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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

from the email stack... To our fellow old-time dart players:

To our fellow old-time dart players:

We’ve been dropping like flies lately and if somebody doesn’t have an old timers’ reunion soon it seems like there will only be half a dozen people left that qualify for one. One of the most common comments overheard at funerals of past dart players recently is “Gee, it seems like the only time we see each other anymore is at some one’s funeral.” On Jan. 7, we lost Della Fleetwood—one of the people who hoped to organize a reunion but just didn’t get to it. The Las Vegas Open will go on Jan. 29-31 --- but that still leaves a darters reunion undone.

So, let’s start thinking about it. I’m suggesting a couple of potential reunion dates for old timers dart league members and tournament players from the last century. May 1st or May 22nd, 2010. (Short-timers from the new millennium are NOT invited unless they are the spouse, child or grandchild of a qualified old-timer).Old timer refers to an era, not a person’s age.

Seems we first need to figure out how many are interested. If only 30 people would show up, 1 very large garage or average size home would do. If 300 people responded positively to such a reunion, 1 large trophy house or small mansion would be needed. Other possibilities could be a Moose or Elks Lodge, a union hall or private club with its own liquor license or a large dart friendly bar. Location should be in central L.A. basin or northern/central Orange County.

Photo I.D.’s are not required, but an old dart related picture showing you with hair, or before it turned gray would be amusing to see. Also, all old dart shirts that are wearable would be considered appropriate.

Please forward this to anybody and everybody who might be interested in attending and/or hosting. These people can reply to Dusie at dusie32"at" by mid-February and I’ll happily supply all those names/emails/phone numbers to whoever wants to organize it or host it! My house doesn’t qualify either by size or location as party central.


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