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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dartoid's World - Sunday, September 30, 2009


Thirteen-times world champion Phil Taylor is over the moon again (honest) as he kicks off October with another professional tour win – his thirteenth of the year – with a victory over James Wade in the final of the Irish Players Championship.

Dennis Priestley then picks up his third tour victory of the year, the following day, with a win over Raymond van Barneveld. The Menace worked his way through John MacGowan, Louis Blundell, Colin Monk, Jelle Klaasen, and Mervyn King en route.

The World Grand Prix takes center stage in Dublin and begins with a shocker -

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Players pointing at world darts title

By Tom Sorensen
Posted: Friday, Sep. 25, 2009
* 2009 World Darts Federation Cup XVII

Competitors practice Thursday during World Darts Federation World Cup XVII at the Blake Hotel in downtown Charlotte.

The dart teams from Ireland, Switzerland and Trinidad and Tobago gather outside the Blake Hotel in downtown Charlotte on Thursday for a cigarette break.

Up the stairs and inside a 52,000-square foot ballroom are the teams from the Netherlands and England. They take their darts seriously over there. They came to the United States to win, not to smoke. You think they need tobacco? They don't need tobacco. They have beer.

It is 9:41 a.m. My early favorites to win the World Darts Federation World Cup XVII: the Netherlands and England.
(link to full article)

Bragging Rights Open

Steel-Tip Singles Tournament

A&L Sports Pub
60th & Glisan
Portland, Oregon

Saturday - November 14th
11:00 - 11:30 am sign-up
12:00 noon start

$25 entry - $1,000 Payout

1st Place $400
2nd Place $200
3rd – 4th $100
5th – 8th $50

501 ~ Round Robin ~ 3 games
Best of 7 in the quarter-finals;
Best of 9 in the semi-finals;
Best of 11 in the finals.

from the email stack... SFO Steel-tip Dart Tournament

September, 2009
Dear Fellow Darters, Friends and Family,

I would like to invite you and yours to the 2009 San Francisco Open, the Steel Tip Dart Tournament produced by The San Francisco Dart Association and sanctioned by the American Dart Organization. Bob Martell will be our Tournament Director!

Special - If you sign up for all matches in the tourney on Friday night, you pay only $100, a $30 savings!

We are opening our arms to the world this year with a $10,000 purse, a three-day tournament and events that any dart player can feel comfortable playing in. We did increase the number of blind draw double matches so we have one major event each day. You never know who you might be paired with. There will be a grand Dart Store provided by Patricia Miller and family, better known as the Dart Doctors. Puma Darts have been a great sponsor this year, so all Puma supplies will be available for 15% off! Parking is only $1 a day and if you are taking public transit, take BART to SFO and there is a free shuttle to the hotel 24/7!!!

All of our flyers, payout bracket, information and contact information can be found at:

To contact the Marriott for Last Min. Rooms, Directions & Info: --> Special Darter Room Rate/Code = DRTDRTA <--

This is our first year at the San Francisco Marriott Hotel and are beyond excited about the four star quality of the facilities we have at great prices. Located just south of SFO, the Marriott has a top rated restaurant, The Hangar Steak, Flights 101 Club Lounge, it's own Starbucks & an all needs boutique store in the lobby. The main lounge and all rooms come with free Wi-Fi not to mention the best view of air traffic landing and taking off right across the water. There is a splendid brunch buffet each day to boot. We do remember that many of you (and I) are on budget, so all meals here might not be in your cards. There are 4 major restaurants off premise that are walkable & on the opposite side of Highway 101 on E. Millbrae Ave. there are over six fast food restaurants, two good sized grocery stores and one of the peninsulas best Dim-Sum Chinese Restaurant.

The tournament will have a lavish no-host bar, Michelle S. our licensed Message Therapist will be on duty as well as a large raffle and silent auction will be running throughout the tournament. A large 50/50 draw will also be running all weekend with the final pull on Sunday Afternoon.

One small perk of the SF Open at the Marriott is that it is the home of the San Francisco
49ers when they play at home. They are playing the Rams on Sunday at Candlestick Park. The team has been invited to come on down and play with us, esp. Friday night, so, it's not official, but don't be surprised to see a few XXXL dart players shooting next to you.

The whole SFDA Family and I look forward to seeing you at our event this year,
John Bouvier – SF Open Producer – SFOpen"at" - (415) 963-3550

Sunday, September 27, 2009

from the email stack.... DartSmarts
September 26, 2009
For Immediate Release
Joe Sturtz
TOLL FREE: 877 712 - 9184

Exclusive International Distribution Agreement Signed!
"Joust Dart," "Joust Point" & "FT" Licensed!
Dear Highly Valued Past Repeat Customers,

First and foremost, I personally want to thank all of you for supporting our darting design philosophy and purchasing our products since we started. I personally know and will remember forever, most of your names. If it wasn't for your personal competitive drive, equipment demands and purchasing with your intelligence, DartSmarts would never have even made it out of the gate. Once again, I sincerely thank you very much.

DartSmarts, in retrospect, has been in existence since 2001. Since day one, we have been designing the most sophisticated dart in the world. We have had that edge because we are darts players just like you, so we understand and are sensitive to the situations and demands of competitive darts. We feel that our customers deserve every possible advantage and we are going to give it to them. If you can find a better designed dart, we'll buy it for you and that won't happen because we know that dart doesn't exist.

FYI: As of right now, DartSmarts has signed a licensing agreement including exclusive international distribution rights, except for the United States and Canada, with one of the largest dart manufacturers in the world. It is a signed and done deal. I'm not letting the cat out of the bag just yet of exactly "who" that is, but in the next 30 days they will announce to the trades that they're collaborating with DartSmarts. This company fabricates an incredible dart. This company's precision machining will bring the design of our darts to a much higher quality level than it has ever been before. The DartSmarts brand will continue internationally by making our new moveable-point dart GEN-4J (J = Joust), the dart that "Does It All" available.

Shoot Well!

Joe Sturtz

Joust Feature Large IIGEN-4J "2 for 1" SALE Continues!
Our "2 for 1" sale is going to continue for a very short time! Be forewarned!

Our Price: $149.95 "2 For The Price of ONE!"

Saturday, September 26, 2009

from the email stack... Holiday Classic III

FYI to those who did not get the word
Regional Director III-1

Subject: Holiday Classic III

Hey Everybody,
Just wanted to send out a quick email to tell everybody that the 2009 Holiday Classic III is Canceled. Hopefully I will start it up again next year. The ADO hasn't posted this on their site yet so I am sending this out to y'all.
Bob Beam newsletter... September

As this year a very important WDF tournament will take place in the USA – in Charlotte – we thought this would be worth a newsletter and some special contributions.
So you can find now an SEWA a short article about the history of the tournament and the American successes so far – you can find it here: article)

The most important components of a tournament of course are the players – one of our SEWA Generals - General Steve Brown well know as Chunky and both ADO official and member of the American World Cup Team – suggested himself as victim for an interview.
And he had to answer quite a lot of questions not only about this tournament and the ADO but about darts in the US in general, about his youth in the UK, about practice….
Hopefully you´ll enjoy it as much as I did asking.
You can find it here: Brown interview)

For me from the outside an American national team just would not be complete without another player – though not a SEWA member she from time to time turned up in the ladies forum – I am sure you all know her much better then I do: Stacy Bromberg who is this time for the sixth time part of the World Cup Team. She like Steve kindly agreed to be asked by me a lot of questions - some of course about ladies darts – and she of course has a lot to tell us. This interview will be published soon exclusively on SEWA too so stick to the article page!

And of course you´ll find all updates not only on the World Cup site:
but also on SEWA in the tournaments and competition forum.

Last but not least – as it has nothing to do with the World Cup – you can now read if you are interested a review of the new book of SEWA’s Flight School General George Silberzahn. Might be you are interested – I really can only recommend Darts: Beginning to End – and you´ll be probably astonished how much SEWA you can find in it…
Here the link: Silberzahn article)

The design for the SEWA-Darts.Com Newsletter was kindly done by a SEWA member - by Rags = Kelly Ragland who not only designs newsletters for free.
What he designs to earn his living you can find here:

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Philadelphia Exhibition Matches and LOD Sept 26th

Bogside Pub on Castor Ave on Sept 26th will be hosting 2 dart matches with an LOD to follow.
Matches start at 7:00 PM: Russ Jassinski vs Jerry Dooling followed by Bill Davis vs Jim Newman.

LOD will be held following the matches (est 9:00) with the Pub adding $400 to the pot

more details and latest info can be found here:

Wal-Mart/Unicorn's World Pro dartboard evaluated

Not wanting to wait until November to get the new Eclipse HD, I bought a World Pro from Wal-Mart ($35 site-to-store) last week - it arrived today.

The main difference right off the bat is the quality. There're traces... (full review by digger at

It's comming soon! World Cup XVII, September 23rd - 26th, 2009

World Cup XVII
September 23rd - 26th, 2009
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Join the 35+ countries that will be competing for the World Cup of Darts at The Blake Hotel.

Rooms are now available at The Blake Hotel for the entire week of the World Cup for spectators and volunteers that are planning on coming to Charlotte for the biggest darting event of 2009.

Here's the link to the draw:

Check the following link for updates:

Monday, September 14, 2009

9/14/09... from the email stack... London Bridge Dart Association Tournament

To all darters planning to attend the London Bridge Dart Association Tournament

Oct. 16, 17 & 18, 2009

Bridgeview Motel 928-855-3550

101 London Bridge Rd.

Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403

1 King $54.95 + Tax

2 Queen $64.95 + Tax

Bridgeview Motel is across the parking lot from The Eagles.

They are under new Owners & Management.

They had to take the property back and were not open before our fliers were published.

Sorry I couldn’t send this with the email of our flier, but did include in our regular mailing.

Jeanne Tank

L.B.D.A. Tournament Director

9-14-09... from the email stack.... Reminder: 9th Annual Moonspinners Mixer- Steel Tip Dart Tournament

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

from the email stack... Bench Warmer "Oh My!"

The Bench Warmer

"OH MY" Labor Day "Blind Draw Tournament"

Bench Warmer Monday, September 7, 2009
Starts at 2:00 pm sharp
"Oh My" - Labor Day 2009 Tournament
Entry Fee $10
Rosie and Bob Cobb will have the grill fired up for hot dogs and hamburgers!

from the email stack... Marty Brittingham

Hello SoCal Darters,

I received a call from Elizabeth Spare today telling me that Marty Brittingham passed away last Friday. Her son Ethan was there by himself with Marty. He called for help then did CPR until the paramedics arrived, but Marty passed away. She had been battling cancer and going through some aggressive chemo. There will be more information forthcoming but she did not desire any memorial services.

She was a very close friend of Nick and Elizabeth Spare. (Nick recently passed away as well). She used to run dart shoots at the Scarlet Lady in Culver City, and was very active in SCDA. I will be forwarding the obituary as soon as it is available.

You can send condolences for the family to her brother at:

Col. James Brittingham
624 Towncrest Drv.
Beavercreek, OH 53434

Please keep the family and Elizabeth and Ethan in your prayers.

Linda Endo

from the email stack... Dolphin Lounge - Soft=tip

Labor Day Weekend Shoots

Soft-Tip Blind Draws

at The Dolphin Lounge

1274 S. Magnolia
Anaheim, ca 92804

Saturday 5th September

Sign-Ups at 7,30pm Starts promptly at 8.00pm

$10.00 entry Big $$$ added


Sunday 6th September

Sign-Ups at 1.30pm Starts Promptly at 2.00pm

$10.00 entry Big $$$ added


Monday 7th September

Sign-Ups at 1.30pm Starts Promptly at 2.00pm

from the email stack... Soft-tip Dart Tournament

This Sat Sept 5th
Nice Rack
Billiards & Darts
$1000 Dart Tournament
has now been upgraded to a
$1500 Dart Tournament
with 40 people
$15 entry
Please come out and help us celebrate
Robert Silva's 38th B-Day & 6 month deployment party.
Nice Rack Billiards & Darts
1246 E Main St
El Cajon, CA 92021-7290

(619) 588-0426
Any Questions feel free to call me Robert Dixon @ 619-335-0252

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