Wade 5-0

Grand Slam of #Darts Beaton v. Waites final

leg 21
a 180 helps Beaton get first look at a double.
Waites gets a look at a bull finish and misses
Beaton is back to break the throw and take the leg
Waites 13-8

leg 22
Beaton has a look at 24, but misse
Waites tries to finish 62 but does not do it.
Beaton can't finish
Waites holds his throw
Waites 14-8

Leg 23
Waites scores well to hold his throw
Waites 15-8

leg 24
Beaton holds his throw
Waites 15-9

leg 25
Waites to throw first
both players scoring well, all Waites must do is get across the line
the middle of the leg sees the scoring drop but Waites gets first look at a finish who gets 100 on 2 darts.
Waites wins it 16-9

Grand Slam of #Darts Beaton v. Waites after 20 legs

leg 16
Beaton to throw first.
Steady scoring and Beaton holds his throw
Waites 9-7

leg 17
Steady scoring by Waites helps him hold his throw
Waites 10-7

leg 18
Waites finishes 94 against the darts 25, s19, bull takes the leg.
Waites 11-7

leg 19

Waites holds his throw.
Waites 12-7

leg 20
Waites uses 14 darts to break the throw.
Waites 13-7

Beaton must summon yesterdays magic to make a run at if he wants to win this one...

Grand Slam of #Darts Beaton v. Waites after 15 legs

Waites leads it 9-6, Waites was hitting his doubles well, while Beaton missed a few key doubles, he needs to find the form that took him past Taylor on Saturday.

Grand Slam of #Darts Beaton v. Waites 2nd break

Beaton comes back from 4-1 down to tie it up at 5-5.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday's Grand Slam of #Darts results

Taylor has won the first three years of the Grand Slam tournament, and his bid for another £100,000 title looked set to continue when he took leads of 10-7 and 14-11.

Saturday November 20
Afternoon Session
Wayne Jones 16-15 Gary Anderson
James Wade 16-15 Terry Jenkins

Evening Session
Scott Waites 16-10 Co Stompe
Phil Taylor 14-16 Steve Beaton

Sunday November 21 (1pm)
Steve Beaton v Scott Waites
Wayne Jones v James Wade,,10180~2225925,00.html

Grand Slam of #Darts Beaton v. Taylor final

leg 26
Beaton throws well to hold his throw.
Taylor 14-12

leg 27
Taylor must hit 106 to hold the leg.
Misses tops for the leg
Beaton finishes 68
Taylor 14-13

leg 28
Beaton hold his throw and takes the leg
all level at 14-14

leg 29
strong scoring by both to start this leg
Taylor missing 3 at doubles and Beaton takes it.
Beaton 15-14

leg 30
Beaton to throw first
Taylor not scoring very well so far and Beaton is holding his advantage
Beaton on 105 Taylor on 218
Beaton leave 40
taylor leaves 93
Beaton makes a hash of it leaves 32
Taylor can't get it done, and misses the bull.
Beaton takes out 32 in 3 darts to win it!

Taylor clearly lost focus during these last legs, missing key doubles.
Beaton came through when it counted, and despite a few wobbles took the match

First I've heard Taylor really lay into the crowd about the Boos, jeers, and shouting miss, miss

Grand Slam of #Darts Beaton v. Taylor 5th session

leg 21
Taylor has one dart at a double and misses.
Beaton takes the leg against the throw
Taylor 12-9

leg 22
Taylor puts up a 12 dart leg to break back
Taylor 13-9

leg 23
weak scoring from both at the start of this leg
Taylor will have first go at a 3 dart finish
Taylor just misses the d16 for a 131 finish
Beaton takes the leg
Taylor 13-10

leg 24
a12 dart leg helps Beaton breaks Taylor's throw
Taylor 13-11

leg 25
Taylor needs 124 with beaton on 32.
Taylor his it to make it
Taylor 14-11

Grand Slam of #Darts Beaton v. Taylor session 4

leg 16
avg so far
Taylor 105
Beaton 100
167 finish for Taylor to Break Beaton
Taylor 9-7

leg 17
Taylor holds his throw
Taylor 10 - 7

leg 18
Beaton holds his throw
Taylor 10-8

leg 19
Beaton on 45 and has 2 at doubles to steal the leg, but misses
Taylor takes the leg
Taylor 11-8

leg 20
151 finish from Taylor to break the throw
Taylor 12-8

Grand Slam of #Darts Beaton v. Taylor 3rd session

leg 11
Beaton scoring well and breaks the throw!
Beaton 6-5

leg 12
Strong scoring by Beaton holds off Taylor.
Beaton 7-5

leg 13-15
Despite pressure from Beaton Taylor takes the legs
Taylor 8-7

Grand Slam of #Darts Beaton v. Taylor session 2

Beaton holding his throw to keep it close this session
leg 9
Beaton finishes 161 with Taylor on 16 to break the throw and make it
Taylor 5-4

leg 10
Beaton finishes 121 on the bull to hold his throw
Level at 5-5

Grand Slam of #Darts Beaton v. Taylor 1st session

Taylor on form and leads 4-1 at the break

Grand Slam of #Darts Waites v Stompe final

Waites takes it!
Waites 16-10

Grand Slam of #Darts Waites v Stompe 5th session

leg 21
Waites to throw first
the scoring started slowly, but both players hit 180's to raise the level of the leg, but Waites is able to old on.
Waites 13-8

leg 22
Waites breaks the throw and takes the leg.
Waites 14-8

leg 23

Waites hold his throw and takes the leg.
Waites 15-8

leg 24
Stompe to throw first, and is hold his advantage and gets first shot at the double.
Stompe takes the leg
Waites 15-9

leg 25
Waites to throw first
Stompe will need to shot big darts to take this leg
Stompe is scoring well enough to have 1st look at a double.
Stompe takes the leg
Waites 15-10

Waites is seeming less focused during this leg, and Stompe is shooting just well enough to take advantage.

Grand Slam of #Darts Waites v Stompe session 4

leg 16
Stompe to throw first
Waites steals the leg when Stompe went the bull route on 115, bull, bull, 7 leaving 8. when he came back he went miss, miss, s4.
Waites 9-7

leg 17
Waites scores well enough to hold the darts and take the leg
Waites 10-7

leg 18
close scoring during this leg no clear advantage to either player until Waites hits 140 to get a look at 113, but misses d18, and Stompe finishes 62.
Waites 10-8

leg 19
Waites holds his throw
Waites 11-8

leg 20
Both players avg just over 93 so far in the match
Waites breaks Stompe's throw!
Waites 12-8

Stompe had some problems setting up his finishes and missed leaving himself a double in a leg or two this session.

Grand Slam of #Darts Waites v Stompe 3rd session

Leg 13
Waites had darts at the double to take the leg and hold his throw, but misses 2 st d16 stompe takes the leg
Waites 7-6

Leg 14
Stompe has 2 darts fall out of the to lose his advantage, but finishes 110 t20, s10, d20 to hold his throw.
Level at 7 all

leg 15
both had darts at a bull for a ton + finish (Waites 161, Stompe 124) Waites left 30, Stompe left 25. Then both have double trouble.
Waites is able to hold on and take the leg.
Waites 8-7

Grand Slam of #Darts Waites v Stompe session 2

in leg 7 there 180's by both players, but Stompe's left him 81 which he finished well.

leg 8
Stompe just keeping his advantage in this leg, but Waites did have a shot at a 107 finish but missed the double. Stompe back to take out 48, s8, d20
Waites 5-3

leg 9
Waites misses 3 at d4 and stompe misses the finish and is on 4, Waites back to take the leg.
Waites 6-3

leg 10
Stompe holds his throw
Waites 6-4

double trouble was the theme for both in this session...

Grand Slam of #Darts Waites v Stompe 1st session

Waites takes the first 3 legs, but Stompe takes leg 4, and misses 2 at d4 in leg 5.
Waites takes the leg
Waites 4-1
Stompe will have to bring his best darts in the next session to keep his chances alive.

Grand Slam of #Darts Wade v Jenkins final

26th leg
Jenkins scores well and holds his throw to take the leg.
Wade 14-12

leg 27
Wade starts the leg strong, but has some off darts and Jenkins comes back to break the throw.
Wade 14-13

leg 28
Jenkins is scoring well in this leg and holds his throw.
All level 14-14

leg 29
Jenkins put great pressure on Wade durning the leg and Wade needed to finish 107 to hold of a charging bull.
Wade 15-14

leg 30
Jenkins come out strong on this leg and powers throw to make it all level
Level 15-15

leg 31 Wade to throw first.
It's do or die for both players, and Wade is just holding onto his throw.
Jenkins shoots at 170 and leaves 65
Wade can't hit the doubles and leave 20
Jenkins can't hit  the d20,
Wade back to shot s10, miss, d5 to take it!
Wade 16-15

Great match to watch, with both players shooting well, and missing key darts but drama right to the end.

Grand Slam of #Darts Wade v Jenkins at the 5th break

Wade makes it 14-11 in his favor.
During the 23rd leg
With the match level at 11-11... Jenkins, with Wade on 40 hits 180 to leave 36, Wade leaves 20, and Jenkins missed 3 at d18 to break Wades throw. Wade comes back to take the leg making it Wade 12-11

24th leg
Wade breaks Jenkins throw.
Wade 13-11

25th leg
Jenkins not scoring well, but Wade has seem to let off as well and Jenkins has 3 to break wade.,
Wade comes back to finish 100, t20 d20 on two darts

Grand Slam of #Darts Wade v Jenkins make it

10-10 at the 4th break. In the 18th leg Jenkins finishes 156 to level the match at 9-9.

19th leg with Jenkins on 140 Wade has a look at the bull to win the leg, but shots s10 to leave 40, and Jenkins comes back to shoot t20, t0, d10 to take the leg against the throw.

The 20th leg sees both players have trouble finishing, missing the big wedge of the number and their doubles, but Wade holds on to make it all level

Grand Slam of #Darts Wade v Jenkins 3rd break

Wade 8-7. Wade comes out strong in this session taking the first 3 legs pushing his avg to 104 in the 13th leg with Jenkins avg just over 90.

Jenkins takes the 14th and 15th leg. 

Grand Slam of #Darts Wade v Jenkins 2nd break

Sees Wade level it at 5-5. Wade picks it up a bit in this session and is showing stronger scoring. He does show some lapses of concentration, but he seems well on track. Jenkins is holding his own, but is not doing his best. Slow starts for both so far.

Grand Slam of #Darts Wade v Jenkins at the break

Jenkins leads it 3-2, but during this session Wade seemed to be off to a slow start, but he is keeping pace with Jenkins.,,10180~2225925,00.html

Grand Slam of #Darts Anderson v. Jones final

They needed all 31 legs to settle this one, but in the end Wanye Jones was able to overcome Anderson and win it 16-15

Friday, November 19, 2010

Grand Slam of #Darts Taylor v Baxter final

Taylor takes it 10-1. Baxter did have darts at a double to win another leg, but he just could not get it done. Taylor hit his doubles well, but his scoring was not what it is at his best.

Friday November 19Groups E-H Second Round
Colin Lloyd 4-10 Co Stompe
Ted Hankey 6-10 Steve Beaton
Scott Waites 10-7 Raymond van Barneveld
Ronnie Baxter 1-10 Phil Taylor,,10180~2224763,00.html

Grand Slam of #Darts Taylor v Baxter at the 2nd break

Taylor wins 9 legs before Baxter wins one, so we go to the break and wait to see how long Baxter must endure this agony. I'm thinking that if this were boxing the ref would have stopped the match by now as Baxter hardly seems able to fight back against the onslaught that is Phil "the Power" Taylor.

Grand Slam of #Darts Taylor v Baxter

Phil leads Baxter 5-0 off of a very strong start. Baxter seems to not know what hit him, and missed chances at a double to win a leg.

Grand Slam of #Darts Barney v Waites -final

Barney never looked very confident or at ease during this match. Waites missed some important darts at doubles, but held on to take the match 10-7

Grand Slam of #Darts Barney v Waites

after a slow start Barney fights back to make it 6-4 at the 2nd break

Grand Slam of #Darts Hankey v Beaton final

13th leg:
Strong scoring for both players and Beaton breaks to streach the lead
Beaton 8-5

leg 14
strong start by Beaton and Hankey seems to be reeling
middle of the leg and Beaton loses his momentum and hankey hits 180 to leave 65
Hankey leaves 40
Beaton leaves 16
Hankey takes the leg on a break of throw
Beaton 8-6

leg 15
strong scoring by both to start the leg
Hankey on a 2 dart finish with beaton on 50.
Bounce out of the bull by hankey gives beaton a chance.
Leg to beaton
Beaton 9-6

leg 16
strong start to the leg by beaton, not so much for hankey.
with hankey on 161 beaton finishes 81
Beaton 10-6

The crowd boos hankey as he walks off the stage...

#darts takes another leg and

is into it with the crowd. Beaton 6-5

Grand Slam of #Darts Hankey v Beaton at the 2nd break

Beaton comes back from trailing 3-0 to take a 6-4 lead. This session saw Beaton pepper the board with 180's and the crowd turn up the Boos against Hankey. But Hankey did have his say by finishing 84 on the bull and serve notice that he's not going quietly!

Grand Slam of #Darts Stompe v Lloyd final

Excellent darts by Stompe. He allows only one more leg to Lloyd before closing out the match 10-4. The best display of quality darts from Stompe that I've been able to see in a long time!

#darts for charity Bench Warmer Nov. 20

Bench Warmer

Food Share Food Drive
Saturday, Nov. 20th
sign ups start at 1:00 PM
tourney starts at 2:00 PM
The entry fee $10 and
2 non-perishable food items
Cash donations accepted!

click image for printable flier.

Toys for Tots Toy Drive

Saturday, Dec. 4th
sign ups start at 1:00 PM
tourney starts at 2:00 PM
The entry fee $10 and
an new unwraped toy
Sorry NO stuffed animals
Cash donations accepted!

Grand Slam of #Darts Stompe v Lloyd

Stompe is shooting very well and leads 7-3 at the break.

#darts Scotty Burnett Warm up tips - article

Warm Up/Practice Routine

Hi Gang

We left off on my last dart tip back in July with figuring out what level you fell into, and practicing effectively for that level.
What do you want out of darts?

Level 1 was your basic occasional player. There is really no need for practice if you just enjoy throwing some arrows every once in a while socially. Usually involving a cocktail or 2 J
More at:

Grand Slam of #Darts Friday Nov. 19

Friday November 19
Groups E-H Second Round
Colin Lloyd v Co Stompe
Ted Hankey v Steve Beaton
Scott Waites v Raymond van Barneveld
Ronnie Baxter v Phil Taylor,,10180~2224763,00.html

Thursday November 18
Groups A-D Second Round
Robert Thornton 6-10 Wayne Jones
Tony O'Shea 7-10 Terry Jenkins
Gary Anderson 10-3 Colin Osborne
Mervyn King 9-10 James Wade,,10180~2224550,00.html

Wednesday November 17
Groups E-H Final Games
Colin Lloyd 5-1 Tricia Wright
Adrian Lewis 3-5 Scott Waites
Ted Hankey 5-4 Michael van Gerwen
Ronnie Baxter 5-1 Arron Monk
Paul Nicholson 1-5 Steve Beaton
Co Stompe 5-4 Martin Phillips
Phil Taylor 5-3 Wes Newton
Raymond van Barneveld 5-1 Darryl Fitton,,10180~2222775,00.html

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Grand Slam of #Darts Tuesday final

Tuesday November 16
Groups A-D Final Games
Tony O'Shea 5-4 Justin Pipe
Simon Whitlock 2-5 Robert Thornton
Terry Jenkins 5-0 Stacy Bromberg
Wayne Jones 5-3 Mark Hylton
Mervyn King 5-4 John Henderson
Gary Anderson 3-5 Mark Webster
Colin Osborne 5-3 Dave Chisnall
James Wade 5-4 Vincent van der Voort,,10180~2222516,00.html

Grand Slam of #Darts Jenkins v Bromberg final

Stacy got off to a good start in the match having darts at a double in the first two legs. After that point Jenkins hit his stride and went on to take the match 5-0. Stacy had flashes of great darts during the match, but could not put together enough good darts in a row.

#darts Ladbrokes Launch Lads Cup

LADBROKES are searching for the UK's best pub darts teams to play on stage at the World Darts Championship.

Every fancied your chances of playing darts on the world's greatest stage at Alexandra Palace in front of a packed house? Here's your chance to do that - and you don't even have to be a budding Phil Taylor!

The Lads Cup will give 16 teams the chance to take part in a game of darts on stage during the World Darts Championship at Alexandra Palace in December.

Just get three people to join you in entering - they could be from your pub team or just mates who love darts - and visit and tell us why you should get this chance of a lifetime.

You can even add a few pictures and a video to make your entry stand out from the crowd!

All the entries will be judged by our expert panel of Phil Taylor, Anastasia Dobromyslova and Russ Bray, who will choose 16 teams to step up to the oche at Ally Pally!

Entries close on December 5 2010.

Each of the 16 teams chosen will receive:
Tickets to the World Darts Championship on the day they play
£250 expenses
Exclusive Lads Cup branded darts shirts
Souvenir team photograph signed by our panel of experts
Ally Pally beer tokens
PLUS each team member will receive a free £5 bet to use online or on their mobile for the World Darts Championship

For more information, terms & conditions and to enter, visit - where you can also see PDC stars Phil Taylor, Andy Hamilton, Jamie Caven   Terry Jenkins performing darts trick shots!,,10180~2222187,00.html

Monday, November 15, 2010

Grand Slam of #Darts Hankey v Taylor

In a fantastic display of darts Hankey qualifies beating Taylor 5-4.  In the post match interview Taylor admits Hankey outplayed him and that he's considering playing without the glasses in his next match. Hankey acknowledges that the crow is warming to him, and that he's on much better form than last year. Phil will have to face an on form Wes Newton to move on to the knockout rounds.

Monday November 15
Groups E-H Second Games
Darryl Fitton 5-3 Tricia Wright
Steve Beaton 5-1 Arron Monk
Wes Newton 5-4 Michael van Gerwen
Adrian Lewis 3-5 Co Stompe
Scott Waites 5-1 Martin Phillips
Paul Nicholson 5-3 Ronnie Baxter
Raymond van Barneveld 3-5 Colin Lloyd
Phil Taylor 4-5 Ted Hankey,,10180~2221430,00.html

Grand Slam of #Darts Beaton v A. Monk

Beaton makes short work of the match. his aprox. avg. 100 wins 5-1

here's what Rob Heckman says - COSMO #Darts newest fully sponsored players:

COSMO Darts newest fully sponsored players: John Kramer, Dan Olson &; Gary Mawson. Welcome aboard gentleman, you start a new era for COSMO Darts in North America!

Rob Heckman: COSMO #Darts Official Overseas Div. US player and promotions Rep. post link: New COSMO Darts North American Players

 facebook post link:

Current Sponsored FIT Flight players. Players: Lawrence, Ackery, Kirchner & ; White

New COSMO Darts Players - John Kramer, Dan Olson &  coming over from Unicorn - Gary Mawson!

COSMO Darts:

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Global Darts:

'Fit Flight Air' Review:

Grand Slam of #Darts Fitton v Wright

Tricia Wright is currently tied 3-3 with Fitton. Fitton is looking a bit unnerved in the 7th leg.

Tricia had 3 darts to take 40, but it went miss, d1 then single 19....
Fitton came up and finished 118 to go up 4-3.

Fitton took the match 5-3

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Grand Slam of #Darts Sunday final

Sunday November 14Afternoon Session
Co Stompe 4-5 Scott Waites
Colin Lloyd 5-4 Darryl Fitton
Paul Nicholson 5-4 Arron Monk
Wes Newton 3-5 Ted Hankey
Ronnie Baxter 5-2 Steve Beaton
Adrian Lewis 2-5 Martin Phillips
Raymond van Barneveld 5-0 Tricia Wright
Phil Taylor 5-1 Michael van Gerwen

Evening Session
Groups A-D Second Games
Vincent van der Voort 5-1 Justin Pipe
Mark Webster 5-3 Mark Hylton
John Henderson 5-2 Stacy Bromberg
Simon Whitlock 4-5 Colin Osborne
Robert Thornton 5-2 Dave Chisnall
James Wade 1-5 Tony O'Shea
Mervyn King 5-3 Terry Jenkins
Gary Anderson 5-2 Wayne Jones,,10180~2219685,00.html

Grand Slam of #Darts Osborne v Whitlock final...

This was a close match with both players scoring and finishing well. One dramatic finish attempt saw Osborne miss a 164 checkout by a wire. The players went into the 9 leg all level, but Osborne score well to get first look at a double. Osborne wins 5-4

Grand Slam of #Darts Bromber v Henderson final

Stacy comes out strong in the 5th leg and takes the leg
Henderson 3-2

180 x 2 in the leg from Henderson which leads him to the leg win
Henderson 4-2

Henderson finds his stride and finishes 80 with Stacy on 160.

Match to Henderson 5-2

#darts Bromberg v Henderson match is...

off to a slow start with none of the first 12 darts topping 60. Stacy is first to score over 90, but Hendo strikes back with successive scores of 100. Stacy gets a look at 167 and leaves 128 and Hendo finishes 116.
Henderson 1-0

Henderson opens the second leg with strong scoring of 100 or better. Henderson has a look at 101 and leaves 32, Stacy put on pressure with 140. Henderson leave 16, Stacy score 101 and Henderson is back to finish with d8.

Hendrson scores well in the 3rd leg and hits the first 180 of the match which leave 137, and with Stacy a ways back Henderson takes 9 darts to finish the leg.

In the 4th leg both players open with 90 plus scores. Stacy will get first look at a finish, but with 160 left Stacy leaves 119. Henderson on 41 misses 5 at doubles. Stacy had two darts for the win and misses, Henderson has 3 for the win but leaves 7. Stacy comes back for 40 s1, s7, d16 to take her first leg of the match.

Henderson leads 3-1

Grand Slam of #Darts

Sunday November 14
Afternoon Session - 12.30pm-5pm GMT/BST
Co Stompe 4-5 Scott Waites
Colin Lloyd 5-4 Darryl Fitton
Paul Nicholson 5-4 Arron Monk
Wes Newton 3-5 Ted Hankey
Ronnie Baxter 5-2 Steve Beaton
Adrian Lewis 2-5 Martin Phillips
Raymond van Barneveld 5-0 Tricia Wright
Phil Taylor 5-1 Michael van Gerwen,,10180~2219685,00.html

#darts Chris Mason says he will retire...

Today at the Grand Slam of Darts Mason said he had lost his love of the game and the will to put in the long hours of practice required to compete at the top levels of the game. He spoke of the enjoyment he's had competing against an outstanding crop of players in both the BOD and the PDC. He lament the miss opportunities in key matches during his career. In the end he believes his final matches will be in the World Championships qualifier, or the World Championships if he qualifies for them. When Stuart Pyke asked what he would do after darts, Chris Mason joke; "I may go after your job..." Pyke retorts after pause... "I'm at a loss for words."

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Steel-tip #darts Food Drive and Toy Drive

Food Share Turkey Shoot, Blind Draw Doubles
Double Elimination Steel-tip Dart Tournament

2:00 PM
Nov. 20, 2010
$10.00 Entry Fee and 2 non-perishable food items.
Bench Warmer
1855 E. MAIN ST.
805 643-4303
click the link to find the flier:

Toys for Tots, Blind Draw Doubles
Double Elimination Steel-tip Dart Tournament

2:00 PM
Dec. 4, 2010
$10.00 Entry Fee and at least one toy with a value of $10 or more
(sorry, no stuffed animal toys, please).
Bench Warmer
1855 E. MAIN ST.
805 643-4303
click the link to find the flier:

Friday, November 12, 2010

#ADO #darts - Buckeye Open Not Sanctioned

It has come to the attention of the ADO that the upcoming Buckeye Open has been advertised as being ADO Sanctioned, but this is not true. The Columbus Darters Association (CDA) is no longer a member of the ADO,
more at:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

#Darts star Phil Taylor to wear glasses at Grand Slam

Phil Taylor
Taylor won his 15th PDC World title at Alexandra Palace in January
Phil Taylor will wear glasses at the oche for the first time at this year's Grand Slam of Darts in Wolverhampton.

from the #darts email stack ... double16 promotions

Hello folks  - just s quick note to remind you that the Cotgrave Open is
next weekend!
Come and see this fantastic venue and enjoy a game of darts with your
friends :D
The details are below

Presented by Dart Promotions

The Cotgrave Darts Open
“At The Cotgrave Welfare Social Scheme”
Woodview, Cotgrave,
Nottinghamshire NG12.3PJ

Saturday 13th November 2010


(Thereafter all monies in and all monies out)


Winner £500
Runner-up £200
Losing Semi Finalist £100 each
Losing Quarter Finalist £25 each
Format - Best of 7 Legs on the floor,
Best of 9 legs Semi-Finals,
Final Best of 11 legs - 501 straight start
Entry Fee - £8 per player pre register - £10 on the Day
Further Details or Entries to Dennis Stokes
E-mail – Mobile 07825228953
Registration Doors open 10-00am,
Registration until Midday, 12-30 start


Also let me remind you of the following....

People have been asking where to get double16 shirts from

Well the direct link to where you can buy them from is here - great quality
and a great price too! ( and that includes having your username embroidered
on the shirt as well!!!)

Now you can buy the Double16 darts! They are superb quality , great grip,
great balance and an amazing price!!

and last of all a favour

Please remember to subscribe to my youtube channel to help me out with an
experiment I am trying

Thanks all


#darts Hangover Open 2011 - New Year's Day - Auburn, MA

Download flyer for all details - CLICK HERE

Throw your first darts of the new year at the

New Year's Day
@ Halligan's Lounge
889 Southbridge St.
Auburn, MA 01501

Doors Open at 10
Signups 11-11:45am
Start time: 12pm sharp
Entry fee: $15 includes pasta dinner

Format: LOD, 501-cricket-choice
Double elimination

Immediately following draw:
Open Men's and Women's Singles 501
Best of three, single elimination
Entry fee: $10

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

#darts PDC Europe bans web journalist...

From an article posted by Charis (global darts website):


I was banned….
I asked to talk to the PDC Europe board but was told all were too busy... Charis (Global Darts website): article link

Not really sure what to think about this situation... does being a web journalist get you banned even if you are a player's guest?

Interested to hear some plausible explanation for any PDC officials.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Blind Draw Steel-tip #darts Nov. 13 2010

Ray Alexandar Memorial Tournament
Single Elimination Blind Draw
12:30 PM Saturday Nov. 13, 2010
$12.00 Entry Fee
at: Sam's Saloon

#darts The 2011 San Francisco Open

 is announced for September 16th, 17th and 18th @ the SFO Clarion Hotel...great room rates (with breakfast) and way wonderful drink specials, oh and yeah, Great Darts!

More to follow!

The San Francisco Dart Association

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