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Monday, November 15, 2010

here's what Rob Heckman says - COSMO #Darts newest fully sponsored players:

COSMO Darts newest fully sponsored players: John Kramer, Dan Olson &; Gary Mawson. Welcome aboard gentleman, you start a new era for COSMO Darts in North America!

Rob Heckman: COSMO #Darts Official Overseas Div. US player and promotions Rep. post link: New COSMO Darts North American Players

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Current Sponsored FIT Flight players. Players: Lawrence, Ackery, Kirchner & ; White

New COSMO Darts Players - John Kramer, Dan Olson &  coming over from Unicorn - Gary Mawson!

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'Fit Flight Air' Review:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the awesome post and ad!!!
Rob 'the Dragon' Heckman

Anonymous said...

Neil Berkin is a great reviewer. Also check his site

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