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Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Marskman" line... a new type of dart?

There really isn't anything really new or revolutionary in the world of darts design. I know that the Joust dart attempts to change the basic structural concept combining barrel and shaft, and SlikStik shafts, Spider Leg Shafts and DynaStar flights/shafts attempt to change the common concept of how shafts and flights fit together. However the other day I stumbled across this design that incorporates an internal weight in the barrel to drive the point into the board.

I'm kind of thinking that the concept is a take off on the Hammerhead type movable point theory that uses the mass of the dart to attempt to prevent bounce outs, and insure the darts will stick in the board. So after looking at his site and his darts, I must say that I'm glad that this guy is attempting to innovate in the field of dart design! I would be curious to see how the darts feel, because my first guess is that they are likely to feel unbalanced, and maybe rattle? But that's just a guess.

So now I'm wondering what everyone might think of these darts?

His site says:

My dart barrels are made from aircraft grade aluminum, therefore they are very light. But, they are hollow. I am able to make them hit like a heavier dart by inserting a weight into the cavity and taking advantage of the conservation of momentum trick.

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Tommo said...

I don't think I'd be able to get them to reach the board at such a low weight! If the heaviest weight you can load the dart with is just 4 grammes and the body is aluminium they must weigh no more than 7 grammes, but the site doesn't make this clear. I like to see new things tried, but I think these can only be a curio that nobody will actually play with due to the severe lack of weight.

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