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Saturday, August 04, 2012

#Dartplayers Wanted!

If you are in the SCDA/LA area... It's Time to Play Darts!
L David Irete wrote: this much fun during Summer ! imagine this fall .... Now that we have a place to play , there is no reason for us not to grow into the most successful Darts Association ever. Ask a friend to come out for a lesson , or a show . Saturday , we were live on the Internet for eight hours , The Dirty Bull shelled out a $ 1,000.00 LOD , all seen by the world .. Damm , darts is really making a move these days . LA Time Sports Page cover story ,, DARTS .. come on that is big . If you don't want to compete , no biggy , just let people you know , know that darts is more than just a BAR / Garage game . Champions of the sport are making Millions playing darts . Darts is in the final stages to becoming an Olympic Game . ( without the Queens help ) so you know the drill , share this , thanks , L. David Pres, SCDA
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