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Sunday, November 14, 2010

#darts Bromberg v Henderson match is...

off to a slow start with none of the first 12 darts topping 60. Stacy is first to score over 90, but Hendo strikes back with successive scores of 100. Stacy gets a look at 167 and leaves 128 and Hendo finishes 116.
Henderson 1-0

Henderson opens the second leg with strong scoring of 100 or better. Henderson has a look at 101 and leaves 32, Stacy put on pressure with 140. Henderson leave 16, Stacy score 101 and Henderson is back to finish with d8.

Hendrson scores well in the 3rd leg and hits the first 180 of the match which leave 137, and with Stacy a ways back Henderson takes 9 darts to finish the leg.

In the 4th leg both players open with 90 plus scores. Stacy will get first look at a finish, but with 160 left Stacy leaves 119. Henderson on 41 misses 5 at doubles. Stacy had two darts for the win and misses, Henderson has 3 for the win but leaves 7. Stacy comes back for 40 s1, s7, d16 to take her first leg of the match.

Henderson leads 3-1

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