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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Big Interview With Bob Anderson

The Big Interview With Bob Anderson

Unicorn Darts prize winners:

Phil Wakeman, Artem Panasenko, Simon Smith

All win their choice of Unicorn Darts.

From Phil Wakeman, West Midlands :Hi Bob, with all the successes you have achieved during your long and illustrious career in darts do you have any regrets at not winning any particular competition such as the News of the World title?

BOB ANDERSON: None, really. I'm afraid I couldn't really get excited about the News Of The World. Best of 3 legs from 8 feet.

From Nicolai, Germany : Hi Bob, I got 2 questions, first do you still have something to prove to yourself or to others as far as you're concerned, or is that pretty much resolved? And second Is there anything that you used to do on the oche that you now say, "I can't do that anymore." for example very difficult finishes?

BOB ANDERSON: I am happy with my achievements and no finish worries me. (full interview...)

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