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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Grand Slam of #Darts Beaton v. Taylor final

leg 26
Beaton throws well to hold his throw.
Taylor 14-12

leg 27
Taylor must hit 106 to hold the leg.
Misses tops for the leg
Beaton finishes 68
Taylor 14-13

leg 28
Beaton hold his throw and takes the leg
all level at 14-14

leg 29
strong scoring by both to start this leg
Taylor missing 3 at doubles and Beaton takes it.
Beaton 15-14

leg 30
Beaton to throw first
Taylor not scoring very well so far and Beaton is holding his advantage
Beaton on 105 Taylor on 218
Beaton leave 40
taylor leaves 93
Beaton makes a hash of it leaves 32
Taylor can't get it done, and misses the bull.
Beaton takes out 32 in 3 darts to win it!

Taylor clearly lost focus during these last legs, missing key doubles.
Beaton came through when it counted, and despite a few wobbles took the match

First I've heard Taylor really lay into the crowd about the Boos, jeers, and shouting miss, miss

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