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Saturday, September 26, 2009 newsletter... September

As this year a very important WDF tournament will take place in the USA – in Charlotte – we thought this would be worth a newsletter and some special contributions.
So you can find now an SEWA a short article about the history of the tournament and the American successes so far – you can find it here: article)

The most important components of a tournament of course are the players – one of our SEWA Generals - General Steve Brown well know as Chunky and both ADO official and member of the American World Cup Team – suggested himself as victim for an interview.
And he had to answer quite a lot of questions not only about this tournament and the ADO but about darts in the US in general, about his youth in the UK, about practice….
Hopefully you´ll enjoy it as much as I did asking.
You can find it here: Brown interview)

For me from the outside an American national team just would not be complete without another player – though not a SEWA member she from time to time turned up in the ladies forum – I am sure you all know her much better then I do: Stacy Bromberg who is this time for the sixth time part of the World Cup Team. She like Steve kindly agreed to be asked by me a lot of questions - some of course about ladies darts – and she of course has a lot to tell us. This interview will be published soon exclusively on SEWA too so stick to the article page!

And of course you´ll find all updates not only on the World Cup site:
but also on SEWA in the tournaments and competition forum.

Last but not least – as it has nothing to do with the World Cup – you can now read if you are interested a review of the new book of SEWA’s Flight School General George Silberzahn. Might be you are interested – I really can only recommend Darts: Beginning to End – and you´ll be probably astonished how much SEWA you can find in it…
Here the link: Silberzahn article)

The design for the SEWA-Darts.Com Newsletter was kindly done by a SEWA member - by Rags = Kelly Ragland who not only designs newsletters for free.
What he designs to earn his living you can find here:

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