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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Grand Slam of #Darts Wade v Jenkins final

26th leg
Jenkins scores well and holds his throw to take the leg.
Wade 14-12

leg 27
Wade starts the leg strong, but has some off darts and Jenkins comes back to break the throw.
Wade 14-13

leg 28
Jenkins is scoring well in this leg and holds his throw.
All level 14-14

leg 29
Jenkins put great pressure on Wade durning the leg and Wade needed to finish 107 to hold of a charging bull.
Wade 15-14

leg 30
Jenkins come out strong on this leg and powers throw to make it all level
Level 15-15

leg 31 Wade to throw first.
It's do or die for both players, and Wade is just holding onto his throw.
Jenkins shoots at 170 and leaves 65
Wade can't hit the doubles and leave 20
Jenkins can't hit  the d20,
Wade back to shot s10, miss, d5 to take it!
Wade 16-15

Great match to watch, with both players shooting well, and missing key darts but drama right to the end.

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