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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Grand Slam of #Darts Wade v Jones after 5 legs

leg 16
Wade to throw first but misses first look at a double
Jones form 102 hits s20, bull, d16 to break the throw and take the leg
Wade 11-5

leg 17

Jones kept the pressure on in this leg, but could not set up the double to complete the 138 chechout.
Wade takes the leg
Wade 12-5

leg 18
Avg so far
Wade 100
Jones 96
Jones scoring well and putting pressure on Wade's throw
Wade at 160, and leaves 40
Wade comes back to miss 3 at d20
Jones finishes 32 to take the leg
Wade 12-6

leg 19
Jones scoring well enouh to hold his advantage
Jones wanted 96 leave 46
Wade for 110 leaves 12

Jones can't finish 46
Wade takes it
Wade 13-6

leg 20
Wade takes the leg
Wade 14-6

This just does not seem to be Jone's day. He can't seem to find that fire that will help him blaze past Wade.
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