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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Grand Slam of #Darts Wade v. Waites after 25 legs

leg 21
Waites has first look at a double and hits it.
Wade 11-10

leg 22
Wade to throw first
Strong scoring puts Waites ahead, but a 180 from Wade keeps him in touch
Waites finishes 121 to steal the leg.
All level 11-11

leg 23
Waites to throw first
Strong scoring by Waites and slack darts by Wade, but Wade hits the 180 Waites strikes back with a 180
Waites wants 85 and leaves 9.
Wade on 165 leave 40
Wiates hits s18 to bust with his first dart.
Wade leaves 20
Waites comes back to take it!
Waites 12-11

leg 24
Level scoring in this leg so far, and Waites should get first look at a double.
Waites leaves 18
Wade leaves 40
Waites hits the d9 first dart!!!
Waites 13-11

leg 25
Strong scoring by Waites, and Wade does not seem to have an answer.
Wade leaves 229
Waites wants 46 and gets it!!!
Waites 14-11

I guess Wade got lost during that second break, because he has not really show up since that point.

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