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Monday, February 14, 2011

Queen Mary Classic Warm-Up Steel-Tip #Darts Blind Draw


Friday Feb 18th at The British and Dominion Social Club
7.30pm. sign ups  starts at 8.00pm
$10.00 entry  130% payback
12882 Valley View St, suite 10-13
Garden Grove, ca 92645
Please do not leave getting your passes until the last minute....I would hate to run out!!
Also, make sure you allow plenty of time to get to the ship in the mornings as there will be 6,000+ other people also trying to get in on time for other events. They are not all playing darts, but it will be busy. You will pay parking on the way in this year and it has been reduced to $12.00 each day. We have also been moved back to the bottom of the convention area....good thing is, there are no bands playing down there this year so I will not have to compete for air time over the PA system! WE ARE NOT IN THE WINSTON SALON THIS YEAR.
I have again attached the flier for the Queen Mary Classic IX
This year's Queen Mary Classic is again on the Presidents Day weekend, February 19th and 20th, 2011. It is a little later this year and does not coincide with the Camellia Classic, which is on the weekend before.
I have added 2 events to the schedule, so now there are the following events.....  Blind Draw Doubles 501, Men's and Ladies Singles 501, Draw Mixed Trios 701, Men's and Ladies Doubles 501/cricket/301 and Men's and Ladies Singles cricket. The prize money has increased to a guaranteed $6,570.00.
This event is a part of the Scottish Festival which is held annually on the ship and to get around the entry fee to the festival, we are again able to offer free passes for those that sign up ahead of time, either at The Dart Shop or by mail.
Entries by mail require a stamped addressed envelope for the return of the passes.
We will again have event shirts. Anyone planning to purchase one can make our life a little easier by ordering ahead of time with size, color and type of shirt preferred. We can then estimate how many to order without going overboard (excuse the pun).
There will also be a raffle for a flat screen TV and other prizes....$1.00 per ticket. Tickets are available now at the shop.
For those planning to stay in Long Beach for the weekend, there are dozens of hotels/motels in the vicinity. We have been offered rates of $79.00 a night at the SeaPort Marina Hotel at 6400 E. PCH in Long Beach. Telephone 562-434-8451. It is quite a way from the QM but the rates are reasonable for that weekend. It is a busy weekend in Long Beach so don't leave it to the last minute to book a room. It can always be cancelled closer to the time if your plans change. You can also go to or, do as I often do and go to and check out what they come up with.
The Queen Mary gets booked up early and is quite expensive but it is certainly an experience if you get the chance to stay on board, ghosts included for free. 
We will again have a warm-up steel tip blind draw. It will be at The British and Dominion Social Club in Garden Grove. $10.00 entry, starting at 8.00pm.
Any questions please either e-mail me or call the Dart Shop at 714-995-1993
Please let me know if anyone is wanting fliers sent to them by mail.
Look forward to seeing you all once again,

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Sally Melendez said...

Hi my name is Sally and this will be my first time EVER playing any kind of a tournament environment. I am so excited and can't wait to see how this all goes down. So far you have done an awesome job providing great information to help us! THANK YOU and I will be stopping by your shop soon
See you at the Queen Mary!

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