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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Taylor v Jenkins 2011 PDC Premier League #Darts Wk3

leg 1
Taylor to throw first
fairly level scoring in this one and Taylor takes it.
Taylor 1-0

leg 2
Taylor scores well in this leg and a 180 helps him steal the scoring advantage and the leg against the throw.
Taylor 2-0

leg 3
Taylor scoring well in this leg and Jenkins is missing his triples.
Taylor 3-0

leg 4
Jenkins gets first look at a double (his first look at a double this match), but misses and Taylor comes back to get it on his first shot at a double.
Taylor 4-0

leg 5
Taylor from 76 botches the setup and does not get a look at a double. Jenkins back to take the leg.
Taylor 4-1

leg 6
Jenkins throwing first.
180 from Taylor gives Taylor the advantage, and he follows it up with another 180 to leave 81.
Jenkins on 205 leaves 124.
Taylor hits the d12 for the leg.
Taylor 5-1

During this section we saw vintage Taylor having strong scoring and giving Jenkins no looks at a double until the 4th leg. It was to be the 5th leg before Taylor's scoring dropped off and Jenkins to a leg, but Taylor responded with big scoring in the 6th leg to keep the pressure on. Jenkins will need spectacular darts or a collapse by Taylor to even garb a draw in this one.

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