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Thursday, January 21, 2010

from the email stack... old-time dart players reunion:

Info on Old Timer's Dart Shoot - Check it out and contact Dusie ASAP Thanks
Subject: Dart reunion...May 22, 2010

It's on and you must respond to Dusie with a yay or nay so he can make an accurate estimate to determine the size & location for the venue.....


Could you please send the following message out to your distribution list of old-timers again? Just want to make sure anyone who hasn't responded has another chance. plans are moving forward. Message is below.


Dear old-timers:

Initial response to the idea of an old-timers dart reunion has been good enough that it will happen.

It will be on Sat., May 22. Time TBD

I’m not on Facebook, nor is Sandi, so we don’t see those conversations about this reunion. So, if you’d like to attend but have not yet replied to me directly, please just drop me a line at dusie32"at"gmail"dot"com and give it a thumbs-up. That will give me a better head count to use for estimating food and adult beverages we need to have on hand.

Please reply by Feb. 10! Thanks.


To our fellow old-time dart players (original post link):

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