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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Queen Mary Classic VIII Feb 13th - 14th, 2010.

This year's Queen Mary Classic is again on the Presidents Day weekend, February 13th and 14th, 2010.

The events will be the same as last year, Blind Draw Doubles, Men's and Ladies Singles, Draw Mixed Trios and Men's and Ladies Doubles. Payouts are the same too, guaranteed $5,000.00.

The event is a part of the Scottish Festival which is held annually on the ship and to get around the entry fee to the festival, we are again able to offer free passes for those that sign up ahead of time, either at The Dart Shop or by mail.

Event parking is $15.00 each day.

We will again have event shirts. Anyone planning to purchase one can make our life a little easier by ordering ahead of time with size, color and type of shirt preferred. We can then estimate how many to order without going overboard (excuse the pun).

Entries by mail require a stamped addressed envelope for the return of the passes or you will have to pay at the gate.

For those planning to stay in Long Beach for the weekend, there are dozens of hotels/motels in the vicinity. It is a busy weekend in Long Beach so don't leave it to the last minute to book a room. It can always be cancelled closer to the time if your plans change. You can also go to or, do as I often do and go to and check out what they come up with.
The Queen Mary gets booked up early and is quite expensive but it is certainly an experience if you get the chance to stay on board, ghosts and all.
Anyone having trouble finding accommodation just let me know and I will make some calls for you.

We will again have a steel tip blind draw at The Dolphin Lounge in Anaheim on the Friday evening (13th). It will be a guaranteed payout of $400.00 and $10.00 entry. There will also be a guaranteed payout soft-tip shoot on the Saturday Night the 14th at The Dolphin Lounge, $10 entry $500.00 payback.

Any questions please either e-mail me or call the Dart Shop at 714-995-1993
Please let me know if anyone is wanting a flier sent to them by mail. (click here for flier link)

Look forward to seeing you all once again,


Try and support this event if you can, we don't get too many steel-tip tournaments on the west coast and we need to support those that we have so as not to lose them.
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