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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

from Rob "the Dragon" Heckman - #darts press release

Tonight on, I will be giving the guys the exclusive first press release of some of the biggest news to hit the darting world in a long time. Join us tonight at 7:30pm EST and listen in.

I will post a formal press release soon after, but hear it first on Darts Around The World's Podcast!

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Robert Heckman said...

COSMO Seiki Co., LTD has established two decades of producing precision plastic products and is a leading innovator of new product designs and development. From making precision engineered plastic parts in Canon lenses to plastic products for Toyota and Nissan Motor Corp; COSMO Darts has emerged with the same dedication to engineering of the world’s finest and most precisely made darting products available.

COSMO Darts has dedicated itself to becoming a global leader in the darting industry and has quickly become the new name in darts. COSMO Darts continues to focus on becoming one of the most elite darting companies in the world, and has sought out one of darts most elite players.

COSMO Darts is excited to announce the signing of one of the most decorated players of our era and the only North American to have won a World Championship, let alone an amazing three of them! He is one of only two players that have won more than one PDC World Championship. The winner of the 1994 BDO World Championships and winner of the 2003 & 2008 PDC World Championships, COSMO Darts is proud to announce the signing of Mr. John Part!

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