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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Final - Wade v. Lewis 2011 PDC Premier League #Darts Wk#2

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Leg 7
Wade throws well to hold his throw
Wade 4-3

leg 8
Lewis holding his throw well and looks to have this one in the bag, leaving 25 on a try for a 164 finish, but he is stricken with double trouble which allows Wade to steal the leg.
Wade 5-3

leg 9
Lewis was having difficulty getting the fire power to hold his throw, and Wade takes advantage and steals the leg.
Wade 6-3

Leg 10
Wade had one at the bull to take the leg, but misses. Lewis does not finish 91, Wade misses 2 at d10 for the leg and Lewis comes back to take the leg.
Wade 6-4

leg 11
A wants 170 and leaves 130
Wade wants 141 and hits.
Wade 7-4

leg 12
Lewis is able to hold his throw
Wade 7-5

Leg 13
Lewis has 3 at 32 to break the throw of Wade. He blocks the bed with his first 2, but sneaks one in to make it...
Wade 7-6

leg 14
Lewis to throw first and try to clinch a draw
Lewis 161 leaves 96
Wade not on a finish and leaves 136
Lewis 36
Wade takes out the 136; t20, t20, d8 to take the leg and the match!
Wade 8-6
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