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Friday, August 10, 2012

Pacific #Darts Association Signup

If you want to play this coming season please send an email to
Put in:
Night of play (Tue, Wed, Thur)
Division: A1 or A2
Team Name
Captain and Captains Phone Number
Members of the team
Sponsor Location

You can also fill out a form and take it to The Dart Shop in Buena Park or call the Dart Line at 562-726-3801 and leave a message.
Doug Tice
Recording and Results Secretary of the Pacific Darts Association.

Note:  We have not been able to field a division for Wednesday in the past year so if that is the night you want to play make sure to have an
Alternate night in case we don’t have enough teams.   We need 4 teams to make up a division. 

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