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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

#darts Now for something that you may not know...

Darts is included as one of the activities on list of challenge activities:

The President’s Challenge is a program of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition. The Council seeks to expand the availability of quality information regarding physical activity, sports, and good nutrition and to empower Americans of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to adopt a healthy lifestyle through:
  • Regular physical activity
  • Participation in sports
  • Healthy eating
Co-chaired by New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and Olympic gymnast Dominique Dawes, the Council includes pro and Olympic athletes, fitness professionals, doctors, and other healthy living experts and advocates. Council members advise the President of the United States through the Secretary of Health and Human Services.
Learn more about the Council.

#Darts #Dartslive meets the PDC World Darts Championship!

Paul Lim to Compete at Ally Pally Some interesting news in respect of DARTSLIVE taken from the PDC website…… dartslive 212x300 PDC Partners With DARTSLIVEThe Professional Darts Corporation are delighted to announce a partnership with DARTSLIVE which will also see Paul Lim compete in the Ladbrokes World Darts Championship, having secured a place at Alexandra Palace as the current World Soft-Tip Champion.

more at darts mad:

#darts Will this argument ever go away?

People tend to forget that many of the sports that they now glorify share a history that deeply involved cigarets and beer in dugouts and on sidelines.

Friday, October 26, 2012

#darts #review David Kirby: The Definitive Darts Coaching Manual: Your pathway to success

"The Definitive Darts Coaching Manual"is a thin booklet of 70 pages which was published in 2012 by Anchorprint Group Limited. By now the second edition is on the market and a Kindle edition is available too. One can buy it at, the price is 5 pound. The book come with a recommendation by Jamie Caven, just now David Kirby writes a book over Caven.

David Kirby was so kind to give me a copy to write a review. 
Contributed by Charis

more at:
Dartplayer   SEWA-Darts - David Kirby: The Definitive Darts Coaching Manual: Your pathway to success

Monday, October 08, 2012

#darts Gold Coast Shootout steel-tip tournament page on facebook.

Checkout the Gold Coast Shootout tournament page on facebook... it's just getting started but it will be a place to keep up with what's going on during the tournament and all year long... Watch for pictures! Stop by and like this page!

Do you want to watch some live #darts from North America this weekend?

Well be sure to checkout the New World Dart Series broadcast at:

Saturday, October 06, 2012

#darts The New World Dart Series tournament entry list:

Good luck to all at The New World Dart Series tournament in Dayton Ohio on Oct 12 to 14th. The NWDS will be seeding 32 Men and 16 Women from the NAPDA Order of Merit for the Round Robin Groups on Saturday. The organizers of the NWDS will determine where the players will fall in the knock out portion of the events on Sunday.
This will be the largest Steel Tip event in North America for 2012 and NAPDA is pleased to be associated with the NWDS and upcoming future events in 2013 ...which will be, even bigger.
A full roster of players is now online at

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

#darts October 2012 Roster | New World Dart Series

October 2012 Roster | New World Dart Series

10/3/2012 Chris Helms recovery update #darts #ADO

You all are awesome! The Fundrazr account is going up, now about $1400 and I deposited the first mailed check. Got another $200, in the mail, today. I am picking up more, tonight. Also, know of 2 more benefits, out of Texas. When I get the info, I will send it out. Oh, another local benefit will be at Parks Place, in Dallas, this Sunday, I think. Okay, on to the important info:
Anita texted me, early this morning, that Chris was opening his eyes when they were doing stimulus tests, but not by voice command. I just got another text saying that he was resting, but unconscious. It is his brain healing and it takes time. But things are progressing.

Here is an update from about 4 hours ago, from Chris's sister:
A brief update about my brother, Christopher Shawn Helms:
Although still in ICU at University Hospital, he continues to make a little progress each day. The nurses told us this morning that he is opening his eyes now in response to stimulus, but isn't doing it yet when asked. Baby steps, but progress is progress!

Please keep the prayers and good wishes coming his way - they are working!!

Also, Friday will be his birthday. If you would like to send a card you can drop it off in his room during a visit or mail it to: 327 Devonshire, San Antonio, TX 78209

On a personal note, sending out my love and appreciation to all of the people who have reached out to Chris and all of our family during this crisis. It has been such a blessing to meet so many well-wishers and generous friends over this past week, either at the hospital or via phone, text and facebook. Hearing or reading so many great stories about my brother, from his compassion to his hilarious antics, has been very uplifting and has made the many long hours of waiting much more bearable.

There are several people who have REALLY stepped up and continue to volunteer their time and energy to helping Chris and the family through this, above and beyond what any of us could have anticipated. 'Thank you' isn't sufficient, but all I have are words to express the depth of our gratitude to each and every one of you.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

#darts The latest from Chris Helm's sister

Phil Fried wrote: lastest updates from Texas - The latest from Chris's sister, plus info from Anita, Chris's wife.
My brother - Christopher UPDATE Monday 10/1 -
Would you like to send Chris a card? Mail to:
327 Devonshire San Antonio, TX 78209

His condition remains unchanged from yesterday. So keep praying, share your stories, come by to visit if you like.

Update from our little sis, Chandalee:

" He has been moved to room 1072 (still in ICU). No significant changes one way or the other from the doctors' perspective but friends are reporting that he has been moving his fingers some and moving his lips too. One tiny step closer to consciousness and having him closer to recovery.

Thank you all again for the outpouring of love, support and prayers we have seen from everyone. I can't tell you enough how much it has meant to the family and I know it is helping Chris pull through this. "

ditto ♥

In addition, Anita says that they plan to do the trach and add a stomach feeding tube, in order to get the tubes out of his mouth, sometime, today. Biggest thing is still waiting to get that swelling down.

Carol Graham wrote:
Okay, everyone. Here is the information on giving. There are several ways to give. The "Christopher Helms Medical Fund" account has been set up at the A+ Federal Credit Union, Main Branch, in Austin, Texas. You are welcome to send a check or money order, made out to "Christopher Helms Medical Fund" and mailed to the following:
Elaine Bohls
2807 Vernon Ave.
Austin, TX 78723
or, you may go to this link and use PayPal. Just a little reminder that if you use the website and PayPal, the do take out a handling fee.
anyway, this is a start...
Medical fund info:

Updates on ADO site:

Updates on Facebook:

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