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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Andy Relf's diary of a darts player... 12-10-09

Published Date: 10 December 2009
Last Friday in the Cracker league it was the Mixed Triples competition, with representatives from each team spread over two venues, the Kings Head at Horsebridge, and the Railway in Hailsham.

Tony Cox, my wife Kristina and I were at The Railway, and Jim Clowes, Dave Weaver and Angela Ashley were at the Kings Head.

I'm not a great fan of the triples, as it seems you have to wait 10 minutes for your turn to come around again! The draw was done and we were to meet the legendary Leroy 'Same Old Faces' Hobden, and his team mates Rod and Di. A pretty lacklustre match saw us emerge as winners, Kris was having to wear plasters on her throwing fingers, because she had some nasty splits in them, and Coxy by his own admission, couldn't hit a barn door with a shotgun! (full article link...)

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