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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Grand Slam of #Darts Wade v. Waites

This one could be a classic matchup as we see Wade representing the PDC and Waites of the BDO code. Some folks in other chat rooms are pulling for a Waites upset. Some even suggest that Waites jump to the PDC win or lose as he would almost assuredly get a Premier League slot.

leg 1
Waites to throw first.
Waites opens with a 180 and Wade responds with 140.
The players then settle into mostly 80+ scoring.
Waites has first shot at a double but misses
Wade comes in to take the leg against the throw.
Wade 1-0

leg 2
Waites opens with 180
Wade is shootng well enough to have a shot a a finish first with 180
Wade takes the leg to hold his throw.
Wade 2-0

leg 3
Waites should have first look at a double in this one.
Wade waiting on 107
Waites misses the double on the 66 checkout
Wade is back to finish the 107
Wade 3-0

leg 4
Wade is avg 108+ at this point and continues to score well in the leg
Waites avg is 102 +
Wade keeps the advantage and sees the double first and hits it.
Wade 4-0

leg 5
Waites has it all to do. He has the throw and is scoring well. This should give him a chance to take a leg.
Waites wants 80 and leaves 20
Wade comes back to finish 110; s20, t20 d15
Wade 5-0
Wade is holding a master class at finishing, and not allowing Waites a peek at a double.
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