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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Grand Slam of #Darts Waites v Stompe session 4

leg 16
Stompe to throw first
Waites steals the leg when Stompe went the bull route on 115, bull, bull, 7 leaving 8. when he came back he went miss, miss, s4.
Waites 9-7

leg 17
Waites scores well enough to hold the darts and take the leg
Waites 10-7

leg 18
close scoring during this leg no clear advantage to either player until Waites hits 140 to get a look at 113, but misses d18, and Stompe finishes 62.
Waites 10-8

leg 19
Waites holds his throw
Waites 11-8

leg 20
Both players avg just over 93 so far in the match
Waites breaks Stompe's throw!
Waites 12-8

Stompe had some problems setting up his finishes and missed leaving himself a double in a leg or two this session.
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