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Thursday, January 14, 2010

from the email stack... 501? theres and App for that

Hi Darters,

Andrew Stanevicius, a fellow darter, developed a iPhone App to use for Steel Tip 01 outs. He used my (Charles Bradish) outchart in the App calculations, to give the user outshot selections. If you look up any outshot, the preferred outshot method is listed first, along with an alternate shot if you must hit the out or need to play it safe. There are also listed other possible combinations, if you do not wish to go that particular route. I suggest that you look at Andrew’s explanation on the website for a bit more information.

Please check out the App if you have an iPhone. You can locate it on the Apple App Store, by searching for X01OutChart, or go to Andrew’s location at . If you have an iPhone or iTouch, you can use this promotional code to download the App: NLW7KP9NPTPM. Please leave feedback on the App for Andrew.


Andrew Stanevicius

Charles Bradish

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