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Thursday, February 24, 2011

first break - Anderson v Webster 2011 PDC Premier League #Darts Wk3

leg 1
Anderson to throw first
Anderson 140, 125, 60,
Webster 180 leaves 192
Andreson 176 and leaves 40
Webster leaves 166
Anderson leaves 20
Webster leaves 121
Anderson takes it
Anderson 1-0

leg 2
Webster holding his throw and should have first look at the double.
Anderson's 180 applies pressure, but both experience double trouble and Anderson takes the leg.
Anderson 2-0

leg 3
Anderson is scoring well and has first shout at the double but can't hit it.
Webster takes the leg.
Anderson 2-1

leg 4
Anderson scoring well and is pressuring Webster with a 180.
Anderson gets first shot at the double, but has double trouble.
Webster has a shot at a double, but misses and Anderson is back to take the leg.
Anderson 3-1

leg 5
Anderson throwing well and hits yet another 180 to coast through this leg.
Anderson 4-1

leg 5
Anderson 180, 180 looking at 9 darter but leaves 41 and gets it.
Anderson 5-1
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