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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Manley - Sun article

MOUTHY Peter Manley last night blasted: I’m going to leave my rivals pig sick.

The controversial Carlisle thrower - sponsored by pork scratchings firm Mr Porkys - has had a disappointing year with early exits in almost all of the major tournaments.

He recently lost in the first round of the Sky Poker Grand Prix in Dublin and has now slumped to No16 in the world rankings, his lowest place since the PDC was formed.

But Manley, 46 - famed for his wind-up tactics on opponents - said: “I’ve no doubt that people are writing me off and good luck to them.

“There’s probably quite a lot of my rivals who would love to see the back of me but I’m far from finished, I’m not retiring yet.

“I’ve got a great sponsor in Mr Porkys and I don’t want to let them down. You could say I’ve made a pig’s ear of the major events so far but I’ll be back.

“There’s no hiding from the fact that I’ve been on a bad run and I’m not surprised to be honest.

“It’s down to the birth of the Premier League - and it’s given me post-natal depression. We’ve got so used to playing in front of huge crowds week-in, week-out that anything else afterwards is a big let-down.

“It’s also quite tiring, the Premier League takes out half of your week for the first 14 weeks of the year, the travelling does get quite hard.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m delighted that darts is booming but we have all had to adjust our game and stamina to cope with the demand.”

‘One Dart’ Manley, who once gave rival Adrian Lewis so much verbal during a TV clash that he stormed off stage, also feels his panto villain reputation has also contributed to his poor form.

He added: “I do a lot of exhibitions around the country because everyone likes a controversial character but I guess that’s had an effect on me. I’ve been really busy.

“It’s disappointing to have slipped down the rankings but there’s a lot more darts to play yet this year and I’ve got time to redeem myself.

“My aim is to make it into the Premier League but I want to get there on merit by being in the world’s top six. I’d rather that than rely on a wild card place just because I’m good box office and so the fans can boo at someone.

“My big problem is motivation. I have enough money in the bank not to worry about my next pay cheque and I’ve slipped into the comfort zone.

“It’s a difficult state of mind to get out of but I need to get my act together to get back into the Premier League.”

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