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Friday, October 24, 2008

Betfred's League of Legends

Charis writes "The Friday didn´t start great for me, as first thing I had to read was that Mike had died. Though I never had met him personally I felt and still feel very shocked and sad.
Next thing that happened was, that I did found out that due to the Lufthansa strike my flight to London was cancelled. With the help of a nice person on phone, we managed to find another possibility, the only other possibility, to get me in time for the Legends to Reading. It was not too easy, I had to go by train to Frankfurt and from there to London. But I was glad I got a chance at all.

Well, it looked quite comfortable, but when almost in Stuttgart in time for the train to Frankfurt a thunderstorm started and lightening did struck the signal tower there and the trains all did run late! (

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