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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

#darts 2nd Annual Mark Hersey Jr. Benefit Fundraiser 5.21.11

The friends and family of Mark Hersey Jr. will be holding the 2nd Annual Mark Hersey Jr. Dart Tournament and Fundraiser on Saturday, May 21st. Mark passes away from brain cancer on March 5th, 2010. He left behind his wife Jaqi and 2 daughters Taylor and Makayla. Last year's fundraiser raised over $8,000, which has been put into t a college trust fund for his daughters. Help raise more money and join the tournament at the Beverly Elks in Beverly, MA. For more information, call Paul Hooley at
781-477-0526 or email him at phooley"at"yahoo"dot"com. Donations can be made out to Paul Hooley c/o Mark Hersey Jr. Fundraiser, 153 Lynnfield St, Lynn MA.

Raffle prize list and event discussion at:

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