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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Grand Slam of #Darts Beaton v. Waites final

leg 21
a 180 helps Beaton get first look at a double.
Waites gets a look at a bull finish and misses
Beaton is back to break the throw and take the leg
Waites 13-8

leg 22
Beaton has a look at 24, but misse
Waites tries to finish 62 but does not do it.
Beaton can't finish
Waites holds his throw
Waites 14-8

Leg 23
Waites scores well to hold his throw
Waites 15-8

leg 24
Beaton holds his throw
Waites 15-9

leg 25
Waites to throw first
both players scoring well, all Waites must do is get across the line
the middle of the leg sees the scoring drop but Waites gets first look at a finish who gets 100 on 2 darts.
Waites wins it 16-9
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